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but you can go ahead and kiss me, if that's what you fucking do. - or, me blathering on Deadwood S3

Okay. Canceling this was a goddamn crime. Though now that I finished it I might get my life back, except that I don't want to. IT WAS SO GOOD OMG. ;____;

1. I reiterate. This was SO GOOD I CAN'T EVEN. I swear I've never seen a show where each single episode was a total pleasure to see every time. Well, this was. Seriously. I don't think that there was one episode I'd have rated less than eight on a 1-10 scale.

2. Hearst is officially the character I've wanted most to kill in any show I've ever watched. But then again he was so well acted that while I didn't love to hate him (I just hated him) he never exactly ANNOYED me. Mostly because he went and fucked with all people I like (Al, Merrick, ELLSWORTH ;_;, Wu, Dan etc.). Seriously. What a jerk. Even if the well-acted kind of jerk. I think that the reason I dislike him entirely is that he reminds me of B., except that Hearst is way more straightforward. Also, was that newspaper thing he told Merrick in the end a reference to Hearst junior who-then-ended-up-in-Citizen-Kane? Because if it was, I bow to the writing.

3. Since I mentioned that... damn, I knew at episode 10 that something had to go bad. Because I mean, until now the only really-main character who bit it was Wild Bill, more or less. I had to know they'd have gone and break my heart at the last two. Translating in: I positively cried when Hearst got Ellsworth killed. I might have been already upset because of sucky election results but DAMN, ELLSWORTH, YOU WERE A DARLING AND IF THERE HAD BEEN A S4 I'D HAVE MISSED YOU. ;___; I mean, he already spent the season making me cry (leaving Alma when she started again with the dope but not leaving the kid either, being all considerate and never putting himself first and stuff, ARGH ELLSWORTH I LOVED YOU SO MUCH. ;___;), but dying like that? Yeah. I cried. Dammit.

4. That related: my opinion on Alma making me generally headdesk didn't change until the last three-four episodes. When she was back on the laudanum I positively headdesked for sure, and when in the beginning she went to Hearst alone I could only think that it was totally the worst idea ever. Then I started sympathizing when Ellsworth died, DUH. Shannon Rutherford #2, the revenge? But I liked the bank plot. Hell, I like her just fine, but I like all the other girls better.

5. One reason I'm sort-of-happy that it ended there: I spent all season thinking that the doc was going to bite it because of the lungs and he didn't, eventually. Good, because the last thing I needed was someone else I really liked dying.

6. Cy: I still don't like him and he annoyed me to death, but. But. That scene in 3x09 where he talks to Silas and is like:

Silas Adams: Horsemen come to camp by torchlight last night.
Cy Tolliver: Tell Al as we didn’t wake to the apocalypse, I suppose all we need fear is their Winchesters.

positively killed me laughing. I know it isn't meant, but considering that in SPN Titus Welliver is a horseman? LOL forever.

7. Silas speaking: I'd still totally do him. Actually, everyone in Al's gang totally got points with me this round. Dan especially. Aw, poor baby, getting his feelings hurt by Al. Seriously, they're so gay for each other it's not even funny. And the arguing about the cinnamon = WIN. Dan, you were awesome.

8. Al: er. I think he might have become my favorite male character this round. Seriously. Maybe it's because against Hearst he totally looked like a knight in shining armor but this season I was on team Al all the way. Also jfc Ian McShane was GOOD at it. Some freaking fine acting indeed. I loved how he got back at Hearst after he got his finger cut. Hell, from S1 when he was going ways to have Alma out of her way to sheltering her? Aw. Al, you really are honorable. I loved that it ended with him scrubbing the blood from the floor, it was just perfect for that episode. Even if it wasn't for a goddamn series, but whatever. Also, him being BFF with Wu = AWWWWWW. (Poor Wu though, I thought he looked smart in his new suit. :(( I actually cheered when Al mentioned that as he was beating the idiotic Pinkerton guy.)

