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Master Fic List

So. It's Saturday evening. I can't bring myself to study and I've got really nothing to do. Which means, I'm finally coming around to do this before it gets way out of hand ;)



- Poker Games (Sawyer, Jack), PG, 556 words
Sawyer should have listened to his dad, for once. Won third place at lostfichallenge #59, You Win.

- In My Time of Dying (Boone, Jack), PG13
Basically, Do No Harm from Boone's POV. Won second place at lostfichallenge #61, write your favorite character.

- How Desmond Got His Blue Shirt (Charlie, Hurley, Desmond, Claire + Locke and Sawyer), PG13, 2500 words
Exactly what the title says. Crack-ish. Mentions Locke's underwear. Nominated for best humorous fic at lost_fic_awards, January 2008.

- It's a Wonderful Life (Sawer, Boone, ensamble), PG13, 7000+ words
Post-rescue AU. Sawyer is on the run and ponders what he has left to live for, except that someone unexpected helps him figure things out.

- Something You're Supposed to Do (Desmond), PG, 509 words
Desmond turns the failsafe key of the hatch.

- Good Readings (Desmond, Sawyer), PG13, 3200 words
Desmond really feels sorry for drinking Sawyer's scotch and wants to make up for it someway.

- Elective Affinities (Desmond, the blue shirt), PG, 550 words
Someone finds her missing half and it's a hell less complicated than triangles. 100% crack.

- I Ain't Got No Home (Sawyer, Jack, ensemble), PG13, 5300+ words
AU. Sawyer is a rambling musician during the Dust Bowl. Won best AU at lost_fic_awards, January 2008.

- No Rewards Given (Danny Pickett, Kate), PG13, 1971 words
Why does Pickett hate Sawyer so much?

- One You Name Dumb Stars With (Karl, implied Karl/Alex, sort of Sawyer), PG, 200 words
Karl names two stars.

- The Halls of Craphole Heaven (Charlie, Boone, Shannon, Tom, all the dead people), PG13, 4000+ words
Charlie wakes up in Craphole Heaven. Chaos happens, Tom appears and the boss is very pretty. 100% crack. Won best humorous fic at lost_fic_awards, February 2008.

- Make Your Own Kind of Music (Desmond), PG13, 3500+ words
The first time Desmond heard Mozart’s music, it was at his first job with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

- Heartache Spoken Here (Karl, Sawyer, implied Karl/Alex), PG13, 4000+ words
Life goes on on the island after the Six are rescued. And Karl has some quite insane ideas.

- Ends and Means (Desmond, Boone), PG13, 3500+ words
What happens when Desmond finds out the reason for which Locke had been pounding on the hatch door saving his life?

- A Sort of Intuition (Desmond, Sayid), PG, 1399 words
Desmond has always had a sort of gift for reading people; he knows that it really doesn’t show in this circumstance, but there’s a sort of intuition, a sixth sense maybe, telling him that the man in front of him is someone he can trust. [Set during The Constant]

- Fear in a Handful of Dust (Desmond, Kelvin), PG13, 1200 words
Kelvin’s shadow looks increasingly dark against the pale gold of the rock, small clouds of dust rise under his feet and intoxicate him, sort of, but he doesn’t cough. He can’t cough, not until he finds out why is Kelvin here and why he has lied to him all this time.

- Our Mutual Friends (Desmond, Sayid), PG13, a hell lot of words
What happened after Frank left and before Desmond woke up the morning after? [Set between The Constant and Ji Yeon]

- Fever Pitch (Desmond, pre-Des/Penny), PG, 767 words
We dated for six years, and the closest you came to a religious experience was Celtic winning the Cup.

- Time Is a Face in the Sky (Desmond, Sayid, some Sawyer), PG13, around 2000 words
Desmond comes closer and his hand is on Sayid’s shoulder. Nothing more than that and he doesn’t say a thing, but Sayid doesn’t really need anything to be said right now; warmth floods through him and he closes his eyes, nodding, silently thankful. The only noise he can hear is the crashing of the waves against the freighter; he doesn’t know that he’s going to remember it as his last peaceful moment before everything came crashing down.

- Good to See You Again (Sawyer, Hurley), PG13, 576 words
When he says that it’s good to see him, too, he means it, he really means it.

- The A-Team of Craphole Island (Charlie, Jack, Sawyer, Sayid), PG13, 584 words
Jack, Sawyer and Sayid, they are the sodding A-Team, the three of them. He can see it as clearly as he has never seen anything since the crash.

