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10 September 2010 @ 07:45 pm
I'm aliiiive + birthdays + memes + a bunch of stuff  
1. First thing, happy birthday yellowhorde and ecstaticagony!! I hope you're both having amazing days and that the next year is especially awesome. (And ecstaticagony, see you again at the con if you're there? I'll give you a ride with pleasure ;) ), And if any of you wants to prompt me feel free to, it'll happen eventually. ;)


I realized I hadn't posted anything serious in like two weeks. Only reason: I clearly arrived at the last moment with the pedagogy presentation. Now it's sent and done and I'll go there to get my goddamn mark on the 16th and then I'm DONE. Forever, hopefully. But I practically spent all last week taking notes, trying to make a serious presentation, failing at it, re-formatting all of it and by the end I just wanted to die of boredom. But, I'm done now, so yay? Now the other problem is that I have another exam and there aren't the dates like ANYWHERE, but I'm not worrying about it until next week starts. ://

3. That out of the way, because I think about it too much already, there's nothing else exciting happening around these parts so I should probably just do a bunch of memes that I should have done like back in August, but, one thing first.

4. I mean, this.

I feel like I need to throw my two cents in. Point is: I'd love if they made a movie/series out of the DT, mostly because it's like the only serious book series ever which doesn't have a serious fandom. Which is bad because I flail about it mostly with myself. Other point is: the DT is the only book series I ever gave a damn about and the last thing I need is someone to adapt it badly and fuck it up.

So, while I should like the idea, as things are, I'm mostly meh. When I hear the cast I'll probably decide, but right now I have a couple of not-so-small quibbles:

- That it's Ron Howard directing. It isn't his genre. I'm not saying he's bad, I'm just saying that I'm not sure he's the right person for that.
- That they're airing it on NBC and not on some place like HBO.
- That the writer, among his credits, has Batman & Robin and the Da Vinci Code.

This all makes me think that the aim is to make something marketable. Point is, the DT isn't exactly marketable in the blockbuster kind. If it was on HBO I'd have loved it because I know they'd keep the nasty things, but I fear possible cuts or adaptations that might be made just to make it more marketable for a huger audience. And I really... don't want that. Also, considering what Stephen King said about Kubrick's Shining, I'm not sure I trust him judging movie adaptations from his books :/ Okay, he had a point about Jack Nicholson acting too psycho, but well. It's not like the one he authorized was a masterpiece.

Anyway, atm I'm more meh than anything. I'll wait for the cast but... er. It doesn't look much good from my perspective. :(

5. So, memes which I should have done in August. And I actually had done them, but LJ ate my entry and I forgot to re-post them.

a) Top fives (yeah, I know, OLD):

Albums for bold_seer:

note: I'm NOT including opera. And this is HARD.

1. These Days - Bon Jovi
2. Darkness On The Edge Of Town - Bruce Springsteen
3. Another Side Of Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan
4. III - Led Zeppelin
5. Sentimental Hygiene - Warren Zevon

This feels so reductive though. :(

Smells for hitlikehammers:

1. Roses. (yes, I'm a sap, but they smell so good.)
2. Jasmine flowers.
3. Er, you know when you open some old book? That one.
4. Lavender.
5. You know when you need to get gas in your car and stop at the station and there's that gas smell all over? Yes. That one. I know, weird.

Books I want to read but probably never will for elliotsmelliot:

This is more of the 'I know I should read them but I probably never will', because if I want to read something I will get to it. With time. ;)

1. War And Peace. I know I should. I also kind of want to. But I have the feeling I won't manage it before a long time
2. The Bible. At times I think I really should read it all if only for personal knowledge and because I could quote it back when people quote it at me wrong, but it requires a force of will I don't have yet.*
3. Tom Sawyer. Or, I tried five times at five different ages. Every time I think that Tom is too insufferable to read an entire book about him and then I always leave it at chapter two. One day, maybe.
4. Dickens books in general. I swear, I tried with at least four different books of his, but the most I could manage was the middle of the Pickwick Papers and I still left it there. There's something about his writing that puts me off.
5. Crime And Punishment. I started it once but I couldn't finish for some reason. But since I did finish Brothers Karamazov it's the only one in the list I'm positive I might manage to finish one day.

