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the female ghost of tom joad
Well, I had been wanting to do one of these for a while, let's go for it.


friending policy >> This is a mostly public journal, though it does have some FO posts.

If you’d like to friend me, go right ahead! If you'd like me to friend you back, though, please drop me a comment in this post or send me a PM? I just like to know who's reading my personal entries and I usually don't friend back automatically if I don't know you from some place. I don't bite and I'll most likely friend back. This is also for the bunch of people whom I haven't friended back. Say hi? :)

other places where you can find me online/on LJ >> Twitter | Last.fm | Tumblr | rateyourmusic | youtube | rockin_graphix [icon comm, shared with lasamy]

basics >> Hi! I'm Lavinia, I'm 23, I'm Italian, I'm a university student, I go to marches, I like Bruce Springsteen too much and I get easily obsessed. Also, I'm addicted to caffeine. That stated, I study philosophy, I read a lot, I'm a music geek and I like to write. Mostly slash fanfiction.

what's in this journal >> a mostly uneven balance of RL and fannish stuff, which mainly consists in Supernatural/Lost/A Song of Ice and Fire (mostly slash) fanfiction/talking at the moment. There's also a lot of bitching about my former government (though less than there used to be since it became former) and a lot of flailing about the stated fannish stuff.

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the female ghost of tom joad
05 October 2013 @ 05:10 pm
Dearest yuletide author,

hi! Seems like you're stuck with yours truly - and first thing, thanks in advance for whatever you'll write! I totally am excited to see whatever you may come up with and a+ taste for sharing any of these fandoms ;) - be sure that I'll be thrilled whichever you pick. Feel free to take a look around these parts or on my tumblr. :) Now, I suppose this wasn't much for guidelines so I'm going to give you a general run-down and then I'll go into specific fandoms - but as stated, except for the few things I don't want in the general part just go with whatever you want, you don't have to pick anything that doesn't inspire you. (The likes and the Dark Tower + The Wire sections are a c/p from last year but apparently my tastes haven't changed.) So, here we go!

hereCollapse )

All of this stated, really, not counting Rictor/Shatterstar (because I was looking for shippy fic there XD) feel free to do any other ship listed as friendship or gen if it floats your boat better. And if you read some of the tropes I like and thought 'hey, it's be awesome if character X from fandom Y ended up with amnesia during a nuclear apocalypse!'/something like that don't feel like you have to go with the guidelines I gave in the specific fandoms. I'll totally be happy with whatever you'll come up with.

Thank you so very much and happy yuletide! ♥

the female ghost of tom joad
1) hiiiiii everyone again <3

So: I'm currently back from outside-country vacations + opera festival in here, but I'm doing the annual going-to-the-grandmother's-place-where-no-bookshop-exists trip until September 5th so I'll be back either then or the 6th, depends on how dead asleep I am when I get back home. Vacations + opera festival were glorious after seeing William Tell staged as a socialist opera I think I can't ask for anything more from life. The no-bookshop place won't be half as good but I had it excellent until now so I'm not going to complain here...

2) I've sent all the postcards for everyone who asked :D sadly I had to send them from Italy when I got back because I didn't manage to find a running postal office when I needed it in both Vienna or Paris (go me seriously) so they'll probably get to you like a month from now, but I swear I tried /o\

3) I'm probably going to post decent pictures when I'm back, but for now, have a look at this ridiculousness I bought in Paris. Or better, I just bought the doll, I found the mug in a comic books shop near my place, but I apparently found the staging absolutely worth the effort.

4) I've managed to see the first two Breaking Bad episodes even if like a week late every time, so I'll leave a few thoughts here - nothing too elaborate because I need to finish packing and I still need to process them all, but if I don't do it now I won't do it later, so.

spoilerssssCollapse )

5) Apparently a ridiculous crush on Mads Mikkaelsen completely snuck up on me while watching Hannibal because in Paris I ended up going to watch this historical flick where he was the main actor and which was also in French without subtitles, and while I can read French, hearing it spoken is entirely different...totally worth it though. From what I've understood, obviously /o\ also, the other highlight was going to watch Now You See Me because MARK RUFFALO (and I had missed it over here) and [spoiler for the ending (click to open)]clearly I got the ending twist two minutes into that movie because I recognized Mark Ruffalo FROM THE SHOULDERS when he was wearing the hoodie in the beginning, so much for actually putting some brains into guessing the plot, but other than that it was a pretty cool movie and there's nothing better than starting your birthday looking at his face so it was all good. :D

6) Oh, and I started reading Discworld. I feel like I'm screwed because I soooo didn't need a 30+ books series but I knew I'd probably like it and I'm at one book done and two half started and I'm loving it, so I'm apparently very screwed. Go me?