- I Tried to Tell Everybody But I Couldn't Get My Thing Across (Desmond), PG13, 608 words
You can’t move, watching them leave; guilt rips through every inch of your body and you can’t even bring yourself to cry because something is telling you that you’d be an hypocrite, if you did.

- That's How It Goes Down Here Below (Sawyer, Desmond, Charlie, Michael, Bernard etc.), PG13, indecent amount of words
Five unlikely people gather for a poker game. Based on a scene from elliotsmelliot's Drowning Your Sorrows By Land and By Sea.

- The Devil's Right Hand (Danielle, Kate, Sawyer, Boone, Charlie, Shannon, Michael, Locke, Jack, Juliet, Sayid), PG13, 1100 words
Eleven guns-related drabbles.

- What'll You Do Now, My Blue-eyed Son? (Boone, some Shannon and Charlie), PG13, 5700 words
Boone goes to marches. Yes, it's mostly about that.

- Emergency Contact (Cassidy, Helen), PG, 2432 words
Cassidy meets Helen at a victims of Flight 815 commemoration. Won third place at lostfichallenge #71, unfinished business.

- I'm Headed Nowhere But Downhill (Hurley, Sayid, Kate, Jack), PG13, 400 words
Jack isn't the only one with Oxycodone related issues.

- Your Own Personal Jesus (or five times Desmond was one) (Desmond + Locke, Sawyer, Charlie, Penny and Sayid), 3106 words
Exactly what the title says.

- Sitting in a Diner on a Friday Afternoon (Jack, Desmond), PG, 2060 words
Jack and Desmond have a drink post-island.

- Far from the Twisted Reach of Crazy Sorrow (Desmond, Sawyer, sort of Charlie), PG, 2807 words
When everyone is gone, when everything is over and when they know they won’t ever be found again because the island is not there anymore, when Claire is still gone and Ben has disappeared into the Orchid, they set up a cross.

- Where The Wild Roses Grow (Locke, Boone), PG13, 2120 words
“Well, John, maybe he didn’t tell you the specifics, but he didn’t lie. You are back.”

- Darkness on the Edge of Town (Sawyer), PG13, 997 words
The interesting bit of the expression is not the darkness, it’s the edge of town. It implies that there’s a town, a divided one; in the center, you have the light, the honest jobs he never even tried to take, the honest life he never pretended to live, the expensive clothes he never bought for a perfect wife he never had.

- On Keeping Secrets (Sun, Boone), PG13, 1255 words
He had assured Sun that he knew how to keep a secret. He definitely did. She thought that maybe he was good at keeping it from the others but not as good at not showing it, since everyone was more or less gossiping about what Sun believed the secret to be, but well, it wasn’t really anything concerning Boone himself, anyway.

- I Don't Need the Same (Boone, Shannon), PG13, 550 words
It takes dying to make them realize that maybe they had it all wrong all along and maybe two hours to realize that what hasn’t worked when they were alive won’t work now that they aren’t.

- Laying It Down, (Jack, Sawyer) PG13, 550 words
Jack takes the deck of cards out of his pocket, putting it over a pile of books standing next. “I thought that maybe you’d like a re-match.”

- Way Down In The Hole (Desmond), light R, 3835 words
4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42, execute, 108.

- International House of Pancakes (Hurley, Sawyer), PG13, 1380 words
Sawyer and Hurley have breakfast together.

- And I'm Fractured From the Fall (Boone), PG13, 1830 words
As soon as he hears Theresa’s scream and the dull thud that followed the noise of her fall on the steps which he heard all the way up, he feels something shatter inside him.

- My Darling Clementine (Sawyer, Clementine, Walt), PG13, 2530 words
“Well, I know your dad because I was in the same plane crash.”

- Inside, I Was Screaming (or how Benjamin Linus watched Titanic) (Ben, Alex, some Richard), PG13, 4200 words
As Ben sits on the left side of sofa after pushing the VHS delicately into the video recorder and pushes the play button on the remote control, while Alex sits on the right side, rubbing her hands with an expression of pure glee on her face, there’s only one thought clear in his head: this is all Richard’s fault and he’s going to pay for this.

- Ghosts Get Bored, Too (Hurley, Boone), PG, 770 words
“Yeah, so this is like, the proof I’m still hallucinating. Dude, you talk like Charlie. I’m just making you up.”

