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19 March 2009 @ 12:28 pm
Lost 5x09 Namaste  
Uhm, I think the general reaction is pretty much divided on this, but me? I'm easy. And I think I loved it. Or at least, the squee level was the highest since the lima beans.

Team back to the future aka 30 years later

1. Sun, marry me.

Okay, fine, she wants Jin so she can't but Sun, MARRY ME. When she knocked Ben out I was all like 'YES' and finally some consistence writing. I like that she trusted him up to a point only and that she just owned him. Also, Sun and Frank = badass team really.

2. FRANK!!!! *DRAWS HEARTS* I love Frank. I love Frank so-fucking-much I can't even say. And wooow. Hot. And smart. And HE LANDED THE PLANE ON THE OTHERS' RUNWAY!!! And he's like, Jack #2. And he doesn't trust Ben worth a damn. YES!! I just miss the hippie shirts.

3. Okay. Ben is consistent. Ben is well written. And he was lying all the way this time too.

Doesn't mean that I-can't-stand-his-face anymore. *sigh* I want an evil villain who is straight about his evilness. Sorry, that's the obligatory I-don't-like-Ben angle of the review.

4. I'm not minding the two new people. Okay, I'm not exactly in a squee fest over them either but I'm cool with them.

5. Haaai, Christian. I'm not minding him that much lately, but I'm still okay with him for his awesome 5x05 speech.

6. Poor Sun though. The only one who landed in the present time and where's Jin? God, epic is epic.

Team Dharma initiative says NAMAAASTEEE!

7. I'm disappointed that there was no Jack/Sawyer hug. But I can do with the handshake. I guess that thirty/three years aren't enough to get over triangle grudges but I can hope they will sometime. Also, they are in the same scene. Sincerely, good enough for me.

Also, Sawyer/Hurley hug reminding Tricia Tanaka? YES, YES, YES. There's nothing like a Sawyer/Hurley hug really.

8. Aaww, the Jack/Juliet reunion was good. I loved the hug. I loved the awkwardness. I kind of like how they're dealing with the thing.

9. OMG the Kate/Juliet scene was.... oh, Juliet was so mean to her under it and I want her to be bitchy and mean. That was such a perfect scene.

10. LOL, Sawyer putting Jack as a workman and janitorial work? I kinda loved it. And how it establishes the role-reversal.

11. Role-reversal speaking, Jack is kind of acting bipolar lately. But I decided it's the withdrawal we didn't get.

12. And seriously, I loved that scene where he goes to Sawyer's house. The whole awkward thing was good and while they weren't nice to each other at all that's perfectly fine with me. It was fine with Sawyer's characterization and while Jack wasn't exactly nice to him either I guess that sooner or later it had to happen. I didn't find it forced or anything. And I'm kind of liking how they dealt with the triangle stuff until now, even if I need to see what happens after.

That said, I want to write Jack/Sawyer/Juliet *cough*.

13. I loved Juliet here. Said already in 9 but I so did.

14. Only disappointment: people, Hurley and Miles are better than just comic relief. When they will actually use them?

15. Radzinsky = total ass. God, I can just imagine him and Kelvin in the hatch... the dicks in a box OTP indeed. *rolls eyes*

16. SAYID I HAD MISSED YOU. Fine, you didn't exactly do much but I HAD MISSED YOUR ACCENT AND YOUR PRETTY FACE AND YOUR AWESOMENESS AND OH GOD young!Ben??? Giving him a sandwich??? Ohgod. I can SO see how this is not going to end well.

Also, I don't buy that they knew this in S2 or any time before mid S3.

This stuff is making my head hurt but whatever, it was awesome. Also, I definitely prefer young!Ben to adult!Ben, even if he's creepy anyway.

Also, poor Sayid. As soon as he gets the reunion with Jin... *sigh*

17. All the seventies music and wardrobe is making me squee. Seriously, I was born forty years too late.

18. Also, Daniel speculation.

So. Sawyer says Faraday's not there anymore. And they're in 1977.