* Uh, I dunno if it came off like I'm not familiar with it or like I hate anything religion-concerned which I don't, but just so that I'm clear: I did read bits and pieces and I do know what happens in the Bible fairly enough. I just never read it from start to finish. ;)

Lost favorite moments for ciaimpala:

2. Hurley/Charlie/Jin/Sawyer starting the van in Tricia Tanaka.
3. Jack and Sawyer's talk in Exodus.
4. Desmond turning the key in the hatch in the S2 finale.
5. Boone and Jack hugging in the finale.

Bonus for Des/Penny talk in The Constant and Sayid freeing Nadia in Solitary.

Lost least fav. moments for ciaimpala:

1. F!Locke bringing Sayid darkside. Or anything concerning f!Locke, that was just an example.
2. Daniel's totally lame-ass death in The Variable.
3. Ben killing Locke in the Jeremy Bentham ep.
4. Locke saying he'd have still let Boone die if he had the chance to change things.
5. Jacob/unnamed twin being born. Or maybe that's the most ridiculous, but whatevs.

Lost minor characters for ciaimpala:

2. Jin's father, or the only decent father in all the Lost history.
3. Arzt. Come on, he was awesomesauce.
4. Cassidy. She was awesomesauce, too.
5. Scott & Steve. You know they can't be separated.

b) Icon meme!

Reply to this post with "burn the land and boil the sea" and I will pick six of your icons.
- Make a post and talk about the icons I chose.
- Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
- This will create a never ending cycle of icon glee.

From elliotsmelliot:

1. by me: eheee. I am kind of attached to this one. I mean, it's Clint Eastwood in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and it was I think the first I did with him which I was satisfied with? Also I love his face in it. And I love that quote. I think I saw that movie too many times.
2. by bomburjo: this one makes me chuckle every time I look at it. That EW video where they said that about Esau's/Jacob's mom was better than the entire ep and that line especially cracked me up. Also I love Titus Welliver's face in it. And the coloring is so pretty.
3. by dekolette: I love Juliet's face in this. She's so fierce. Which they totally ruined, but still. She still was one of my Lost favorites. Also I love the coloring and the lightening in this icon. It's just so pretty all around.
4. by adina_mpj: my Firefly icon! I really love the composition and how the both of them look.. almost like they were painted or something. Also, it's pink-ish. Also, it's my two favorite Firefly characters.
5. by orangelusik: awwww, this one I love. It's from one of my favorite SPN eps, and it's one of my favorites Dean/Castiel scenes, and I just absolutely love how she colored it. That cap is just a hell to even color decently since it's ALL yellow, but the colors are so sharp and bright here. And the cropping is awesome.
6. by blindbeats: okay, High Fidelity is one of my favorite books -ever-. The movie wasn't as amazingly awesome (I mean, it was a good adaptation but the book was my first love), but if they did one thing right was casting Jack Black like they casted him. Also I am a music whore, so it's totally relevant to my interests. Also Jack Black's face is just too awesome.

From invisiblelove:

1. by me: okay, so, I once wrote this AU where Sawyer was a musician during the Depression. Then I wrote a long-ass sequel for it. Then at some point that promo pic happened. And I had to make myself an icon for that story and so I just stuck Woody Guthrie's guitar on it. Not that I don't love that picture, but it's not the point. Anyway, I don't use it much because I finished posting that story, but I'm just too attached to it and I can't delete it.
2. by marylou_gr: that's my default Locke icon for a reason. Because he looks like he feels guilty about Boone. ;) Also the coloring is awesome and the composition is GENIUS.
3. by banjotime: this makes me LOL so much. I mean, apart from Damon with the devil horns/tail, THE TEXT IS AMAZING. XDDD also I'm so using this if I ever write Damon/Dean. Also, last year it was particularly useful because I did joint reaction posts for both vampire porn and SPN. I'm sad that I don't get to use it as much this year. :((
4. by hopelessfangirl: the text is hilarious. And I kinda like alt!Ben. And I needed a coffee icon. So this just was perfect. XD
5. by me: well, I loved that scene. Also, I kinda ship Dean/Sam/Cas in all possible ways, platonic and not, and I kinda wanted a OT3 icon. So it happened that they finally were in the same scene and it was iconable, so I just went and did it. ;)
6. by mrbinatural: this one is AMAZING. If you watched The Shining then it's even funnier, but even if not... it's my life. I write psycho fanfic. And I read it. So, yeah. I just had to put it on. XD