7) With this I'll go catch up with what I can of lj plus messages I haven't managed to answer until now and then I'll go pack - hopefully when I'm back next month I'll manage to get back on top of actually reading the flist properly again...
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the female ghost of tom joad
... wow? Uhm. Haha. I don't think I've ever left lj so long without updating? /o\ ugh I'm so behindddd I can't even. Thing is that rl decided to happen worse than usual (ie worse than the first two months of this year) and I pretty much fell behind on everything go me? Okay uhm so, I'm just going to give a bullet points thing of what has gone down?

a) I finished the master's degree exams - which was actually the #1 reason why I ended up falling behind - you'd think I'd have thought of putting an official hiatus on... anyway, I have just the thesis left and then I'm done? Which - seriously, I can't wait. The last finals were the feast of Ican'tgiveashitaboutanyofthis, ew.

b) So as it is I'm working on the thesis, which at least is one thing I actually give a damn about. I'm also done reading Wild Cards and re-evaluating e-readers, if only to read stuff that you should read on the computer as an only alternative.

c) I also figured I'd give an update because from tomorrow I'll have crappy internet access for the entire month and the idea of leaving the journal deserted until September was totally depressing, but anyway - if anyone who's still around wants postcards from either Vienna or Paris or both tell me and if I have your address is good, if I don't then PM me and I'll be more than glad to provide. :)

d) For the first time in years FINALLY they managed to arrive at the last trial degree to condemn Berlusconi, which totally doesn't mean that he's out of the picture knowing the guy, but it's farther than any other trial managed to get, so yay for that?

e) Comprehensive point for fandom - discussion is welcome but as it is I can't possibly catch up with everything I missed so feel free to go at me with months of lateness ;)

1) SPN: I loved everything about the ending of the season. I'm also ridiculously optimistic about it. I'm thrilled that no one important is dead and that Cas is human for good because omg such good possibilities <33333, and I pretty much was 100% behind the plot in the last three/four episodes or so. I'm currently not too much into the fandom killing itself over possible female interests that are stated to be not permanent but that's not related to the show - I'm ridic excited for S9!

2) Vampire Porn: this season was totally meh but picket itself back up in the last two episodes. Also, please keep Alaric ghosting around because he and Damon are still the best thing about this entire show.

3) GOT: the RW legit put me moping for two weeks. Ops. No, seriously, I spent two weeks going around the house on the point of weeping at every stupid thing. Other than that: better than S2 overall, I was WTF about 90% of Stannis's stuff this season, I'm plenty glad they reunited Jon and Sam, Jaime and Brienne were flawless, the Theon stuff killed me ten times overall and I hate HBO for *that* certain change about which part gets sent to his dad and Asha was better in the two scenes she had than a bunch of other people who had a lot more screentime to themselves. Anyway, as a general adaptation it was tons better than S2, even if Cat not getting screentime in favor of shewhoshallnotbenamed was horrible and.. well, the Robb storyline could have been awesome and it wasn't, but eeeeeh.

4) I've actually watched and caught up with the entirety of Breaking Bad in the last three weeks, which is also the reason why I didn't update here before - TOO BUSY CATCHING UP. Anyway, I'm gonna copy my opinion from the post I wrote falafel_musings on tumblr the other day because it pretty much sums it up and I can't be bothered to rephrase it XD

spoilersCollapse )

Hopefully when I'm back from the various places I'm going to this summer I can post about the last season along with everyone else. I'm so excited for it omg.

5) Pacific Rim was awesomecakes. I'm totally stalking fic for it on ao3 though I'm not planning on writing it anytime soon since I already am behind on fic I should finish and I'll be for years at the rate I'm going /o\, but anyway it was pretty much the only monsters vs humans action movie shot after the fifties that I've seen and actually really fucking liked - not to mention that it was a hell of a lot smarter than 99% of movies in that genre.

