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14 March 2009 @ 11:27 pm
fic, Lost: You'll Be A Lover In My Bed And A Gun To My Head (Jack/Juliet), hard PG13 maybe  
Title: You'll Be A Lover In My Bed And A Gun To My Head
Rating: argh, something like hard PG13?
Pairing: Jack/Juliet
Words: 3176
Summary: Juliet becomes metaphorically a lover in his bed and literally a gun to his head. She’s a gun to his head because he cares and she knows and they all know and so much for trying to stay detached and clear of weak points. And she’s a lover in his bed but isn’t at the same time because sure as hell they never even kissed and if he thinks about Kate it still hurts all over.
Spoilers: goes AU for the last episode but I'd be safe to say general S5 until now. Goes AU for 5x08.
Warning: features a lot of Nirvana!Jack.
Disclaimer: Lost is not mine. There wouldn't be a quadrangle.
A/N: neated my dearest, this be your belated birthday fic. I don't know if it fills the denial fic request 100% but I did try. On general notes: this goes AU from LaFleur in the sense that the final scene never happened. I couldn't deal with canon directly. Also, this was heavily inspired by the Smashing Pumpkins' Ava Adore, from which I also stole the title (but I think it isn't half as morbid). Okay, I'm stopping the blathering.
A/N 2: if as for last time I gave Jack a definite age someone has something to say, I'll gracefully ignore it.


We must never be apart.

The tape plays in his car and Jack doesn’t lower the volume or raise the window. He knows he’s probably making someone angry, he never was one to like it when cars blasting music passed past him in another life, but he doesn’t care less. Fun, that it took him almost forty years to do something like this. Then again, he can’t picture himself driving his dad’s car with music blasting as soon as he got his license. Back then he hadn’t even considered it. Things have changed. Indeed.

We must never be apart.

Just pretty much fucking fitting. He doesn’t shut it off because he needs to hear it. He needs to hear it because he needs a constant reminder. He needs a constant reminder of her. Of what happened. Of the fact that she loved him and he left her behind and he pretty much fucked it up because he understood too late that, as his tape eloquently screams, she’s the one he adored. Pity that he hadn’t known it back then. He remembers a green light surrounding him as he stops in front of a red one. He remembers how it was back then. Maybe it’s confused, maybe he remembers right. He can’t really say.


There has been, in Jack’s life, a very, very short time when he had considered going into psychiatry instead of neurology.

It was the closest he ever came to step away from a path already set in front of him since years; it also would have made his dad way more upset than anything else, and Jack had cradled such an idea, caressed it, nurtured it. Psychiatry was fascinating, intriguing; and sincerely, Jack at that point in his life had been way more interested in learning how to fix someone’s head by understanding how it works than in materially fixing it, as in putting nerves back where they belonged.

It didn’t last. Because of a lot of things, because of his dad, because of his lack of courage maybe, but most of all, because Jack always tried to be honest with himself and he knew that to be a psychiatrist you need to have some kind of talent to understand people and bedside manners is somewhat necessary. And Jack never was the greatest reader of people and bedside manners never were his strong suit. It wasn’t what he was cut for. And so he never went for it.


Thinking about Juliet hurts; thinking about her hair, long and blond and soft and about that ghost of a kiss that never went farther than that, hurts. Hurts like hell because that was his chance and he had missed it. He wonders what she’d say if she saw him swallowing a pill and then starting the car again from the parking lot. Fun, that remembering Juliet is pretty much the only thing that will really feel painful for him these days. Her, and Sawyer, to a lesser degree though. For the rest? He’s learned how to numb the feeling down (why does he take pills?) or to drown it in music (there’s a reason for which his tapes’ labels don’t read Frank Sinatra).


Jack knows what the Stockholm Syndrome is; well enough to realize he needs to be careful, well enough to realize he’s fucked, not enough to understand how peculiar this situation is.


It’s all very simple, just saying it straight; Juliet is the captor, he’s the captive, her superior is the captor, too, they have leverage on him. He should hate them both, but while he hates Linus, he can’t hate her.

