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25 December 2009 @ 11:43 pm
Can you be awesome? and merry Christmas everyone! ;)  
1. I hope everyone is having/had a great day! <3 (for me it's had since it's eleven PM but hey, I figure in some time zones it's still afternoon so...) And I also hope that you all got spoiled to death and had an awesome time. <3 Here it was pretty good, for some reason there was way less drama around than usual (but that's an engraved Christmas traditions around these parts so yay!) and I just wish my aunt would realize that giving me make-up is a lost cause, but still, it was nice make-up. One day I'll stop being lazy and actually use it. For the rest I mostly ended up with money or coupons which is good anyway because it means that a) I won't end up being too broke in the future (also because for some reason I saved enough money this year) b) I can buy S4 of SFU c) I can afford a couple more photo ops for the SPN con. Now if tomorrow I survive the third huge meal in three days without ending up gaining too much weight and without my cousins singing I'll be an accomplished person.

2. No channel aired It's A Wonderful Life. Boo.

3. So while I did study some Hegel stuff which I should have done anyway but then I decided that it was a holiday, I was bored out of my head and since I couldn't manage to sleep much last night anyway I ended up with the laptop and my Chuck dvds and I ended up finishing S2 between yesterday night and today. As my icon says, surely beats doing anything productive. And I ♥ it so much and I can't wait to start watching S3 on track!

This show is just SO good. And the last eps had some of my favorite stuff in it ohmy. Also, my patterns ARE patterns (meaning: of course Bryce dies. Uh. Can I hope that it's a foil this time too? Pretty please?). The only thing that bothered me was that in my dl they switched ep 20 with ep 21 so I ended up watching the latter first and it was kind of wtf but whatever. Random favorite things:

- Cole Barker!! <333 He was such a cool character, and I was hoping for someone with an English accent showing up. And he was such a badass, I loved him. Can I hope for some cameos in S3? Because I wouldn't say no.

- Chuck = <333333333333 damn, I want to hug him so hard it isn't even funny. He's just so sweet and so lovely and so likeable and so nerdy and when he paid Ellie her dream wedding I teared up. Awww.

- Chuck/Sarah: hi, I'm on board. You're so sweet. I canonically ship you.

- The Chuck/Casey subtext, voluntery or not, still cracks the hell out of me. Not shipping it, but still. LOL.

- CASEY IS SO COOL YOU CAN'T EVEN SAY. I just LOVED him all the way and I just squeed when he was like 'YOU BETRAYED ME AND HURT MY FEELINGS WHEN YOU DIDN'T ASK ME TO TAG ALONG WITH YOU IN YOUR CRAZY RESCUE MISSION YOU IDIOTS' and then after the finale now I want him and Chuck to hug but whatever. Also, when they quit Buy More together = awesome. And when the general was like 'stop living in the eighties' = aww. And when he went to Ellie's reharsal dinner, omg Casey you do have a heart, huh? But he's so badass, too. Aw.

- AWESOME IS AWESOME AND I LOVE THAT HE'S THE ONE WHO KNOWS OMG. That scene was so made of win. Awesome is awesome. And I <3 him. And I don't know who's my favorite character anymore but srsly, he's made of so much win. And he and Ellie = <3333333333333333333333333. All said.

- I love the story with Chuck's dad. Awww. Runs in the family I guess? :((((

- Chuck uploading himself with the intersect 2.0 left me like -> O______O I CAN'T WAIT to see where it goes.

- Morgan = I love him (and he and Chuck being bffs, aw). I love Big Mike dating his mom. I love how he walked out on Emmett.

- That said, Emmett can go die suffering somewhere. *scowls* Not that the character isn't amusing but what a douche.

- The finale was SO GOOD. So good. <3333 The wedding on the beach had me tearing up. Though I think I liked 2x21 better, between Casey being awesome, Awesome being even more Awesome, Chuck and Sarah getting it on and Awesome finding out? Mm. Even if dammit, the eps with Cole...

- The one with the other handler was like me thinking GTFO every second. WHAT'S THAT FUCKERY. And I still don't like the general but whatever.

- BRYCE ;__________; please tell me it was another foil? Pretty please? The official crush is the official crush. And just, I loved that twist when they found out he was siding with Chuck's dad all along. BRYCEEE. ;__; and that dying scene, I was like OMG PLEASE NO. :((( Ah well, I'll be in denial I guess. Even if he did look dead. Then again, he looked dead that other time, too.

- JEFFSTER = OH GOD. I don't know how no one ended up hearing me biting my hand trying not to laugh too hard but really, they crack me up SO MUCH. Them playing at the wedding = AWESOME. Also, I love that their logo is with the ACDC font. *is still laughing*

- I'm probably missing something here but in short: show, you're awesome. And I'm glad this spring/winter I'll have some nice, absolutely delightful fun along with the loads of angst my shows usually are. <333

4. Uh, sadly that's pretty much it. Have fun everyone if the 25th isn't over where you are already, have a great time anyway if it is, and again I hope you had an awesome time. ;) <3 *waves and goes to read something or write something or sleeping or whatever*
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twixcoffeecrisp7 on December 26th, 2009 05:06 am (UTC)
Merry Christmas!!!!
the female ghost of tom joad: lost jack/julietjanie_tangerine on December 26th, 2009 11:01 am (UTC)
Thank you! :D