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04 May 2009 @ 04:07 pm
Supernatural 4x20 The Rapture - very late review/meta  
Okay, this be my serious SPN review. The cracky fangirlish one is coming in two days at latest. Also? I loved the hell out of this episode. Reactions will probably be way less spontaneous though since I had three days to think about it and I have watched it twice.

1. First thing: SPN writers, you are dorks as I am, at least. Because I was like 'wait, Jimmy Novak? Novak? WTF?' for two hours, then at two in the morning while me and my friend were still fangirling I was like WAIT A SECOND.

Because Vertigo by Hitchock stars James Stewart and Kim Novak. Which brings us to James Novak aka Jimmy Novak and for once I got the nerdy reference. Which might also be part of the reason I think I ♥ Cas' vessel a lot. He's partly named after James Stewart, after all. (Or at least, I decided it, but it'd be a helluva coincidence.)

THAT SAID, on to the serious stuff.

2. This episode completely broke my heart in tiny little pieces. Everyone broke my heart in tiny little pieces. But it was just so good that... argh. I don't even know what's my favorite episode this season anymore. Might be this, or 4x18, or 4x3, or 4x16. I don't know really.

3. I think I'd better go by characters or I'll end up making a mess.

3a. Castiel: holy-freaking-damn. He makes me ache. That scene in the beginning with Dean's dream was some fucking incredible stuff. Apart from Dean being alone in his dream (which doesn't promise anything good) and me being perplexed at his ideal afternoon consisting in fishing, maybe it was just Misha being incredibly good but you could just feel that Castiel was pretty much being scared there. If Dean's head isn't private enough... and now I really want to know what was that he wanted to say. Because it looked like he fought alone against a heap of angels and that surely doesn't promise anything good. Which brings to a lot of theories I read about what he was going to say. I think that if they brought him back wasn't because of his general disobedience pattern, also because in 4x16 it was made clear that Castiel does God's work after all. It had to be something big. So, either he was going to tell Dean what Chuck had seen two episodes ago or something which we wouldn't have liked.

Which brings us to the next point which would be, wtf did they do to him in Heaven? I'll be honest and say that the first thing I thought was torture, then I thought 'fuck, we're talking about Heaven, not Hell', then I realized that SPN's heaven isn't all fluffy clouds and more than that, it'd make a Castiel-Dean parallel which isn't that light. I mean, Castiel brings Dean out of Hell where he has been tortured for thirty years and we all know, tries to help him, comes as close to falling as he gets and probably wants to give him some hint his superiors don't want Dean to know, then he fights, loses and they do to him some angelical version of what was done to Dean? Apart from all the fic fodder it makes, it'd be some strong stuff.

Also, you could see in the end that he had to wait a while before facing Dean and say he didn't serve him, which is also kind of great stuff because it's not like Dean ever asked it of him, which means that if Castiel ever did, he chose to do it. And that line totally sounded like a completely not spontaneous one. Also, I don't think it'll last much. I mean, this sounds like a complete character involution, but it has to have a sense and if it has to turn into character development, then he will think back on it and it will end up with Castiel caring again, but a thousand times angstier. Or so I ended up thinking.

Last thing: I'm confused. I mean. I thought that the first ten episodes and the Anna thing were foreshadowing for Castiel's eventual fall. Then after watching 4x16 I wasn't that sure because in the end he still was on God's side. After he helped Dean in 4x18 I was back to 'he's totally going to fall because he won't be able to skim for long' and the first scene here pointed there, but then this happened and of course he won't, or not soon, unless they pull some WTF stuff on us. But, if he does (and anyway, Misha has to stick around next season since he signed for it), what happens? Something a la Anna happens? And in that case, how could he keep the same vessel since Jimmy is obviously alive anyway? And apart from that, he told Jimmy that he was going to be in him for one hundred years and stuff. Metaphor or is it punishment or just literal?

3b. Jimmy: I'm in love. Or better, I don't know if I'm in love with Misha or Jimmy or both but as I said in point #1, that point is enough. And that said, Misha is freaking awesome. He's completely different as Castiel and I just couldn't get enough of the fact that he got to act this thing out. I absolutely loved the vessel. I loved that he was just your random guy who does have faith and that he did it willingly and then how it ended with him sacrificing himself. God, I spent the episode wanting to hug the hell out of him. I liked that detail about only certain people being able to be vessels. And I loved that he and Dean could totally be friends over their eating habits (yeah, well, that scene was EPIC). But seriously, that last scene slayed me. Abraham/Isaac anyone other than me? It was so heartbreaking really.

