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28 February 2009 @ 11:24 pm
for the meta challenge at thequillstation part II: Do No Harm  
And this would be the episode which is NOT my favorite but the most influential on my writing and more than anything, MY SHIP. My poor, doomed ship. *sigh* So that's meta wherein I ramble on said ship, why I'll love Jack forever, why nothing will break my heart as much as this freaking episode does and trying to blatantly ignore the whole Claire-is-giving-birth part of the equation, not because I don't like Claire but because I'm not rational.

Point is: Do No Harm is not my favorite episode. Is a hell of an objectively good episode, of course, but it is not my favorite, guess what. But, I need to meta about it because there is no other episode of Lost which gets out of me the reaction that Do No Harm gets, because I reference it in half of my fic, because it’s the reason for which I’ll always be on Team Jack whatever happens and because while it shows everything about how lucky I get, it’s my ship’s episode. It has good stuff, not bad stuff because there isn’t and then extremely ugly stuff which I will always hate, but anyway. Let’s go in order, shall we?

What I won’t ever like about it: just a few words here, but I will always, always hate the writers for having Claire’s delivery while Boone died. Not that it doesn’t have emotional value (aaah, when babies weren’t overplayed…) and that it isn’t touching. It has and it is and the scene was wonderfully shot for once. But it makes me have horrible reactions. I re-watched it before doing this meta and I swear that when they cut from Boone telling Jack not to be sorry to Kate telling Claire to push I yelled at the screen. Also, Kate looking at Charlie completely surprised with what, Jack is NOT coming?! when she had seen how things were up there surely helped my Kate dislike, but whatever. I don’t care about that part if not for the fact that Charlie was awesome and Jin wonderful and that’s it, so I’m not spending any more time about it. It’s not what matters to me in that episode.

Also, I deny, deny and deny until they say it clearly that there’s ANY link whatsoever between Boone dying and Aaron being born. The only reason/destiny crap I accept is that Boone’s death saved Desmond because he would have killed himself if Locke hadn’t banged on that door, but I refuse to subscribe to that other theory. For my mental sake at least.

Let’s rather talk about how freaking tragically heartbreakingly beautiful the rest is? Because while it hurts like hell and I suffer every second of it, I also realize that considering also how things have gone for other dead people in there, Boone couldn’t have gotten a better episode. Even if… ouch, masochism.

About the flashbacks: the first time I watched it, I hated them. Mainly, I was pissed because Boone was the one dying and Jack was the one getting the flashbacks, but then again, I completely changed idea about them. While I’d have rather had a Boone flash, I’m perfectly content with it the way it is and if someone else had to have it, then Jack is the one I’d have wanted. And he was so not complaining here. About the actual content of the flashbacks? Well, if you don’t care about Jack I guess you could find them annoying, but they’re extremely interesting. First reason (and shipper reason): it’s obvious that they’re making a Boone-Sarah parallel. I mean, he’s there trying like hell to save Boone, who is in desperate conditions, on the island and he’s marrying the woman he fixed in the flashback (who, as she said, no one thought could get fixed and Jack did, so desperate conditions indeed). Easy as pie. Surely they didn’t want people to see slash into it but hey, I shipped them from before and they throw this at me, I surely won’t say no. That said, it’s a perfect, perfect sum of what Jack is. I realize that he might come off as annoying or anything, but in those flashbacks there’s everything you need to know about Jack. You see how deeply he cares for people and how deeply committed he is to anything he does; you can see that maybe he did have some good moments with his father (even if that doesn’t stop me from thinking that Christian ranks high in the bad fathers department), you can see how much of himself he invests in relationships and you also see that he has absolutely no fantasy (the vows) but that he always, always means what he does/says and it’s not always in his best interests rather than others’ best interests. Because come on, he might have said just a couple of sentences and Sarah might have written beautiful vows instead, but his rang more true and heartfelt than hers did. And you can see quite the tragedy in it since he says that she fixed him and not the contrary, which as we all know is kinda not true, but still, this brings us to the next salient point. That Jack has a compulsive need to fix people (and someone should really try to fix him a bit in turn IMHO and for good, but that’s not the point).

Which brings us to me blathering about my ship. Because that’s the point, of this episode and of shipping Jack/Boone at all.