- The Essential Rescue Mission (the blue shirt, Boone, Charlie, Tom, Desmond and Sayid), PG, 1973 words, utter crack
The blue shirt has been quietly living in her maple wood closet filled with lavender scent when she receives an unexpected visit.

- Disadvantages Occurring When You Start Naming Too Many Stars (Karl, who has sort of a crush on Sawyer), PG13, 517 words
Karl is also sure he looks like an idiot whenever he’s around him. The worst thing is that Alex kind of joked about it once and said he didn’t have bad taste.

- The Man In Black Fled Across The Desert (Sawyer), PG, 319 words
Sawyer doesn’t like Stephen King. Correction: Sawyer hates Stephen King.

- Someone Wants To See You (Jack; Ana, Shannon, Charlie, Christian, Boone with some very platonic Jack/Boone thrown in), PG13, 1301 words
When he will open his eyes again, he will be on the island still, but it'll be... different. It'll be the same but the sun will be shining up in the sky, the sound of the waves will be soothing, the jungle won't look much dangerous anymore.

- Anger At Lies Lasts Forever (dead!Boone, Locke), PG13, 1070 words
The point is that words can indeed kill; and putting together a sentence that can kill you even if you’re already dead is pretty remarkable.

- Jughead, Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb (Daniel), PG13, 3375 words
Him, Charlotte, a Dharma house and an atomic bomb; well, this is not exactly how he had predicted this story was going to unfold. Not to end; it still isn’t over by a very, very long shot.

- On Two Different Sides (Boone, the Oceanic Six), PG13, 700 words
: He wishes Sun hadn’t been there; he wishes he could do something; he wishes Aaron wasn't born when he was born; he wishes he understood her; he wishes he could resent Sayid; he wishes he had died when the beechcraft fell.

- Annunciation (Ben, dead!Boone), PG, 728 words
Ben figures this guy is just your usual arts student whom you always meet in the Tate gallery and turns his attention back on the painting, feeling his cell phone in his pocket. The call should arrive any second.

- Empty-Handed Heart (Boone), PG, 316 words
As he leaves Shannon behind, he realizes that he has been deliberately mean to her and that he had hoped she suffered at least one tenth as much as he had. This isn’t like him.

- Unstuck (Daniel, Desmond), PG, 788 words
Desmond is like some incredibly bright star against a dull, dark sky, an isolated system that doesn’t interact with its surroundings and transcends the blasted Minkowski spacetime where time only has a single dimension.

- Oxycontin Blues (Jack), PG13, 443 words
Jack's idea of a perfect evening, when it comes into practice, is usually spent on his mattress in his living room, with a bottle of cheap brandy on his right side, a flacon of Oxycontin on his left and Kurt Cobain for company.

- Devils And Dust (Sayid), PG, 610 words
Sayid never felt more aware of every wrong choice he made his whole life; the time he spent trying to be a decent person or a good man or at least not someone who harms innocent people looks like a pitiful loss of time.

- Lessons (Juliet), PG, 661 words
ee, the thing is that Juliet is nobody’s fool when it comes to other people trying either to make a fool out of her or fool her into doing something. Or at least, after being burned more than once, she doesn't think she be tricked anymore.

- Pain d'epiches (Sayid, Penny), PG, 692 words
Gingerbread was Nadia's favorite.

- Faults (Michael), PG, 525 words
See, the problem is that if Michael ever had a flaw (fine; he has more than one, but let's say his worst flaw), it's that he loses temper.

- The best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry (Sawyer, implied Sawyer/Juliet), PG13, 500 words
There's the thing with Jim LaFleur: Sawyer knows that it's just a fake name for his x-hundredth fake identity. The difference is that all of Sawyer's previous identities' purpose was destroying someone else's white picket fence, while this one could be the key for his own metaphorical one.

- It's fun to lose and to pretend (Jack), ficmix, R, 13 tracks, 4800 words
It starts just because he needs something loud enough.

- But I'll know my song well before I start singing (alt!Boone), PG, 3470 words
Then again, he figures, there’s a reason if he remembers.

- Half of my heart (Juliet, Miles, pre-Juliet/Sawyer), PG, 1330 words
“Is someone having an existential crisis?” Miles asks as he sits where Sawyer had sat last time they were here, wearing one of those hideous jumpsuits, and Juliet lets out a small breath of relief.

- Long walk home (Jin, Ji Yeon; implied Jin/Sun), PG, 920 words
the AU where Jin doesn't die.