Though now it's clear that Jimmy is alive in there and will stay alive in there and that he does remember stuff (after all he knew what to do with the salt, right?) and it'll probably make things more complicated. After all if Cas fell he'd probably kick him out of his own body was he to keep the same vessel. I've had some doubts whether Misha would stay as Cas or as Jimmy but I don't think the latter would make much sense. Ah well, we'll see after the finale.

Also, while poor Jimmy had actually more interaction with Sam than with Dean, I think there were some obvious parallels apart from the food (see: both sacrificing themselves in order to save their family and both losing it either for good or temporarily, even if I'm afraid that in Jimmy's case is for good. I'm not saying it for Dean because this show is SamandDean, not Dean alone). Anyway, he broke my heart. Aw. ;_;

(not to mention that Misha + that blue t-shirt = OMG. *dies*)

3c. Dean: I thought he was strangely quiet in this episode, but what he had to do was great stuff. I loved that in the beginning he's come far enough to trust Castiel like that, I loved that he's back to the beginning in the sense of 'our first job is saving people' and that he just wants Jimmy to get back to his family. The end where he was completely shocked over Jimmy getting shot (he probably was seeing Castiel there) and then when Castiel is back having him so detached was.. guh. And it sort of makes sense that he'd say he was done after he saw how far Sam had come in his addiction and that Castiel basically isn't much of a friend anymore. Especially since it's because of him, and yay for more Dean angst. That moment when he feared that Sam was going to turn on him, too, was seriously scary though. And while I'm sure that the ending was the only possible one at this point, I just imagine how bad he feels for this.

Shit, lack of communication really is a terrible thing. (Because I'm sure that if there had been more Dean AND Sam communication things wouldn't have arrived up to this point. I mean, after that sirens episode it was clear it was going to come to this, but still.) I'm terrified of seeing how this is all going to turn. Anyway, I'd have expected way more of Dean considering what the episode was about. And as I said before, the fact that he was alone in his head was self-explanatory.

[Also, one thing: Dean, the only person who always has a plan and whose plan works 99% of the times is Benjamin Linus. Luckily for YOU, you aren't him, but keep that in mind.]

3d. Sam: premise: I was in this show for John, I stayed for Dean, between the end of S2 and the beginning of S3 I came this close to keep on staying for Sam, then my Dean love won. But the fact that I like Dean better and always have doesn't mean that I never loved Sam almost as much. So, I still like Sam. I like him a lot. But, my dear, you fucked up big time. And while your brother admittedly never exactly talked to you, you haven't exactly went and talked to him either. Also, I get that Ruby is probably manipulating you, but please, realize that you've also put yourself in this hole. I think that Sam's intentions are really good and that he still loves Dean as much as before, but he took the completely wrong route and it won't do. So no, I don't exactly approve. Even if I do like you. And I don't even think that you can go cold turkey when you're addicted to demon blood (which I thou was less serious than it is) and when you get off on the power it gives you (because we all know that Chuck was right two weeks ago). The end was the only possible one, but it still hurts to see it.

Also, the role reversal is so evident. I mean, two seasons ago I think it'd have been him telling Dean to sugarcoat the truth to poor Jimmy. Even if the 'YOU'RE GOING TO STAY WITH US FOREVER' did have some good threesome prospect.

3d. Anna, Bobby and the rest: I still like Anna. She's obviously on their good side and she obviously wants to help them. Even if hiii, dear, don't appear like that. It doesn't work if they die in a car accident. Also, the three seconds we saw Bobby were made of pure awesome. Aaah, Bobby. Cas' family was lovely, and the kid being named Claire gave us a lot of Lost-related lulz. And thankfully Cas didn't stay in Jimmy's daughter, that'd have been creepy as hell.

4. Characters things done, how is that EVERYONE calls Castiel Cas now? Jimmy too? I mean, it did catch up quickly... from Anna to Dean to Sam, now I wouldn't be surprised if the first random demon passing would do it.

5. I loved that scene with Castiel asking Jimmy permission. I love that angels ask permission and heal their hosts and demons don't. It just makes sense that angelic possession should be different from demonic possession.

6. The trench coat's first apparition was glorious. Also, LOL at Jimmy sleeping in his suit. And even more LOL at the room having two beds and Sam probably sharing his with Dean and the comments that ensued. (Mainly, the question was 'how many beds does that room have?' and my answer was 'if it was just one it'd be my dream come true', not to mention a general 'Sam has those two sleeping and he doesn't even take advantage of ONE of them? That demon blood is really making him insane...')

