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23 March 2010 @ 05:38 pm
I'm drunk. Correct. What the fuck is it to you? - or, me blathering about Deadwood S2  
Where did my life go? WHERE? I've watched two seasons of this in six days. Jesus. This beats all my marathons.

Not that it means anything except that I spent six days going to class, watching Deadwood and nothing else. Errr. And since S3 is currently being shipped at least I'll have a respite. But srsly this show is SO GOOD *keymashes*.

1. Seriously, the writing in this show = fantastic. Everything is fantastic but the more it goes on the more I glee. I can't deal with just another season. Whoever canceled this is an idiot.

2. That said, THE STORY WAS AWESOME even if there were some arcs I felt kind of bad for not exactly caring about. Mainly: Seth and his brother's wife. While I loved the kid (aw, too bad he died) and while considering the circumstances the story couldn't have been done better (I mean, everyone's behavior made absolutely sense especially in such a setting)... bo-ring. Anytime Martha was on screen having staring catfights with Alma I was like 'okay, can we get back to Swearengen?', which made me feel kind of bad because Martha is totally sympathetic and I could see her point I still couldn't get into that part of the story until the poor kid died. :( Not that I hated it, but still, not my favorite part of the season. Sadly this meant that poor Seth got trumped by a lot of other people in my chart, not that I don't like him anymore, lol.

3. On the contrary, I loved Swearengen's arc to pieces. It was all around fucking brilliant. I lovedlovedloved those episodes where he got sick because it kinda brought him down the pedestal, but then he got back even more awesomely deliciously selfish as before and I gleed. That whole political affair he had going in the end? SO BRILLIANT. I love that guy's plots/scheming. I also loved that after the beginning he and Seth got to a truce of sorts. And I love his translation issues with Wu, those bits cracked me up so much. Oh, AL. Also I loved how he put in her place that idiotic teacher who worked for Pinkerton whose name I can't spell. Ewwww. I hated her with a passion. I totally still love to dislike him, too, but since there were a lot of way more dislikable people this round he def. gained points with me.

3b. Not strictly Swearengen related, but related indeed: how gay is Dan for him? Seriously. That bit where he was crying over Swearengen apparently choosing Silas over him was sort of heartbreaking if I only wasn't thinking that.

4. Since I mentioned them... I keep on liking Dan and OH GOD SILAS ADAMS *KEYMASH* I LOVE THAT GUY. HE CAN CUT ALL THE THROATS HE NEEDS IF IT GIVES HIM MORE SCREENTIME. His lessons of politics with Sol were MADE OF WIN. HE'S MADE OF WIN AS A GENERAL RULE. And that bit in the finale where they were all dressed as Chinese people was made of utter win again.

5. I still ship Sol/Trixie like nothing else. Please tell me they keep on hooking up and having cute maths lessons full of swearing. ;___; also Trixie generally makes me want to hug her anytime she's around. And Sol is so awesome srsly. And a total badass too, regarding the politics lessons mentioned above.

6. Shipping related: hi, I recently got the point of f/f. Or at least, since I decided that if Joanie and Jane don't kiss next season I'll be very disappointed, I guess I did get it. Those two are so lovely together I can't even. And living in that brothel together and being totally mismatched but perfect for each other at the same time? WIN. Also Joanie getting Jane in a regular dress = WIN.

7. ^ related: Joanie totally grew on me like woah. While Jane didn't exactly grow on me but I loved her to pieces to begin with. I loved the Joanie arc, really, even if she's another one I wanted to hug for all the season. Poor girl. ;___;

8. Charlie Utter is still the epitome of awesome. Francis Wolcott was seriously threatening to make me lose patience every time he was on screen (except when he killed Joanie's madam partner because seriously, she was irksome) and I can't exactly say I was too sad about him dying in the end. Ew. The actor was great actually, but the character iiirked me. Maybe because he was just too shady and viscid and way too much into the morally gray zone. Not that Hearst is much better, ewww, but he did work for him, so...

9. Cy is still the only one I'd slap if I could. Annoyiiing. Annoying. Annoying. And not half as fun as Swearengen. His lackeys are funny though.

10. I still don't like Alma as much as the previously mentioned girls (with the exception of Martha) but I do like her still. I'm not too enthusiastic about the whole pregnancy deal and while the marriage scene in the end has to be a masterpiece of editing (SERIOUSLY), it just gives me bad vibes about where it'll go. Translation: I don't want Ellsworth to get the short straw which seems sort of what's happening. :/ And since I'm there: Ellsworth is a goddamn darling. <3333333333333333 I loove him. Seriously I do.