6. Pheeew. I feel good having those out of my way. Anyway, that's pretty much everything for now, but hey, a real entry! That isn't reposting fic or spamming! It feels nice. ;) (though wait for this weekend for me re-posting the five acts fic and a bunch of other stuff that I'll catch the occasion to re-post). Also, now I'm going to catch up on everything I put on hold until I finished worrying about pedagogy. I have a bunch of comments and one five acts to read at least, so I'll be off doing that? And writing post vporn premiere Damon/Alaric because it needs to be written. *waves*

7. PS: okay, everyone in my fl is probably bored to tears of me being like this once each month but... anyone who friended me in the last two weeks wants me to friend back? I swear, I don't bite. I just want to know if you want me to or not. ;)
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ciaimpalaciaimpala on September 10th, 2010 05:58 pm (UTC)
Thanks for answering my questions hon!

And I also love that gas station gas smell, so you're not alone!
the female ghost of tom joad: tangerinesjanie_tangerine on September 10th, 2010 10:16 pm (UTC)
Sorry for doing it a month later XD I actually had but LJ ate it and I never managed to recover that one. :/

And yaaay! *high fives* it's so good, but everyone is like WTF at me every time. ;)
Terra: random-Eddie tells bad jokespenguinfaery on September 10th, 2010 06:09 pm (UTC)
Like I told donotttrust, It's not Ron Howard's genre...but as an awesome, geeky genre piece...it'd be dead in the water after the first movie. I think having Ron Howard and Akiva Goldsmith (Who also has some REALLY awesome movies to his credit. And, at least, isn't responsible for Bat!Nipples) will help make it last as something everyone will like. Like...I'd rather have it be epic and huge and complete and good, and loss some details, then have someone make one that's absolutely perfect....and no one goes to see so it dies there. Like I'd prefer good and popular over great and dead. (And IDK much about NBC, but as someone pointed out, series on NBC and Syfy, which is also NBCs have long lives. They don't go "The ratings are down this week, bye!")

Also, the Kubrick Shining is awful. Not that Stephen King doesn't have a huge amount of clunkers (Oh, Dreamcatcher), but I understand that bugging him. It's a horrible adaption period (And I'm not generally picky about details but it sorta...ruins the whole point), and just an awful movie in general. Good imagery, but the character are all horrible. Not just Jack, but I wanted Wendy and the kid to eat it too.
the female ghost of tom joad: psycho fanficjanie_tangerine on September 10th, 2010 10:30 pm (UTC)
I don't really want to go all DNW until I see the cast at least. ;) But still, while I can adapting it so that a wider audience reaches it, I don't really want it to happen in a way that ends up watering everything down, you know? I'll be reserving judgement until at least I see the cast/the movie actually happens, but as details are now I can't really go all YAAAY! ;) Also because while Akiva Goldsmith does have some excellent movies in there, it's still stuff that isn't the genre and just, idk, what I'm afraid of is that it'd become mainstream and not good instead of good and popular. But hey, if they get an awesome cast and they prove me wrong I'm all for it. ;) And re NBC it's a good point that they don't cancel things which is good, but from what I gathered DT isn't the usual thing that gets aired on there so... idk, I guess I'll just wait for the cast. And hopefully I'll like it. XD

