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01 May 2010 @ 12:23 am
round-up: Lost slash fics/ficlets reposting of doom  
Augh. I was sure I had LESS stuff to re-post. Anyway. These are all either for the Five Acts meme or from the lostsquee fic battle back in January. Not using my usual header format, but if I did this would clog up half of your f-lists and really, not. These is all Lost and all slash. Het is coming tomorrow along with the fandoms that are NOT Supernatural. Which is coming on Sunday.



The Flesh Is Weak
Desmond/Sayid; S4 spoilers. 613 words, NC17; not mine.
Sayid probably doesn’t even know, but the way his hands are sure and practiced as he picks the broken engine part up and breaks it in pieces and observes it, the way they’re dirty with grease but still functional is making things to Desmond’s stomach.
A/N: originally written for the lostsquee fic battle, for the prompt gear; using for lostpicksix #36, quickie.
Because the flesh is weak, the old saying recites, and it’s generally true.

I Gazed A Gazeless Stare
Desmond/Sayid; 6x12 spoilers. 1372 words, NC17, warning for light bondage and breath-play; not mine.
“Brother, I just was tryin’ to get a reaction out of you. Seems like I did it, aye?”
A/N: originally written for wandersfound for the Five Acts meme (prompts: breathplay, hurt/comfort/kissing); using for lostpicksix #3, kink. Title from Nirvana/David Bowie.
Desmond’s eyes open up and stare right back into Sayid’s and if he’s surprised at having been tied against the tree, he doesn’t show it.

We'll Meet On Edges, Soon
alt!Desmond/alt!Sayid; 6x13 spoilers. 814 words, light R; not mine.
“Aren’t you afraid that someone will catch you, eventually?”; “I reckon that one day they will, but by then my job will be done.” Desmond shrugs, and Sayid doesn’t ask what the job is. He’s sure he won’t get an answer anyway.
A/N: originally written for aboutbunnies for the Five Acts meme (prompts: fugitives, kissing); using for lostpicksix #12, motel.
At times, Desmond disappears and Sayid stays at the motel.



You Look At Me Now And Don't Think I Don't Know
Jack/Boone; S3 finale spoilers. 295 words, PG13, warning for drug use and Nirvana!Jack; not mine.
“You can’t do this to yourself,” Boone keeps on, a hand on Jack’s wrist squeezing it lightly and it’d feel just so good, so warm, so alive if only Jack’s fingers weren’t brushing against Boone’s own wrist. There’s no pulse. He can’t even have a proper delusion, these days.
A/N: originally written for the lostsquee fic battle for the with the prompt pills; using for lostpicksix #15, intoxicated. Title from Steve Earle.
“You should quit them,” Boone says softly, sitting on the edge of Jack’s battered mattress.

Outside Looking In
Jack/Boone, Sawyer; spoiler-free, set in S1. 701 words, NC17, warning for rimming and voyeurism; not mine.
Where Sawyer is innocently taking a walk and stumbles over something he really wasn't expecting to see. Ever.
A/N: originally written for haldoor for the Five Acts meme (prompts: rimming, voyeurism). Using for 2x5obsessions #5, entwined.
Well, he figures, next time he needs a free peep show, he can keep an eye on those two.


Other pairings:

When You're Down And Out
Miles/Daniel; spoilers up to 5x08. 589 words, PG13; not mine.
If you had asked him on the freighter, he’d have laughed in your face. Because really. Sharing a bed with Daniel Faraday in the seventies in the worst tropical heat ever existed?
A/N: originally written for ozmissage for the Five Acts meme (prompts: kissing, hot nights, sharing a bed, domesticity). Using for chem15try #12, transition state. Title from Simon & Garfunkel.
Miles is actually fine with it, all things considered.

At Dusk The Stars All Appear
Jack/Sawyer; set early-ish in the series so spoiler-free. 670 words, light r; not mine.
Jack never asked him what was in his letter, and Sawyer won’t ask him why he inks stars on his biceps.
A/N: originally written for gemjam for the Five Acts meme (prompts: tattoos, stars). Title from Bruce Springsteen.
Sometimes Sawyer thinks he should ask Jack why the hell would he get stars tattooed on his arm.

It's A Long Way Down To Nothing At All
Jack/Sayid; early S6 spoilers (set before 6x05). 639 words, light NC17; not mine.
“I don’t care what they said,” Jack whispers low as he pushes Sayid back against the wall of the Temple’s room with the pool, feeling like he needs closeness to say this, “you’re not dead or going dark side or whatever he means. You’re not. Hear me? Not under my watch.”
A/N: originally written for mollivanders for the Five Acts meme (prompts: worrying for someone, wall sex). Title from U2.
Jack needs to make his point.

Black Becomes Me Well
Jacob/Man in black; spoilers up to the S5 finale. 432 words, PG13; not mine.
The chessboard rests on the sand, undisturbed by the waves; they just don’t reach it, nor the two men sitting on the opposite sides of it.
A/N: originally written for the lostsquee fic battle, with the prompt chess. Title from a quote from The Seventh Seal.
The one dressed in white has the black side, the one dressed in black has the white.

It'll Wash Away
dead!Boone/dead!Charlie; spoilers up to the S3 finale. 1058 words, PG; not mine.
“I’m the only one who remembers, but you all… arrive like this. Anyway, your name is Charlie Pace and you were with me in a plane crash.”
A/N: originally written for the lostsquee fic battle, with the prompt amnesia. Title from Steve Earle, sort of.
He had sort of hoped that with Charlie it would be different.

Sacrifices Suck (but it could be worse)
Boone/Charlie/the smoke monster; spoilers up to the S5 finale, warning for tentacle sex, utter and unrepentant crack, wackiness and possible mental scarring. 1431 words, NC17; not mine, in this case luckily.
The only sensible answer they agreed upon was trying to stop the smoke monster from interfering; without such an ally out of the field (for not-John, of course), things would have been at least evened out; and then the problem became, how the fuck were they going to distract the smoke monster?
A/N: originally written for the lostsquee fic battle, with the prompt tentacle sex. This is all toestastegood's fault, by the way. And I warned you up there. Don't say I scarred you for life.
Sometimes Boone thinks that if there were prizes for people who didn’t learn their lesson even after death, he and Charlie would have won them all already with honors.


Duuuh. Will probably crosspost tomorrow so that I don't clog all fic comms at the same time. :/
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the awkward young shadow: TOM. RUNNING.gwape on April 30th, 2010 11:43 pm (UTC)
OMG JACK/BOONE. You are my dealer. :D
the female ghost of tom joad: ;______;janie_tangerine on May 1st, 2010 09:13 am (UTC)
Eeeee, thank you! I deal gladly, lol. ;)
Janice: hugsjaydblu on May 3rd, 2010 06:37 pm (UTC)
I was going to try to do a summary of the fics you posted, but I can't. So, be prepared for comment spam. I haven't read anything of yours for so long, but I haven't forgotten how awesome! :D
the female ghost of tom joad: glomping!janie_tangerine on May 3rd, 2010 06:50 pm (UTC)
Ha, it's also my fault because apparently my Lost works just while prompted atm. Fail. *sigh* But ha, awesome! I'm all ready for the comment spamming. Bring it on! :D