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09 October 2009 @ 03:58 pm
vampire porn 1x05 you're undead to me + spn 5x05 fallen idols review  
I'm afraid neither of these will be especially insightful since I watched SPN in a hurry this morning before going to class and the vampire porn after it, which means I payed less attention because in order to pay proper attention to it I need to watch it first. Whatever, here's my two cents. ;)

1. Very surprisingly, I'm not saying His Prettiness was pretty in the first point. Here, I'd very much like to mourn for the poor uncle/nephew who was totally hot and didn't deserve to have his neck snapped like that, poor baby. *sigh*

2. Yay, Elena figured it out! *roll eyes* whaaatever.

3. Though, Stefan totally won points with me. Dylan, Patsy Cline, Hendrix and Janis? GOOD TASTE.

4. Can I hope Elena's brother's girlfiend is dead? Because that story is so annoying I want to fastforward every time I see them. Though if she isn't maybe getting drained that way will make her stop getting high?

5. Well, I like Matt. He's cute, duh.

6. HIS PRETTINESS YOU DO THE CREEP SO WELL. OMG I WAS SERIOUSLY DYING THERE WHEN HE WAS TRYING TO GET HER TO FREE HIM. Jeeesus he's going to kill my system. He's so going to kill my fucking system. I just love how evil he is, lol. Why searching for those idiots, I'm so feeding you any blood you might want. *sigh*

7. I don't get what's going on with the people wanting Elena's watch or whatever it is.

8. So Bonnie is the Sam of this show in the sense that she has BRAIN POWER?


9. Duh, the last episodes probably spoiled me, but next one I NEED HIS PRETTINESS SHIRTLESS AGAIN. Reminds me I have to do that spam for emiliglia. I will soon.

10. I'm sure no one missed the gym/history teacher, but whatever.

11. In conclusion: His Prettiness is awesome as usual and I want someone to revive hot guy. That's all, I think.

11b. No, wait. I really, really need to write Dean/Damon. I really do.

1. First thing I have to say: dear Sam, YOU KNOWING SHIT ABOUT JAMES DEAN'S CAR IS VERY BAD.

2. On the other side, Dean having totally done his homework was awesome. <33

3. Gandhi: WTF LOL. Also Dean, be respectful. He did a revolution without shooting a gun, y'know.

4. Lincoln: LOLOLOLOL. For being the one person in class who squeed when it was time to study the US Civil War, I was uttermost happy to see him.

5. Paris Hilton: okay, thankfully for me here Paris Hilton only appears in the news. Which means I never saw her in a movie or show or reality or what the hell else. Which means I just expected her to be bad and then I found it quite fun. I mean, she wasn't too bad and I need to give her some respect because of the sense of humor she obviously has, otherwise I don't think she'd have accepted to do it.

6. Though... I WANTED SURPRISE!JDM!!!!!

7. That said, I found it kind of interesting that after the whole Adam debacle of last season a) the shapeshifter/pagan god/whatever went for John as Dean's hero and that b) Dean was wearing the leather jacket again in the end. Or maybe it was me not noticing it but I can't remember him wearing it once in S4. Correct me if I'm wrong? Which is all good anyway because I like myself some John mention and the jacket is hot as fuck.

8. I liked that Sam and Dean are finally behaving like mature adult people aka TELLING THINGS INSTEAD OF BOTTLING UP. Was it so hard? ;) Anyway, I think Sam had a point when Dean was like 'well, I call the shots' and Dean won me a lot of points when he apologized at the end. I like that they're mending things in a healthy way. *loves*

8b. Specific thing about 8: I've read a lot of times that Dean should have told Sam about him breaking the first seal. Now he did say it but Sam reacted kind of like he knew that already. I mean, he didn't even blink, so I guess they already had the conversation? I don't know, I always was under the impression that someone had told Sam in 4x16 but I might remember the wrong stuff. I'm glad is out in the open but if they already had the conversation (and there I'm sure, they never showed a Dean/Sam conversation about that), er, don't omit important stuff? O_O

9. I was so sure Dean was calling Castiel with that cellphone, lol.

10. I felt very, very sad for the poor James Dean fanboy who got killed. :((((

11. Making this white because it's spoilers for the promo: is that wrong that the upcoming ep I'm more excited for is the old!Dean one? But all the others look so good! And Cas in the next looks good too. *cough*

12. Er, I think it's all I had this round.
catoasapun: [SPN] Winchesterscatoasapun on October 9th, 2009 08:08 pm (UTC)
2. Dean is a total James Dean fangirl. XD

5. Yeah, she didn't do too bad, and I def appreciate that she took the role in the first place. Good to know she has a sense of humor.

7. I was thinking the same thing... we haven't seen that jacket in a while!

the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural castiel is a sane beingjanie_tangerine on October 10th, 2009 11:48 am (UTC)
2. As he should XDD Dean totally does his homework. *glares at Sam*

5. I was expecting a LOT worse. Well, I don't actually know her from anything except the news, but I have to give her that.