It becomes complicated because of that and because of other reasons; maybe because she’s a captive herself someway, and it doesn’t matter because she’s probably fucking with his head as much as Benjamin Linus is, because he’s fucking started to care about what she does even if he has every reason not to, because he doesn’t know what to make of her, because he wishes someone was straight with him.

(Well, Sawyer had been, some days ago. Pity that Jack hadn’t known how to react.)

Clearly no one is. He wonders if she cares (she probably doesn’t). He’s sure as hell Linus doesn’t. He wonders if Stockholm Syndrome can go both ways.

(If he had taken psychiatry, he’d know it does and that it even has a name, Lyma Syndrome, but it’s not as famous and Jack is no psychiatrist.)

He hates this fact that he could never read people; but even if he could, he can’t relate most times. The problem is that he feels like he can relate to her, purely on instinct, and it confuses him further because Jack doesn’t want to rely on instinct, and anyway he can’t understand her to begin with. And then she asks him to kill Ben, and here lies the other big problem.

For someone who says she’s not adjusted to death, she doesn’t have many quibbles asking him to break the same oath she has taken. He wonders if it’s all part of the game, how far the Stockholm Syndrome goes and what’s her place. Captor or fellow captive? He doesn’t know. And see, it’s not easy at all.


He walks in front of a bookstore as he gets back to the car from the funeral parlor; the complete plays of Shakespeare are exposed. He smirks for a second, pushing his sunglasses over his eyes; Jack is not really much of a reader.

(Sawyer is. Was. He doesn’t know.)

It’s not like he doesn’t read. But most times it always was more of a chore (medical journals, medical textbooks), when he was younger it was a distraction but not one he took for more than that, then there was lack of time and interest. He doesn’t care much for made-up stories or worlds or for irrational romance. He does read, sure. Nothing to say. He’s just not a

Side note, Jack hasn’t much of a gift for humor.

(Sawyer has. Here we are again.)

But since he isn’t completely oblivious to irony and he does read, there’s only one Shakespeare play he remembers reading as he stops in front of the shop,
Romeo and Juliet. Not original, but Jack doesn’t have original literary tastes. And the irony isn’t lost on him.

Jack is no Romeo and Juliet is (was?) nothing short than the most twisted Juliet that could ever be, except that maybe she wasn’t and at heart she was a romantic, too. It was clear it couldn’t have ended well. Or maybe it could have, if only because they were no Romeo and no Juliet, they weren’t that naïve and they were at least ten years too old for such a thing. It could have. It hasn’t and Jack isn’t sure that there will be another act for him to fix things.

Kate probably doesn’t share his opinion, or at least she didn’t back then, when they were all captive. He still wishes he knew who is that she wants. He had thought he knew then (Sawyer), he had thought he knew when they were rescued (him), now he doesn’t and she won’t answer him and he’s too tired and doesn’t have it in him to keep on playing a game that got old since before the cages. It doesn’t look like he’ll get an answer any time soon though.

He buys the complete plays (damn, it’s heavy) and gains a strange look from the shop assistant; whatever. He doesn’t care. He throws it in the back of his car and turns the radio on again.

See, this is one of the times when he wishes he had been a psychiatrist, along with the cages. He wishes he had some kind of deep knowledge of how the human mind works, and maybe he could have learned something from Sawyer there, too. If he had said something back then.


Kate and Sawyer go and Jack stays and he wonders if they understood what this meant for him. If they did, they won’t come back.

(A week or so later, it won’t surprise him that Sawyer was the one who did understand it.)

For now he just wants to leave. Juliet wants out, too. And that’s when it happens and he gets closer and he’s probably making a mistake. Wonderful, he thinks at night, look at how fucked you are. Stockholm Syndrome indeed and it’s ironic that in the moment when he cracked for good he was in a cage (Sawyer’s cage, how neat) treating her wounds and she was outside it, being treated. Not to mention that he had just saved her life.