- The way you were (Kate, Sayid), Pg, 970 words
She sees him sitting in the garden, looking at his surroundings in obvious puzzlement, and instead of running, for once, she walks straight ahead.


- The Queer Con (Desmond/Sawyer), PG13, 4876 words
Desmond is running low on his money and gets an unexpected way out. Won for best fic with an unusual pairing at lost_fic_awards, November 2008.

- I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Desmond/Sawyer), Nc17, 3345 words
Sequel to The Queer Con. Desmond calls Sawyer back and accepts an invitation.

- Living in the Future (Sawyer/Sayid), PG13, 4400+ words
Three years after the rescue, Sayid receives a call.

- Mr. Bad Example (Anthony Cooper/Christian Shephard), PG13, 2052 words
Cooper didn't sure think he'd end up sleeping with the husband of the woman he conned the day before.

- With Every Wish (There Comes a Curse), (Jack/Sawyer), R, 6000+ words
He hears a preacher in some street shouting that you should never wish for something, because with every wish there comes a curse. But Sawyer was never one to listen to preachers.

- Stay Out of It (Sawyer/Boone), Nc17, 1900 words
It's about someone else for the both of them, but maybe not.

- Ain't No Natural Con (Kate/Cassidy), R, 413 words
Cassidy had meant only to buy some food, not to run into Kate of everyone. Though the thing that surprised her most was probably the blond baby in the trolley.

- A Theory Is Not a Matter of Fact (Desmond/Daniel), Nc17, 2240 words
What's in Desmond's eyes, it’s calm; but there’s something underneath it, like the quiet before the storm or, better, a seemingly quiet river which is going burst and flood at any moment. Dan isn’t so sure that the banks are going to hold from long and thinks that well, he definitely doesn’t understand people and Desmond Hume most of all. Nominated for best Nc17 slash fic at lost_fic_awards, March 2008.

- Can't Get it Out of my Head (Jack/Boone), R, 700 words
Every adjective you could use to describe a drug, Jack thinks, you could use to describe Boone, too.

- Dead but Also Here (Boone/Charlie), R, indecent amount of words
Since he woke up on that sort of other side, Charlie had asked others, but no one was able to describe their state, or whatever it can be called, like Boone did. “We’re dead, he had said, “ but we’re also here”.

- Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip (Jack/Sayid), R, 4700 words
He never drives. Sayid insists and Jack doesn’t really care for driving right now. They don’t have a destination; the important thing is never to stay in one place for more than two days. Jack doesn’t know why exactly. Sayid had told him that they were being chased, or something like that. Maybe he had also told him who was chasing them, but Jack can’t remember it. There are a lot of things he can’t remember, these days.

- All the Right Kinds of Wrong (Sawyer/Boone), R, 842 words
For how much Sawyer’s skin is hot against his when they come in contact, for how much he shivers when Sawyer’s teeth bite lightly his shoulder, for how firm but strangely gentle is the hold on his hips, he can’t help thinking that this is a risk, and not a light one.

- A Weak Man Has Doubts Before a Decision, a Strong Man Afterwards (Jack/Boone), PG13, 4131 words
Jack doesn't let Boone go.

- You're Still Standing There (Desmond/Sayid), R, 4100 words
He knows that it would take nothing for Desmond to go on the shore and take that swim. He knows that if he did, the earth would tremble and shake, that everything would probably set on fire, that he could see the ocean waves from the porch of that house, that those walls would crumble upon him in piles of dust as all the rest would.

- Craphole Island’s Very First Open Shirt Seminar (Desmond/Sayid, Jack/Sawyer, Sun/Jin, Charlie/Claire, Juliet/Kate), PG13, 4800 words
Desmond holds a seminar on the subject he's most proficient in. 100% Crack, of course. Nominated for best humorous fic at lost_fic_awards, May 2008.

- Miracle Drug (Desmond/Charlie), R, 3601 words
If he only could take a trip inside Desmond’s head the way he went on another kind of trips once, he thinks. But Charlie would need a miracle drug for it and he isn’t so sure that such a thing exists. Nominated for best slash fic at lost_fic_awards, May 2008.

- Leaving All of Love's Ashes Behind (Sawyer/Boone), R, 858 words
They lower the corpse six feet under in the grave that Sawyer contributed to dig because he felt like he should have been there at least and he finally gets it, and it hits. It hits hard. Nominated for best slash fic at lost_fic_awards, May 2008.

