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10 February 2010 @ 11:53 am
Lost 6x03 'What Kate Does'  
Uh. I still don't know what to make of this but since I don't want to spoil, cut.


1. Okay, while I do prefer Kate when she's on the run and mostly doesn't give a crap about anything else, er, seriously? That part with Claire would have been nice if it wasn't completely implausible. I mean, we all know that Claire is a very nice person who trusts people too much but going on a ride with someone who held a gun to your head? O_o

2. Also, Kate bringing her back the bag because it was full of baby things or whatever was kind of wtf too but hey, there wasn't triangle talking, so...

3. LOL AT THE MECHANIC BEING THE GUY FROM SPN'S FOLSOM PRISON BLUES (thanks hopelessfangirl who pointed it out). Epic crossover iz epic. I'm just waiting for Misha to get a guest spot.

4. ETHAN BEING THE DOCTOR WAS WTF. I was expecting him to pop up because he was in the guest stars list but... O___O is he going to stick needles in Claire in every possible universe?

5. Also, please, when alt!Aaron is born (and Claire is already in a lesbian relationship with Claire), don't link it to anything concerning alt!Boone. For the last fifteen minutes I was scared shitless that she'd deliver and at the same time alt!Boone would end up under a car or something. Yes, I'm paranoid like that.

6. Anyway, please, can someone rid Claire of the baby storyline? Jeez. Please. Just, no. Tho well, it seems like on the island she won't have it...

Team the hippie raiders of the LOST temple of doom (thanks to halfdutch for involuntarily suggesting me this with her poll...)

7. Okay, people, it's official: Jack/Sayid is my ship for this seasons. Apart from the loads of subtext in there, THEY WERE SO PRECIOUS. WITH JACK ALL SMILING AND SAYID BEING LIKE I DON'T CARE IF YOU DIDN'T FIX ME (since you can't always manage it) BUT I TRUST YOU AND ONLY YOU AND IF YOU TELL ME TO TAKE THAT THING I WILL. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. <333 Yes, I realize that it's a pretty fucked up thing which isn't not adorable at all objectively, but hey. I need my slash, goddammit.

8. Hurley hugging Sayid and being all 'dude, you aren't a zombie?' was positively adorable.

9. Island Cat Stevens and Japanese guy are still freaky as fuck. WHAT. YOU CAN'T KILL SAYID.

10. That said, if Jack had given Sayid that pill I'd have wondered where the hell did his brains go. Thankfully he's smarter than that. When he swallowed it I was like GO JACK, of course there was something fucked with it. Jfffccc can't someone be straight?

11. This infection thing is confusing. Since it seems like Claire got it and that she became Rousseau 2.0, does that mean that it makes you go crazy and build traps in the jungle? Not that I think that Rousseau was crazy, Rousseau was AWESOME, but still. Sayiiiid. No, huh. Don't even try that.

12. Whatever, as long as Jack keeps Sayid's life in his best interest as he's obv. doing...

13. MILES = NEEDS MORE LINES. HE'S AWESOME. Why are they downplaying him so much? NEEDS MORE MILES.

14. Sawyer being like 'Sayid isn't my friend' or 'he tortures people and gets a chance and she doesn't' kind of made me headdesk. Sorry James, but it saddens me. First that they wouldn't be friends anymore :( since at one point they obv. were and that last bit especially. I mean, jfc, I realize that you're still grieving and stuff but come on, then Ben starts a freaking genocide and lets his daughter (let's pretend she was) shot in front of him and kills Locke and does every possible freakish shit comprehending getting Sayid to be a hitman and he's still around? *sigh*

15. Island!Kate = I don't get it but whatever. These days I so don't care about the quadrangle that I really wasn't getting what she was up to or whatever, but I'll admit I liked it when she knocked out the whiny Other Other. The dock scene was very well acted but considering that a) I never was invested in Sawyer/Juliet and that b) I'm not invested in Sawyer/Kate I just was sort of sniffing because Josh Holloway acted the hell out of his lines. Still I feel bad because I should have felt a lot worse but eh. I just think I'm way too detached from that part of the storyline. Pity because if they gave Sawyer a scene like this in the beginning of S4 or the ending of S3 I'd have probably been a lot more moved. Anyway, I like Kate when she kicks someone's ass better than when she deals with either Jack or Sawyer.

16. I kind of really like the idea of Rousseau!Claire. At least because she won't have a baby storyline.

... or will she? Because Rousseau was obsessed with the baby too after all, but... ah well. Still looks interesting.

17. Is Jin's purpose in this whole story to run into people whose children get stolen? :/ See Rousseau and Claire, but HEY! JIN! YAY! YOU HAVE LINES AT ALL!

18. Btw, Jack, I love you. This ep you were especially awesome. <3


19. Okay, well, I won't lie. While this show needs moar Frank, moar Sun and moar Richard ASAP, I didn't exactly miss not!Locke, Ben, Ilana & co. A break from that specific craziness wasn't too unwelcome. Still. MORE FRANK, PEOPLE. MORE FRANK. Thanks.

20. Also, needs more zombies and more polar bears. Yes, the last bit was random.

That said, I will now try to study and finish the fic I should have written last week, and then if no one writes Jack/Sayid before Sunday I probably will myself. Damn, this whole fuckery screamed for some nice hurt/comfort. Didn't it? *bats eyelashes trying to prove her point*
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the female ghost of tom joad: lost -> generaljanie_tangerine on February 12th, 2010 09:41 am (UTC)
Pfff, good point. Well, the whole ALT storyline was kind of completely implausible, so..

AND LOL WELL HE LOOKS LIKE WEIRD AL!! LOL. Even if since apparently he's named Lennon then he'll probably end up being John Lennon.

And yeah that about Claire. I think that this whole infection thing is just Others crap and it just doesn't add up.

You do have a point, he acted it so well. ;__;