Now, the reason for which I ship Jack/Boone is that I think that those two would have been totally healthy and perfect for each other. Why? First of all, they’re two completely helpless cases of emotional mindfucking. I think Boone has spent his life suffering from emotional mindfuck from someone, being Shannon or Locke or whoever, while if I start talking about Jack and his dad I’d end the day after tomorrow. Just watch All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues to see what I mean for emotional mindfuck. Which would bring them not to mindfuck each other for a change, and that was reason number one. Reason number two: Jack can’t let go, is deeply committed and compulsively fixes people, Boone is the one people always let go of (Shannon and Locke again), desperately wants attention, totally needs fixing and I think he’d be as committed. Then I could go into the whole hero worship thing but this isn’t the place for a thorough Jack/Boone shipper manifesto. Reasons up there are for me enough to say they’d be a good match and healthy for each other. And that’s where Do No Harm comes and where the only reason I don’t spend the episode squeeing in shipper delight but rather crying my eyes out is that Boone is dying.

The point is, look at what Jack does. Alright, he can’t let go, and alright, he’s committed, and alright, he’s a doctor; but he completely goes beyond his duties here. I’d say even as far as breaking the Do No Harm oath, since he’s clearly overstepping that boundary here, not that I say he shouldn’t have. And while he can be a stubborn arrogant jerk at times, here? Here he breaks my heart almost as much as Boone does. Jack promises him he will fix him and does anything stop him from it until Boone lets him go? No, and that’s why I will always love Jack no matter what. He tires himself out, he gives him his own blood, he does practically everything he can and more and also, he tells Sun not to tell him what he can’t do. Which in that context is music to my ears. Because in the episode before, Locke had told Boone exactly the same thing and well, of course no one told him what he couldn’t do and look what happened; here Jack says not to tell him what he can’t do and he does it because he wants Boone to live. And be still my heart. (I won’t go deep into all the actual details like Boone actually reacting only when Jack says something, but there’s that too.)

Then, let’s talk about another thing: Jack doesn’t let go until he’s told and therefore he doesn’t give up on Boone. And he’s the only person on the island who doesn’t. Shannon gave up on him in Sydney for all I’m concerned and Locke gave up on him when he lied to Jack (I don’t want to say the plane even if I could) and they both did when he was alive/alright/fine/how do you want to call it, while Jack not only does not give up on him and wouldn’t have if he wasn’t told otherwise, but he also does not give up on him in a moment where there was just so much he could do. Then it’d be just Boone’s luck that when he finds someone who wouldn’t he has to die, of course. Jack’s stubbornness here was something I was completely craving to see. He was the only one who didn’t even take the option of Boone dying into account (he always says he’s not going to die even when it’s clear he will) and I swear, even if I didn’t ship them he’d have had me just for that. Because when your favourite character is basically the one no one gives a damn about, seeing Jack going close to move mountains for him was so touching and heartbreaking and gratifying that well, that was it.

I don’t give a damn if at one point it was clear that he was just being quixotic and that he couldn’t have done anything; he kept on trying to come up with something and for me it wasn’t enough, it was more than enough. Then it might have been also some pretty fucking good acting, but I swear, there’s that moment in the middle when Boone is half-conscious and Jack is over there looking at him like half of the job is done and he’s out of danger (while he’s pouring his blood too by the way) which is enough to make me want to go and cry for one hour. And last thing about this particular issue, there were a lot of people around the tent in that episode. The red shirts, Hurley, Charlie, Kate and Sun especially (oh, Sun. I think I really, really started to love her fiercely in this episode), Michael too; but when he dies, only Jack is there. Shannon isn’t there, Locke isn’t there, Jack is there and it makes even more sense if you consider that he was the only one who had stuck. Right, fine, also because he was the doctor but Sun could have easily had been on the scene, she had been there for most of the episode, and she wasn’t. Call it the death of a ship, but I guess I had it better than a lot of others.

