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19 March 2010 @ 09:38 pm
Deadwood S1  
OMG THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD WHY DID I HAVE EXAMS WHEN I BOUGHT THE DVDS. *keymash* Hi. Watching S1 of Deadwood literally killed my productivity in the last four days because watching it and going to class is basically the only thing I did. Ha. And I still have S2 to go. S3 I'll wait for the dvd I ordered on play.com to arrive because here it still isn't out and I know that I'm faster if I have dvds. That said. Thoughts under the cut! With spoilers, duh. Also, RANDOM.

1. Okay, this whole thing is all-around awesome. I love westerns, I love stuff where you have to build societies and I like it when they're well-acted which means that I'm eating this up way too fast. JFC the last time I finished a season in three days it was with Lost S2 ages ago.

2. I don't even know who I like best. I love almost everyone! Even the ones I don't like! Meaning, I don't exactly like Swearengen 'cause you know, but he's such an amazing character that whenever he's on I'm gleeing even if I almost never like what he does, lol. The only person I don't like is Cy probably. Too viscid. I'd rather take Swearengen and his Machiavellian head, not to mention that I like my guys without a conscience to be at least straight about it. But I mean, he has his part in the plot so it's not like I hate him either.

3. Okay, seriously-characters speaking, apart from loving to hate Swearingen, my favorites are probably Calamity Jane, Trixie, Doc Cochran and Charlie Utter, with honorable mentions for Ellsworth because a) he's a darling and b) he's Jim Beaver therefore radiates the awesome, Sol Star because he's another darling and I totally like him better here than in Lost (but there's a reason why he was the only Temple person I'd have kept around) and Wild Bill Hickock because he was awesomesauce.

Clearly he had to die. It was such a bummer when he died. ;__;

4. Also, while he isn't in my top five, I like Seth a lot. Also, thanks HBO for random and gratuitous bare chest on display. *cough* He's a good lead. Righteous enough but also complex enough. I liiike. I also like that he buries everyone properly.

5. Silas Adams, you were there just for three eps, but you were awesome and I'd do you. *cough* Though seriously, I can't wait to see more of him. Three eps weren't enough. *wants more*

6. Okay, parenthesis before going to the women corner: Garrett (the husband) made me crack most times he was on screen. Mostly because for me he'll always be the child services department's boss from Judging Amy. *cough* Alma is okay too, even if she's probably my least favorite female. Which doesn't mean she isn't a good character either. Also anytime Joanie is on screen I'm like 'CASSIDY!'. One day I'll stop this but seriously, she's a great character too. And Calamity Jane is made of so much win I can't even say. Duh, I missed well-written women so much. Trixie comes just after in the women department. I love that girl, duh. (BTW: Kristen Bell being the con-girl there made me go O___O first and 'will she ever play a character that I like sometime?' after.)

7. Plots: the only thing I was disappointed in was Calamity Jane lacking in the last three eps or so. She's back early in S2 I hope? Because I missed her. That said, my favorite one was probably the whole plague arc following with the Wild Bill Hickock stuff (trial ep. included, plus Seth and Charlie Utter going after that idiot who shot him). I loved Wild Bill, he was such a cool character. Though I fear that my favorite male character has to be the Doc, at least because he's the only one not taking shit from anyone, Swearengen included. I also loved that he was one of the few taking poor Jane seriously and God, that scene in the finale where he dances with Jewel has to be one of the most adorable things like ever. Trixie trying to kill herself positively made me too sad for words. I also enjoyed the whole deal with Wu and the Chinese people. And by the end of it I was very happy that Bullock got to be the sheriff, that other one was an idiot.

8. The reverend legitimately almost made me cry. Why is it that when I like one preacher in some story or show they end up dead?

9. While E.B. Farnum is not in my top characters mostly because he drives me half-crazy, JFC William Sanderson is GOOD. Duh, I knew he was good, whoever was in Blade Runner is automatically good in my book, but even if I don't like the character the acting is freaking stellar. Also I kind of really like Dan even if the whole duh-let's-kill-Garrett-thing made him lose points. Then again. His boss' fault and I like to dislike his boss too much.

10. My favorite episode was probably the finale along with the one where Sol and Trixie sorta hooked up which I now can't remember the name. It was either nine or ten, but since today I've seen half of nine and then the other three I'm half-confused of what happened when. Oh, and the one where Calamity Jane was nominated head nurse. And the one where they killed Wild Bill Hickock. Er, okay, stopping here.

11. Also duh, what I read about the swearing didn't lie. Not that I mind. Might be anachronistic but it sounds realistic. Even if the Italian subtitles totally translate stuff at random and half of the times it doesn't even match to the equivalent.

