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02 March 2010 @ 04:44 pm
crush #1 is crush #1 + meme + milestones!  
1. Well, milestones not really, but this is my entry number 1000! Yeah, random. Still, it's 1000. Duh.

2. Aand, today is crush #1's birthday! (Crush #1 is Jon Bon Jovi, for anyone who wasn't around for a long while.) I still think that he lives in a refrigerator when he isn't on tour because he doesn't look 48 at all, but still. (Also, if this year I don't land a BJ gig it'll be a goddamn joke. I've been doing the fangirling business for ten years, it's ridiculous.) Also, according to the band's facebook page, I could actually call some American number and leave the guy a birthday message but I don't really think it'll ever be the case. That'd be way too weird. Though, cool thing I guess. I'll have to admit their facebook is a totally cool thing. (Also it's adorable that the four of them use Twitter from the band's account, but I won't digress, especially because last month I actually sent crush #1 a tweet when he said he was learning to use the whole thing and that was surreal enough. *cough*) Anyway. Last year I went and uploaded These Days which is my favorite record, this year I'm uploading Keep The Faith which is my second favorite.

Original version + the two Japan bonus tracks happily zipped together.

1. "I Believe"
2. "Keep the Faith"
3. "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead"
4. "In These Arms"
5. "Bed of Roses"
6. "If I Was Your Mother"
7. "Dry County"
8. "Woman in Love"
9. "Fear"
10. "I Want You"
11. "Blame it on the Love of Rock and Roll"
12. "Little Bit of Soul"
13. "Save a Prayer"
14. "Starting All Over Again"

FYI: 3 is awesome, 4 is, too, 5 >>> Always, 6 is awesome, 7 is a masterpiece and 10 makes me flail. 14 too.

^ I love that shot so fucking much. *sigh* ♥

3. This term's classes have a crappy schedule. It'll suffice to say that one is on Saturday at 8.30 AM. *headdesk* But. It's my last term. Not ever because I'll have another two years after the bachelor degree but it is until next year at least. It's kind of scary-ish.

4. Random movies talking: Invictus was awesome. Not the Gran Torino/Iwo Jima movies kind of awesome but still, <33. Also, the soundtrack is ridiculously good. And then I went and managed to find myself a copy of Help! which was my only Beatles movie missing and it was awesome, even if not at the A Hard Day's Night levels. Even though the priestess which was a total Paul fangirl and the ending titles were totally worth it alone.

5. I fear I don't have much more interesting stuff to say for today unless we talk politics and I already can't wait to be done with regional elections in a month. *sigh* I'll probably go studying some, even if the weather is too good to waste the afternoon on pedagogy.

6. But, last thing, meme from wandersfound because I feel like it.

~ list 10-15 of your favourite old and new fandoms
~ have your f-list guess your favourite ship from each fandom
~ strike out the fandom when someone guesses correctly and put the name of the first person to get it right
For each right answer I will write the guesser a 100 word drabble with the pairing of their choice, from any fandom listed on here (so doesn't have to be my OTP).
-> about the last one: I doubt I'll ever manage 100 words only but I'll try. ;) Anyway. Fandoms!

1. Lost Jack/Boone guessed by pnr
2. Supernatural Dean/Castiel guessed by pnr
3. Dark Tower series Roland/Eddie guessed by missy_useless
4. Good Omens Crowley/Aziraphale guessed by pnr
5. Chuck Chuck/Bryce guessed by pnr
6. Six Feet Under David/Keith guessed by pnr
7. Firefly Zoe/Wash guessed by pnr and Mal/Serenity guessed by mollivanders
8. Friday Night Lights Jason/Tim, guessed by hopelessfangirl
9. Watchmen Dan/Rorschach guessed by missy_useless
10. Heroes Nathan/Peter guessed by pnr and aurilly
11. Pushing Daisies Ned/Chuck guessed by pnr
12. Lord Of The Rings Faramir/Eowyin guessed by pnr
13. The Three Musketeers (yes, I'm putting that one too.) Athos/d'Artagnan guessed by aurilly

(duh, moral of the story: pnr knows my ships and you probably need to fear her head because she'll prompt me for eternity XD and moral #2 wow, you people know my ships well, I posted this not even an hour ago and there's just one missing. XD)

Aand, I don't have another two fandoms relevant enough I think.

What this meme will end up making me write:

for pnr:
- (SPN) Impala/Sam's laptop (wtf... XD);
- (Firefly) Mal/Serenity;
- (LOTR) Faramir/Eowyn, fighting;
- (Chuck) Bryce/Sarah (Sam), he finds out her name;
- (Chuck/SPN) Bryce/Sam, at Stanford;
- (Firefly) Zoe/Wash, rescue
- (Good Omens/SPN) Crowley & Crowley,
- (Good Omens/SPN) Aziraphale/Castiel, dealing with what it means to be an angel settled on earth;
- (Pushing Daisies) Ned teaches Chuck to make the perfect pie;

for aurilly:
- (Musketeers) Anne/d'Artagnan, handkerchiefs;
- (Heroes) Mohinder/Adam, decisions;

for mollivanders:
- (Firefly) Mal/Serenity #2;

for missy_useless:
- (Lost) Jack/Juliet, happiness
- (Heroes) Nathan/Peter, risk

for hopelessfangirl:
- (Six Feet Under) David/Keith, first kiss
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Fangirlage like WHOA.: FNL // 6&33 - Preggershopelessfangirl on March 2nd, 2010 06:42 pm (UTC)
OOOH OOH! FNL = Street/Riggs?
the female ghost of tom joad: fnljanie_tangerine on March 2nd, 2010 06:49 pm (UTC)

Prompt me sister. ;) ;)
Fangirlage like WHOA.: FNL // 6&33 - Preggershopelessfangirl on March 2nd, 2010 08:55 pm (UTC)
YAY! How about... SFU - David/Keith - First Kiss