Now, about Boone: well, only thing I can say is that he just breaks my heart even moreso than Jack does. Fine, he’s there dying which isn’t exactly the best occasion for character development, but look at how he dies. And I don’t mean when he’s out of it, I mean the two times when he’s conscious. The first is important for plot devices because it’s when he tells Jack about the plane and the hatch, therefore that Locke lied, therefore setting things for what was to come, but the second one when he tells Jack to let him go is perfect because it proves just everything that there is to prove about Boone. Every time I read pathetic/without personality/useless that’s the scene I’d show. Because I mean, the man is twenty-two years old (he’s practically my age for fuck’s sake), he had a life in front of him and nonetheless when he realizes it’s all for nothing he is the one asking Jack to let him die (no one ever convinces me that Jack was ever going to give up on him) and because he knows that Jack can’t let go (and for all I’m concerned, I think he knows because Boone himself doesn’t know how to let go either and it takes one to know one). And I think it takes a lot of guts to ask for such a thing, especially when you’re just being told you do have a best chance. (Also, I always choke when Jack says that it’s their best chance, not Boone’s best chance, like they were in it together.) It takes bravery and dignity to do such a thing and no one can go tell me someone who dies like this is pathetic. Also, the writers were especially cruel because if there’s one thing about Boone that makes me hurt even more here is that he doesn’t even get to say the famous last words and the sentence ends in the beginning (and of course they were for Shannon, who of course wasn’t there like she never was there for him much). I think the only time I came close to feel this miserable while watching Lost was when Charlie died, but nothing will ever top it. This episode drains me, damn.

Also, just to say something about how freaking good the writing is here, the other point about how tragic this whole thing is? Shannon. Because Shannon here… well, I never felt that much empathy for her until the following episode, but here there’s a perfect sum of the whole Boone/Shannon dynamic. He’s dying and she’s having the romantic picnic with Sayid; he asks for her and no one can find her because no one knows where they are and she also tells Sayid she doesn’t love him the way he loved her, which is true indeed and nothing to say about it, but in that context when you know what’s happening to him is just a blow. It’s like she knows he will always be there anyway, and well, look at her in the end. I think she never really understood how much he mattered to her until he died and then she probably felt even worse because not only she wasn’t there, but she also was on a date. I guess they hit the target if they made me want to feel for Shannon because I completely did. Another thing that I always liked about Do No Harm which might be marginal is actually Sawyer. Apart from having the only fun line of the episode, not only he gave Kate all the alcohol, but he had also offered to come with her, which he didn’t exactly have to do since it wasn’t like he and Boone were ever close, all the contrary. Then of course she told him no, pity because I’d have loved to see what he’d have done if he had gone, but whatever. It just showed a waay nicer side of him and in S1 he wasn’t exactly an angel or anything, and especially with the inhalers story I guess Boone wasn’t his favorite person.

And then, well, the point is that I always end up here. There’s the whole shipper angle, because while one can ship Jack/Boone without a problem even not taking Do No Harm into account, if you do take it into account, even if not necessarily having Boone dying, it takes a whole other meaning. It just shows how far Jack would go for Boone and sort of proves my point about why I’d ship them; without Do No Harm they’re a good/plausible ship, but then if it was just because of that Jack would be just one person I like to pair Boone with and my OTP could very well be also Boone/Charlie because I think they’d be totally good for each other for a whole number of other different reasons. But Do No Harm makes them my OTP and that’s the end of the story.

I always end up here if I reference Boone dying and I take it into account if I write him when he’s dead. It’s the episode that finally showed me that Shannon did care and that we could be good friends (we exactly weren’t in the beginning). And more than anything, it was the episode which changed my alliances for good.

Before Do No Harm I liked Jack alright, but he was more a low top ten character than a top five, while Locke was definitely top five material. Well, Jack had won me over to his side at minute one when he told Boone he was going to save him and I think he went into top four at a very, very fast speed. Do No Harm is half of the reason for which I won’t ever make fun of Jack’s crying because really, at one point I was having his exact same reactions whatever he did. I never, ever loved him more for his stubbornness and his fixing compulsion. And then, well, I never really changed idea. I know that Jack can be unlikable, arrogant, stubborn, annoying, a jerk, that he yells and bosses people around and that he cries too much, but sincerely? I don’t care because when it came to what mattered most to me he didn’t let me down for a second and for how much they can write him inconsistently (*glares at Darlton*) he always made sense to me and never let me down as Locke did (and as Sawyer did in the Long Con and as a lot of other Lost characters did) even when I didn’t agree with him. It’s not that I just can’t not like him, it’s that I don’t have the option to dislike him because whenever I do (mainly if he’s around Kate) I just flash back to this episode and whatever he does, I can forgive it. I know, I’m hopeless.