6) I have no clue of how I'm doing Gishwhes this year since I'm in Paris for a fifth of that week, but I'll manage to come up with something in that timeframe... (anyway, Misha = ♥ I CAN'T WITH HIM LATELY)

7) Oh, Under the Dome is also pretty cool, but if you read the book imo you can't enjoy it fully since they made two huge changes I'm not exactly down with. (Aka: my favorite character changed job and is stuck outside the dome so he has no role and Julia is too young for that part. I liked that she was older than the usual leading lady, damn it.)

d) Concerts-I've-seen-this-summer speaking: Bruce Springsteen was outofthisworldfuckingawesome as usual, Bon Jovi round two ended up in Dry County + These Days AGAIN which would have been enough but seriously asdfghjkl they were awesomecakessssss, the National were WOW (though seeing them the day after BJ after a three hour train ride put a hamper on my ability to stand up XD), the Patti Smith one I caught in April was outofthisworldexcellent but then again I think I've seen her more times than anyone else I've seen (except Bruce maybe) and I wasn't exactly surprised on that side. Also I ended up going with my parents to an Inti Illimani concerts that was for almost free in a park and while they definitely were more schooled on the songs than I was it was pretty damn good too.

e) Books I've read: Wild Cards as a whole is great but I'm not gonna go do a twenty one books series review in detail in a post that is already ridic crowded - suffices that I loved it. xD Considering that reading twenty books in a row took me five months and that I was doing the last finals I haven't read much other than that and my school books, but for something different: the last King (Joyland) is also pretty great and DOESN'T have a fucked up ending (!!!), though the last twenty pages made me scream in rage for different reasons - and I kind of cried at the end even if it was a book about killings in an amusement park. I'm completely beyond any kind of dignity. Saramago's Blindness (which I should have read years ago, in my plans..) is a total masterpiece as far as I'm concerned - probably I won't read a better one this year but then again we're talking about stuff that is waaaaay above average level. Coming down to less exquisitely literary deals, Fifty Shames of Earl Gray is hilarious. And you don't even need to read the original to have a crack, as long as you know the general plot and the basic character traits you're good. Honest, I spent a train ride trying not to read hysterically out loud.

f) On to the rest: WHAT IS GOING ON WITH YOU FLIST? ;_; I can't possibly catch up to... five months of missed entries especially when I'm leaving again tomorrow and I still have to finish packing so catch me up with what's been going on with you? At least when I'm back I won't be TOO MUCH out of the loop. <3

Aaaand okay I'm going to finish packing - I'll answer eventual comments in the evening :) (if I don't, I will at some point next week when I actually have time to do it from my outdated phone, ops.) ♥

[service communication: if I'm not around here, I'm definitely around on twitter - handle is always janiedean]
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the female ghost of tom joad
Idea stolen from wandersfound. Maybe I -will- manage to keep track of what I need to finish. Let's hope?

what I'm writing/what I SHOULD be writing.Collapse )
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the female ghost of tom joad
09 May 2013 @ 11:21 pm
.... damn I really don't have time for this and I'm pretty much not available for the next three days but I can't resist. I'm gonna leave this here and look at the lists next Monday and see how much I can catch up with.

+ Post a list of your five favorite acts/kinks to read about. Check out this list if you need some inspiration. At the bottom of your post, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.
+ Read other people's lists; the master list of lists is here.
+ Post comment-fic based off of other people's interests.

Read more...Collapse )

Read more...Collapse )

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the female ghost of tom joad
09 May 2013 @ 08:28 pm
... clearly I've fallen behind with episode reviews and everything uuuugggh I swear I'll catch up one of these days /o\

anyway. quick service announcement: I'm attending jus in bello this week-end. I'm gonna tweet from the con. If anyone wants to follow there, I'm janiedean :) if anyone is coming and wants to meet up contact me there as well.

brb this has been a post, I'll go fix my hair now.
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the female ghost of tom joad
1) First: happy birthday cassiopeia7! :DDD I hope you're having an awesome day, that you get a lot of books for gifts none of which by Jane Austen and that you get spoiled with as much cake as you'd like ♥

2) Then: there are two tv-related things I'll talk about in this post. Vampire porn: okay listen this season doesn't seem like the epitome of coherent plot to me, but the Originals-related spin-off made it look like old school HBO in comparison. I'm not even going to bother with spoiler cutting, but I've never seen anything more ridiculous in my entire life. Okay, Ringer was probably as bad if not worse in certain points, but hahahahaha no. Considering that I really don't care about Klaus regardless I'm... not watching it. Nope. Sticking with the good old vampire porn, thanks.