- Transcendental Blues (Jack/Sayid), PG13, 2185 words
Only the appearances differ, but the truth is that underneath all of them except Sun are there under the shadow of what Jack calls transcendental blues. Jack doesn’t hide from it and Sayid can only respect him for that. Surely more than he respects himself.

- The Infamous Pen Business (Boone/Charlie), PG13, 4130 words
Boone really, really hates pens. Nominated for best slash fic at lost_fic_awards, June 2008.

- Night Vision (Sawyer/Sayid), R, 4840 words
The important thing is that Sawyer always says that he’s doing alright, really doing alright, and that he shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Sayid still wants to think he isn’t real and that everything he says is what his subconscious needs to hear. Admitting that what Sawyer does is what his subconscious wants is a whole lot more difficult. Nominated for best slash fic at lost_fic_awards, June 2008.

- The Ground Beneath His Feet (Jack/Sawyer), PG, 1000 words
Sawyer doesn’t ask him anything; why is he alone, are the others coming too, where are they in case they are alive, how and from where did he swim up here.

- Soothe the burn (Jack/Boone), R, 3375 words
It isn’t really a surprise when Boone appears one day when Jack is really drunk; he was the only one missing after all and it’s just fitting that he’s the last. The first and the last, how damn ironic. Nominated for best slash fic at lost_fic_awards, June 2008.

- Rear Window (Desmond/Sayid), NC17 or sort of, 1200 words
The visions in the Further Instructions airport are usually showing reality, right?

- Moments Have You (Jack/Sawyer), light NC17, 1300 words
Sawyer had been the one to buy the new sheets. Double-face sheets, white on one side and black on the other, of a nice, soft cotton.

- Mother In Law (Jack/Sawyer, Margo Shephard), PG13, 4000 words
He waits for the small nod he’s sure will come, then turns back and presses his head against the seat before starting up again, trying to remember how exactly has he ended in this fucked up situation, driving Jack’s mom to an employment agency for the last three days. Because right now it seems just surreal, too surreal for him to believe it’s actually happening.

- Like Bad Ideas on a Beautiful Day (Sayid/Boone), light R, 550 words
They have that half of a lash out because he told the truth when he was asked. Sayid and Shannon, who else. Every other day, he would have searched for her. This one, he searches for him.

- All Apologies (Sawyer/Boone), light R, 550 words
And for how much of an asshole Sawyer could be, the last thing Boone wanted was having him tortured of anything.

- The Art of Un-Living (Boone/Charlie, sort of), PG13, 550 words
This fact that between them, there’s really no difference because from dead to dead, it feels like they were still alive should make him unsettled, but at this point it really doesn’t.

- Perfect (Jack/Boone), light R, 500 words
His lips slightly turn up into a small smile when he closes his eyes and everything he feels is the beating of Jack’s heart and the feeling of Jack’s warm skin against his chest. Nominated for best Slash Fic at lost_fic_awards, July 2008.

- See You In Another Life (or five times Jack and Desmond kissed) (Jack/Desmond), light R, 1000 words
What the title says.

- In Repair (very platonic Desmond/Sayid), PG13, 2400 words
He doesn’t wait for permission and sits next to Sayid on the couch, placing the ice cream bowl in front of him on the small table; he almost wants to laugh when Sayid turns his head and looks at him with a completely surprised expression that Desmond didn’t even think him capable of doing. Sayid didn’t seem one that could get surprised by many things, after all.

- Breaking Into Society (Sawyer/Sayid), NC17, 2380 words
Sawyer and Sayid meet in New Mexico before the crash.

- What A Dream I Had (Jack/Boone), NC17, 3500 words
Then he survived the accident with a slight limp and a couple of ugly scars in places that could not be seen if he wore clothes and everything changed.

- Return of the Grievous Angel (Sawyer/Sayid), R, 3400 words, wing!fic
What’s more astonishing isn’t the fact that Sawyer actually grew wings. It’s that Sayid is the only one that can touch them.

- A Current Under Sea (faint Jack/Boone), PG13, 963 words
He doesn’t really feel it when a stronger wave comes upon him and makes him lose all of his balance. Suddenly, he feels salt in his mouth and in his eyes and he has to stop swimming, struggling to catch a breath.

- Shades Of Gray (Desmond/Sayid), PG13, 1250 words
He had his certainty, that there wasn’t anything outside black or white; now Desmond is trying to take it away from him and he can’t have it. Not really. He can’t afford to think in shades of gray just right now.

