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28 August 2010 @ 12:35 pm
fic, Lost: the dice roll so deceptively (Desmond/Kate/Sayid), NC17  
Haaai, this is me trying to post luau fic at the last moment. Expect another now and a couple/three between today and tomorrow, if I manage to do everything I want to do.

Title: the dice roll so deceptively
Pairing: Desmond/Kate/Sayid
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 1837
Spoilers: up until the finale.
Warnings: well, it's a threesome and sex happens..?
Summary: alt!AU where Desmond finds a way to spice up his time in jail with both Sayid and Kate.
Disclaimer: Lost is not mine. This would have probably happened...
A/N: LAATE luau fic for queens aurilly and j_corrosion, who wanted Sayid getting some love. They said het and slash were both fair game and Sayid/Kate was, too, and... uh. I hope shameless porn where one of the participants can't join in works for the both of you? Using also for lostpicksix, threesome, and au_abc, inmates. Title from Patti Smith.

Kate can’t believe that this is happening.

She just can’t, and she had thought she had seen enough of the world not to be surprised easily. Also, she hadn’t exactly paid attention to her cellmates until a short while ago, and so she had lost most of the circumstances leading to this.

This, being said two inmates rutting on the bunk of the cell next to hers. But that’s not what’s worse. What’s worse is that Kate has been staring at them for a while through those damn bars, and she hasn’t even tried not to look.

Though maybe the fact that she’s resisting the impulse to just move her hand and stick it inside the waistband of her jeans is the worst of it.

She had just been minding her business and maybe thinking about a last attempt to convince that officer who arrested her that this really isn’t where she belongs; meanwhile, they had been talking. Or better, the Scottish guy had been talking and the… Indian? Arab one? she doesn’t know, really, had been answering in monosyllables. She had figured herself that the conversation couldn’t have been that interesting, this until the not-Scottish guy had started to actually answer. Now she wishes she had paid attention to what they had actually been saying.

It had gone on for a short while then, and she had been happy for them, really, after all talking with someone is probably less tedious than waiting alone in a cell. And she’s not that great company right this moment. Hell, she and not-Scottish spent a whole entire hour being perfectly civil to each other and not saying a word. Then again, Scottish guy seems chatty.

“You don’t remember, but you will,” he had said at some point, she’s sure; and then the talking had gone on for a bit and then it stopped.

Then the other noises started.

When she raised her eyes, they had been kissing, and she had thought that they were completely crazy. Anyone could have walked in. And well, Kate doesn’t do one-night stands, but that wasn’t even that. That was an entire new level of crazy, but she still couldn’t stop staring at then.

They look good together, she had thought against all coherency; but they did. Not too different in height even if Scottish guy is taller, both have dark skin but of a different kind of dark, and they fit quite nicely against each other. And they kissed slowly, in a way that was way too intimate for a prison cell with someone else watching. Also, if Kate wasn’t wrong, Scottish guy was definitely the one with the upper hand, or the one leading the way.

It doesn’t exactly matter now, because now not-Scottish is laying on the cot and the other has a hand inside his trousers, and the one below is moaning softly, noises of pleasure that come out of his throat almost fighting their way out, and Kate is biting her lip and feeling her blood rush in places it shouldn’t. Scottish guy is carding a hand through the other’s hair slowly, in a way that is definitely too intimate for a prison cell, and she doesn’t want to find this hot but she does and she can’t stop herself from letting out a small gasp when they start kissing again and she sees tongue.

Then Scottish guy raises his head and meets her eyes and she thinks for a second that she wants to disappear; she had thought that they had totally forgotten her presence but he definitely hasn’t. He stares at her for a very, very short while, but then he winks at her just as he pushes the other’s man’s trousers down. And well, his partner is hard, and she can see his cock beneath the Scottish one’s hand, and he’s still staring at her, like he’s daring her, and like he’d totally let her join if it wasn’t for those pesky bars.

Kate can’t take it anymore. No one with even just a bit of libido inside them could resist this, and so she just figures that she can have some fun before the handsome cop who won’t ever let her go comes to fetch her. She opens her legs, pushes her jeans’ zipper down and her hand reaches inside.


Sayid isn’t really sure he believes Desmond, or so he said his name was. Scratch it, he’s sure he doesn’t believe him. Because when someone comes into your cell and starts blathering about previous lives and ships and wells and the two of them having been friends and him just needing to remember it, he’s crazy. He has to be. But then he said Nadia’s name, and he knew a lot of things a total stranger shouldn’t have known, and then he had asked, you don’t believe what I say just because you think you don’t deserve it, do you?. What he had said, apart from all of the other life talking, was that things were going to get better for him in just a short time and that it wasn’t going to get worse than this, and Sayid can’t believe that. He has killed three men and he’s in prison, where he deserves to be for all he’s concerned, and Nadia is gone forever for him. How can something good come out of such a situation he could not even begin to imagine.

Though it also implies that he doesn’t have anything to lose, and it’s probably why he let Desmond kiss him. He doesn’t know exactly why himself, but Desmond had started it and he hadn’t said no. It felt good, at first; it was quite a nice kiss, and not what Sayid had expected (not that he had been expecting something in particular, but most definitely not a slow, thorough kiss, with just the barest hint of tongue and way, way too much care put in every motion). And then Desmond had started touching and it had felt good, too, and now he just doesn’t even care about anything.

Most of all, not about any cop that could be walking through that door right this moment.

