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02 February 2009 @ 12:15 am
two ficlets from the battle at lostsquee; using both for chem15try  
Title: A Nice Arrangement
Rating: PG13 for swearing
Pairing: Daniel/Miles
Word counting: 702
Disclaimer: not mine, we'd have seen this.
Summary: Miles decided that he had done the wrong thing accepting to be on that ship one hour after they left.
A/N: written for the prompt just shut up!, using for chem15try #10, kinetics.

Miles decided that he had done the wrong thing accepting to be on that ship one hour after they left.

He was assured a comfortable journey and that boat was anything but comfortable. The bed was hard, when he walked around he mostly saw rats and cockroaches, he signed for crazy mercenaries playing shooting target with the few birds flying by, lima beans were never his favorite food (peanuts, for example, were much better) and it was ninety per cent of what the house provided. But most of all, he had asked to be alone in his cabin and that creepy motherfucker had said sure you will.

Like hell. He found out he was sharing his sorry cabin (two bunks, a rat, a window, dirt on the floor, what a five star hotel) with this scientist guy who forgot his name twice in the span of fifteen minutes, who had to be the twitchiest person he ever met his whole life, who only blathered about physics shit which Miles not only didn't understand but also didn't give a damn about, who went to sleep wearing his tie had filled the room with a some machinery which Miles couldn't even begin to guess the use of.

The point was that the guy might forget Miles' name and at what hour lunch was and a lot of other things, but it looked like not only he didn't forget a thing about his physics stuff (well, if he did they wouldn't have hired him for... whatever they were supposed to do here), but like he enjoyed sharing it. And for how much that English redhead, who definitely needed someone to throw her off her pedestal by the way, was willing to listen, since they shared the room Miles was the one getting the most of it.

And the problem was that Miles really didn't-give-a-flying-fuck. He never understood physics and never felt any need to. After all, it wasn't like it helped him making a living, right?

Also, Miles never was one famous for his patience.

One night, while Daniel (well, that was the name) was blathering about something somehow related to the speed of light, Miles clearly spelled just shut up as he turned in his bed. Daniel sort of looked hurt and for a second Miles actually felt bad, but then half an hour later he had started again and forgotten it already. Miles figured doing it again wouldn't have worked. And he didn't want to admit it but the second he had seen the guy look at him like he had just ripped his heart out, he had felt horrible. And Miles rarely felt horrible. And so he didn't do it.

On the third night from then, though, he realized that it had to stop. And then he had the idea. Because point was, if you didn't mind Daniel's obvious horrible taste in fashion and if he didn't talk, he was actually pretty cute. Nice face, huge eyes, gentle manners. Not bad at all.

He figured he might have just given it a try; maybe they could both have fun in there and if Daniel didn't want to, well, he'd probably forget it in a short while. And so one evening as soon as the blathering started (now it was action and reaction, or whatever), Miles just stood up and reached Daniel's bedside, his smile smug and his eyes calm.


"... yes..?"

"Please, just shut up."

And then he kissed him, trying to be firm but gentle at the same time without freaking the guy out; and then a couple of lips opened tentatively under his and there was tongue and well, Daniel wasn't a bad kisser. Not at all. He wouldn't have expected that.

"Mi... Miles?" he blurted out when they parted, expression surprised, but not exactly angry.

"I think we have found a nice arrangement here."

Daniel nodded even if he still looked starstruck or something and Miles took a second to notice that he had remembered his name. Then he just kissed him again. As long as he didn't talk, Daniel's company was just fine indeed; and at least one good thing came out of that sorry job he accepted.


Title: Missing Connection
Rating: Pg really
Characters: faint Charlotte/Richard, implied Charlotte/Daniel
Word counting: 301
Disclaimer: meh, not mine. Richard would have been a regular since S2.
Summary: She can’t remember the last time she saw him, or why she knows him at all; she just feels like she does recognize him. From where, that’s not for her to say just now.
A/N: written for the prompt link; using for chem15try #3, equilibrium.

“Nice to see you again.”

Charlotte momentarily stops looking at the sea and turns on her left. Oh. That’s him.

She can’t remember the last time she saw him, or why she knows him at all; she just feels like she does recognize him. From where, that’s not for her to say just now.

Tall, dark skin, dark eyes, long eyelashes, perfect mouth; she remembers indeed. Whenever she met him, he hasn’t changed. Not at all.

“I remember you. But I don’t know from where.”

“It’s just natural.”

“You’re Richard, aren’t you?”

“Then your memory is pretty good after all, Charlotte.”

“I just wished I remembered something else.”

“It will come,” he answers, and then says nothing more. His hand is suddenly behind her back and she doesn’t move. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Not really. And it’s strange; she hates it when someone she doesn’t know touches her.

They stay like that for a while; she still looks out at sea.

“He’ll be back,” Richard says, and there’s no question about whom he’s speaking, or so she thinks.

“How do you know?”

“How did you know, Charlotte?”

“I just… did?”

“Well, then I just did, too. Maybe you just will, again.”

His lips brush her cheek for barely a second before he’s gone; for a second Charlotte wonders which is the link. Because there has to be a link between him and her; she just wishes she knew. And then she realizes it. Simple. Very simple. It can’t be nothing but this place. She wonders what is that she’s missing; but then, she sees the raft on the horizon line and he’s back.

Richard knew. But well, now she realizes that she had known, too, someway. But it’s not the time to think about it. She figures she will remember, eventually.

feeling: awakeawake