- Man of Constant Sorrow (Jack/Boone), R, 1200 words ca
Then the host asks if he’ll accept questions from the public, he says yes; then she asks if he can share with us some information about the three people that survived at first and then didn’t? and he says just one.

- And He Left My Heart With Vertigo (Boone/Charlie), NC17, 4200 words
This groupie is a he and usually he-groupies choose Liam. Not him. When there are any he-groupies at all. In his head, Charlie has been calling this bloke His Prettiness since he set eyes on him backstage.

- Whirl Away (Desmond/Sayid), NC17, 647 words
He isn't doing this just because he's so desperate that he'll take any kind of comfort that brings his mind away from the real world, but also because they have been sharing the cabin for a week and Sayid has barely given a sign of acknowledging he's here at all.

- And So It Will Go (Desmond/Daniel), PG, 946 words
Daniel will come closer, too close maybe even if Desmond won’t exactly mind it. He will ask, “Will you finally tell me, brother?”, and Daniel will nod and come even closer and breathe over his lips, merely more than a whisper but clear and only for Desmond to hear, “You have to go back.”. Won second place at lostfichallenge #85, predictions; nominated for best Au fic at lost_fic_awards, January 2009.

- Of Ruined Weekends (Boone/Kevin), NC17, 1494 words
Boone has to bail Shannon out of prison while she's in Miami. Guess who's the officer in charge?

- I Give You My All (Jack/Boone), hard R, 1221 words
He had been too worried trying not to say anything stupid when Charlie had started playing somewhere over there and suddenly there was music; he and Jack had shared the last small bottle left and then before he knew it one of them had decided they should go and dance.

- The Everlasting Yes And No (Jack/Boone), PG13, 446 words
It's ironic, how you always answered no when he asked you a question about... well, about whatever it was between the both of you and how he always answered no when you were the one asking.

- What Works Best (Jack/Boone), PG13, 747 words
Any other time he might have burst out laughing because seriously, a pen can't work better than another, especially when you don't need one.

- And We Stood At World's End (Jack/Boone), PG13, 2269 words
Blue eyes look straight at him from the hospital bed, wide and watery and a pair of soft, pink lips parts a couple of times. His face is covered in blood, his leg too, he’s wearing the same clothes he wore that day and a couple of nurses are trying to put pressure over the wound. Jack stops dead in his tracks, not believing what he sees. Nominated for best AU fic at lost_fic_awards, January 2009; won second place at lostfichallenge #86, hopes and fears.

- Nothing Left To Lose (Desmond/Sayid), NC17, 515 words
He lets Sayid do anything he wants because it's not like it even matters anymore.

- It's Regret For The Things We Didn't Do That's Inconsolable (Desmond/Sayid), PG13, 470 words
Regrets eat you alive.

- What Is And What Shouldn't Be (Desmond/Sayid), NC17, 1087 words
Sayid is aware of Desmond slowly undressing him, taking off every item slowly and carefully; he’s aware of cold fingers trailing across his chest, over his hips, across his legs, feathery touches that are amplified by his lack of vision and which are making him tremble and shiver all over, unable to help it.

- A Nice Arrangement (Daniel/Miles), PG13, 702 words
Miles decided that he had done the wrong thing accepting to be on that ship one hour after they left.

- Of Course I Don't Believe You're Dead, And Gone (Jack/Boone), NC17, 4400 words
Jack is going crazy, he knows he is, because he’s standing in front of a counter in a fucking butcher shop, with a coffin a few feet behind him, drinking the words of a person who died under his hands three years ago just because he’s saying everything he needs to hear.

- Not What It Seems (Sawyer/Boone), NC17, 677 words
Contrary to appearances, Boone Carlyle does not fuck like a girl. Hell, no.

- Such A Tease (Boone/Charlie), NC17, 1005 words
While he can get someone being annoyed, Charlie is being a pain instead of cooperating here and no, the fact that it's Charlie's back being pushed on the blanket full of holes doesn't mean that he's going to justify him much longer just because of that.

- A Dream Awaits In Aisle Number Two (Jack/Boone), NC17, 7225 words
Jack starts buying groceries in Sarah's place; Boone is the new assistant at the supermarket he goes to.