Desmond’s hands are still on him, warm and steadying him on the cot, and his mouth is wrapped around Sayid’s erection, and Sayid can’t remember being this hard in a while, and he can’t ever remember being under someone else and shaking and thrusting up so wildly and without any restraint. He thinks he can hear the girl in the next cell breathing fast and hard, and he doesn’t want to know what she’s doing and what she’s seeing. He’s completely bare right now, in every sense of the word, and he doesn’t know how he looks like. But Desmond’s mouth is hot and his tongue is wet and licking under his shaft and Sayid can’t help but thrusting his hips forward and tangle his hands in Desmond’s hair and pull. Desmond just goes with it, and he takes him in deep, and he’s driving Sayid crazy. And God, Sayid is letting him, but as stated he doesn’t care anymore about anything, and if he can let himself forget everything for even just five minutes, he will. He closes his eyes and arches up his neck, almost offering it up, and then he just stops trying to be rational and lets Desmond do everything else.


It’s a pity that Sayid doesn’t remember that they already did this, Desmond thinks, but maybe it’s not that bad of a thing, anyway; and since Desmond remembers perfectly all the right places he needs to touch… it just makes things easier.

Not that he’s doing this just because he needs the both of them to follow him when the time is right; he could have easily done that without. But, well, he remembers everything and he also remembers that time he and Sayid shared on a freighter, and Sayid had done enough for him back then to last for a lifetime. He also remembers their conversation while Desmond was inside a well, and he had seen how dead Sayid’s eyes had seemed. They looked pretty much as dead the second Desmond met Sayid’s stare when he walked inside the cell, and well, he hadn’t been able to do much for him when they were alive, but he wants to do something for him now and so he is. It didn’t even take that much of an effort to get where they are, with Sayid thrusting inside his mouth without really being able to control his motions.

He doesn’t know that Desmond has kept eye contact with Kate since he realized that she had been watching.

Desmond really hadn’t planned on any of this, but he doesn’t see why she shouldn’t watch, especially since she definitely seems interested. Her cheeks are flushed and her hair is unruly, and she’s breathing fast and hard, and he can see her hand moving inside her jeans. She stopped fighting it in a remarkably short time, and Desmond can’t say that he hasn’t tried to put on a bit of a show since he started sucking Sayid off. Also, he has to give it to her; she hasn’t closed her eyes once.

He always knew she was tough, of the many things she was.

He’s also feeling his own dick grow hard inside his trousers, but he’ll worry about that later. He’s sure there’s enough time before Sawyer comes to fetch them, and everything else is planned to the minute. So he doesn’t have anything to fret about if not what he’s doing. So he decides that he’s going to do it bloody right; he flickers his tongue under the head of Sayid’s cock, almost smiling when he hears him moan and Kate gasp. He also knows that Sayid is close, very close, and so he’s quick to move his mouth away and put his hand in its place before leaning down and kissing Sayid. He does it open-mouthed, catching Sayid’s lips while they were parted, and Sayid moans right up into his mouth as he jerks and comes against Desmond’s hand, his hips thrashing up in small, wild motions. He lies spent after, and Desmond doesn’t think that there’s something wrong if his hand runs through Sayid’s hair as he still slightly shakes in the afterglow.

He raises his head up again and Kate is taking long, deep breaths. There’s sweat running down her face and there’s a wet patch on her jeans. She holds his stare and Desmond smirks just a bit in her direction.

He’s sure that everything will go according to plan. If neither of them remembers, patience. They will, in time, and he’ll wait for them to. Meanwhile, he has a plan to move forward, and as he takes a kerchief out of his pocket and cleans his hand and most of the mess away, he wonders how long it’s going to take for Sawyer to get here.

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a geek in such the wrong way: lost-Des-wasting awayhaldoor on August 28th, 2010 10:10 pm (UTC)
Deliciously naughty. That Kate is a bad girl, and Desmond even more wicked! Very HOT! ;-)
the female ghost of tom joad: lost desmond GUHjanie_tangerine on August 28th, 2010 10:13 pm (UTC)
Ee, thank you! ;) Kate with me is hit and miss but since I saw the ep. I was like 'there needs to be jail sex with alt!Des being sneaky.' ;) I'm so glad you liked it! :D
Aurilly: desmond/sayidaurilly on August 28th, 2010 11:18 pm (UTC)
since I saw the ep. I was like 'there needs to be jail sex
This was my main thought after that episode, too. And Des/Sayid isn't usually even my pairing, but this particular scenario was BEGGING for it!! And I wanted Kate involved/watching somehow... and you executed this PERFECTLY! Oh my god. Amazing.

When Des looks up and KNOWS she's watching? Woah. And then later in the Des POV where she just holds eye contact with him? Super hot.

Also, loved the twist that Des and Sayid had done it before and Des remembers but Sayid doesn't. I didn't see it coming, so it was just mind-blowingly great.

So so so so hot. I only really have three kinks that I get excited to read, and you hit two of them (prisoners and voyeurism) in one fic, which is incredible. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
the female ghost of tom joad: lost des/sayid *g*janie_tangerine on August 28th, 2010 11:26 pm (UTC)
That ep was just BEGGING for it, right? I kinda remembered you saying that so I really wanted to get this done before the amnesty period. And hey, if Des and Sayid have sexytimes why shouldn't Kate join? Or watch, anyway. In her place I could hardly blame her.

Anyway, I'm soo glad you found it hot! Especially because I did write my share of threesomes but never with one just watching. In theory. Also well, I was totally kinda shipping Des/Kate when he went like 'this is your little black dress, we're DATING!', so I kind of wanted to have them interact seriously in this. (Also Desmond/Sayid on the boat = kinda my canon, but in this case it also worked imo so I'm definitely happy if it worked for you, too!)

And ha, lol, I didn't know! Do I read your mind? Though I need to know the third now. (Also voyeurism? I so subscribe that.)
Aurilly: sayid/kate heartaurilly on August 29th, 2010 02:16 pm (UTC)
Showers. ;)