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07 January 2010 @ 12:44 am
two exchange fics; Lost/Heroes (Adam/Jacob/Richard) and Lost (Sawyer/Kevin)  
Alright, I'm claiming two of the three fics I wrote for challenges this last month. Both links bring to the comms because I'm lazy like that and I like comments in the same place. ;) Sorry for the spamming, I also have another thing to post and I'll probably have another couple in the next two/three days.

Title: A Touch Of Infinity [Lost/Heroes crossover]
Fandoms: Heroes/Lost
Pairings: Adam/Jacob/Richard, Adam/Richard, Richard/Jacob, Adam/Jacob and all combinations thereof.
Rating: R to stay on the very safe side
Wordcount: 10,100
Spoilers: through all of S5 for Lost (especially 5x16/17), general S2 spoilers for Heroes (well, just really Adam’s backstory)
Summary: Adam is on the Black Rock when it crashes on the island in 1867. Richard is, too.
Warnings: er, is threeway between immortal people a warning? Apart from that, I don’t really think there’s anything triggering.
Disclaimer: Heroes and Lost belong to their respective creators. The title is not too subtly stolen from a short stories collection of Harlan Ellison’s so that’s not mine either.
A/N: written for aurilly at xover_exchange; beta-ed by the awesome siluria and catoasapun who were just the best ever. And, uh, I have to say that I had the time of my life writing this thing. Even if it's sort of seriously not my usual thing. My prompts were immortality and Adam/Jacob, Adam/Richard with an angsty triangle being acceptable. Which I totally couldn't not do.


Title: And The Highway Is My Home
Pairing or Characters: Kevin/Sawyer; Kate, Edward Mars and Jacob also appear.
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 5145
Warnings: completely and utterly non-linear narration; spoilers up until The Incident.
Summary: Sawyer nods and swallows, trying to block out the fact that being stuck on the run from the Marshal he killed one time that didn’t happen, with Freckles’ former husband, who’s there because he tried to bail her out and then he bailed Sawyer out, isn’t funny at all. It actually sounds like a bad soap opera, but he won’t go dwelling on that.
A/N: written for toestastegood for Lost Hohoho at lostsquee; my prompts were Sawyer/Kevin on the run plus bonus hand-holding. Much thanks to siluria for the great (and fast) beta-ing and suggestions. <33 and now that I don't have to keep my identity secret and risk giving myself out because I steal titles from songs, I can say that the title is stolen from Merle Haggard. ;)
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