3) Thankfully Supernatural was the total opposite instead (meaning, I loved the shit out of it).

spoilersCollapse )

4) Also, a meme from the aforementioned birthday girl in point one. :D

Basically, you give someone an age and they fill out the meme for where they were and what they were doing. If you want to join in, comment and give me a ballpark figure for how old you are now, or a decade of your life for me to choose from, and I will select an age for you. She gave me 17. :)

here - THE EXCITEEMEEENTCollapse )

5. Also: Patti Smith might be going towards seventy but you totally don't notice it. No seriously if when I'm her age I'm 5% as cool as she is I'll take it. (Yes, I went to concert number six. I think she's officially the person I've seen live most. <3)

Related to that: when I went to buy the tickets, I also ran into a horde of Justin Bieber fans. It was... uuuh. An interesting experience. details hereCollapse )

6) I've also seen IM3! :D even if I still haven't seen the second. I'm a horrible fan. Whatever. No spoilers because seriously I watch those movies mostly for fun and I don't really have anything deep to say, but it was a good movie, I had a lot of fun, at least I caught it in English and the post-credits scene completely killed me in all the good ways. Anyone who's seen it knows what I mean. And if you know how I tick then you probably guessed why I've been all like THE POST-CREDITS SCENE since yesterday. Also if someone had told me that I'd go watch RDJ being Iron Man when I was dying over him when he was in Ally McBeal I'm not sure I'd have bought it, but it's all good. NOW SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME THE CAPTAIN AMERICA SEQUEL THANK YOU I need that certain character back in my life.

7) Steve Earle's new record is beyond excellent. <3 Yes, this deserved a point for itself.

8) Also, I bought cookie stamps and I made Stark and Tully cookies. I figured I'd share because I'm very pleased with the result xD

Also, Alfie Allen needs to stop being fucking adorable and making me die over his stupid face. There, I said it.

9) Aaand that's all I have for now. I'll probably go crash before I look at the clock and realize that it's 2 AM again. (The joys of never going to bed at reasonable times...)
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the female ghost of tom joad
Goes unsaid that if you don't like Theon you really don't care for this. Also: book spoilers mostly in the Theon section.

spoilersCollapse )
the female ghost of tom joad
(yay I'm doing good at this yes)

Under the cut: book spoilers (also for ADWD) and endless Tully fangirling. Also: if you like Talisa, don't like Jaime and don't like Theon don't bother, thanks so very much. Also: I'm discussing non consensual sexual situations related matters so thread carefully.

spoilers galoreCollapse )
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the female ghost of tom joad
09 April 2013 @ 12:43 am

premise: no Theon hating k? Just not. Thanks. Also: possible book spoilers though I'm trying to keep it light so thread carefully.

spoilers duhCollapse )
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the female ghost of tom joad
06 April 2013 @ 09:38 pm
1. First thing, quick fic rec for anyone who might be interested (idk how many on here are into both, but it's so brilliant I have to share): this is an ASOIAF/Father Ted crossover where Stannis, Renly and Robert are priests living on Craggy Island and it's the most beautiful crossover that ever crossovered in every history of crossovers. Seriously. You don't have to be familiar with Father Ted to crack up, though if you are it's funnier. Okay, there it is. You won't regret it.

2. That said, I SAID I WAS GOING TO DO EPISODE REACTIONS AGAIN and I'm doing it. Okay, SPN time since no vampire porn this week.

spoilersCollapse )

3. Two GRRM-related things: seriously. IS THERE SOMEONE WHO READS WILD CARDS other than me in the universe? Seriously, I spent Easter reading throughout books sixteen and seventeen and it's just - so many delish characters and I have at least four otps TWO OF WHICH ARE CANON AND CURRENTLY LIVING HAPPILY EVER AFTER and while it does have the asoiaf realism/angst (as much as superhero books can have) CHARACTERS ACTUALLY GET TO BE HAPPY MOST TIMES even if they get through hell first, and there's canon queer/interractial/interspecies relationships and okay while some parts are seriously WTF or tacky or irrationally gross as a whole IT'S REALLY REALLY GOOD D: and I can't find fic or a fandom or ANYTHING except a forum that is updated every two months, whyyyyy.