9. Seth gained points with me again, lol. When he brought Hearst into jail by the ear? I was cheering up all the way. Also for some reason I started really liking him and Martha this season even if last season they were annoooyiiing. Good writing I guess? Not that I complain. Also I liked that they didn't make the whole competition for sheriff nasty. That ending exchange he had with Charlie was brilliant. Overall he got back into my S1 graces. That said, Charlie Utter still was awesome. And I loved that everyone who was at odds in S1 ended up teaming against Hearst.

10. I wasn't too invested into the theater people storyline, but Brian Cox is good. So at least that was good entertainment.

11. What I was invested into: JANE AND JOANIE. <3333 oh my, OTP much? When they kissed I was gleeing so much it hurt. I absolutely loved them holding hands and stuff and Jane silencing that idiotic hotel owner and the baths and THAT ENDING SCENE WHERE THEY WERE ON THE SAME BED WITH BILL'S COAT. My heart, really. They were totally my happy place. *ships*

12. Trixie still retains the overall first place in the female categories. I-love-her. And I need to say that I loved it when she shot Hearst. I was like GO GIRL!, except she missed, but still. She kicked ass, seriously. And AW HER AND SOL ARE JUST THE MOST PRECIOUS THING EVER HAPPENED AFTER THE TWO IN 11. Sol was actually kind of lacking this season, I'd have liked to see more of him, but still. PRECIOUS.

13. Richardson = best comic relief ever. Him, the antlers, aunt Lou, his shiny clothes for when he goes voting, his banter with EB and everything else. Seriously, I was kind of attached to the guy. The antlers, seriously. I loved Richardson.

14. Aw, EB, poor baby. I hoped until the end he'd grow some balls, but having him stand in place of Hearst on the hotel after he got out of that hole was a nice touch. Getting beaten and spit in the face probably was not, but still, his monologues = win. Poor baby, though. *pats*

15. Slightly crack: how much of a OTP are Merrick and Blazanov? Seriously. (That said, I loved them both. Aw. Poor Merrick, I really felt for his ribs.)

16. Dealing with the racism issue: WOW. Hostleter dying positively made me hate Steve a lot more than I already did but I just loved how things turned out with the little nigger general ending up caring for him instead. Just says a lot of things. Even though well, when Steve ended up in the vegetative state? Considering that I wanted to slap him whenever he opened his mouth, that was a perfectly fit punishment. Also I loved how they dealt with in regards to Aunt Lou. Aw. :(((( Hearst, in the latter's case, you were totally heartless. :( And reiterating, I loved Fields going to vote.

17. Elections: you spend two seasons building that and THEN I DON'T EVEN GET TO SEE THE OUTCOME? *headdesk*

18. 3x10 (A Constant Throb) is def. my favorite episode overall and a plausible contender for the top five of my favorites episodes from any tv show. It was so good I can't even. Every second of it. And the writing, ohmy. And the scenes and the photography and everything. That show in general is a pleasure to watch but that episode especially was just amazing. It had everything and it covered mostly everyone and just, yes. That. I also loved the finale, Unauthorized Cinnamon and Amateur Night, and the premiere. Goes unsaid that I loved it all though. ;)

19. Er, I think I'm done with the ranting but OMG I'M GOING TO MISS MARATHONS OF THIS and everyone and damn, why didn't they make the movies? Then again they ended up with just one person I cared about dying and my two ships surviving so I can't exactly say it sucked, but it still feels too much like a loose end. Still. THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD. The only quibble: why the fuck in my region 2 dvds I don't have a single special feature? The Italian ones have only a gallery, but the English S3 ones don't have zilch either, but I read that the region 1 ones are full of special features. What's this racism? ://

20. Damn. I'll miss this. A lot. But I totally loved it. And I'll re-watch at least some of it soon-ish, dammit. Though well, I'm glad to have my life back.

Okay, this ranted, _izu_ is getting here in the morning and I need to be up at a decent hour and to do stuff because THE CON IS IN THREE DAYS DAMMIT and so I'll go to sleep and wait for my elections suck ass rant next week, because I'll totally post about the con first. The fact that right this moment the con is first in my priorities should say enough, but the outcome sucked so much that if I think too much about it before I chill wouldn't be good. *sigh*
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