These are the times when he’s glad he doesn’t know much of how the human mind can work. He’s sure he wouldn’t like any conclusion he’d draw.


Juliet becomes metaphorically a lover in his bed and literally a gun to his head.

She’s a gun to his head because he cares and she knows and they all know and so much for trying to stay detached and clear of weak points. And she’s a lover in his bed but isn’t at the same time because sure as hell they never even kissed and if he thinks about Kate it still hurts all over. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t like Juliet. Or that sometimes he doesn’t wish to touch her or to feel her hair under his fingers, maybe pulling it slightly. Or that sometimes he wonders how would it feel to have her in his bed and if she would still smile that way as he made her come.

This never was his kind of fantasy. He doesn’t try to stop it and plays along, football and everything else. She’s the only one of them he might trust, might being the key word; and he accepts it even knowing it can’t mean anything good.


Thing is, he thinks as he raises the volume, he had once thought that Kate was like him; she isn’t. He had thought that Juliet wasn’t like him; she is, or was. Three years ago, she might have been lying her way out of the island and she might have killed for it, but after all it wasn’t much different from him. He had cheated Sawyer and Kate’s way out as he tried to cheat his own way out. Juliet might have conned him into caring for her and he had conned
their way out, not to mention that he had almost broken his oath. The same one she had swore to, by the way. The right question isn’t who conned who, but rather, what did he need? Someone like him or someone who was totally different? It’s true that Jack never was too fond of the way he was even if he never exactly could change, but it’s also true that by know he knows what it means to deal with it.

He knows the answer now. Pity that it was too late.

We must never be apart.

Shit, he thinks as he speeds up and passes the funeral home again (he surely isn’t going back there). How, how, how wrong he was.


Juliet is right when she says that he kissed her because he was trying to convince himself that he wasn’t in love with Kate; but not exactly right. See, she gets him because she’s like him except not completely. She doesn’t know that there was another reason.

Because kissing Kate that once had been almost terrifying and it had lasted maybe five seconds and she had fled leaving him even more confused than he was before; it had felt good but strange and weird and a lot of other things he can’t bring himself to distinguish.

Kissing Juliet… it had been barely more than lips touching lips, but it hadn’t felt just good. It had felt right. Right because she was the right one; that kiss had made him feel whole, important, almost hungry for more, so much that he had been on the verge of making it way less chaste than it ended up being, that fantasy of his barely flashing through his mind for a second.

And then he didn’t because it was too scary. It didn’t feel as right with Sarah, not with Kate, not with anyone else, and Jack isn’t accustomed to right. Right means there’s nothing to fix. He isn’t sure he can deal with it. Which says a lot, but maybe this is one of those other times when for his sake it’s better that he can’t understand on a rational level what goes through his head.


It could have been perfect, then; now, if it ever will be, it won’t be perfect. Not by far. Because he is the one who is going to need fixing and a lot of it, and because of a lot of other things.

Once he had tasted in Juliet something that he never tasted in anyone else, once he counted stars in her as that damned song he should really stop listening to says, and now he’ll probably end up literally crashing the car if he keeps on thinking about her instead of looking at the road.

Doesn’t matter; maybe he’d wake up there, if he did crash.

Wishful thinking.

He parks and shuts the engine off and he doesn’t care if he doesn’t walk straight as he gets into his apartment. He doesn’t. He bites his tongue and tastes blood; it’s disgusting but he doesn’t do anything. He doesn’t even feel that much pain anymore, he’s past it. He doesn’t know why he ends up calling Kate; maybe he’s too drunk, or maybe she’s still the closest one he can call.

(Not the closest thing to a friend; he and Kate will never be just friends and he still owes Sawyer an apology, if he’s still alive. Funny that he didn’t listen to Locke the only time he should have.)

It’s not like it ends up well anyway; of course she says no.


The irony isn’t lost on him when he ends up stuck with Ben; he should have suspected it since the beginning.