4. Second GRRM-related thing: if I have any Theon fans on here who are on tumblr but we don't follow each other, me and a friend on there will hopefully be hosting a week of ridiculous Theon fangirling in mid-May because seriously the hate on the guy is pretty horrible atm and it'll just get worse as the season progresses so if anyone's interested, we'd love to have you. ;)

5. In other news: I spent Easter between despairing over my grandmother (whom I love but the more time passes the more I'm convinced that she'll never understand that life doesn't equate obligatory valley of tears) and feeling like some old person because my ten year-old cousin spent like half an hour speaking about how in his class people get caught for hiding their i-pods in their shoes, can't use their cellphones or *i-pads* in class etcetera etcetera. At which my basic reactions were: 'WHY would you buy your ten year-old an iphone or an ipad or ANYTHING LIKE THAT' and 'fuck when I was ten we didn't even bring our frigging *walkman* to school and we didn't spend time during classes playing Angry Birds'. Which probably explains a lot of things, but still, I'm too young to feel like an old woman and wish that kids these days would just go and read Treasure Island under their desk instead of playing Angry Birds, if they really have to not pay attention.

... damn, I sound like my grandmothers used to sound when I was seven. Brb, getting drunk.

6. I also had a sort of half-high school reunion. Half in the sense that just half of the people were present, and most of them were people I never talked to. But for some miracle it actually went decently, we got nicely buzzed (even if the beer I had was good enough to keep me awake until 4 AM even if the entire thing was over at 2...) and idek, apparently it took five years to get past the stage where people forget how much they used to dislike each other in HS but it was nicer than I thought it'd be.

That said, I'm also apparently too old to get buzzed and then go to bed at five AM because the morning after I woke up at like 11.30 AM and I wanted to spend the entire day in bed.

7. The politics around here are getting so depressing that I can't even fathom it. Not any news, but still, when you think you can't get worse IT GETS WORSE.

8. At least, I found a recipe for strawberry muffins which works like a charm. Now if only I had a chance to use said muffins to charm the Richard Madden lookalike haunting my university who appears in there once every two years or so, my life would be awesome. Again: why don't I know how to flirt? Because I'd have done that three months ago, if I had.

9. In more interesting book-related news, I'm three chapters into Fifty Shames of Earl Gray and it was deliciously hilarious. I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes on, because if the rest is as good as the first three chapters, it's going to be the funniest thing I've read in ages.

10. Aaand since I have nothing else of import, I'll just leave you with this, which is arguably the best piece of live music that I've heard in the last six months that wasn't a concert I was attending. You're welcome. ;)

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the female ghost of tom joad
01 April 2013 @ 09:27 pm
I'M DOING THIS! YAY! REGULAR EPISODE REVIEWS! Btw: anyone who's happy with Robb's current storyline... don't bother with this. Or the related part. Really. Don't.

spoilersCollapse )
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the female ghost of tom joad
1 . Happy Easter everyone! :D I hope you’re all hoarding the chocolate I’m not ;) aaand happy GOT day to everyone who actually watches it today – may you all survive it.

2. So, since (as usual) I haven’t updated as much as I thought I would, run-down of what’s been happening here: I solved one problem I was having for the last final I was supposed to have, so it’s three left now and then it’s just the thesis (which hopefully will make me enthusiastic again about this whole school deal because right now I’m just burned out) \o/ also, I thought the elections mess couldn’t get any worse, but apparently it is! And we might vote again this year! And I can bet you money I won’t like the result, since my last illusions that people vote with their heads in this country has been totally shattered. Anyway, welcome to the only country in the world where you stay in charge even if you lose the elections and when I can’t even be pissed about it because the alternatives are all worse. Oh, and B. wants to be President of the Republic. If you’re laughing at that, it’s exactly what you should do.

Also, Mumford and Sons were glorious :DDD which is pretty much the best thing that happened in the last month.

Meanwhile, I’m currently at my grandparents’ for the holidays, using the internet stealthily and wondering if my grandmother will ever understand that no one ever said that it’s your duty to make your own life miserable.

