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22 January 2010 @ 11:46 am
the vampire porn 1x11 Bloodlines / SPN 5x11 Sam Interrupted  
Duuuh. When did this show became a mindfuck? When exactly? BUT HI, MY GUILTY PLEASURE IS BACK.

1. First thing: seeing His Prettiness and Gina Torres making out made me so incredibly happy. Girl!crush + HIS PRETTINESS = MMMM. Except that of course he killed her, but whatevs.

2. I like it that Damon is sorta getting it back for killing Lexie. She was cool.

3. Is that wrong that after the end the first thing I thought was that it sucks that Damon killed Alaric's wife because then now Alaric will try to kill him and he obv. won't survive that if it comes to someone dying and I lose the second source of hot in my vampire porn chart?

Yes. I'm a shallow person. That said, Alaric = mmmmmmmmmmmm.

4. Jimmy and Anna: you couldn't name her in a more wrong way. Now all that I can think about is the SPN equivalents and just, NO.

5. So Elena was adopted, HUH? MINDFUUUCK. I was like WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. And then Stefan was like I saved you and I was like WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT say that again. Duh. But they're cute, I'll have to admit it.

6. Bonnie is still my favorite girl. She's so nice. And she doesn't have a love story and she's interesting anyway.

7. DAMON, I LOVE YOUR EATING PEOPLE AND THEN RESCUING THEM BITCHY AND SNARKY SELF. Oh God at the beginning I flailed so much. Can he pick me up like that too? And the driving. And the drinking. And omg the jacket and the smirk and the lines and I MISSED YOU PRETTINESS and I ♥ youuuu. Even when you kill people at random and you're not even feeling guilty for that lolol.

Even though I still can't get how he would get pwned by Lexie's boyfriend who has been a vamp for a considerable shorter time like that but whatevs. Daaamon. <33333333

8. Stefan is still nice. I still like him more than I should. Which doesn't mean I don't like his brother a lot better. Also, his brother driving while blasting pretty good music, mmmmm.

Damn. One day I will write Dean/Damon, I will.

9. Anyway. Good ep. This show is still being better than it'd have any right to be so I won't complain. My pornography is back!!! \o/

Annndddd, SPN!

1. 'Me, and my brother, and this one angel...' OH MY GOD I DIED. THAT BEGINNING WAS THE EPITOME OF LOL.

2. Dangerously codependent relationship. RIIIGHT.

3. AW, DEAN NOT HAVING BEEN IN A RELATIONSHIP FOR MORE THAN TWO MONTHS. ;___; even though uh, writers, anyone remembers Cassie? Nah, eh? Wasn't that supposed to be long term?

4. And Sam being drunk/drugged/making bitchfaces makes his greatest return since Playthings!!! And he's touchy feely! And chick-flick moments! And Jared makes me crack up like crazy lolol. Even if that bit was actually sad. But Sam telling Dean he loved him was good. Really. It was needed.

5. Dean Winchester YOU MAKE ME CRY.

6. Also, Dean's alias being Eddie = JANIE IS VERY VERY HAPPY.

7. The Martin hunter being Roger Linus/Workman was highly amusing. JFC Lost crossovers? Name it and SPN will provide.

8. I totally hadn't suspected the nurse. Anyway, it wasn't like the episode said anything new because I mean, we knew it, but at least seeing them acknowledge it was good. If only for not burying it (Deaaan. Pfff. Your coping methods suck) but that was expected too. I mean, jeez, how is it that Dean wakes up in the mornings, now that's a question. *roll eyes* just will they ever talk about it? Whaat?

9. The doctor being in Dean's head was actually fucking sad. ;____; Anyway it was a good balance of lulz and srsbsns and I'm glad that the show is back and it was a ton better than Family Remains last year so I won't complain here, lol.

And now I'll go studying. Pff. Dnw. Real entry maybe later today, methinks.
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the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural samjanie_tangerine on January 22nd, 2010 04:34 pm (UTC)
Nah, no Lucy this round. It was a solid ep. and there's Sam on drugs which is uttermost adorable, but you didn't lose anything pivotal for the major storyline. Though yeah, there was indeed awesome Sammy time! ;)

And what you said about Mark Pellegrino being busy in that other show. ;)