In the premiere, Candle was listening to the infamous 1973 Willie Nelson record and Daniel was in the Orchid. That means that it was 1974 or 75 at latest when Dan was working in the orchid.

I'm having an idea that he ended up messing with what Candle was saying back then and that the guy gets ultimately unstuck in time sometime between 74 and 75 and that's how they'll get Desmond back into this story. My two cents.


19. Also, there was some good Sawyer and Sayid eyefucking, too. Mm. Yeah, I'm that easy. I missed Sawyer and Sayid in the same scene, too.

20. So definitely what I needed after blood test #456 this morning (no, it's actually number seven or eight but bear with me).

21. Okay, today I'm so writing fic. Possibly going on with some stuff I had already in the works too but I need to get back on track. *brain starts to plot*

22. Overall, I'm a totally happy camper for now.

23. Also, Matthew Fox is getting hotter with each episode or what? Because seriously, I couldn't take my eyes off the guy anytime he was on screen. Geez, that cut does wonders on him.
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Janice: mattjaydblu on March 19th, 2009 03:02 pm (UTC)
OMG your comment box is bubbly!? Or are those stones? Sorry, I digress.

#1 & 2: Sun! She knocked Ben out and I'm talking to the tv telling her to "go, girl!"
Frank was all kinds of awesome this episode, and he was lookin' kinda hot a little bit despite the blood and all. It's too bad they had to off the unknown, kinda cute, co-pilot.
#7: The Sawyer/Hurley hug = win. I waited for Jack and Sawyer to hug too. It was three years, come on writers! Show the boylove.
9 & 10: Agreed. A workman! And Juliet's like, "I'm in charge here." Tight polite smile. #12: That scene with the three was awesome. I also kinda liked how Jack took everything like a man, you know, he's like, "it's all good".
That said, I want to write Jack/Sawyer/Juliet *cough*.
Yeah. *nods* You absolutely should. I mean, I think I might read a little somthin' like that if you were so inclined. ;)
#13: Juliet is my favorite female these days (not that there's much of a choice). She needs to keep Kate away from her man.
#16: I know, Sayid!!! *hearts* And I think we all knew it was little!Ben with the sandwich. The previews for next week make me nervous and a little edgy, though.
#19: There was major Sawyer/Sayid eyefucking. It wasn't just you, I saw it too. I'm glad I was watching it without my husband, because I may have been nodding at the tv.
#23: Yesssss, Matthew is getting hotter. I don't know if it's the hair, or the fact that he looks so good in a suit, or the fact that I love him again, but yes. Yummmmm.

This was another episode that I really liked, because it left me wanting more. The previews for next week make me nervous though...
the female ghost of tom joad: lost sayid GUHjanie_tangerine on March 19th, 2009 03:29 pm (UTC)
LOL, new layout! Uhm, I think they are stones but I don't have an idea.

I was totally like GO SUN!!! Anyone whacking Ben out wins with me, but this round it was especially good. And yeah, Frank = HOT. I love Frank to bits. And I wanted to mention the cute co-pilot but forgot it. Boo, he was nice.

Word on the hugs. *sigh* Ah, they will get over the triangle mess one day.

LOL the Juliet tight polite smile was made of utter win.

I think I'll give it a shot in a short while. I really want to write the thing.

Word about Juliet. I've always loved her and while it's not much of a choice since there are like three women only now, she's my favorite too. Man, I miss Shannon. Sorry, I digress too. ;)

SAYID!!!! I knew it was him too. Oh God. I kinda loved the previews but I'm also half spoiled so I don't know how calm should I stay.

Good that I wasn't the only one seeing S/Sd because I mean, eyefuck galore!

I think that it's mostly the hair because he was hot also with the Dharma thing which isn't exactly the hottest stuff around. MMMM.

Oh, I was so like MORE, too! I want next week if only because I know it's Sayid centric. And Sayid is kinda still my second-favorite-character-tying-for-first. I just hope it's good and that they don't fuck things up.