3. Also, since I’m set on getting back on track and starting doing episode reviews again from next week (at least for GOT and SPN, since I’m not sure I have enough shit to say about the vampire porn to do an entire post each episode) I’m catching up with some quick reactions to the last stuff here, so next week I can start anew. ;)

So, vampire porn: spoilersCollapse )

SPN: spoilersCollapse )

4. Since we were discussing tv: I’m going to (try to) do GOT recap posts this year DECENTLY, also because I promised lenina20 that I would warn her beforehand (<3). I’m not sure of when I’ll manage to watch the premiere because here the internet is random and I can’t be on it if anyone calls on the phone, which means that it’s gonna take me ages to download it, but at worst it should be tomorrow evening, so the review will happen either late tomorrow or early on the 2nd, unless I manage to watch it in the morning for some kind of miracle. That said: I’m pretty sure that everyone around here knows the deal, but since I spent the last month blocking idiots on tumblr arguing that Theon deserves horrible things, I’ll just state again that Theon bashing is nowhere near okay around these parts. Also, I’ll probably endlessly complain about Robb’s storyline this year because the few things I know aren’t making me happy, so uhm, just thread carefully because I’ll probably go heavy on that. xD

5. Also: anyone has switched to the new friends page? Is it as horrible as it seems from the description? Because I already miss the old update page, and since it hasn’t forces me to switch to the new friends page yet I’m delaying, but I’d like to hear some opinions before considering it. Not sure I’ll do it until they force me though.

6. And after this Easter novel, I should probably go get ready for lunch (and after that hopefully I’ll finish an 8x17 coda which has been nagging at me since I watched the damn thing but that I couldn’t start until yesterday…) Again, I hope you’re all drowning in chocolate :D (and expect some late comments because as stated since anytime someone calls on the landline I have to disconnect the internet I gave up on checking the friends page, but tomorrow I shall catch up. :D)
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the female ghost of tom joad
Okay, so, I decided that Sunday morning was perfect for catching up duties. Except that once upon a time, LJ let me go back 1000 entries and now it's a dashing 200. I've been opening journals while going back through the FL and scrolling down and commenting at random, so if you see me popping out of nowhere it's just me catching up, but if any of you hasn't posted anything since February 25th I'll probably miss it :/ anyway, that was just to say that I might spam your inbox with comments on January entries. *waves* *goes back to catching up*
the female ghost of tom joad
1. ... Er, hello world! I suppose everyone has given me up for MIA, right? /o\ damn, I don't think I've ever spent this long without updating. Or checking the FL, ugh. I swear I'll be up to date asap. Anyway, since I disappeared for two months, have a run-through of what's been going on here.

2. So, point is: I ended up swamped in finals-related cramming which went good for half and bad for the other half (because two were passed the way I wanted, the other two... one I had to skip because I caught some bothersome form of influenza and the other because even with the cramming I wasn't nowhere near ready for it), so now I have three left. Then it happened that apparently the one class I have to attend this semester is canceled and I won't know what to do about it until tomorrow, but my former supervisor for the bachelor's degree is making me do the master's thesis with her so at least there's something. And this entire deal pretty much ate up more of my free time than I'd have liked, so I ended up having to drop any social network where it doesn't take you more than five seconds to post. /o\

3. Also: if anyone has read about election results, B. came in *second*, the third biggest party's target seems to be 'let's make everyone look horrible by not agreeing with a government with the first so next elections we win!', and obviously the lovely people at the left party managed to get first but without enough votes to actually rule, so in the end I'm pretty sure they'll elect the new Pope before we have a government. Yay. If anyone around can guess, I've been wanting to cry hysterically about it since it happened. (I'm also seriously thinking about going out of the country as soon as I have the degree and I find any kind of job somewhere else, but that's not happening until graduation which isn't happening until October at best, so.) Also, two of B.'s trials are ending soon and he organizes a march against the magistrature - I'm not even sure I can stand another six months of him being relevant.

4. ... damn the new LJ update page is as horrible as I remember it, but you can't switch anymore, right? Damn. Okay, back on track.

