March 26th, 2010

LOL DEAN/DAMON FTWWWW, spn/vampire porn x-over, supernatural/vampire porn

the vampire porn 1x15 A Few Good Men / SPN 5x15 Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid


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And on to SPN!

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In other news: parking one car under my house in rush hour takes about 45 minutes (no kidding..), Flashforward keeps on making me wonder why the hell didn't I already drop it even if it has its moments once in a random while (mostly Dominic Monaghan related) and I has the Deadwood S3 dvds. I fear I won't sleep much for the next four days. Aaand I DON'T HAVE CLASSES anymore until the 8th (only good thing about regional elections: having extra-long Easter break) which means I can finally catch up with stuff. Okay, that'd be it.