It was also when I stopped trusting Locke even if I can’t exactly manage to be done professionally with our friend John but that’s another story. And the whole Jack thing also comes into play when I write fic because most of what I know about Jack, I know from here. Some from Daddy Issues and the rest is more or less a variation on the theme, but this is the episode I channel Jack from, mostly, just as Deus Ex Machina is the one I channel Boone from when Shannon isn’t the picture. And the one I channel my OTP from, but that went unsaid. And the only one where I actually liked Christian apart from 5x05, which is pretty much the achievement. The one where I really started loving Sun and where Jin definitely took a lot of points with me, too. And well, the one I will always both love and hate in the same way I guess and the only one which I will always have to take into account no matter what.
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the female ghost of tom joad: lost jack/boone shipper denialjanie_tangerine on March 1st, 2009 12:41 am (UTC)
Kate raising Boone would end with... uhm. I don't know. Me forcing Darlton to commit harakiri. And anyway, if I take that FurtherInstructions!Boone is the real one (in the sense, is dead but also here) and I do, then he can't be Aaron. Nooooo way. -shakes head fiercely- If my character is dead then either he resurrects for good or STAYS DEAD. Thanks. *shudders*

Actually - since TLP - It's a part of Sawyer/Kate. But it wasn't meant to be - it happened in hindsight and God - it sucks, what they've done to Claire and her story.

I wish I could deny the existence of TLP. Also, I didn't say it here because then it'd have been spoilering and without a point and I already ranted about it, but TLP has no sense when they showed it. From the place Sawyer was Charlie and Jin would have seen him and he'd have seen them, not to mention that the birth lasted waaay longer in DNH and Charlie and Jin were pretty much all over the place three seconds after the delivery. Blah. I think it might definitely get the prize for worst Lost episode ever with Eggtown, except that in Eggtown there were no Boone references, Sawyer had glasses and Jack wore leather. Geez, I'd trade it for another Nikki and Paolo flash, I'd have had Boone. ;) ;) Oops, I ranted. Sorry. TLP is a soore topic here. Also, really. Claire's story? What a waste. I used to like her so much in S1. This episode maybe not too much but forgive me, anything interrupting the main story for all I'm concerned when I watch it is not fine. ;)

LOL, Jack's story is definitely a variation! That was why I liked the granddaddy, he was new stuff. ;) Not like I'll ever get bored with it. With Do No Harm Jack has bought the ticket to my patience until the end for what I'm concerned. And seriously, when I was watching S1 I really hated this episode but in hindsight? With Charlie's he really got the best death scene on the show. Except that at least Charlie didn't last forty minutes wearing me out like nothing else even if it was just as meaningful. Nothing to say, I was almost crying there. And aw, thanks. Well, if I ship them I need to stand for them, right? ;) And yeah, it was meaningful. At least. 90% of the deaths now kind of are not. *sigh*
(Deleted comment)
the female ghost of tom joad: lost clairejanie_tangerine on March 1st, 2009 01:23 pm (UTC)
God, the sad death music. The sad death music makes me sooo miserable. That whole episode makes me miserable. And at least they didn't fuck him up AFTER he died like Charlie sadly. In hindsight I really had it good and I'd have never thought I'd say it. ♥ *sigh* *sniffs again*

TLP was less rushed indeed and probably a better episode under that aspect, I agree. But the whole Locke part was too much and screwing with Do No Harm = not good in my book. DNH is n episode that should be referenced only if they know what they're doing and if it has sense. And in TLP for all I care while it might have had sense it wasn't necessary and if there was anything Locke could say to put me off him, that was what he said. I can't even deal with it, lol.

Yep, Eggshit has a LOT of pretty. At least. And Duncan. ;)
falafel_musings: lost/charliefalafel_musings on March 1st, 2009 02:45 pm (UTC)
Yay! Meta! I can't believe how much meta I got out of you and Len. You've set the bar for this challenge. Damn. I better start writing...

"Dude, looks like someone steamrolled Harry Potter..."

Oh! It's so S1. Happy memories.

The Locke/Boone story in DEM always reminds me of the Des/Charlie story in Catch-22. Both have that Abraham/Issac parallel, which also make it very Dark Tower. I agree that Boone isn't weak in this episode. He questions Locke and he makes demands. But like Eddie Dean part of him wants to be a Tower-Junkie. I think Boone is always half frustrated and half spellbound by Locke. I also just think Boone likes an adventure and this trek is like a cool treasure hunty quest. For Locke the treasure is "answers", about the hatch, about the island, but it's Boone who really finds something - a chance to bring rescue, a chance to contribute. Boone is so happy when Bernard answers.*sniffs* You are more sympathetic towards Locke than I am regarding this story. I felt like Locke treated Boone's death like it was just a facet of his own magical island journey. Like Boone wasn't an individual with a life of his own. And there's the two unforgivable things a) not telling Boone about the vision with all the blood b) lying to Jack about his injuries then running off. *frowns on Locke*

I can understand why the Aaron story must bug you. I felt bad for Shannon when she has lost her brother and everyone else is giggling and cooing over the new baby. I guess the idea is to mix the death/tragedy with birth/hope. But it was distracting at times.