Also, sorry but I need to disagree about The Shining. I totally get why it'd bug King (and the actress playing Wendy was bad too, though the kid worked fine imo), but I think it's still miles better than the book. Then I'll agree that it changed a lot of things, but I stil think it works better. I mean, when I read the book I really liked it until like part IV and then first it became cluttered, then I was thinking cliché every ten seconds (especially when there was the party downstairs sending Jack crazy or whatever it was, if I recall right there was the spirit of the hotel talking to him and idk, but I like it when it's less-is-more better) and the ending was... nothing really special. I mean, Jack has a second of sanity, they run away and he dies, hotel blows up, end. Kubrick has altered a bunch of stuff and it's totally not faithful, I'll agree on that, but if you ask me it was much more sober than the book and it was way, way scarier. And Kubrick's ending was way creepier and more unsettling, which probably wasn't King's idea, but I really can't help liking the movie better. I'll agree with him on Jack Nicholson playing the part wrong because he looked batshit from second #1 and that really wasn't the point, but the overall thing imo was better in spite of half the cast being not cast right, and ew that sounded awful. I guess we'll just disagree on that. ;)
(no subject) - penguinfaery on September 13th, 2010 02:44 am (UTC) (Expand)
Lady Macbeth: Supernatural Team Willladymacbeth77 on September 10th, 2010 06:12 pm (UTC)
Tesoroooo! ♥
Passo di corsa per un saluto perché sono a pezzi: il lavoro mi sta uccidendo.
Scusa il commento senza senso, ma quando ho letto "DO YOU HAVE A PEN?" non ho potuto fare a meno di squeare!!! La prima stagione di Lost... quanto mi mancaaaaaa!
Bacio, tesoro ♥

PS: La con la con! Vado a prenotare il Photo Op di J2 ♥
the female ghost of tom joad: best lost scene EVERjanie_tangerine on September 10th, 2010 10:13 pm (UTC)

Ci credo ;__; madonna il lavoro è taaanto sopravvalutato ==''

E SIII, DO YOU HAVE A PEN COMUNQUE? <3333333333333333

(eeeeh lo prenoto anche io.. QUANDO MI PAGANO IN BIBLIOTECA che sarà tra un mese, ma al momento sono a secco ;___;)
(Deleted comment)
the female ghost of tom joadjanie_tangerine on September 10th, 2010 10:11 pm (UTC)
Ah well, then it's a good way too. ;) But mostly it's that I don't add back on automatic and so I never know if people are just here for the fic or not. ;)
a.: _deancasanavill on September 10th, 2010 08:25 pm (UTC)
Crime And Punishment - give it a try! believe me its a wonderfull book, action starts to picks up quickly after first chapter, it took me 1 day to finish it. Im generally a fan of russian literature (thats why you get this random comment xp), I also loved War and Peace, Anna Karenina, The Master and Margarita.

the female ghost of tom joad: 1984janie_tangerine on September 10th, 2010 10:12 pm (UTC)
Lol, random comment at me all you want!

And I love my Russians too. ;) It's just.. idk, with that one I arrived at page one hundred and then left it there for some reason, but I really want to finish it. Also because I mean, I did finish/like everything else I read which Dostoevsky wrote so I'm set on finishing that one sooner or later. Though what, one day? That's FAST, congratulations! ;)
bold_seer: the good wifebold_seer on September 10th, 2010 08:46 pm (UTC)
The Bible. At times I think I really should read it all if only for personal knowledge and because I could quote it back when people quote it at me wrong, but it requires a force of will I don't have yet.

I think everyone should read it. And, while we're on this subject, it wouldn't hurt for people to actually be familiar with, say, the Quran either. Except that you are not supposed to read a translated version of it. (Sadly, my father never studied enough Arabic for that, and I obviously don't know any.) How can you - general you - possibly understand so much of art and literature and cinema and music, if you have no knowledge of the Bible? (The English language even - most idioms, anyone?) It's a book, okay, but it really, really is a historically - not like that - and culturally significant book.