- Beatles, Thackeray and the fragile concept of utopia (Desmond/Charlie), PG, 529 words
In this very moment, Charlie’s world is nothing short of a fragment of a very comfortable utopia (fragment because he’s not that naïve and he knows that utopia is, sadly, a concept that rarely lasts); the bed is wide, the sheets were changed this morning and are clean and crispy (not to mention, it’s also his favorite set, the yellow one), the spring night isn’t chilly nor too hot, the radio on his night stand (the volume is low, of course) is passing Hey Jude and his arms are firmly wrapped around Desmond’s waist.

- What If It Was True? (Jack/Boone), PG, 2802 words
He takes all the information in, breathes out, shakes his head and says that at least he’s alive. His throat hurts as he speaks, but Jack nods and Boone can’t help thinking he seems relieved.

- The Last Two Hours (Jack/Sayid), NC17, 1069 words
Jack doesn’t really know why he’s doing this and if he isn’t getting everything wrong, but hell, it’s the last two hours of their lives. Right?

- Pretty Sights (Shannon/Juliet), NC17, 1927 words
“I’m glad I died in my own clothes. That jumpsuit? The more time I look at it the more I’d just want to take it off.”

- Your Ex-Lover Is Dead (Desmond/Sayid), R, 1694 words
Sayid still looks at him, his stare meaning nothing and everything; Desmond doesn’t know what he should do, maybe say strange to see you again, maybe let him go, but he doesn’t want to.

- Inside A Break (Jack/Sawyer), R, 1153 words
He can’t even breathe and Sawyer’s grip is so hard that it hurts, it really fucking hurts, but he just holds back and doesn’t blink when Sawyer whispers I hate you in his ear.

- And Your Memory Cannot Keep Me Warm But It Never Leaves Me Cold (Jack/Boone), NC17, 6165 words
Daniel's plan worked and Jack remembers everything. Boone doesn't.

- I never kissed a man (Kevin/Sawyer), PG13, 1786 words
Four times Kevin and Sawyer somehow meet, and one when they definitely go further than that.

- Are we going to the same place? If so, can I come? (Jack/Sawyer), PG, 1463 words
Jack takes another sip and he's unable to take his eyes off Sawyer. Or James. Or Jim. Fuck knows how should he call him, especially since standing to reason Jack has never met a Jim LaFleur. Even if he remembers meeting him thirthy-something years ago.

- Dignity (is often an overrated concept) (Desmond/Charlie), PG, 1480 words
There are times when Charlie really, really hates Desmond. This is definitely one. Damn, he thinks, this is a bloody blow to his dignity, that’s what it is. Because he’s not ever, ever, ever sharing a fucking pink tartan quilt even if the heating is broken and he’s seriously freezing.

- Let time stand still (Jacob/Richard), PG13, 1138 words
After all, it's all about the island; it's about who gets to stay and who has to leave because it's too big for the two of them. For Richard, well, for Richard it's all about who stands in the end. In one case, things go on, in the other, not so much. After all, his destiny became Jacob's the day he woke on a beach after a shipwreck; there's no backing out now, and he doesn't even want to.

- Temptation (Jacob/Boone), PG, 1753 words
It's just that sometime shortly after he starts having his sleeping trance-like trips in an heavenly version of Myst (even if he couldn’t find any kind of quiz to solve except for merely asking himself why does he dream about this at all), someone shows up on the beach in the distance. He never moves. Each night, Boone comes a bit nearer.

- Mystery spot (Jack/Boone), NC17, 1753 words
He comes to his senses and it's dark; "... Jack?" a weak, soft and shocked voice asks; everything goes black.

- And the highway is my home (Sawyer/Kevin; Kate, Edward Mars, Jacob), NC17, 5145 words
Sawyer nods and swallows, trying to block out the fact that being stuck on the run from the Marshal he killed one time that didn’t happen, with Freckles’ former husband, who’s there because he tried to bail her out and then he bailed Sawyer out, isn’t funny at all. It actually sounds like a bad soap opera, but he won’t go dwelling on that.

- Another time, another place (alt!Jack/alt!Sawyer), PG, 592 words
He wishes they met somewhere else, sometime else. Maybe in a world where Sawyer never needed to be Sawyer and Jack never had to be the uptight son of a bitch he is.

- The flesh is weak (Desmond/Sayid), NC17, 613 words
Sayid probably doesn’t even know, but the way his hands are sure and practiced as he picks the broken engine part up and breaks it in pieces and observes it, the way they’re dirty with grease but still functional is making things to Desmond’s stomach.