11. Oh, E.B., you still aren't in my top five but I love you and your born follower attitude, your monologues, your bitterness and your love for your hotel. I actually headdesked when he sold it. Ewww. BAD, E.B., bad. And since it's E.B.'s hotel related, Richardson cracks me up so much, oh God. When he prayed with the antlers I was positively trying not to howl with laughter even if that episode was making me cry or close to it.

12. The doc still is probably my favorite male character if only because he a) keeps on not taking bullshit from anyone b) is awesome and c) makes me die of cuteness while he dances with Jewel during the finales. Also Merrick got much more interesting this season.

13. Apart from the whole arc with Seth's family woes which reminds me exactly of how I liked the Nate/Lisa arc in SFU, the plot was AMAZING. I just loved the direction they took, with the whole annexation deal, Hearst buying out the entire town or something close to it and the bank deal. I can't wait to see where they go with the bank next season. Or with the elections, too. Aaaah on one side I'm glad I don't have S3 yet because it means I'll do something productive this week, on the other side I'm an addict. And augh, while I'm liking how they addressed the racism issue I hope that the two black guys whose name escapes me atm don't end up dead or something because after all it was an accident. ;_;

14. I think that the S2 finale is my favorite episode overall until now. It was so good. And the editing with the marriage scene and then the dancing bits with all the rest was a pleasure for the sight of editing obsessed people. I just loved everything about it, not that it wasn't on par with the rest of the season. Concluding, I love this show. And now I shall do something vaguely resembling productive.

I will do a real entry one of these days. AND answer all the stuff I haven't answered. Sorry, this has literally eaten my life.
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elliotsmelliot: Deadwoodelliotsmelliot on March 23rd, 2010 05:07 pm (UTC)
Shared squee! I'm at work , so this will be very short.

=I loved, loved Sol/Trixie, Joannie and Jane hanging out, the Doc's staying away from BS, the Seth & Al alliance.

Dan is so hot for Al. I loved the bit about the unauthorized cinnamon to go with the canned peaches.

Boo to Walcott. That was the same actor who killed Bill in S1. He is good at playing despictable.

Ellsworth is a goddamn darling!

Isn't he? I loved the bit with the gloves at the wedding.

I appreciated how they tackled race this season, both with Wu and the two former slaves.

Loved the S2 finale. It is defintitely one of my faves. If you have the DVDs, check out the making of the episode.

When he prayed with the antlers I was positively trying not to howl with laughter even if that episode was making me cry or close to it.

I know. Richardson rocks!

I want to rewatch this now!

Edited at 2010-03-23 05:08 pm (UTC)
the female ghost of tom joad: deadwoodjanie_tangerine on March 23rd, 2010 09:44 pm (UTC)
Shared squee indeed!

Sol/Trixie is heartwarming. Even with the maths and the swearing. When they went together to the wedding I was all 'AWWWWWWWWW'. Joanie and Jane need to make out sometime soon, they're quite the pairing. ;) Seth and Al work much better when they're allied imo.

I loved the bit about the unauthorized cinnamon to go with the canned peaches.

LOL, TOTALLY!!! Dan is def. hot for Al. All-the-way.

The gloves bit totally did me in. A lot of stuff in the ep. did me in but aww, Ellsworth. <33

Word. I hadn't mentioned Wu in the race issues but yeah, that.

Apparently Italian dvds are made of suck because I don't have any special features, just the lamest photo gallery ever *headdesk* I'd have so loved to see the making of of that finale. Now I hope there are some in the S3 ones, since I ordered them from the UK...

Richardson is AWESOME! He's totally my bulletproof character. ;)
Zeldazelda_zee on March 23rd, 2010 06:52 pm (UTC)
It's fun to read your Deadwood reactions! I love that you love it so much.

Here's the link to the Al/Seth fic I told you about: http://somniesperus.livejournal.com/231444.html. Sadly, it's the only Deadwood fic I've come across that's worth reccing.
the female ghost of tom joad: deadwoodjanie_tangerine on March 23rd, 2010 09:46 pm (UTC)
LOL, glad to provide the fun! ;) I just love this thing. Why haven't I watched it before, is what I'm asking myself.

Ooooh, I read it and it's EXCELLENT. It totally made me buy it, wow. Thanks for linking that!
Zeldazelda_zee on March 24th, 2010 05:46 pm (UTC)
So glad you liked it! It's almost inconceivable as a pairing, but I think the author did a good job with making it work.