Great summaries!
the female ghost of tom joad: lost jack/boone shipper denialjanie_tangerine on March 1st, 2009 03:05 pm (UTC)
LOL, you know, I shouldn't meta about those stuff. I ramble like nothing else but if I have the occasion I catch it.

God, steamrolled Harry Potter -> best Hurley quote ever or so. I love S1. I freaking love S1.

I totally agree about Locke/Boone in DEM being like Des/Charlie in Catch 22, except that for all I'm concerned Desmond's attitude bugs me in S4 but he wasn't like Locke. At least Des had offered to go in Charlie's place and he HAD told him he was going to die. He hadn't told him that he was going to take a swim. Then there's the whole rescue question and shit but for me it's VERY bad writing, not Desmond. Very, very, very bad writing. But anyway yes, I think that he's half spellbound too, but the point is also that Locke is one of the few people who took him seriously and I think that more of a hatch/island-junkie Boone was a I-want-someone-to-give-a-damn-about-me-junkie which is why he'd follow Locke even if he was completely frustrated. But I'm not accepting it when I read he does it because he has no willpower. He HAS willpower.

The point about Bernard is that Boone DOES find something, but what makes it more cruel is that I think he realized it wasn't rescue just before the plane fell. God, he makes me hurt so-freaking-much. Also, yeah, the point is that I invested time in Locke and I never was paid back for it but I thought I might put it to use. I completely agree about your points a and b being completely unforgivable which is why I can't side with Locke anymore. Jack might be a jerk and annoying and whatever he is but he doesn't fuck with me that way. ;) The point is that Locke's flashbacks are too good, dammit. ;) ;) Doesn't change that for all I'm concerned, it's true that for Locke it was just a step in the magical journey and for me? No. Not really. Sorry but no. God, and I needed to stop every ten minutes during DNH because I couldn't take it, I'm getting worse. *frowns on Locke with you*

Yeah, Aaron bugs me because of that. Because I mean, fine, I get it, but I get out of the whole deal sobbing and what's the first thing I see? Smiling people cooing at the baby AND poor Shannon getting the karma is a bitch thing a thousand times over WHILE everyone is cooing? God. The idea might have been good but for me it was a complete distraction not to mention that I hate that kind of parallelism like one dies and the other is born. Bleah. I'd rather much believe that if it had to be for one reason it was to save Desmond.

Thanks! ;)
missy_useless: jack/boonemissy_useless on March 2nd, 2009 11:54 pm (UTC)
I really 'enjoyed' (probably the wrong word when you consider the episodes you wrote about *cries*) reading this meta.

First of all, I love your comments on Boone, Jack and Jack/Boone. I actually started to really love them (and this ship) during watching Do No Harm (btw, I was introduced pretty late to the whole show and I watched DEM and DNH in a row, so I don't really separate these two episodes). Or well, actually I started loving Boone after The White Rabbit, but only because I learned then that he was going to die quite soon. Yes, I'm weird. But I love my characters and ships doomed and dark and hopeless, I guess (though I don't - because I want them to be happy forever and ever, and I don't want them to die and God, I'm contradicting myself constantly). Anyway, at least we can be happy that Boone got this kind of death - it was definitely one of the most heartbreaking ones (I even find his death scene better and more glorious than Charlie's), and I don't think any Lost episode has made me cry this hard.

Regarding the Boone-Sarah-parallels:
Surely they didn’t want people to see slash into it
No? Ohh ... but it's so obvious ... ;) ;)

Apart from that, I also like your thoughts on Locke and the Jack/Sawyer interaction. (Hell, they were my first ship - back then when I had no idea what 'ship' meant. lol)
the female ghost of tom joad: lost jack/boone shipper denialjanie_tangerine on March 3rd, 2009 12:21 am (UTC)
LOL, enjoy is quite the odd word here, right? And oh, don't worry. I'm in the same boat as yours. I also watched them in a row and after them I also had to go give Latin repetitions I think. I swear it was kinda horrible. ;) Aanyway. *cries with you*