Well, he figures, he’s still the closest thing Sawyer has to a friend since they never were proper friends and they still aren’t (even if Jack hopes he can work in that direction) except that now Sawyer (who isn’t Sawyer anymore or so he hears) and Juliet are friends altogether; not that Jack has a problem with it or anything. Hell, he wouldn’t have had a problem with it even if they had been more than friends; he might not be the greatest person to understand people, but he’d have understood it. Then again, it’s not like she flies into his arms; he’s a realist, after all.

They meet again and pretend not to know each other and he lives with Kate and Juliet with Sawyer (or James, or Jim, or whatever) because they’re newcomers after all and living with Kate was a dream once and a nightmare now. His bed is empty and cold even if they’re on a tropical island and he feels a gun pointed to his head even while he sleeps.

Then he locks himself in his room as soon as the withdrawal symptoms hit. He tells Kate to lie and say he’s running a fever, she does and she’s the only person he sees for three days, ten minutes each time, when she brings him some water. Not food and he doesn’t surely need any.

The third day his mouth tastes disgusting even if he brushes his teeth every two hours or so, the spasms aren’t that bad but they’re still there, he feels cold, he breaks in a sweat most times and just wishes Juliet pulled that imaginary trigger. He also wonders how much time passes before someone comes to check on him and sees that this is no ordinary fever, even if he’s running a light one.

Juliet knocks on his door at midnight on the third day; he opens and lets her in. She says that Kate told her the truth and he just shrugs and doesn’t even try to hide how ashamed he feels.

She sits next to him on the floor, her blue Dharma jumpsuit looking way too strange on her; he’s wearing only a pair of pajama trousers and nothing else. He hasn’t even shaved; he can’t bring himself to. Not that he doesn’t want to, but in the last three days he had worse problems to take care of and he wasn’t going to let Kate help him on principle.

Juliet says he looks horrible; he answers that he knows and well, he’s sorry, but he figures it’s not enough. It shouldn’t be, she agrees, but Jack isn’t that far gone not to notice that she says shouldn’t and not isn’t and how can she stand to kiss him after, when he’s sure he can’t taste anywhere near good he doesn’t know but he relents and lets her and her tongue is insisting against his lips and he parts them. While this time he doesn’t have the initiative, he isn’t anyone’s hero, she’s the one with the upper hand and there aren’t any reasons for which this should feel right, it still does. It’s still right, much more than that kiss with Kate the night before they left was and he wishes he knew where it came from. He forgets about it for now. It lasts, it’s long (she’s definitely taking her revenge; after all, he chose not to push once and she’s pushing now). All fair; and right because another problem is that he needs someone who knows when to take the initiative and she obviously does. And she knows. She’s like him, after all.

We must never be apart, he thinks. She’s a gun to his head again now, in the most literal sense of the word, because he knows he took his decision as his hand grasps behind her neck and pulls her to him and his decision means that now there’s no going back. He shivers without restrain as soon as he realizes this is the time when she’ll become a lover in his bed for good, or maybe it’ll be the next. It doesn’t matter. He still can’t see any happy ending laying in front of them but as her tongue traces his lips, her teeth bite on his lips and her nails dig into his back, he knows he doesn’t give a damn. He moans into her mouth, we must never be apart what he’d say if he could. She feels perfect as his hands reach her waist and as she still kisses him, she feels perfect as they end up on his bed whose sheets are rumpled and messy; it feels as perfect as that other kiss felt then. He figures it’s the definitive proof of what he had known all along.

