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16 April 2010 @ 04:48 pm
three lost ficlets, all het (Jack/Juliet, Kate/Sayid, Kate/Boone)  
Title: Cages
Rating: hard R
Pairing: Jack/Juliet
Words: 321
Summary: This is not what you should be doing.
Spoilers: mid S3.
Disclaimer: Lost isn't mine, duh.
A/N: originally written for lenina20 for the five acts meme; the prompts were Stockholm syndrome, quick/rushed and angst. Second person POV. Sucky title sucks, but I have no imagination.

You’re losing your mind.

It’s the only rational explanation (and you’re a man of science), because she’s, if not the enemy, one enemy, and she’s holding you prisoner (or at least she was, before they said she should die because she helped you) along with used-to-be-Henry-Gale and this is not what you should be doing.

(But she’s as much of a prisoner as you are, unless she’s pretending and you’re mistaken. Damn, you should have become good at realizing when someone is faking. You aren’t, though. )

It doesn’t really matter, in the end, because she has a mark on her back because of you and her legs are hooked around your waist and you’re thrusting inside her while you’re keeping her pinned against the bars of the cage. The noises she’s making are all pleasure and just the slightest bit of pain, and her mouth is open against the skin on your neck against which she’s moaning and occasionally biting. She feels good around you, she thrusts right back following your rhythm, and your hands tangle in blond hair, pulling so tight that it has to hurt.

She doesn’t say no, though, and that’s enough for you to keep on going, another handful of seconds or maybe more; and then you hear her voice forming words, Jack, screamed right next to your ear as she raises his head, and you pull her closer, impossibly closer, trying to get as deep as you can, burying yourself inside her.

You come in a rush, quick, fast, hard, and you keep her there against you, the both of you prisoners in that cage or maybe not, and you hate yourself for having started to trust her even if she was your captor to begin with. But as she shivers and spasm against you, you feel drunk on sensation, dizzy, high, almost; and fuck, you don’t even care that Ben is probably watching you.


Title: Keep Your Eyes On The Road And Your Hands Upon The Wheel
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Kate/Sayid
Words: 500
Summary: It’s almost like a weird vacation. (Until they get caught, but who says that they will be? They’re both professionals, after all.)
Spoilers: goes AU from S4.
Disclaimer: Lost isn't mine, duh.
A/N: originally written for the fic battle at lostsquee for the prompt road trip. This is, uh, weird. I guess. Title from The Doors.

The car is stolen. (That was Sayid’s doing.)

Kate drives. (That was her idea. She doesn’t have a problem with breaking speed limits.)

The car is old and second-hand is too much of an honor, but it isn’t really important. (As long as it doesn’t break down in the middle of the road.)

There are two guns in the trunk, one in the dashboard compartment and one tucked inside Kate’s jeans, hidden by her jacket. (You can never be too sure.)

If he drives, there’s usually no music. When there is, it’s something classical and instrumental. (Kate doesn’t like it, but she doesn’t mind it too much either.)

If she drives, it’s Patsy Cline and Janis Joplin. (She thinks that he likes Patsy and hates Janis, but she won’t ask him any reasons.)

They are careful. (It’s always backroads.)

They are very careful. (The motels are all low price and they never stay in the same place for two nights.)

They avoid Iowa. (That was a spoken agreement.)

They don’t talk about Aaron or what Sayid has done since Nadia died. (That was an unspoken agreement.)

They’re both on the run. (That’s not even a surprise, isn’t it?)

Sometimes, she misses Aaron. (At least he’s where he belongs. He never belonged with her anyway.)

All the time, he misses Nadia. (He should have never thought that he would get to keep his happy ending.)

She knows something about happy endings that can’t just be. (Enough that she knows better than sharing.)


“Oregon or Idaho?” (Whatever. It doesn’t matter.)

“Idaho.” (One is as good as the other, I believe.)

“Idaho it is, then. All clear?” (Is anyone following us?)

“All is clear.” (No. Still not. )

There’s no answer. (They don’t talk much and they don’t need one most times.)

Kate breaks the speed limit and turns left. (Sayid casts a glance behind him.)

“Do you really think he can find us?” (Kate doesn’t care about Ben’s plan, but she’ll be dead before she agrees to it.)

“He will try.” (Sayid knows him too well; he knows that a definitive answer is impossible, with such a question.)


She looks in the rear view mirror; there’s a car. (Of course. Six months from the last one was even too much.)

Sayid takes the gun from the dashboard compartment. (He hands it just as easily as she does.)

She pushes on the accelerator. (He nods and takes off the secure.)


They almost never kiss. (The sheets are always rumpled, after.)

They always share a bed. (It’s practical.)

He never talks while in bed. (She doesn’t, either.)


Running is something she’s born for; sometimes she suspect, he is, too. (Making others suffer is something he’s born for; sometimes he suspects that she is, too, even if in their cases, there might be an exception.)