Ha, I knew he was going to be the first. So I was watching the pilot and I was like 'Okay, he was cute in the previews but I am NOT falling for...' then the pens happened and then I fell for the guy and the rest is history. LOL, I also choose my ships and characters doomed. EVERYONE I like dies. And I don't want them to die and I want them to live happily ever after too except that they ALWAYS die and I don't do it knowing it. It usually happens but this time I was kinda jumping into it. Ah, well. *high fives* Before DNH I liked J/B mainly because it was one of the few healthy pairings in there not to mention that I thought that Jack was the best match for Boone (why, yeah, ONE SIDED much?) but after that? God, after DNH it was OTP for life. *cries again* Sorry, last day I was seriously sobbing over that damn thing. And ditto on Boone having pretty much got the best death of the whole bunch. And ha, don't worry, I like his scene better than Charlie's too even if Charlie's was the only one who really managed to make me half cry after DNH (I didn't with Shannon because I mean, I knew already and I was resigned *sigh* and it was kinda terrible in comparison anyway).

I don't think any Lost episode has made me cry this hard.

*raises hand* I've seen it a good bunch of times and every time I start crying earlier. I'm getting ridiculous. The first time it was at the end, now I started when he woke up for the first time. Like, shoot me? *sigh*


And ha. You know what? J/S = my first ship too. In the sense that I read J/S fic BEFORE watching Lost. Because I stumbled into one without knowing who they were, I thought it was just too freaking good and then I read a ton of J/S THREE MONTHS before watching it. Then I started watching it indeed and I half jumped ship there but I still love J/S to death. Not to mention that since I read fic before whenever I see those two in a scene I just pick subtext while with J/B I had to make my own which was kind of more fun though. ;) Glad you liked reading this!! ♥
elliotsmelliot: Booneelliotsmelliot on March 4th, 2009 12:12 am (UTC)
Another interesting meta and passionate thesis on your OTP. I could hear the sad music play as I read this.

Also, I deny, deny and deny until they say it clearly that there’s ANY link whatsoever between Boone dying and Aaron being born.

Really, do people say this? Is this a real theory, like Aaron is Boone, or like you can only have life with death?

I realize that he might come off as annoying or anything, but in those flashbacks there’s everything you need to know about Jack.

When I re-watch this episode, I fast forward the flashbacks because they are so painfully obvious. Still you are right, they show Jack’s desperate dedication, which can be as annoying and selfish as Locke’s blindness, but are ultimately so much more humanitarian and useful. It’s all you need to know about Jack, even Nirvana!Jack.

Fine, he’s there dying which isn’t exactly the best occasion for character development, but look at how he dies.

Three things on Lost have made me cry. Vincent swimming out to the raft. Charlie saying good bye to Hurley. And Boone asking Jack to let him go. I think I said on my first watch of this episode, that they killed Boone just when he became interesting, but also just when you realized how noble he is. God, wouldn’t Boone have a lot to say about all the selfishness that has swept people in the last two seasons!
the female ghost of tom joad: lost constantjanie_tangerine on March 4th, 2009 07:46 am (UTC)
Ha, glad you liked it! And oh, the sad music. They killed me with the sad music. *sigh*

Is this a real theory, like Aaron is Boone, or like you can only have life with death?

Sadly, it is. If you go on Lostpedia it's there, but it's around. Not so much before TLP because Boone dying was a S1 thing but after that episode someone re-posted it there and I don't wanna know how it's on forums, but it basically says that since Aaron was born when he died Boone kind of.. reincarnated and he's the first person to be born on the island. Which is completely stupid since as we know a lot of other people were born on the island and the bare idea makes me want to throw up. I'm not ever accepting that until it's clearly said but yeah, it's actual. There's also the you can only have life with death one but then I want it to be because of Desmond.

I think I found them painfully obvious at the beginning too and I had skipped one at first watching but I was hurrying to see how things were going to go, but then I grew a new interest in Jack. ;) I still think that with Daddy Issues it's just the set of flashes that tells more about him. Then whether one cares or not it's another question but it's all there, as you said Nirvana included. And word on Jack's dedication being way more humanitarian thank Locke's blindness indeed. There's a reason for which he never annoys me.

God, I was almost crying at Vincent too. I wouldn't know about Charlie because I was spoiled months before so I knew already how the scene was. I was sniffing when he actually died but if I hadn't known I'd have probably sniffed at the goodbye too. Ah, Charlie, I miss you too. And yeah, word on them killing him when he had just become obviously more interesting and him just dying that way. It seriously gets to me.

wouldn’t Boone have a lot to say about all the selfishness that has swept people in the last two seasons!

I think he'd be completely out of his element, poor guy.