(Can you tell I did religious studies [ethics + (Church) history + world religions] in high school? Well, that and psychology. Frankly, it was fascinating.)

I'll be back. Less preachy.
(Deleted comment)
(no subject) - janie_tangerine on September 10th, 2010 10:10 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(Deleted comment)
(no subject) - janie_tangerine on September 10th, 2010 10:40 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - janie_tangerine on September 10th, 2010 10:07 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Laura: Little Dorrit (2008): Amy & Arthurmozartfan1313 on September 10th, 2010 09:02 pm (UTC)
Dickens can be incredibly difficult to get into. Oliver Twist is one of my favourite books, but any of his others that I've read I didn't love as much as I thought I would. I have to be in the right frame of mind, I guess. It's a shame, though, because his stories are fantastic and translate to the screen really well!

I love Tom Sawyer! He's such a brat. Have you ever tried Huckleberry Finn?
the female ghost of tom joad: booksjanie_tangerine on September 10th, 2010 10:00 pm (UTC)
Re Mark Twain: yep, and I loved Huckleberry Finn. To pieces. It's one of my favorite books altogether, which is why I'd really like to be able to finish Tom Sawyer. But I think he's too much of a brat or something, I just feel like slapping him all the time. ;)

I really want to like Dickens. I really do. And I saw a bunch of movies from his books and I loved them, so I'd really like to but... I don't know, I just never managed to finish one. Maybe one day I will? But yeah, I know I'm missing. :(
(no subject) - mozartfan1313 on September 11th, 2010 01:59 am (UTC) (Expand)
Allie: Pirate Sawyeralliecat8 on September 10th, 2010 10:52 pm (UTC)
burn the land and boil the sea
the female ghost of tom joad: lost sawyer *g*janie_tangerine on September 10th, 2010 11:00 pm (UTC)

(Deleted comment)
the female ghost of tom joad: assbut!!!!!janie_tangerine on September 11th, 2010 08:24 am (UTC)
I don't think he can either. And I like him too and I think he's a good director, but I just can't see him of everyone directing the DT. Idek? :/
Laura: movie: Fight Clubpolvodestrella on September 10th, 2010 11:53 pm (UTC)

I'm sure you did a great job with the presentation! :) Good luck!

the female ghost of tom joad: tangerinesjanie_tangerine on September 11th, 2010 08:25 am (UTC)
Hi! :DD

Let's hope. Also because since ha apparently is very easy with marks it'd be awful if I managed to can it. XDD
ozmissage: SPN. Dean/Cas.ozmissage on September 11th, 2010 02:43 am (UTC)
HIGH FIDELITY! That's my favorite Hornby. Which is saying something because I fangirl him like a crazy person. I haven't seen more than a few minutes of the film though, Cusack just wasn't my Rob.

I'm with you on Dickens. I read A Christmas Carol, but that's it. Although, I did a crapload of Dickens research for my one and only Desmond fic. I was so worried someone was going to read that fic and be like, "Dude, you're clearly a faker." ;)

I have to go stalk your icons now, that Dean/Cas/Sam icon is lovely!
the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural dean/cas riverjanie_tangerine on September 11th, 2010 08:28 am (UTC)
HI YOU. I FANGIRL HORNBY LIKE CRAZY AS WELL. WHY WEREN'T WE FRIENDS BEFORE? ♥ HIgh Fidelity is my favorite too, with A Long Way Down. And ha, well, I saw the movie mostly because there was Bruce Springsteen appearing for like five seconds but then I finished it anyway. It's not as good as the book and John Cusack wasn't really who I'd have liked for Rob either, but Jack Black completely was worth it.

Lol A Christmas Carol is the only one I ever finished, too. And I did my share of Dickens research for Desmond fics, as well, but I just.. can't get into him.

Ehe, you're welcome to stalk me! ;)
Zelda: Lost - Boone/Jack Hugzelda_zee on September 11th, 2010 04:57 am (UTC)
I liked your least favorite Lost moments. Or, that is, I disliked them, same as you.