- I gazed a gazeless stare (Desmond/Sayid), NC17, 1372 words
“Brother, I just was tryin’ to get a reaction out of you. Seems like I did it, aye?”

- We'll meet on edges, soon (alt!Desmond/alt!Sayid), NC17, 814 words
“Aren’t you afraid that someone will catch you, eventually?”; “I reckon that one day they will, but by then my job will be done.” Desmond shrugs, and Sayid doesn’t ask what the job is. He’s sure he won’t get an answer anyway.

- You look at me know and don't think I don't know (Jack/Boone), PG13, 275 words
“You can’t do this to yourself,” Boone keeps on, a hand on Jack’s wrist squeezing it lightly and it’d feel just so good, so warm, so alive if only Jack’s fingers weren’t brushing against Boone’s own wrist. There’s no pulse. He can’t even have a proper delusion, these days.

- Outside looking in (Jack/Boone, Sawyer), NC17, 700 words
where Sawyer is innocently taking a walk and stumbles over something he really wasn't expecting to see. Ever.

- When you're down and out (Miles/Daniel), PG13, 590 words
If you had asked him on the freighter, he’d have laughed in your face. Because really. Sharing a bed with Daniel Faraday in the seventies in the worst tropical heat ever existed?

- At dusk the stars all appear (Jack/Sawyer), R, 670 words
Jack never asked him what was in his letter, and Sawyer won’t ask him why he inks stars on his biceps.

- It's a long way down to nothing at all (Jack/Sayid), NC17, 639 words
“I don’t care what they said,” Jack whispers low as he pushes Sayid back against the wall of the Temple’s room with the pool, feeling like he needs closeness to say this, “you’re not dead or going dark side or whatever he means. You’re not. Hear me? Not under my watch.”

- Black becomes me well (Jacob/MIB), PG, 432 words
The chessboard rests on the sand, undisturbed by the waves; they just don’t reach it, nor the two men sitting on the opposite sides of it.

- It'll wash away (dead!Boone/dead!Charlie), PG, 1058 words
“I’m the only one who remembers, but you all… arrive like this. Anyway, your name is Charlie Pace and you were with me in a plane crash.”

- Only a pawn in his game (MIB, Jacob/Richard), PG13, 1764 words
Esau is a lot of things, among which manipulative and as evil as Jacob himself can get, but he’s definitely not stupid and he knows Jacob like the back of his hand if not better. He would never think that Jacob would give him a free gift, and so he doesn’t assume that Jacob accepts his small offer consisting in his human pet’s immortality as a random act of kindness, either.

- You'll whisper sweet lies to me (and one of them will be true) (Jacob/MIB), PG13, 950 words
You have always known that Jacob lies. You know it like you know the back of your hand, but you’re brothers; as much as Jacob tries not to show it, he knows that he can’t really fool you. The problem is that Jacob’s lies are usually such sweet ones.

- Let the right one in (Boone/Charlie), PG13, 3100 words
where Charlie just wants to get laid and spend a nice evening, and Boone is the only pro-life vampire (who goes to marches) that ever existed.

- He said I was his friend (Desmond/Sayid), R, 2500 words
what really happened at the well when Sayid didn't shoot Desmond.

- Take it in and hold your breath (Miles/Richard), PG13, 846 words
The first time Richard smoked a cigarette, he coughed for a good five minutes after bringing it to his lips twice.

- It's a matter of trust (Boone/Charlie), NC17, 1850 words
It’s just, the whole biting thing means getting into a completely different territory, and it also means acknowledging the whole thing with Boone’s fangs that they have sort of skillfully managed not to deal with that much until now. same verse as let the right one in.

- Slide up next to me (Jack/Boone), PG13, 1100 words
Jack is currently wearing leather, both trousers and jacket, and sitting on this black motorbike that seems just out of Easy Rider. He’s quite tanned, looking a lot better than last time Boone saw him, with a helmet in the crook of his arm, and Boone swallows and blinks a couple of times before answering.

- These two lanes will take us anywhere (Jack/Boone), NC17, 2000 words
After all, he can’t be that surprised. Or well, not after Jack rang his doorbell one year after they got rescued by that freighter full of crazy people. They hadn’t seen each other in all that time and when Boone opened the door, Jack was clean-shaven, had red-rimmed eyes and a shaking hand, and he asked whether he was up to go somewhere.

This way for Lost part II - het, multi-pairings and series

This way for part II of the list - Supernatural fic, crossovers and other fandoms

And that's all.
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