5. I'm actually caught up with tv shows (okay, nope, I'm caught with SPN and the vampire porn, I had to drop the rest for the moment) but I haven't had time for any reaction post whatsoever so I'll see if after I'm as caught up with the f-list as I'm going to be I'll manage to do some huge meta post for everything I haven't reacted about. For now, in short: I'm not exactly getting what the vampire porn is trying to accomplish but Damon looks prettier than usual so whatever and SPN hasn't been this good in ages as far as I'm concerned, so nothing to complain on that side.

6. Oh, right, I'm also feeling totally conflicted about GOT. In the sense, I want to watch it for some things, but knowing what awaits me at the end makes me wish it aired next year. Or ten years from now. Anyone who read the books knows the deal. One thing that was very much true, though, is that if the posters are the best HBO can do then they'd be better off if they hired me. Or any person around here who can use photoshop, because my first reaction was 'damn give me the selective coloring tool and make me get rid of the blue'.

7. Concerts speaking: I'm seeing Mumford & Sons in a week and The National are coming in June! (The day after I'm supposed to be in Milan for Bon Jovi, but I'll manage somehow.) Also there's Neil Young coming at the end of July, and while the venue sucks I'll probably go because who knows when it's going to happen again. And there's Bruce Springsteen in July too, so at least I'm doing good with going to concerts this year.

8. Also: I totally failed at Christmas cards even if I had half of them ready /o\ in the next days I'm going to send belated PMs because I didn't even manage to make a thank you post for the one I received and then I'm going to see what to do with it. If you receive random cards in the middle of April or May from me, it's me being extremely late.

9. GRRM speaking: I've also apparently and masochistically ended up getting crazy into Wild Cards, aka The Other Huge Project That GRRM Has Been Doing For Ages But I Didn't Know About It, which I probably should have avoided for my own mental sanity. But I'm apparently in 'DAMN IT I'M IN WESTEROS WITHDRAWAL' mode, and I saw the first book reprinted and I thought the plot was interesting. Clearly I got hooked, and then I promptly found out that on twenty-one books, five are in print and the rest is not. Good news is that I got a Kindle for Christmas and I found a torrent for the e-books, so I'm covered, but you don't want to know the pain that it's been finding ten on twenty-one. The problem is that the eleven I'm missing are priced too much for paperbacks that were out in the early nineties, but I'll probably buy them all. Very much eventually. Anyway, there's obviously no fandom whatsoever for it, so at least I'm saved from possible 'OMG SHINY NEW FANDOM' shenanigans, since I have no time for it. D:

10. Oh, and in the mess above described in the first point, it happened that a guy who could pass for Richard Madden's little brother except with brown hair/eyes exists and he SOMETIMES, and with that I mean 'two times each year', appears in my university. And I was sitting behind the guy during the only written final I had this round. I'm going to spare you the reactions to finding out the guy's existence - they were mostly the kind you overgrow after fourteen, but clearly the one time I run into a guy with whom I'd totally consider trying to flirt (and I'm a total fail at flirting and related) he shows up twice and then I don't see him around anymore. *facepalm* Help. Obviously not having crushed on people at fourteen is showing up now. Ah well.

11. Okay, that was what's going on with me. Soooo tell me what's up with you all? I haven't managed to check the FL also because at some point I fell behind with TV and I didn't want to risk spoilers, and I'm not sure that I'll see everything that I missed because LJ only lets me go back so much :/ I'll try to go check individual journals instead, but meanwhile if something happened with you tell me/link me? I missed LJ, I want to get back into the swing of things. <3
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Last year it was 45 books (not bad, let's see if I can do 50), 58 movies (could do a LOT better) and 246 tv shows episodes (okay, maybe I could have watched a bit less tv.. oops). Targets for this year is 50, 100 and 250. Let's see how it goes.

Rating system, same as last year:

01/10 > utterly devastating
02/10 > bad
03/10 > disappointing
04/10 > half-hearted
05/10 > average
06/10 > okay
07/10 > good
08/10 > very good
09/10 > awesome
10/10 > excellent

* > re-watch or re-read

list of books readCollapse )

list of movies watchedCollapse )

tv shows episodes watchedCollapse )
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1. Merry Christmas everyone! ♥ I hope you're all having an amazing day and that your presents were plentiful. ;)

2. As for me, I'm currently at my grandparents' on my dad's side, which means that I have sporadical internet access. On the good side, apparently my little cousins grew tired of the Christmas singing. Which is good. (On the I-don't-know-what-to-make-of-it, the eldest is apparently putting into practice some perpetual sulking that would make Jon Snow proud, which I'm pretty sure isn't allowed when you're *ten* and your name is not Jon Snow.)

