the female ghost of tom joad (janie_tangerine) wrote,
the female ghost of tom joad

sticky: current fanfiction projects or what Janie NEEDS to finish.

Idea stolen from wandersfound. Maybe I -will- manage to keep track of what I need to finish. Let's hope?

fandom pairing challenge description state deadline
supernatural/good omens dean/castiel, aziraphale/crowley hope_in_sight er, S5 AU by this point. about 2/3rds done. 20000 words total maybe? AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AUGH I'M SO LATE.
lost jack/boone, sawyer/sayid none, thank fuck. Just for my satisfaction. some like it hot au. Yeaaah. not even started, but I will write it one day. none
supernatural dean/castiel for eowyn 5x21 coda. halfway done. I might finish it next time I open the document. asap.
lost boone/alex for snowweisz/the fanfic wish meme alt!fic. not started yet, will do asap. asap, as stated.
chuck bryce/chuck for the chuck_slash AU challenge bryce is a sculptor, chuck is his statue that comes to life. did about 2000 words, then stopped. Will take it up again some day. I missed the original deadline so.. whenever.
supernatural dean/castiel for au_bingo exchange Hockey AU inspired by Warren Zevon which idek how to describe. 20000+ words, I need the ending and a lot of editing. February 28th. *headdesk*
supernatural dean/castiel for au_bingo Regency AU. Where sex during opera happens. In my head it's all plotted, on paper there's nothing. February 28th.
supernatural jimmy; castiel (some), dean (some), no pairings for au_bingo Dystopian thing based on Oryx And Crake. Finished, some 12000 words; to beta. February 28th.
supernatural dean/castiel for au_bingo hooker au based on my own private idaho. in my head for now; would probably be long-ish. February 28th.
supernatural dean/castiel for au_bingo band!au wherein dean is the musician and cas is the only groupie on this planet who doesn't want to have sex. in my head for now; would probably be long-ish as well. February 28th.
the dark tower roland/eddie/susan for au_bingo & kissbingo totally self-indulgent post-series thing. about 3000 words for now, I need some more porn, some editing and an ending. February 28th.

plus: posting drabbles for the infamous ship meme which I should have done ages ago;

plus: help_chile icons for elliotsmelliot;
graphics for haldoor's rock band AU;

/updated October 30th
Tags: fanfiction, i am way crazy, writing

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