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twix: jacket kisscoffeecrisp7 on March 14th, 2009 10:58 pm (UTC)
Really amazing story! I love your characterizations of Jack and Juliet... Really lovely. Ohhhh I miss them.
the female ghost of tom joad: lost jack/julietjanie_tangerine on March 15th, 2009 11:03 am (UTC)
Thanks! I'd have my doubts on amazing because I still feel like I can't really write Juliet well but who knows. ;) Thanks again, much glad you liked it!
Adina: Lost :Jack&Julietadina_mpj on March 14th, 2009 11:32 pm (UTC)
Jacket!!!..i am too tired to read right know ..i am gonna leave this for the morning coffee ^^
the female ghost of tom joad: lost jack/julietjanie_tangerine on March 15th, 2009 11:06 am (UTC)
Ha, hope you enjoy it when you do! ;)
(Deleted comment)
the female ghost of tom joad: lost jack/julietjanie_tangerine on March 15th, 2009 11:08 am (UTC)
Didn't know that one ;)

Didn't either, but Wikipedia is a blessing most times. ;) ;)

And ha, yum indeed. I needed to balance the outright angst, right? Thanks so much, glad you liked it! And I miss them too, for how much I don't mind Sawyer/Juliet. *sigh*
bachlavabachlava on March 15th, 2009 01:29 am (UTC)
Excellent work as always! I'm glad I've stayed semi-up-to-date with canon summaries, because I really enjoyed this and am glad I was able to follow it. This is such a lovely portrait of the layers and threads of the mess that is Jack's psyche - he'd be an awful psychiatrist, I have not doubt, but he really should have learned more about psychiatry, shouldn't he? This is just how he's (sort of) come to terms with what he wants/should want and can and can't and could have had.

Ah, Smashing Pumpkins - those were the days!
the female ghost of tom joad: lost jack/julietjanie_tangerine on March 15th, 2009 11:12 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! You're totally too good to me. ;) And yeah, summaries do, right? Not that this thing has much of a plot and I needed to totally avoid canon at the end. But I totally loved doing the whole Jack stream-of-consciousness thing and yeah, he'd be the worst psychiatrist in existence. Or something close to it.

And ah, yes, Smashing Pumpkins indeed. THOSE days and THAT group, not the current one. *sigh* *shakes head* *is nostalgic*
bachlava: Frankbachlava on March 15th, 2009 12:35 pm (UTC)
he'd be the worst psychiatrist in existence. Or something close to it.
I can just imagine it: "Wow, you've got a really severe case of post-traumatic stress disorder. It reminds me of all the pressure my dad puts on me."

And ah, yes, Smashing Pumpkins indeed. THOSE days and THAT group, not the current one. *sigh* *shakes head* *is nostalgic*
I'm with you all the way. Ah, Billy Corgan... stick to making music and don't let anything get to your head. (Thirty years too late for that, I suppose.) ...On a random music note, I'm trying to figure out whether Frank is a Warren Zevon fan. (I have decided that he likes Neil Young.;)
the female ghost of tom joad: lost hippie winsjanie_tangerine on March 15th, 2009 01:40 pm (UTC)
Oh, Frank likes Young AND has been to Woodstock. -nods- Actually I had been writing Frank-goes-to-Woodstock fic, maybe I'll finish it one day. And he LOVES Zevon -nods- I'm totally for it.

stick to making music and don't let anything get to your head.

I think it's way too late for that. Or at least, be coherent. *rolls eyes* I miss the real SP, I so do.

And yeah, exactly. I'm fine with daddy issues but that's not all there is to the wonderful world of psychiatry indeed.

elliotsmelliot: Juliet gaspelliotsmelliot on March 15th, 2009 03:47 am (UTC)
This is an interesting stream of consciousness pouring out of Jack. I liked all the asides he had toward who is was and who he'll never be. He says he doesn't know people, but he is pretty self aware. How he constantly compared himself to Sawyer, as almost an afterthought, was lots of fun. I liked how you used the title as a metaphor for his relationship directly and indirectly to Juliet. Good work!
the female ghost of tom joad: lost julietjanie_tangerine on March 15th, 2009 11:15 am (UTC)
Thanks! This was actually one of the three times where I built the fic around the title but I was kind of in love with it/the idea. I think that Jack is very self aware re himself but completely fails re others so I was kind of trying to act on that. I don't know where the hell all the Sawyer comparisons came from (couldn't they come when I'm supposed to write Jack/Sawyer and not Jack/Juliet?) but I'm definitely glad to hear they worked here. Thanks again! ♥
Erica.: Jack - 316 barlady_e2484 on March 15th, 2009 02:13 pm (UTC)
Oh wow, amazing writing just AMAZING!