3. Also, Christmas cards! Thanks so very much for the Christmas cards to: itsjustc (thank you! <3), vella_amor_dm (we should totes be more on LJ *nods* also that was some seriously lovely card, thanks!), twisting_vine_x (aw that card was adorable, thanks!), elliotsmelliot (that owl on the card is so beautiful <3 thank you!), haldoor (wow, that was a gorgeous card - how do you even make them? I loved all the glitter xD ♥) and jaydblu (that was a very shiny card, thanks! ;) )!

Also, random question: do Canadian posts send all letters during Christmas time with the 'SANTA HOHOHO PERE NOEL' thing printed on the top? I hadn't noticed it previously but it's kind of awesome.

Also, I'm working on mine but with everything going down this month I didn't manage to finish them yet, so they'll probably be.. New Year's. Well. You'll probably get them after New Year's, but they *are* coming. /o\

4. Have some entertainment thanks to my Buffy obsessed uncle. Yesterday, this conversation happened.

Him: 'you know, there's this whole debate about who should Buffy end up with in the community. There are people who are for Bangel, that'd be Buffy/Angel, and then there are the ones for Spuffy, which would be Spike/Buffy...'

Me: 'Okay, yeah, sure.' What I was really thinking: holy crap IS MY UNCLE USING PROPER SHIPNAMES WHAT IS THIS, IS THIS REAL LIFE?'

Him: 'then of course it's obvious that Angel and Spike had history together - you know, between centuries-old vampires...'


A short while later, after I say something like 'seriously is this still a thing' when my cousin starts drooling over a Dragon-Ball videogame:

Him: 'well, do you know who played Junior in the live action movie?'

Me: 'James Marsters? Wait a moment, did you actually watch that thing?'

Him: 'I might be a Spuffy, but I don't watch every piece of crap James Marsters stars in.'

I don't know how I kept the laughing fit from happening. Seriously, if he ever starts watching something that I watch as well it's going to be fucking hilarious. (Meaning: if he ever comes up to me being like 'I ship destiel Dean/Cas' I'll most probably never recover.) Also he bought me Boardwalk Empire dvds. Did I ever say that it's awesome to have someone in the family who actually gets what you're talking about when you talk tv shows? (Oh, and I have the first three seasons of Breaking Bad too, but with the way things are I'll probably watch them after my finals - sigh.)

5. And after leaving you with this hilarious exchange to spice up your Christmas day, I'll go a) commenting on my oh-so-very-perfect-and-marvelous-Yuletide-gift (it's Kavalier and Clay and it's Sam/Tracy and it's FLAWLESS. I'D READ IT IF I WERE YOU). Aaand I hope you're all having a marvelous day again <3 (the next time I post I'll have hopefully finished with the cards, at least..)
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28 November 2012 @ 11:19 am
yessssssss. I totally don't have time for this BUT I'LL MAKE IT. And I'm re-using the adorable cat banner because it's adorable.

+ Post a list of your five favorite acts/kinks to read about. Check out this list if you need some inspiration. At the bottom of your post, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.
+ Read other people's lists; the master list of lists is here.
+ Post comment-fic based off of other people's interests.

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Title: hallelujah you love him so [AO3]
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: PG13
Word count: 1500 ca
Spoilers: 8x07 coda
Warnings: nothing really.
Disclaimer: I don't own them, sadly for me.
Summary: If it’s worth something, your side is where I wanted to be all along; it’s the only place where I’ve ever wanted to see you. Or, where Dean and Castiel share the Impala's backseat and some things are talked out.
A/N: sooo, uhm, in September it was maharetishtar's birthday and I asked her for a prompt and she said Dean/Cas where they cuddle up in the back of the Impala. Says everything that it took me two months and last episode to actually do it the way I wanted, but I wanted to do a coda for it and it fit, so there we go. Title slightly reworked from an Animals song. Also, second person POV. Using for my homebrew_bingo wild card square.

'I’m sorry', you don’t tell him as you sit in relatively comfortable silence in the back of his car.Collapse )
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