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26 August 2010 @ 11:23 am
faraway, so close - A/N and thanks  
First, many many thanks to carmexgirl who betaed this and did an amazing job out of it. And made me improve my Anna characterization a whole damn lot, among the other things. <333333 Theeen, to _izu_ who ended up being stuck with me again even if this time we didn't have an idea that we'd be participating in the same challenge. I hadn't told her and she hadn't told me and then when we found that out... well, it was lol-worthy. Anyway, her art for this was totally a-ma-zing again and gorgeous and every possible other praising adjective even if she doesn't think it is. Whatever, I'll try to convince her otherwise until she caves. And much thanks to the mods who put this whole thing up. :DD

So, uh, I had been thinking about writing this since S4. I had started it, too, but then I left it there for some reason, and then I figured I had to finish it because I liked the idea too much. I just hope it came out at least a slight bit worthy of what I based it on, even if I changed enough stuff around. That said, I also quoted stuff directly/stolen scenes directly from the movie, but I hope I managed not to be too obscure, on that front. Blame it on watching that movie at least twenty times. I don't know how much poor Wim Wenders would like what I did with his film, but I want to hope he'd forgive me eventually. Just for clarity's sake, in this Castiel is Damiel, Anna is Cassiel, Dean is Marion and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is Peter Falk, just because if they do RPS then I don't see why I can't do that as well. ;) (Also, as last time I did a bigbang, anonymous comments are enabled and I do value concrit. I'd love to hear it, if I could improve something in this.)

Aand, that was all. I hope it's a good read! :)
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