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20 November 2009 @ 11:54 am
Supernatural 5x10 'Abandon All Hope'  
.... because of course, 'before me nothing was but things eternal, and eternal I endure, abandon all hope ye who enter here'.

Did I say that I LOVE that they stole the title from Dante's Inferno? Now I'm nostalgic of my high school days when I'd do that. *sigh* Well, hey, I always said Italian literature > you, at least until the 70s.

1. Okay, so, this show is becoming Good Omens, but I'm not caring much. Maybe I just like the idea of everything being a huge, huge crossover.

2. That said, Crowley is my new love. Apart from being taken straaaight from the book complete with looks, intelligence, English accent, making deals on highways, fancy house and not wanting to help the devil, HE GOT ME SOME GAY ACTION. WELL, FINE, THE DUDE WASN'T EXACTLY WHAT I'D HAVE GONE FORE BUT STILL. Also I <33 that he totally pwned Sam when he was like 'maybe you need ammo' and that he was like MORONS!!! all the time.

2b. Which brings me to, THERE NEEDS TO BE BOBBY AND CROWLEY FIC ASAP WHERE BOBBY CALLS THEM IDJTS AND CROWLEY CALLS THEM MORONS. If no one writes it I fucking will, sometime in the next four centuries.


4. And Dean will always be awesome. Lame pick up lines included.


6. Also he's a total voyeur. When he spied on Crowley and telling Dean at the phone, omglol a+++++++. And hanging out with Jo and Ellen, awww.

7. Bobby wasn't in there much but he was awesome.

Except when he burned the picture at the end. WHAT THE FUCK. WHY.

8. Picture talking: I teared up. I <333 it from Bobby saying they were drinking his beer so just shut the fuck up to Cas' face and Dean's face and everything else and just, ;______________;. Though one would believe that Bobby would have a color camera... or maybe not.

9. Okay, I'm totally dancing around this, but. The only thing I have to say about the deaths is:


Because. Really. Jo never was my favorite character but I liked her just fine and Ellen was my favorite female character and I ♥ed them both and THEY KILLED THEM AND I WAS CRYING DAMMIT. But then they did it in such a poignant way and... hi. Hear my heart being ripped out into tiny little pieces. I just... if I read some bashing Jo comment I swear I'll flip. I. Will. Flip. When Ellen stayed with her and Jo was like 'treat me like an adult for once' I... just... ;_________; and while I never shipped Dean/Jo THOSE TWO KISSES KILLED ME. THE FOREHEAD ONE ESPECIALLY BUT the second too. Jesus. ;____________; and at least they went out in a badass way. But. Still. ;_________; now all the Roadhouse crew is dead and I'm.. like.. no. Argh, I loved the Roadhouse.

Whatever. Let's go on before I start bawling again and end up late for the only class I have.

10. Mark Pellegrino, be Lucifer forever and ever. Amen. I love how he's being gentle and alien and evil as fuck all at once and that he digs on his own and that he doesn't really have minions and then in the end he'll just screw them all. Also poor Nick, he's falling apart. Aw. ;__;


Duh. I. Died. I loved their confrontation and I loved the tones of it and that they were sorta speaking at an even level and _izu_ and lasamy can confirm that I totally called the whole thing he put on Meg. I loved that he was obvs. scared in the beginning but then got calmer and then he totally pwned Meg. I don't like that he can't burn demons out anymore though, the more power he loses the more he gets close to f!Cas, but THEN HE USED MEG AS A BRIDGE AND I SQUEED.

Er. See. The actress playing Meg in S1 had the same face of a friend of mine. Trufax. So for me Meg = MAJOR CREEPS and sincerely even if she changed her face I never was too attached to the character so CAS PWNING HER AND USING HER AS A BRIDGE HAD ME SQUEEING. Sorry. I swear I usually am more objective and she was an awesome character. She just crept me out for years.

12. Cas doing the catwalk = why not moar often, show? Just sayin'.

13. Also Dean, if you call him huggy teddy bear, CAN SOMEONE GIVE THE ANGEL A HUG ONE OF THESE YEARS? Thanks.

14. I think I need to re-watch it because I'm sure I missed a hell of a lot of stuff while flailing and sobbing my eyes out, but still. Loved it. Even if Ben Edlund = evil. Can he and Jeremy Carver write an ep together? Y/y?

15. I realizes I barely said anything about Dean and Sam which I guess is weird but this ep I just felt like everyone else was getting the spotlight, y'know? I mean. I lovedlovedloved their exchange at Bobby's with the beer and the ending scene with Lucifer and pretty much everything else they did (including being totally pwned by Crowley lololol win) but I just felt like the focus was more on Jo/Ellen/Lucifer/sort-of-Cas this round, so I probably would have more to say if I re-watched it.

16. Also when Bobby was like 'battle of Carthage' I was like 'when did this show became about ancient history?' and then I realized that it was a Carthage in the US. *headdesk*

17. Okay, I answered some reviews. Now I'll be running to class because it's the one where if you don't get there an hour before you don't get to sit, then I'll get back and answer the other reviews and watch my vampire porn. Which is going on hiatus too. WHAT WILL I DO WITHOUT THE VAMPIRE PORN AND SPN. Maybe catch up on other shows, duh.

Did I already say that quoting Dante = win? ;)
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Louquantumdoll on November 20th, 2009 05:56 pm (UTC)
You know what? Crowley made this episode for me. I LOVED him, I said a few weeks back that SPN was quickly becoming Good Omens (my favourite book ever may I add. Thus Crowley is my favourite literary character ever. Then Aziraphale), then they add Crowley? I didn't know whether to laugh of cry at the time, but now I need more of him. Loads more! I don't he was totally GO though, he didn't look like the image I have of Anthony J very much.

Also, I totally with you on the fear of Castiel losing his angel mojo. I swear, if he becomes like future Cas I will stop watching. (I've said it before and I'll say it again, The End freakin' BROKE me. I haven't been the same since)

Should we start a petition for a Dean and Cas hug? I think we should.
the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural future!cas ;___;janie_tangerine on November 21st, 2009 12:40 pm (UTC)
CROWLEY WAS AWESOME. I just, mmmmmm. He was making me glee. And yeah, SPN is totally becoming Good Omens but it's not like I care. I mean, I'm TOTALLY FINE WITH IT. And ha, Crowley is totes my favorite from GO too. Aziraphale coming shortly second. I think he was totally GO for the attitude and all the rest, you're right that the face isn't exactly what I'd picture for our friend AJ.

Argh, if he becomes f!Cas I'LL DIE. I figure I wouldn't cry too much if he ended up losing his mojo WITHOUT DOING DRUGS AND ABSINTHE AND ORGIES AND ENDING UP LIKE THAT >< I mean, I could deal with it if he knew it and accepted it and didn't become that mess, but if he becomes f!Cas I'll cry. Hard. A lot.

I think we should too. If they don't hug I'll flip.