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16 October 2008 @ 11:42 am
five favorite fics meme  
So, my previous post didn't work at all for the people in my fl that don't talk to me, but it definitely show that the my fl is made of bloody awesome. ♥

And then, tagged by cynthia_arrow..

Sometimes it's ok to pimp yourself out. Post a list of your top five fic-favorites you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most. Then tag five other people to do the same.

So, the point is that I actually change idea every ten seconds, but I do have some favorites ;) I guess I'm overlooking some things but well, there they are. Only Lost because while I have written for SPN, too, I think the ones I'd wrote for it would be top ten or fifteen, not five. Half copied from my self-rec post at alliecat8's and thequillstation.

1. I Ain't Got No Home

Yeah, always this one. I just can't help thinking it's really the best thing I ever came up with. It's just the case that I love AUs, that's probably my favorite genre to read/write, and I was never so pleased with an outcome of one of mine as I was with this one. It was just one of those moments when you get inspiration, it strikes you and then when it's over you wonder where it came from. It also looks like I did a good job with the history, which actually shows that maybe studying the Great Depression seriously in school does indeed help you after, and I'm just satisfied with it. Not for anything I'm planning on an epic sequel ;) and seriously, I actually didn't even have many language quibbles (which I usually always have), it just flowed.

2. In My Time of Dying

This was my first try at writing Boone and of course since I'm a masochist I chose to write him during Do No Harm. And while it might not be my finest, I'm just attached to this, especially since writing it was a calvary. Well, maybe I'm exaggerating, but I swear that for me re-watching Do No Harm all over for three consecutive times is a sort of calvary ;) but since it always seemed to me that his POV was the only one they did not cover in that arc (I mean, Jack had the flashback of the episode when he died, Locke of the one where he got hurt and Sayid the funeral one, while it'd have been nice if they recognized the point that it wasn't any of the three of them dying) I just was set on writing that. With no hard feelings to Jack since he knows I love him ;) I'm just proud of it.

3. Make Your Own Kind of Music

Okay, so that was my first long Desmond POV and apart from the fact that I just had a lot of fun writing him, the fact that I like about this one is that I centered it around the fact that he listened to Mozart in the sailboat. And since yours truly has a Mozart obsession, I just went and wrote a good deal of backstory which the show won't probably ever confirm and based it on pieces of operas and I swear that it was just a pleasure to write. Also because I went AU on the dreaded S3 finale and I pretty much like how I structured the whole thing.

4. Soothe the Burn

I have a tendency to choose myself doomed OTPs. See my Lost OTP, which is Jack/Boone and that of course is doomed. Now, I wrote it a bunch of times, but I think this one was my best effort at it. With it, it's either writing early S1, going AU or going on with the angst. With this one I tried a kind of hopeful tone/ending despite it dealing with Boone being dead and Jack being in his flashforward self but from what I gathered from comments it did work and well, I just like how it came out.

5. Craphole Island’s Very First Open Shirt Seminar

Well, I can't not have a crack representative in a list of the stuff I do ;) hey, crack is my favorite thing ever. Now, my favorite cracking subject has always been Desmond's blue shirt and I just am attached to this one. It's basically Desmond giving all the males except Sawyer lessons on how to wear a shirt and ends in a massive orgy (which is why I think everything should end on Craphole island ;) ) and I don't know, but I love how it came out. Also, it features redshirt fangirling and my second Lost OTP. So I'm going with this one, even if I'm quite fond also of my first blue shirt crack.

But, this is my objective subjective top five. And since it said things I loved writing the most and also pimp yourself out... official runner up? ;)

With Every Wish (there comes a curse)

Now, this is really a perfect example of what the meme asked for since I don't think it's the best thing I ever did, but: I had fun writing it even if I struggled with the pairing and I really liked how it came out even if it isn't one of my most read ones. It's just that since Jack/Sawyer was the first pairing I read in fandom and this was the first time I tried it, I guess I'm kind of attached to it (also because it was inspired by one of my favorite songs). Also, perfect example of starting with an idea that is supposed to be short and ends up being way longer than one would suppose.

Sorry for cheating.

And hhhmm, for the tagging (if they want to, of course ;) ), if they haven't been tagged already somewhere... aboutbunnies, bachlava, thespiansparkle, inthekeyofd and elise_509.
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elliotsmelliot: Sawyerelliotsmelliot on October 16th, 2008 11:58 am (UTC)
I'm so glad you added the crack to balance the angst of your OTP! In my time of dying so sob worthy! And you know how much I love Make Your Own Kind of Music. I can't wait for the sequel to 'i ain't got no home'. It's perfectly okay to cheat! If you hadn't, I would not have remembered the wonderful Sawyer wish story.
the female ghost of tom joad: lost sawyer *g*janie_tangerine on October 16th, 2008 10:49 pm (UTC)
Well, without crack that'd be a cheat indeed! After all it's a fundamental part of my production ;) And yeah, In My Time of Dying kind of made me sob in the first place while re-watching the thing, but it was worth it *sigh* sequel will soo come. Though I'm pretty sure that by December 1st I won't be able to hear Woody Guthrie for a year ;) and always glad to hear you liked the wish story! I just have a soft spot for that.
falafel_musings: Lost 1falafel_musings on October 16th, 2008 01:57 pm (UTC)
Thanks for posting this janie! I love getting a writers insight on the fics they felt passionately about. 'In my time of dying' was the first fic I read by you. It was devastating. I realised how I'd never really felt Boone's perspective in that moment. It was so painful but so necessary to experience his side of it.

'Make your own Kind of Music' is just one of the best Desmond character studies ever IMO. I loved reading your commentary recently. Horay for blueshirt crack!fic too! I love it all.
the female ghost of tom joad: lost des blue shirtjanie_tangerine on October 16th, 2008 10:52 pm (UTC)
It was a pleasure to do it! God, that fic was my most devastating writing experience, too. I'm never writing it from anyone's POV again in details for sure, but I felt like there was a hole with the lack of the Boone perspective.

*blushes* thanks so much. It just feels great to hear that about that story. And blueshirt crack is just my favorite thing. I kind of miss it to be honest. *tries to plot further*
medievalist gone rogue: springsteenthespiansparkle on October 17th, 2008 12:29 am (UTC)
*gives you many hugs*

I am so glad you did this, because sadly I had not gotten to read all of it--so now there's a long flaily comment on your Des fic =)

Aw, and you tagged me! I may have to do this, if I can, you know, find what I've written *blush*
the female ghost of tom joad: bruce muffin manjanie_tangerine on October 17th, 2008 11:49 pm (UTC)
*hugs back*

I'm soo off to read it! And I'll love to read your post when you manage ;)