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12 April 2010 @ 10:13 pm
fic, Supernatural: dirtly little secret (Dean/Castiel), NC17  
Title: Dirty Little Secret
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Warnings: crossdressing.
Words: 589
Summary: Dean doesn’t even remember when he could have told Cas about the whole satin panties with Rhonda Hurley deal.
Spoilers: up to 5x04 for mentioning a certain pair of panties, then general S5 but nothing specific.
Disclaimer: SPN isn't mine, like it's news whatsoever.
A/N: originally written for cs_whitewolf for the five acts meme; the prompt was crossdressing. Title probably stolen from a bunch of sources since everyone has used it, but it'd be Bon Jovi for me.

Dean doesn’t even remember when he could have told Cas about the whole satin panties with Rhonda Hurley deal.

He thinks one night when he got absolutely, utterly and completely smashed on tequila, and Sam had ended up asking Cas to mojo him back to the hotel while he drove back, since he suspected that Dean would have thrown up if traveling by car.

His brother probably had a point.

Anyway. He must have told that back then for some reason. Otherwise, he knows he wouldn’t have even thought about it.

Also, he probably has told Cas about some fantasy of his where apparently Cas was wearing them.

He doesn’t fucking remember, okay?

Point is, Cas apparently remembers every fucking thing Dean says.

And Dean can’t believe that Cas is standing in front of him right now, wearing trench and suit and everything, but with a slight smirk on his lips which are actually fucking covered in pale pink lipstick. You don’t even notice it if you don’t get very close. Also, the trench is open. And the first button of the suit’s trousers is. And if Dean isn’t wrong, under there Cas isn’t wearing his regular white underwear.

Cas lets his coat fall to the ground and Dean comes forward slowly, his hand reaching out for Cas’ waist. He pulls the trousers open and fuck, Cas is wearing azure, satin, laced panties. Actually, the lace is fucking dark blue and makes quite a great match with the clearer shade.

Suddenly, Dean feels so hard that he can barely move.

He just stares. Especially because Cas is quite hard himself, it seems.

“Dean? Is there… something wrong?” Cas whispers, sounding half-worried, and Dean shakes his head maybe too fast.

“Fuck no,” he answers, cornering Cas against the motel’s bed and reaching further down with his hand. It’s fucking slightly trembling when Dean palms Cas’ cock through the satin but then Cas moans from the back of his throat and it’s so low, vibrating and needy that Dean doesn’t really reason anymore. He keeps on palming and slightly stroking while still having his hand grip the satin (which is become wet as Dean’s fingertips move), and Cas falls sitting on the bed, his hands gripping the covers like a lifeline, and then Dean can’t take it anymore. He moves his right hand up and then pushes inside the panties, grabbing Cas’ cock for real and jerking him off in quick, fast strokes, exactly the way he knows drives Cas crazy, and then he tangles his fingers of the other hand in the lace circling Cas’ leg.

He’s sure he can’t last long, and then Cas’ head jerks up and he bites down on Dean’s shoulder as he comes on his hand and fuck, fuck, it’s too much.

He doesn’t even try to get his own hand inside his jeans; he comes before he can and fuck, it feels so good that he doesn’t even care about the implications.

He doesn’t think that he has ever come so hard without even touching himself once, and then he falls over Cas without much gracefulness, but he can’t physically hold himself up.

And if when he comes to Cas is licking his hand clean, you really can’t be surprised that he definitely starts getting bothered again.

He might not remember ever telling Cas that, but as he moves and claims the angel’s mouth in a bruising kiss, he totally doesn’t regret it.

Also, he’s totally convincing Cas to keep those panties. Fuck yes.

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