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09 May 2009 @ 12:04 pm
fic, spn RPS: Jealousy, You Led Me On (Jared/Jensen, Misha), NC17, for kros_21  
I apologize in advance for the fic dump you'll get in the next half an hour. I had three fics for that meme finished but they're all too long and don't even relate to each other, so I'll be making three separate entries. Sorry again. ;)

Title: Jealousy, You Led Me On (or how Misha Collins wasn't really trouble at all)
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Jared/Jensen (some Misha implied even if he isn't really physically present)
Words: 2371
Summary: See, the problem is not Misha, is Jensen. Or well, okay, Jensen technically still isn’t the problem, but Jared can also get paranoid, when he wants to, and right now it’s the case.
Disclaimer: erm, they belong to each other and themselves and if Misha belonged to me I'd be a happy camper, but it's not the case.
A/N: for the alphabet meme and kros_21 who wanted Jared/Jensen and jealousy. Uuuuuhm, this'd be the first time I ever write those two and the first time I write RPS in, like, three years and so uhm, go easy on me? Also, as it always happens when I write something for the first time, it's way longer than I had predicted. Which is why it took me a week and a half. ;) Also, I hope I haven't fucked up the timing with the convention and the whole thing about them having their own wrap-up party, but that part was written on a train and I couldn't check the facts. Clearly the thing about the shower is my own doing, but the one about throwing stones at old houses is not (yes, I read too many Misha interviews). Thanks to lasamy for giving it a beta-ing. Title half-stolen from Queen.

Let’s get a point straight first: Jared likes Misha. Jared really likes Misha. There’s really no reason not to; after all, Jared is the kind of person who likes to make friends and when you get someone new on set, it just comes natural. And Misha is, in fact, awesome.

He’s smart, he’s funny as hell, he never misses a beat, he’s great to hang out, he never objects when he feels like proposing to do something plainly stupid like throwing stones at some old house’s windows, he has this endless list of anecdotes about the set of 24 which are just too hilarious for their own good and he’s a pleasure to work with. Not to mention that he’s an incredibly useful person and he can do pretty much anything; apart from the whole grammar business (as Misha calls it), Jared still owes him for fixing the shower at his and Jensen’s house for free when it broke down in the middle of the night a couple of months earlier. Jared figures that a guy who can write poetry, build a house and fix your shower is born to play the part he got, or something. Next thing Jared knows, they will give the wrap-up party for season six in that hippie resort of Misha’s and they will all wear a tiara and a pink apron. He usually starts thinking about something else, whenever he ends there (well, fine, not that he doesn’t have his own share of embarrassing pictures floating around the internet, but pink aprons and tiaras do beat anything he can think of).

So, you see, Misha is hardly the problem, not to mention that he’s kind of married so yeah, not really. It isn’t what concerns him. What concerns him is another thing.

See, the problem is not Misha, is Jensen. Or well, okay, Jensen technically still isn’t the problem, but Jared can also get paranoid, when he wants to, and right now it’s the case. Thing is, when Jensen moved in, it had been… well, not exactly making it official, but as close to official as it gets. And after all, when you’ve been in a relationship with your co-star for three years or so, it’s only natural. Also, it’s only natural that after three years the… new aspect of your relationship isn’t there anymore. There’s a comfortable routine between them now, and not really much of the excitement that was in the beginning, but Jared always figured it was natural. And it wasn’t like things had exactly changed and he wouldn’t care, if only… if only.

Obviously, Jensen is the one of them spending more time on set with Misha. It’s his storyline after all, and while nothing has changed, he can’t stop worrying that it will. Because it could. After all, Misha is sharp and interesting and a breath of fresh air and Jared is the first to admit it; that’s why he fears it might change things. Maybe he’s just having a three-year-itch crisis instead of the seven-year one, but while Jensen being friends with Misha is just the natural course of things, he can’t help feeling insanely jealous when those two go alone for a drink in the evening to discuss their characters or spend two hours on their own deciding how they have to play this and that scene. Not to mention that a couple of times Jensen went and said with a lot of nonchalance that a couple of scenes were played on purpose with some homoerotic tension in order to make the fans go crazy and Jared couldn’t even object since he and Jensen had been doing exactly the same thing for four years (he’s still very, very proud of the time in Playthings, really). He knows it’s stupid and irrational and that it’s normal that after three years not every night with Jensen can be one of fiery demonic passion (as per one of the episodes they shot a short while ago).

Jared smirks at the thought, but then he just bites his tongue and goes to change, the trailer’s door locked. He’s waiting for Jensen to finish some late filming with Misha (of course) and he might as well be there, but he prefers not to. Especially when the night before at dinner he’s been told that they’re totally playing the unreleased sexual tension in today’s one, too. Jared wishes that he and Jensen didn’t release all of their sexual tension at home; maybe they could do it as well as they did it once. Not that the Smith and Wesson episode wasn’t good for it, but that’s not the point.