7. The whole Dean/Sam thing is seriously making me want to cry. You can see that there's no going back now. I don't see cold turkey as a solution and now Sam will just feel betrayed, which doesn't mean anything good, even if he does have good intentions. *sigh*

8. Mm, anyone has some good fic to rec? Because I read a couple of marvelous ones but I need more. Anything as long as it was this-episode-inspired.


Ahem, how is the finale going to slay me? And mostly, am I the only person thinking that whatever Cas is doing to Dean is some mere time-bending or teleporting or whatever and not giving him angel powers? All I know is that if Dean kills Ruby I won't probably cry a single tear.


10. Geeez. This wasn't a review, this was the longest meta I ever did about SPN. See, that's what happens when I do the reviews when I had time to think about the episode. Whatever, I'm in love with this show, I'm in love with the angst and I'm in love with Misha Collins too. That was it.
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Fangirlage like WHOA.: SPN // Girls - I LOVE 'EM. <3hopelessfangirl on May 4th, 2009 03:19 pm (UTC)
Oooh, were there any other Vertigo references in this episode? I've never actually seen Vertigo, but sometimes SPN throws a little something like that in for a laugh. Like when Linda Blair guest-starred, they gave Dean that "I could go for some pea soup" line. =P

"It had to be something big. So, either he was going to tell Dean what Chuck had seen two episodes ago or something which we wouldn't have liked."

Oh, good call. I assumed it was his endangerment of falling due to his love for humans, but you're probably right that it was something in addition to that. I really want to know what exactly he was going to tell Dean; whether it had to do with his and Sam's fate or something else completely.

"But, if he does (and anyway, Misha has to stick around next season since he signed for it), what happens? Something a la Anna happens? And in that case, how could he keep the same vessel since Jimmy is obviously alive anyway?"

Now that I think about it, that might just be an error on the writers' behalf. When Anna fell, I understood it that she was reborn as a human child and grew up as Anna for all of her fallen angel life. If Cas falls, he'd have to be reborn too, wouldn't he? If the writers do make Cas fall, then I'd say they just wanted to keep Misha so badly that they forgot about the way that they wrote Anna's fall. So yeah, either that or he's just not falling any time soon. *shrug*

Jimmy broke. my. heart. I loved that this show always gets back to family. We've obviously seen the Winchesters sacrifice themselves to save each other's lives, but it's nice to see it carried out into other families as well. It helps drive that message home about the importance of family. And AMEN TO MISHA + TSHIRT. ♥

Poor ol' Dean. I'm actually happy that same old argument didn't go down in the car at the end, because it's true; he is tired. And I loved that he just brought Sam to Bobby's, no hesitation.

I'm with you on Sam. I came to this show for Jensen and Dean remains my guy, but I do love Sam to death and it's frustrating to see him acting so stupidly. His heart is in the right place, but C'MON MAN. DEMONS KILLED YOUR MOTHER AND FATHER AND BROTHER AND GIRLFRIEND, YOU CAN'T TRUST THEM. I'd say the detoxing in the panic room would sort him out, but given how close it is to the end of the season and the potential for storyline for next season, I think it'll only make him worse. Sammyyyyyyy >_<

I LOL'd so hard at surprise!Anna. It's certainly not a wise thing for her to do, but it made me laugh, and no one got hurt, so. ;) *draws a heart around her*

Bobby could sit there eating a carrot and he would be awesome.

"All I know is that if Dean kills Ruby I won't probably cry a single tear."

I'm having a fucking party if Ruby dies. Every time I see her, "DNW" flashes in giant font in my mind and doesn't go away until she's not longer on the screen. Seriously, I will invite people who have never even heard of Supernatural to the Ruby Is Dead party if I get to throw it.
the female ghost of tom joad: misha halojanie_tangerine on May 4th, 2009 05:24 pm (UTC)
Mm, I should re-watch Vertigo because I haven't seen it in at least five or six years, but if I remember right James Stewart had a half Columbo trench too and there was the whole thing about Kim Novak being exactly similar to the girl who was supposed to be dead which I guess could translate to the whole vessel thing, but the only direct one I got was the name. I think it makes me insanely happy, but it's me and my James Stewart/Hitchcock crush.

At the beginning I had thought the same, but then again Cas had been half-disobeying for a while and considering what happened with Uriel I really don't think it was worthy of such a drastic measure. It had to be something really against his orders. Argh, poor Cas.

Yeah, I understood the same thing for Anna too, but then I figured there could be ways and ways to fall. IDK really, for all I know Misha was supposed to do only six episodes so maybe according to the original plan he was to fall and who cares about the actor, then they decided to keep Misha (THANKFULLY) and now the whole thing just makes me confused. If he falls it won't be now I guess.