It’s almost like a weird vacation. (Until they get caught, but who says that they will be? They’re both professionals, after all.)


Title: Get It While You Can
Rating: R
Pairing: Boone/Kate
Words: 716
Summary: He’s probably here just to prove to himself that he can be with someone who is everything Shannon isn’t and since there’s nothing else he wants, Kate will let him have it.
Spoilers: for S1? It's set then.
Disclaimer: Lost isn't mine, duh.
A/N: originally written for for the fic battle at lostsquee, the prompt was nothing good ever happens past midnight. Er, well, Kate was missing in my write-Boone/everyone-quest. Title from Janis Joplin.

They should know better, and they probably do, but it doesn’t stop them anyway. They do it only when it’s dark because there’s really no other option and he does it just because he can and she does it because she’s sure he doesn’t care about her if not for that.

Kate knows even too well; it’s not like she cares at all. After all, Jack looks at her like he’ll be the one to save her (he’s wrong) and Sawyer looks at her like she’s his rightful other half (he might not be wrong objectively, but still, she isn’t really that kind of person); Boone doesn’t really give a damn about her and doesn’t even like her that way. Hell, if Kate understood well, she’s not even his type (he likes them with blond hair, and slim and long legs, and pink skirts that Kate never wore even when she was five and had a reason to); he’s probably here just to prove to himself that he can be with someone who is everything Shannon isn’t and since there’s nothing else he wants, Kate will let him have it. He isn’t her type as well (too naïve, too nice, too clingy, probably too young too), but then again, he won’t try to seduce her anytime soon and he’s pretty different, when there isn’t daylight. When there isn’t daylight he’s sure as he touches her, he isn’t as careful and nice as everyone would imagine looking at him. He takes and Kate, who isn’t much for giving either, takes too and surprisingly, as long as they don’t talk if it isn’t necessary, it works.

He usually fucks her against a tree or over his shirt spread on the ground and she’ll meet him along the way; as stated, he isn’t gentle or trying to turn this into something that isn’t just release and a way to take their minds off all the rest. She usually likes how his hands feel on her, sure but not invading; they never kiss, but it’s fine. Kate thinks she’s done with kissing for a while, considering what happened last time she kissed someone on this island.

It’s not like this is anything good; it might be good in the short run for them because he gets his boost of ego, or confidence, or whatever, or maybe he gets a thrill from it because after all she had showed that she could handle a gun a lot better than he could or that she can do everything better than he can even if he’s Mr. Nice Guy and he should be the one getting everything right. But he doesn’t; this is actually the only thing that Kate thinks he’s getting right since the crash (and well, considering the way he moves inside her or the way he touches her or the way his hips slam down as she thrusts up meeting them, she can safely say he knows what he’s doing), and for some reason it makes it even more surreal because after all, with a fearless leader and a charming outlaw being both obviously interested in her, why should she even look at him? Because she finds the whole thing dangerous enough but not too dangerous, because it’s obvious he’s running from something and so he won’t try to stop her if she wants the same, and because it still feels good and so why not.

During the night he’s different than during the day, he’s still quite pretty to look at, and it’s not like it’s anything more than sex. They’re using each other, she knows that and he knows that, and maybe that’s probably the only thing they have in common.

Nothing good is going to come from it in the long run, but sincerely, that’s enough. It’s not like it will ever last, so she’ll just take while she can and she’ll let him take while he can and they both won’t complain, she thinks as she leaves her tent and moves carefully into the darkness of the jungle. He’ll follow in five minutes because she’s still the one who can track; and maybe she also likes the fact that she has obviously the upper hand.

Not that he seems to mind much, truth to be told.

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Fangirlage like WHOA.: LOST // J&J&J - Blamehopelessfangirl on May 11th, 2010 08:19 pm (UTC)
Guh, these are fabulous. Particularly Jack/Juliet. Wonderful job!
the female ghost of tom joad: lost jack/julietjanie_tangerine on May 13th, 2010 07:19 pm (UTC)
ee, thank you! I'm so glad you liked them, especially because 2/3 featured Kate and idek WHY I went and wrote Kate. Idk I liked the prompts I guess. ;) Thanks again!
squeakyboots: happy clairesqueakyboots on May 15th, 2010 12:01 am (UTC)
Adored the first (because it's my OTP), but I must say that the second one intrigued me. I liked the way you included Sayid's answers to Kate's questions in parentheses: You captured his voice really well this way.

As a pairing, Ive always thought Sayid/Kate would have an interesting dynamic, and you make a good case for it in this story.
the female ghost of tom joad: lost boone/clairejanie_tangerine on May 15th, 2010 01:07 pm (UTC)
Aw, thank you! J/J was totally my Lost het OTP too before it got butchered like that, so it's great to know you liked it! I have to say that even if Kate is not my character at all Kate/Sayid intrigues me a lot so it's great to know that you liked those twoo too. :D And that the style did, too, because I was kinda experimenting :D Thanks again!!! ;)