It’s in this spirit he decides to skip the wrap-up party; he doesn’t feel like hanging out with anyone and while he’d love to have a drink with Misha, he doesn’t want Jensen to be there too, or worse, to end up talking to someone else and finding them having a drink on their own. So he doesn’t change and he’s making himself some coffee when Jensen, all nicely dressed and ready to go, gets inside the kitchen probably thinking he’s going too.

“What, aren’t you ready yet? We’re barely on time man, you…”

“Oh, don’t wait for me. I’m not going.”

“Not going?” Jensen raises an eyebrow and Jared thinks that he won’t get out of this so easily. “And why not? It’s the second-to-last wrap up party we’ll have on this set, y’know. I’d stop sulking and go change.”

“I just… I really don’t feel like it. And in a couple days we’re going to be at that convention and…”

“Jared, since when a convention stopped you from a party and free food? C’mon, man, spill it out. You’re sulking and you don’t fool me, even if sure as hell I can’t even begin to guess why. What, did Eric tell you something nasty about next season? You’re dying in the first episode and that’s it?”

“What? Of course not, I know as much as you do.” Which is still nothing, but anyway.

“You argued with someone?”

“No. No, I haven’t. I just…”

“Why, you don’t feel like meeting Misha’s wife? You know she’s coming, right?”

Jared suddenly tenses as soon as Jensen says Misha’s name, but then looks puzzled at him. His wife?

“What… Misha’s wife?”

“Yeah, ‘course. He said she was going to be there last day. Didn’t you hear?”

“Well, maybe I didn’t.”

“Hey, how is it that as soon as I mentioned… oh, shit, you aren’t telling me the problem is Misha? I thought you two got along.”

“Yeah, yeah, we do. It isn’t him, not really, it’s…”

Suddenly an arm sneaks around his waist from behind. And it grips tight.

“Wait a second,” a low voice murmurs, and Jared thinks that Jensen is desperately trying not to laugh. “You are actually having problems about Misha not because you don’t like him but because you think I like him too much?”

Jared can hear how stupid it sounds, but he settles not to answer. Everyone knows what silence means, right? Also, when is it that Jensen became so good at guessing what went through his head?

Well, fine, being in a relationship for three years maybe counts.

“Oh, crap. I dunno if I should punch you in the face or laugh. You know you’re an idiot, are you?”

“It’s just… you two spend a lot of time together and I just… you know, between us it’s more… well, less… uh, maybe exciting than before and…”

“And you think that just because we don’t have a night of fiery demonic passion every day of the week,” Jensen starts, definitely holding back laughter (and Jared wonders when is it that he got actually telepathic; or maybe he just knows him too well), “and because I get to spend a lot of time with him because he’s my storyline, I’d try to hit on him when he’s fucking married, not to mention I practically am, too? Or that he would? Man, don’t be stupid.”

“Yeah, and you play scenes with unreleased sexual tension,” Jared tries to argue. He realizes it’s a weak argument, but he doesn’t feel like giving in so easily.

“Yeah, and I do the same with you, and you know how it goes. Fuck, man, just don’t worry. I won’t suddenly jump ship just ‘cause you don’t know how to fix a shower or because you don’t write poetry, even if I’ll admit that it’d be nice if you did. Write poetry, I mean.”

Suddenly Jared gets what he has implied and he’s quick to turn against the kitchen counter, feeling absolutely, utterly and terribly ashamed.

“Fuck, Jen, sorry, I didn’t mean that you would, I just…”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Don’t worry, I’m not angry. I couldn’t, considering that it isn’t even serious.”

“You know, I really should go changing, maybe we’d still be in time if…”

“No, you won’t. Actually, y’know what? You are definitely skipping the party ... and I am, too.”

“What? But…”

“No but. I realized something.”

“… What?”

“That we can have our own party right here and right now and I’ll even let you choose what to do.”

Jared smirks and looks down at green, mischievous eyes and barely parted lips and oh, yes, he likes this program.

“Anything I want?”

“Anything you want, as long as you fucking move.”

Jared doesn’t need to hear it twice and he’s quick at taking Jensen’s wrists in his and pinning him against the wall, kissing him like he was starved for it (and maybe it was), feeling those damned lips open almost instantly under his; he undoes Jensen’s shirt and gets rid of his belt while Jared does the same with his own old t-shirt and trousers he only wears at home and then, well, then.

Then it begins with Jensen taking him in hand and stroking him fast as he kisses him breathless and goes on with Jared finding himself slammed against the wall and Jensen on his knees in front of him. It goes on with Jensen’s hands replaced by his mouth and oh, fuck, he didn’t get how long it had been since they did this until now. Those impossibly pretty lips are wet and shiny and he has to keep his eyes close or he’ll come just at the mere sight just below him (not that the eyes wouldn’t help, especially considering that he can’t remember such a devious look in Jensen’s eyes lately. Fuck no). Jensen’s hands grip on his hips and Jared thinks they’ll leave marks and the bare thought makes him shiver all over. He grips on Jensen’s shoulders, the hair too short; it goes on when he comes with a strangled cry and then Jensen is kissing him like he was starved for it and maybe they were both starved for this kind of kiss. Their clothes are scattered all across the kitchen and as Jensen’s tongue traces slowly his lips Jared thinks that he really was an idiot.

