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25 November 2008 @ 09:46 pm
Erm, what's with Heroes being fairly good for the first time this season?  
I'm awfully tired, it was a long day and I really don't have the presence to make the usual point-by-point review, but I kinda need to blather about this because while it wasn't S1 levels awesome, I thought it was good. Apart for a couple of things, but it was mostly GOOD. WTF?

What I didn't like:

Sylar/Elle gets more and more implausible with every second that passes. And I though he was a serial killer because of his mom, not just because of her.

Why is there naked!Mohinder and he has to be covered in that disgusting The Fly thing? *iz nauseated* but well, heee, naked! Pretty! *mmm* Ok, not enough to make me forgive his season until now but he's on the good way. Also, that he searches for Maya. Faail.

I still don't like Arthur and if Tracy dies I won't complain.

What I DID like:

Nathan! Peter!

Okay, one moment. Let's be straight. Those two's relationship was the thing I liked most since episode one and this episode? MMM. Apart from the whole GLORIOUS angsting, Peter actually having more than one point (now that's news), both of them looking gloriously pretty all wet and with the plastered shirts, not to mention the fact that they flew away together (and there I kinda died because I mean, the flying. Oh, the flying), God, how good it was to have them IC. Finally. And I kinda missed Nathan being a bit of a jerk so all fine.

Also, he spoke in French. Say hi to my dead body. People speaking French make me flail.

Also, HI HAITIAN! I was missing you. Also, the Baron Samedi guy? Heroes people, if one of the most important spirits in Haiti's folklore is the Haitian's brother... I mean, he's a spirit of the dead, not your guy that walks down the road and gets powers. (Forgive me, the guy was in an issue of a comic book I've read for eight years and I swear that they do historical research VERY accurately.)

Also, of course, we're in Haiti and there have to be zombies. Oh well, one can't have originality, too.

I can't care less about Claire, but that scene with HRG was awesome. Also, I like that they're leaving us hanging, even if she won't ever die. Not that I'd mind if she did.

HRG wants to shoot Sylar and Elle while they kiss, huh? Well, THAT'D be S1 HRG.

Hiro and Ando! Really. I don't know what it was but I kinda liked them both (Ando more, of course) and Hiro wasn't as annoying as he was lately. Also, the comic book geeks? LOL, totally like me when I'm in a comic book store.

Well, big surprise, FINALLY I got to like Daphne some because AT LEAST they gave us some background information. I still don't exactly buy Matt being madly in love with her but I like the whole ordeal. Even though... if her dad is dead who's the guy answering the door? Bzuh?

Angela wins at life. And I'm actually excited for next week instead of being 'meh, we'll have a laugh.'

Some random stuff:

Is, like, ALL the world from Lawrence, Kansas? I mean, okay with SPN, but here, too? Is that place everywhere?

I know that 90% of the characters in this show are pretty dim when they want to, but NO ONE figured that they lost the powers because of the eclipse?

And finally, if everything is already in Ninth Wonders (and it sounds very much like when they watched the tape in Spaceballs) I dunno why they bother doing stuff. And also, why the fuck does it tell the future if Isaac is dead anyway? Oh well, I don't expect Heroes to be logical.

Seriously, that was pretty good. At least seeing this season's rate. And now I'm kinda going writing.
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inthekeyofd: Fassy-grin-gothic_nyxinthekeyofd on November 25th, 2008 09:48 pm (UTC)
I don't think some of them realize it was because of the eclipse that they got their powers, but remember Hiro with the "it's starting" I think he knew..even though he was 10. *smile*

Is it wrong that I like kinder-gentler Sylar?

I still want to know why Claire thinks she can stop people..sure she can heal, but she can't really fight off anyone for that long.
the female ghost of tom joad: adrian pasdar *smile* <3janie_tangerine on November 25th, 2008 10:32 pm (UTC)
LOL, Hiro maybe should stay like this! I don't think anyone apart from him and Peter put it together (and Arthur, of course), but I can't believe that just no one noticed the coincidence.

No, you're not wrong. I like him better when he's kinder/gentler too, even if I do realize that it's way OOC. At least for the way they're putting it.

I think because she's seventeen and she still hasn't realized that there are people knowing better than her. ;) Ah, Claire, sorry but you're getting annoying *sigh*.