7. IKR? It's totally welcome to appear more. XDD

Fangirlage like WHOA.: SPN // Sam Doesn't FKING Knowhopelessfangirl on October 11th, 2009 06:37 pm (UTC)

Um yeah, Elena's brother and his sometimes-girlfriend didn't really bother me for the first couple eps, but FUCK, THEY ARE SO ANNOYING NOW. One minute they're all, angstangstangst, we should be together and then the next, FUCK YOU, YOU THINK YOU'RE TOO GOOD FOR ME!!! JUST STFU, PLEASE.

I think I like Bonnie. She's the only character whose storyline doesn't revolve around a love interest, and her mad brain powerz are interesting. It kinda freaks me out how she zones out when it happens, though. o_o

I'm sad the nephew/uncle guy got killed, too! I really didn't expect that to happen for a while! What are they gonna do for a cover now?

Did sick!Damon remind you of Boone? Cause he reminded me of Boone and I was all ;______;



LOL, it was pretty weird for Sam to have to be filled in on "lore" from Dean. Although I guess Sam's specialty is ancient lore while Dean's is modern/pop culture lore. ;)

Paris wasn't bad. Her acting is actually probably on-par with some of the random actors they they get for secondary characters on this show sometimes, LOL. But I rejoiced in seeing her get her head cut off. =P

I definitely missed Dean's jacket. I think he did wear it in Metamorphosis, but don't quote me on that... either way, it's been a looooong time since we saw it, and I missed it. ♥

"I liked that Sam and Dean are finally behaving like mature adult people aka TELLING THINGS INSTEAD OF BOTTLING UP."

YES, THIS!! This is exactly what I love about SPN and what separates it from its fellow CW shows. It doesn't milk its storylines to death and is sensible and reasonable. Considering the show is called Supernatural, that's pretty ironic, but also very true!

I think Sam knew about Dean breaking the first seal, though we never saw that conversation. Personally, my beef with it was that Dean was putting so much blame on Sam even though they both knew he broke the first seal, so I was really glad to see him acknowledge that and take some of the blame too. I still don't think they're equally to blame... Dean's seal was more accidental than Sam's, even though Sam didn't know Lilith was a seal either, but he was warned against killing her more than Dean was about breaking... but like I said, I'm glad isn't acting as if it's all Sam's fault anymore.

I think I'm most excited about the upcoming ep of Sam and Dean in different TV shows. THAT WILL BE A RIOT. XD old!Dean looks awesome too, though!
the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural dean/sam omg aujanie_tangerine on October 12th, 2009 11:57 am (UTC)
Vamp porn:

OH YEAH, HE TOTES REMINDED ME OF BOONE even if I was less invested because I didn't have any OTP-ness action going on here *cough* I'm totally happy he's back on his feet now though. ;) Go Damon, pwn the show again with your evilness.

FUCK, THEY ARE SO ANNOYING NOW. One minute they're all, angstangstangst, we should be together and then the next, FUCK YOU, YOU THINK YOU'RE TOO GOOD FOR ME!!! JUST STFU, PLEASE.

THIS. SERIOUSLY, THIS. Either get together and be done with it or just BE DONE WITH IT because it makes me want to headdesk. Okay, I'm in for the pretty, but Jesus, give them a decent storyline. It already got old.

THAT about Bonnie. She's cool and I'm pretty thankful there isn't any love interest crap going on with her. I dunno about the uncle/nephew and the cover being blown up, but I'll miss him and his pretty hot face.


LOL yeah, Dean's totally up to date with the modern culture lore. Though srsly, Sam, JAMES DEAN. COME ON. I thought he couldn't disappoint me more after Robert Johnson, but this one probably beat that. Even if I like that he likes Gandhi, lol.

That about Paris. And yeah, her head chopped off like that was a delightful view.

YESS. That about Dean's jacket. I couldn't seriously remember the last time it showed up and it made me sad because it's a lovely jacket. ♥

YES, THAT YOO. I like that about it. And ha, thankfully I only watch another CW show but I can totes see your point.

I don't think that the blame is equal either tbh. I mean, they both have responsibility, but Sam was repeatedly warned by... duh, basically everyone except for Ruby while Dean didn't have an idea and dude, he broke after being tortured for thirty years. I like that he accepts his own fair share of the blame because he does have it but still, they were in different situations. But I like that they're taking it like adults, it's a good thing. And I was sure that Sam knew already. I mean, they didn't show it, but I can't believe that after all the crap going on in 4x16 he wouldn't know.

The Sam/Dean in different shows sounds so AWESOME!! Old!Dean sounds very intriguing to me, but next week totally looks awesome too. Aw, I love my show. XD
Lady Macbeth: Sam FanServiceladymacbeth77 on October 16th, 2009 08:07 pm (UTC)
Ma non ti avevo commentato? O___O Son rincoglionita forte...
Puntata molto carina, a metà tra il cazzeggio e le cose serie. Vedi che io e Sam abbiamo molto in comune? Anche il rispetto per Gandhi! Siamo fatti per stare insieme, solo che lui non lo sa... ma lo scoprirà, eh!
Contenta che Paris Hilton sia morta. Mi sta di un simpatico...
E finalmente i due fratelli hanno deciso di parlare! Ci hanno messo quattro stagioni ma ce l'hanno fatta. Zucconi, ma ci arrivano.
Voglio la puntata numero otto! ♥