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11 May 2010 @ 05:31 pm
ficlets from the five acts meme and the fic battle dump: Lost het + Lost/SPN crossovers edition  
Okay, second-to-last of the ficlet reposting dumps I'll inflict on you. The first three are random het, the last two are SPN/Lost crossovers. Next is coming the Dean/Castiel in five hours or so and then I'll be done.

Lost het:

Jack/Juliet; mid S3 spoilers; 321 words; hard R; not mine.
This is not what you should be doing.
A/N: originally written for lenina20 for the five acts meme; the prompts were Stockholm syndrome, quick/rushed and angst. Second person POV. Sucky title sucks, but I have no imagination.
You’re losing your mind.

Keep Your Eyes On The Road And Your Hands Upon The Wheel
Kate/Sayid; S4 spoilers, then goes AU; 500 words: PG13; not mine.
It’s almost like a weird vacation. (Until they get caught, but who says that they will be? They’re both professionals, after all.)
A/N: originally written for the fic battle at lostsquee for the prompt road trip. This is, uh, weird. I guess. Title from The Doors.
The car is stolen.

Get It While You Can
Boone/Kate; S1 spoilers; 716 words: R; not mine.
He’s probably here just to prove to himself that he can be with someone who is everything Shannon isn’t and since there’s nothing else he wants, Kate will let him have it.
A/N: originally written for the fic battle at lostsquee for the prompt nothing good ever happens past midnight. Title from Janis Joplin.
They should know better, and they probably do, but it doesn’t stop them anyway.


Lost/SPN crossovers:

And You Could Smell The Whiskey Burning
Ellen/Sayid; S2 spoilers (SPN) + S4 spoilers (Lost); 940 words; R; not mine.
What stands out to her isn’t his clothing (too refined, too pricey, too new) and it isn’t his features either (dark skin, definitely Arab, foreign accent, a better grammar than most people Ellen usually talks to); what stands out, is that he orders MacClutcheon’s.
A/N: originally written for the fic battle at lostsquee for the prompt whiskey. Title from Steve Earle.
Ellen hasn’t seen someone looking so dead since Dean the day after he sold his soul, and who knows if this guy hasn’t sold his, too?

Sympathy For The Devil
Lucifer/Man In Black (-> Lucifer/War, implies also Jacob/MIB); 5x02 spoilers (SPN), general S5/S6 spoilers (Lost); 1280 words; hard R; not mine.
“I was waiting for you,” the real devil says as you finally stand in front of him again.
A/N: originally written for toestastegood for the five acts meme; the prompts were rough sex, holding hands and reunion. Title from the Rolling Stones.
You snort and try not to pay attention; after all, it’s just a vessel. And even if it has the face of the person who kept you there since Lucifer first fell, you can let a grudge go.
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