Word about Dean. Geez. I don't think I've ever seen a show character suffer so much.

Seriously, Sam? Get a grip. I love the guy and I really don't like the Sam bashing (as much as I don't like the Dean and/or Castiel bashing whenever I read that this became the Dean/Cas show), but he really needs to be the smart one. Because like this? He isn't and he breaks my heart all over again. I doubt cold turkey will help at all at this point.

LOL, indeed! I vote for an episode devoted just to Bobby eating vegetables, and possibly chopping them first.

I'LL COME TO YOUR PARTY. Just kill her off already, and says one who loathes character deaths which aren't strictly necessary. THIS ONE IS. :/

(ETA: sorry, wrong icon. ;) ;) )

Edited at 2009-05-04 05:24 pm (UTC)
Fangirlage like WHOA.: SPN // J2M - LOLLERSKATEShopelessfangirl on May 5th, 2009 09:15 pm (UTC)
LOL, it's official now: There definitely needs to be a Bobby-centric cooking show episode.


Heee, icon ♥
inthekeyofd: SPN-Dean Angel Whisperer-mediocrechickinthekeyofd on May 4th, 2009 04:03 pm (UTC)
I had a feeling they were going to go there with the brothers, it was coming, if only from my watching of HEX and knowing what to expect from one of Azazeal's spawn.

I feel bad for Castiel, but at the same time, I know he's a vessel, but still, I always thought once an angel takes over, the person is dead.

But the "I don't serve man or you" part, I'm thinking they had to put that in, he was doubting there a little too much.


the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural castieljanie_tangerine on May 4th, 2009 05:15 pm (UTC)
I had exactly that feeling too so I wasn't surprised at all but well, still hurts. Argh, I doubt there'll be coming back for that.

Mm, I had actually thought that Jimmy/the vessel was dead the second Dean stabbed him, but since they showed that until Cas is there the guy doesn't die/age and heals just like that I had to re-think the whole thing. That part had to be there I guess but still, there was some massive crying. Or at least, it was the only part of that whole episode when the three of us were completely silent (and after it was over we were like 'OH NOOOO', but that wasn't the point).

Lou: ferris wheelgottalovev on May 4th, 2009 04:30 pm (UTC)
see? I don't need to meta, you do it all for me and way better I could even articulate it myself!

I love your theory about Castiel wanting to warn of Chuck's vision, so very interesting. and gah, Jimmy. I think i'm in love too ;)

those promo, that I watched only once, totally shook me. I don't even want to theorize on them, but OMG, it's going to be epic!
the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural castieljanie_tangerine on May 4th, 2009 05:11 pm (UTC)
That finale is going to be some epic stuff. God, I just wish I could watch that with my two friends too but well, we'll try for the S5 one. ;)

And ha, thanks! I really don't meta about SPN much but this time I could think it over and I obviously thought about it too much. It just ate my head like that, lol.

Jimmy is... GAH. I love Jimmy. I really do. I think I have a crush and it's not really sane, but whatever. And I think that if they brought Cas back it had to be for something heavy, not the general disobedience pattern. After all Uriel was still there and he surely did worse things, so I really can't come up with another option which isn't worse than the Chuck one. *shudders*

Edited at 2009-05-04 05:12 pm (UTC)
Kros_21kros_21 on May 4th, 2009 05:17 pm (UTC)
Allora Lavi... alla fine di questa lunga giornata non ce la posso fare a leggermi sto dossier.. LOL
ma tanto ne abbiamo parlato da me questa mattina....
dimmi, dimmi... c'è qualcosa che hai considerato qui di cui non avevamo parlato? :P
*iz a lazy ass*

the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural deanjanie_tangerine on May 4th, 2009 07:35 pm (UTC)
LOL figurati ;) ;)

Mm, a parte che ho rantato come poche cose su Castiel e socio, su Sam e Dean abbiamo detto le stesse cose praticamente. ;) E poi ah sì, sono convinta che Jimmy Novak è una citazione di Hitchcock che peggio non si può. E sarò contenta se Ruby ci lascia le penne, e la morale era questa XD ma a parte la parte di Castiel che ci ho dato dentro di brutto a forza di pensarci su penso che non c'è niente di diverso. ;)
Kros_21: are you two like together?kros_21 on May 4th, 2009 07:43 pm (UTC)
ahahahaha c'hai proprio ragione! XD hanno scopiazzato!!!

beh guarda su Ruby non saremo mai in disaccordo... fosse stato per me avrei fatto firmare una petizione per chiederne la morte già in S3. :P

mo mi leggo la parte di Castiel allora. :P