I want this so, so much for them both but I just don't think we're going to get it now :( I hope I'm wrong but I just dont trust Darlton *sob*

the female ghost of tom joad: lost jack **janie_tangerine on March 15th, 2009 04:17 pm (UTC)
Oh, wow, thanks! I was sure this was going to make no sense whatsoever so thank you so much, now I'm a happy camper indeed. ;)

Ha, I stopped trusting Darlton when Boone died but hey, that's what fic is for, right? I so hope for those two to get together again indeed. Thanks again, glad you liked it!
Lu: LOST Jacket; where I'd find your facealiasledger on March 15th, 2009 02:45 pm (UTC)
I have no words... this was just what I needed and what they need.
Lovely and sad at the same time.
the female ghost of tom joad: lost jack/julietjanie_tangerine on March 15th, 2009 04:23 pm (UTC)
Oh wow, thank you so much! ♥ I'm so glad you liked it, my pleasure to provide what's needed. ;) Thanks again!
L: {lost} jack/juliet; the good timesneated on March 15th, 2009 06:36 pm (UTC)
Oh. Oh. Oh. YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU, RIGHT? I mean seriously, Stockholm Syndrome, Romeo and Juliet, Hydra, withdrawal... This is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much.

I loved that you included Kate and Sawyer, because we all know that they are all important to each other. Loved the different timelines and how it was absolutely fitting.

The bit about the TOW kiss was so perfect. See, she gets him because she’s like him except not completely. This sums up Juliet so perfectly.

It could have been perfect, then; now, if it ever will be, it won’t be perfect. Not by far. Because he is the one who is going to need fixing and a lot of it, and because of a lot of other things. This is so true. I can't even say how much.

This is such a great birthday present. Thank you endlessly.
the female ghost of tom joad: lost jack/julietjanie_tangerine on March 15th, 2009 10:08 pm (UTC)
Well, you know I TOTALLY LOVE YOU TOO right? ;) ;) Thanks sooo much, I'm really so happy you liked it! And ha, I did put quite some stuff on fire, didn't I?

I had to include Kate and Sawyer actually decided that he wanted to be referenced because I didn't exactly have all that Sawyer in program but I said the story was doing what it wanted. ;) Glad that it all worked though!

Good to hear that take on TOW's kiss was plausible because seriously, they did like to make my job hard with that Something Nice Back Home debacle but I figured that was a good explanation. And yeah, that's Juliet pretty much it.

Thanks so much again, I'm really so glad you enjoyed it!! ♥♥♥
L: {lost} jack/julietneated on March 16th, 2009 06:27 pm (UTC)

Sawyer was so great in there. I especially loved the piece about him getting that Jack didn't want him to come back for him.

debacle is the right word. They're airing it here tonight. Not sure if I'll go through it again. My poor Jules.

the female ghost of tom joad: lost jack/julietjanie_tangerine on March 16th, 2009 11:48 pm (UTC)
Eeeh, Sawyer is easy. For me at least. He makes things easier even when he isn't there so definitely glad it came forward.

And yeah. Debacle it was. *sigh* That episode fucked things up as much as last one really if not worse. *looks at writers* I don't think I could ever watch the island part again. Maybe the flashbacks when Kate wasn't in. ;) ♥
Creature Of Hobbit: never underestimate juliet burketellshannon815 on March 15th, 2009 07:13 pm (UTC)
Loved this! I've missed Jack and Juliet's interaction, hope something like the end happens although I don't have much faith!
the female ghost of tom joad: lost julietjanie_tangerine on March 15th, 2009 10:03 pm (UTC)
Oh, thanks so much! I so hope that it happens too, for how much I like also S/Juliet. Ah well, we'll see, but I don't have faith either.
(Deleted comment)
the female ghost of tom joad: lost jack/julietjanie_tangerine on March 16th, 2009 11:54 pm (UTC)
Nah, don't be sorry. I still need to catch up with your latest one which I will do probably tomorrow when I have a break and I'll need to read something which isn't Schopenhauer.