I liked Tom Sawyer, though I read it many years ago. It's a very American novel, maybe that's part of the issue. Also, I like Dickens, what I've read - 5 or 6 novels, I guess. Not, however, Our Mutual Friend.
the female ghost of tom joad: lost jack/boone HUUUUGGG ;____; <33janie_tangerine on September 11th, 2010 08:30 am (UTC)
That was one of the easiest top fives ever. What surprises me is that in the end there was no triangle involved, but I guess that I just hated all the rest more.

Mm, I don't know about the American because I loved Huckleberry Finn and that one is as well. I just think it's personal dislike for the main character, but that's me not managing to get past it. I guess that Dickens is a question of getting into the style, but I really wish I managed to finish at least one. But I don't think that A Christmas Carol counts. ;)
bold_seer: detectivebold_seer on September 11th, 2010 08:01 am (UTC)
Ron Howard directing

Ahahah. I haven't read the books, but he seems like an unlikely choice. Such a safe (read: boring) director.

How is Bruce not #1? O_O

Dickens is so rambly, what with the whole paid by the word thing. *shudders* ;) What I've read of Tom Sawyer wasn't very interesting.

That scene in Solitary is one of my favourites.

The Clint Eastwood icon is fierce, the Firefly one is very well made, the D/C in 4x20 icon is one of the best icons I've seen of that scene, the Locke & Boone one is one of the best icons I've ever seen, the alt!Ben one looks great and cracks me up, and I love the Ot3 one.

the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural dean/cas the rapturejanie_tangerine on September 11th, 2010 08:35 am (UTC)
He is unlikely. And he is the safe kind of director. Idk, I'd just like to see how they adapt it, because if they make it too mainstream then it's not worth it.

Because BJ were my first, er, serious group and if I hadn't listened to BJ first I'd have never listened to Bruce after. They have the dibs for having come first. ;)

Yeah, he's rambly, you're totally right. But while Dumas is too and I love him, Dickens is just... too... idk, heavy? Or something else that puts me off. What I've read of Tom Sawyer was the first three chapters at maximum and I thought it was boring even when I was eight and I was supposed not to find it boring. Huckleberry Finn on the other side I loved. I think it's just because Tom is a brat and I want to slap him half of the time. ;)

Clint IS fierce. *g* And that 4x20 icon is gorgeous. HOW THE HELL did they manage such good colors out of that, I'm still debating it. XD alt!Ben is too precious, with his coffee. And agreed on the Locke & Boone one. It's just so pretty.
(Deleted comment)
the female ghost of tom joad: best lost scene EVERjanie_tangerine on September 11th, 2010 04:16 pm (UTC)

Phew, I'm so glad I'm not the only one. Everyone says it's disgusting but.. I kinda love it. ;)

Thanks! I just hope it's anywhere near half-decent. ;)
Fangirlage like WHOA.: LOST/TVD // Boone - Dest: Mystic Fallshopelessfangirl on September 11th, 2010 05:09 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you have a bit of freeeeeeeeedom, hun! =D

Oooh, good choice for fave Zeppelin album. I think III is my favourite too. It has a higher percentage of my favourite songs in one place and I love the cover art the best. =P

JIN'S DAD! ♥ ♥ ♥

LOLOLOL the "psychotic fanfic" icon. Somehow I never noticed that the cap was from The Shining, which certainly does makes it hilarious. XD
the female ghost of tom joad: psycho fanficjanie_tangerine on September 11th, 2010 05:21 pm (UTC)
Me too! Well, thankfully all that the other exam without a date requires is reading fiction which I actually like, too, so I'm just not thinking about having to discuss that presentation until I have to. ;)

III has so the best artwork! Not to mention that there's Tangerine on it. ;) But apart from that I like it because it's varied. And everything on there is awesome.


THAT ICON MADE ME CRACK UP SO MUCH XD it was in a Shining only post so as soon as I saw it I just started laughing and then I had to have it. XDDD