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04 May 2010 @ 01:31 am
five acts meme fics: vampire porn, chuck, lotr, supernatural which isn't dean/castiel ficlet dump  
PHEWWWWWW. God. This was almost worse than the Lost ones. And I still have all the Dean/Castiel to go through. Ah well, have the rest. ;)


The Vampire pornography Diaries (both Damon/Alaric):

We've Always Been Out Of Our Minds
Damon/Alaric; spoilers maybe up until 1x18 but nothing specific really. 666 words, R; not mine.
The blade is sharp and thin and deadly, and Damon’s face halfway between inexpressive and satisfied as he moves it downwards, ripping Alaric’s shirt with a soft sound that sounds haunting when they’re surrounded by silence, except for their own breathing.
A/N: originally written for gottalovev for the five acts meme for the prompt knifeplay. Title from Tom Waits.
There’s something skillful in the way Damon handles that knife.

I Know You Want What's On My Mind
Damon/Alaric; spoilers maybe up until 1x18 but nothing specific really. 723 words, NC17; not mine.
As Alaric's left hand moves and his index slowly, slowly reaches the pool of dark blood on Damon's chest, he wonders for a second if he’s really doing this. If he’s right exactly where she was. (And he is. Oh, he is.) What would happen if instead of tracing a random, diagonal line which sort of shakes along the way, he brought that finger up and licked it clean.
A/N: originally written for fullonswayzeed for the five acts meme for the prompt bloodplay. Title from Stone Temple Pilots.
“Oh, that is kinky. I bet you didn’t even know that yourself, did you?”



The Last Men On Earth
Bryce/Chuck; general S2 spoilers, goes AU sometime before the finale. 1287 words, light R; not mine.
That’s what Chuck’s life is now: empty motels, stealing gas tanks for a car that will probably fall apart on its own soon-ish, and Bryce Larkin, in a nuclear fucking wasteland where you can’t even risk rain touching your skin.
A/N: originally written for gigglemonster for the five acts meme for the prompts post-apocalypse, motels, weather.
All Chuck has noticed in the last three months, is that everyone is gone.

Plain Awesome
Ellie/Awesome; general S3 spoilers, not much specified. 487 words, PG; not mine.
Now, according to Devon, Ellie is what you’d call the embodiment of awesome in every possible sense; hell, at times he wonders why they call him Awesome and not her, and his fondness for the word shouldn’t have zilch to do with it.
A/N: originally written for rayruz for the five acts meme for the prompt food .
And there are things he likes to do with her.



And I'll Love All Things That Grow And Are Not Barren
Faramir/Éowyn; er, if you read the book/watched the movies, no spoilers really. Otherwise, for the ending. 740 words, PG; not mine.
It’s not just that he’s a good man and that he gets her in a way no one else ever did, it’s not just that he was right when he guessed that she wouldn’t leave the houses because he wouldn’t; it’s that he doesn’t want her to be anything else than what she is, and he doesn’t expect her to be anything other than what that.
A/N: originally written for yersi_fanel for the five acts meme for the prompts happy endings, happiness and slight possessiveness.
Once, dying was her only wish.



How Sam Winchester Ended Up Smitten With The New, Hot Librarian (and proved to be related to his brother in the process)
Sam/Castiel, Dean; total AU so no spoilers. 2264 words, PG13; not mine.
the AU where Sam is in grad school, Castiel is the new librarian, Dean gives Sam sort-of-wise advice and the angst is at a minimum.
A/N: originally written for hopelessfangirl for the five acts meme for the prompts AU, staring, watching movies. GRAD SCHOOL ROM COM AU. I said it all.
“Sammy, you idiot, you’ve been translating all your Latin crap with him for three weeks and you still haven’t gotten into the guy’s pants? How can we even be related?”

And No More Shall We Part
Sam/Castiel/Dean; general S5 spoilers. words, NC17, warning for consensual incestuous threesome; not mine.
Seeing them kissing like this is the most beautiful thing Dean has put his eyes on; it means that he has them both and he never has to make that choice he feared he’d have to do back before the Apocalypse even started.
A/N: originally written for entangled_now for the five acts meme for the prompts fingers, double penetration, kissing. The DP is sort of, but still. Using for sacred_20 #18, forbidden fruit.
What makes it perfect, Dean thinks, is the balance. Between each of them, and between the three of them.
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