12. And anyway, whoever did the casting is a genius. I'll reiterate, the acting is phenomenal. Half of the reason I love to hate Swearengen is that Ian McShane is fantastic. Duh. But everyone is. There isn't anyone that can't act. Which is indeed a winning point.

13. Also, whoever did the costumes and the sets is another genius. The whole thing is a pleasure to watch under every aspect, except for one time where I figured I'd watch it while I had lunch since I was alone and it was the ep. where Bullock basically cracks the Indian's skull open. Eating while watching that = not smart.

14. I probably forgot a lot of stuff I want to say (IE that for some reason I'm not actually shipping anyone except Trixie/whoever is nice to her which means that after the pilot I was hoping for Trixie/Ellsworth and now I'm hoping for some more Sol/Trixie, but hey. The girl deserves some decent stuff coming her way) but hey, I've also watched in four days. And if I go the same way with S2 I'll be done with that by next Wednesday. I sooo can't wait to start it. *goes grabbing the dvd*

And now I shall go have dinner and then maaaybe catch up with comments. Errrr. And do SOMETHING which isn't watching Deadwood.
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elliotsmelliot: Deadwoodelliotsmelliot on March 20th, 2010 01:41 am (UTC)
Isn't it great! Your commentary makes me want to revisit it.

Jane and the Doc were my first favourites too. Sadly neither of them has as big parts as they did in the beginning of S1, but they continue to be awesome. I was also very fond of Sol, Trixie, Charlie and Ellesworth. Al and Farnum are entertained. Cy is annoying. Seth is very pretty! Alma and Joannie both grew on me over the season. There is more to come of Silus! The Reverend hurt my heart. Jewel was a cool character.

Trixie/Elleworth? Interesting. Did they have scenes together early on? I can't remember. My brother-in-law still hasn't got over Bill's death.

Enjoy S2!
the female ghost of tom joad: deadwoodjanie_tangerine on March 20th, 2010 07:16 am (UTC)
Did they have scenes together early on?

Yep, after she gets beat in the pilot they're sitting at a table and he says something like if you ever want to tell me about what happened I'm here to listen and she just shakes her head and they go on drinking. And then she puts a good word for him when it turns out that he saw Dan murdering Garrett. Which apparently was enough for me to go like YAY! SHIPPING!, lol. But as long as she gets some happy I'm happy.

Aw, too bad. But if they keep on being awesome, well, awesome! ;) They're so great, omg. Al and Farnum are indeed great entertainment! Cy is indeed annoying, eurgh. Word on Alma and Joanie, the latter really grew on me. The former a bit less but I like her anyway. Good to know about Silas!! And the reverend. :(

My brother-in-law still hasn't got over Bill's death.

Ha. I haven't either. ;) Thanks! I'll start it today.
Zeldazelda_zee on March 20th, 2010 02:51 am (UTC)
I knew you would love it! And I'm very glad that you are.

My favorite character, oddly enough, was E.B. I LOVE that character. He had the best soliloquies. I so enjoyed his weasley ways.

Silas returns, never fear. :)

I loved Doc and Wild Bill and Jane and Charlie and all the other characters you mention. But honestly, my favorite thing about Deadwood was the writing. Iambic pentameter, FTW.

Swearingen has a wonderful character arc. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I read an interview w/the creator where he discusses the cursing. He says that if they used swear words of the time it would have sounded too hokey to our modern ears. Things like 'goldarnit!' just don't have the same effect that they used to. So in order to have the same shock value that those kinds of words once would have had, they used modern swear words.

I've got an awesome Bullock/Swearingen fic bookmarked. I'll share it, but I think you need to get through S2 first.
the female ghost of tom joad: deadwoodjanie_tangerine on March 20th, 2010 03:44 pm (UTC)
Ha, when I read the premise I knew it was going to be awesome. Why didn't I just start that before???!

Oh, I could SO see why you like E.B., in his kind he's freaking fantastic. His soliloquies are something wonderful. And the actor is so good srsly.

GOOD about Silas. I want more. Indeed.

Yeah, I'm an idiot because I didn't mention the writing when I totally agree with you. It was stellar. And seriously FTW indeed, there isn't a thing in that show that doesn't work.

I'm pretty sure I will! While I pretty much despise 85% of the things he does Swearengen is so good of a character that I really don't care. I can't wait to see where he goes!

And I can totally see why he'd use modern swearing. I mean, he's right, any of these people saying 'goldarnit' would be hilarious on principle, which I guess isn't the point, right?

Ohhhh, INTERESTING! Link that to me when I finish with S2? If I go at this rate it won't be long, I think.