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11 December 2009 @ 12:27 am
devil's arcade - research reference post.  
Okay, I thought I could link at the end of the last part but then I realized that it was going to be too long so this is a list of all the references I had on the web while writing that fic if anyone is interested or wants to see what the hell I was talking about or whatever. ;)


The Anglo-Iraqi War;
Clydebank Blitz;
Second Battle Of El-Alamein along with the maps I used;
Operation Torch;
Allied invasion of Sicily;
Battles of Monte Cassino;
Operation Avalanche;
End of WWII in Europe and Italian Resistance movement (even though they don't say much about that but whatever);


El Alamein
Messina (link to the history of the city)
Rome (link to the liberation of Rome article on Wikipedia)
Reggio Emilia

Random other stuff:
USS Boone County (yes, it was a real ship);
Official site of the real 51st Highland Division (this is where I actually took most of the information re battles and itineraries and stuff);
the movie set mentioned at the end is actually supposed to be the set for Rome, Open City which is one of the most beautiful movies ever existed, and I just hope that Rossellini doesn't want my head in the afterlife for this. But from what I know back then it was custom for Allied soldiers to provide electricity for movie sets, and they did it at least until 1947 or something.

That's all the Internet stuff. The rest came from a) my grandfather's books, b) random neorealist movies I've been watching since I can remember, c) whatever I knew before.

That'd be it. *phew*