“You’re such an idiot,” Jensen whispers between kisses before bringing his head closer, “do you really think that I,” he keeps on after he gives his neck a light bite, “was going to do this with anyone else?”

“Yeah, well, I was. Am. Whatever. Sorry.”

“Well, next time think carefully, won’t you?” is whispered low in his ear, and that’s enough to make him lose his head for good. It’s not like he isn’t hard again already. His hand shots on his left and opens a drawer where he keeps some lube just in case. Jensen usually makes fun of it because really, who keeps lube in the fucking kitchen, but Jared thinks he won’t object right now.

He doesn’t and it goes on with another position reversal and fingers and Jensen’s legs wrapped around his waist and Jared thrusting inside him without any restraint, blissful moans filling his ears as he kisses random places on Jensen’s shoulder and hands are firmly gripping and pulling at his hair (but it doesn’t matter); it ends when he gives a final push and they come at the same moment, his frame shaking all over and Jensen’s too and they’re both sweating even if the room is pretty much chilly and they end up sprawled on the floor, Jared’s arm around Jensen’s hip and his frame against Jensen’s back.

“Fuck,” Jared says, completely spent.

“Indeed. Damn, but you owe me at least a couple of favors for this. And for being so much of an idiot to even think that I could think about… whatever.”


“First of all, I get to say that we had our own party at the convention if they ask why we skipped the official one. You make me go crazy over your irrational fear of Misha Collins’ charm and striking blue eyes, I might as well make the fans go crazy.”

Jared nods as his hand trails lightly over Jensen’s stomach. “Right. And the other?” It wouldn’t be the first time they give hints anyway.

“I’m so telling Misha you were getting jealous.”

“What?! Oh, please, just…”

“Shut up, I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of it.”

“Yeah, and he’ll remind me every ten seconds or so.”

“You’d just deserve it. That was so stupid that you just can’t get away from it like it didn’t happen.”

“As long as you promise me more fiery demonic passion soon.”

“Well, I can live with it.”


It’s not much later that Jared gets his revenge and when Misha crashes their panel he catches the occasion and gets him to sign the shirt too; he just knew it was going to end with the bending, but the utterly surprised look on Jensen’s face is worth it all. Target hit, he thinks, hoping that Jensen does feel a bit jealous there. He figures a taste of his own medicine won’t hurt; it’s not like they won’t make up later.


When, later, Misha tells him ‘in strict confidence’ that they’re both completely nuts but they wouldn’t work so well together if they weren’t anyway, Jared doesn’t exactly answer straight but, inside, he agrees with every word.

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Kros_21kros_21 on May 9th, 2009 01:45 pm (UTC)
OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grazie mille Lavi!!!! questa era bellissima!! Ero sicura che saresti andata con il classico Jensen geloso dopo che Misha fa piegare jared alla convention ma mi hai stupito sweetie!!!!!

E vai!!!!

E cmq sai quante volte è successo che i boys hanno avuto la loro privata wrap party per davvero? XD

grazie ancora!!!

PS. in settimana ti mando un sms con il mio numero di casa così poi ci sentiamo. ;)
the female ghost of tom joad: j2janie_tangerine on May 10th, 2009 10:35 am (UTC)
Ma prego, alla fine è stato più facile di quanto pensassi XDD e beh, con quel prompt l'occasione l'avevo su un piatto d'oro ma non so perchè Jared mi sapeva di più facile come POV e l'ho girata un po' XD

(Aaah, io non voglio neppure fare il conto di quante volte sia successo ma per ammetterlo così deliberatamente deve essere stato un party di quelli spettacolari *cough* ;) )

Contenta che ti sia piaciuta, grazie mille! ♥
lover all alone: J2: padackles <3invisiblelove on May 11th, 2009 03:40 am (UTC)
Mmm Jared could definitely have reason to get jealous with all those smoldering Cas/Dean looks ;)

Aww this was so cute. Loved Misha's role too. Great job!
the female ghost of tom joad: misha writes j2janie_tangerine on May 11th, 2009 07:35 am (UTC)
LOL, that's too true. Actually it was the first thing that came to mind and Jared looked like the easiest one to go with so I tried it that way. ;) Thanks so much, I'm really glad that you liked it! (Also because I had never tried those two and I had my doubts about pulling it off *cough*). Thanks again! (And heee, Misha. ♥)
Janice: dockjaydblu on December 15th, 2009 04:16 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you posted your masterlist because then I found this! \o/

I don't watch the show, but I sure enjoy the pretty boys that are in it. This was cute and sweet. I always like a little jealousy and the end result. :)
the female ghost of tom joad: tangerinesjanie_tangerine on December 15th, 2009 09:44 pm (UTC)
Heee, I see it was good for something! ;)

Seriously, thanks so much! I don't think you need to watch SPN to enjoy the pretty, that's so right. Much glad you liked it, thank you! :D