And ha, really, I might accept a lot of stuff from that show and not even blink but Jack NOT going into withdrawal rubs on me the wrong way more than anything else which isn't character death ever will because seriously, that's an insult to my intelligence. He stays in withdrawal for as long as it realistically needs as far as I'm concerned. -nods-

And thanks so much, I'm really so happy you liked it! ♥ Coming from you one feels totally accomplished, y'know. ;) I'd really have rather had this happening because I know that for how much I didn't mind last episode things will only be more messed up. And this one's my ship, nothing I can say. ♥ Glad to provide! I sincerely was thinking that this would have ended up making no sense while I was writing it because while I knew where I wanted it to go it also kinda wrote itself but then I'm definitely a happy camper if I hear otherwise. ;) Thanks so much again!! ♥
weehobbit: TWELFTH NIGHT -- wise foolweehobbit on March 18th, 2009 06:24 pm (UTC)
Jack buying the compleat works of Shakespeare, heh, while thinking how he is different than Sawyer in reading people and reading... in general. I like that train of that and how it leads him to buy it even if he may never end up reading.

I love this song...but I never thought it could apply to Jack/Juliet, interesting! Oh, we get a Nirvana!Jack on the island? Me likey! xD I like what you did here with him thinking about the different kisses and that the one he's scared of because it's right. Oh, Jack. Darling. He finally sees she's the one after leaving and hopping through time to get back to her! ♥
the female ghost of tom joad: lost nirvana!jackjanie_tangerine on March 18th, 2009 09:26 pm (UTC)
It's interesting about the song because it's not like I had ever taken it for a J/J song, but sometime last week it came on random, I heard that line and I was like 'WAIT, this, is sooo them', then I got the J/J prompt and figured I could use it. And wouldn't Jack be the person running away when something feels right, poor darling indeed?

The whole Sawyer comparison thing came completely out of nowhere but I just let it happen, I thought it was an interesting angle. I doubt that he'd ever read those in his Nirvana phase though. ;) And well, I had him being Nirvana!Jack on the island at least for my own sake, I can't believe he could ever have so fast a recovery. Thanks so much for reading, glad you liked it! ♥
alemyrddin: Jack seatalemyrddin on March 19th, 2009 08:36 am (UTC)
This was a beautiful story and a great character study.
I like the idea that Jack was intrigued by psychiatry but then decided against it because it was not his thing.

...also, I like a lot the fact that every thought he has about Sawyer is in brackets. It seems MORE meaningful exactly because of that.
the female ghost of tom joad: lost nirvana!jackjanie_tangerine on March 20th, 2009 07:03 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much, I'm really glad you liked it! I was fearing it'd end up making no sense but in retrospective I was probably fretting too much.

And ha, Sawyer just wanted to be there! I let him, who am I to decide not to? ;) Thanks again! ♥
missy_useless: juliet/jackmissy_useless on March 22nd, 2009 07:30 pm (UTC)
Sorry it took me this long to read this.

Anyway, I loved it. Awesome! I loved how you included the Stockholm Syndrome (yay!) and Jack's withdrawal (thank you!) and the good old Hydra days (;)), how you connected the different times, and ah, I just loved it. And *sigh*, even though I can live with Juliet/Sawyer (more or less), I'm such a Jack/Juliet girl - they are so complex, and you captured that very well. Wonderful work!
the female ghost of tom joad: lost jack/julietjanie_tangerine on March 23rd, 2009 11:09 am (UTC)
Thanks so much and don't be sorry!

Ha, I did went for the full package here, didn't I? Very much glad you liked it! Ah, the good old Hydra days indeed. I prefer going there than now really. I'm a J/J too all the way even if I really don't mind S/J and like it at times but yeah. I'm still in the J/J field here. Thanks so much again, I'm really glad you liked it!