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15 September 2010 @ 07:00 pm
fic, Lost: ourselves to know (Daniel/Charlotte), PG  
Title: ourselves to know
Pairing: Daniel/Charlotte
Rating: PG
Words: 1079
Spoilers: for the S6 finale.
Warnings: none really.
Summary: He wasn’t expecting to meet her again so soon after the concert.
A/N: originally written for valhalla37 at the five acts exchange; the prompts were reunion and unexpected meetings. Using for chem15try #14, enantiomers. Title stolen from Warren Zevon.

He wasn’t expecting to meet her again so soon after the concert.

And at the supermarket, of all places. He sees her far away from where he is, walking slowly along an aisle full of cans of beans and with a basket on her arm; she looks not very convinced by any of the food she sees, pretty annoyed and not wanting to be there.

And Daniel isn’t ready to talk to her now. Not when he just ran to the supermarket wearing all the crappy stuff he wears at home and wearing flip flops, because he just wanted to buy himself some eggs and nothing else. He wasn’t planning on meeting anyone he knows. She doesn’t live near here, as far as he gathered. And if Daniel doesn’t want to waste that perfectly nice and promising meeting they had at the concert, he really shouldn’t try to talk to her now. He’s quite sure he’d just end up there with nothing to say and blow his already meager chances with her. So he grabs his basket tighter, takes a left turn and goes for the eggs trying not to make himself noticeable.

He gets the eggs, then he grabs a carton of milk, too, and then heads for the check out; this isn’t the day where he stops in front of random aisles trying to come up with something nice to cook himself.

Except that then he sees some Apollo bars in the candy section, and he feels like having some all of a sudden; he stops abruptly when he had been moving pretty fast, before, and as soon as he has the candy in his hand someone smashes right into him. Or, into his back.

He’s about to turn and start excusing himself, but then it happens.

He’s eight and he likes playing the piano more than he likes maths, and his mother doesn’t want to hear any reasons.

He’s fourteen and he’s already reading about quantum physics.

He’s the youngest person to ever graduate at Oxford and he has been offered a doctoral program, and meanwhile he still wonders sometimes how it’d have been like if he had kept on playing the piano.

He and Theresa are holding hands while watching a couple of rats running in a cage.

Desmond Hume confirms him that time travel is possible and then Theresa is gone not a long while later.

He thinks he’s gone, too, or close to it.

He accepts to go to the island, and then Charlotte introduces herself to him, and Daniel thinks that he’d like to see her smile for real, and then he strangely doesn’t forget it.

She’s standing on the freighter, red hair fluttering as the wind hits her face, and she looks content and determined as she stands straight. Daniel wishes he could stand as straight as her.

She offers to play cards with him. He says yes. He forgets about it, but she reminds him the next day.

Then they’re on an island and his memory gets better and Charlotte is still impossibly perfect next to him, and since they’re the only two people from the freighter currently in the same place, they get closer.

And closer.

Until a flash of light appears and she’s in his arms, and then she’s bleeding and then she’s dead, and Daniel never even managed to tell her that he loves her in her face and without anyone else around.

Then she’s seven, and Daniel leaves the island also because he doesn’t know if he can live with
this her.

Then he finds a way to solve things, and then his mother shoots him in the back.

Daniel breathes hard and jerks away, then turns towards the person who slammed into him.


She’s watching him with wide eyes, and her basket with all of its contents fell to the ground. As Daniel’s did. The eggs broke and the floor is a mess, but he can’t take his eyes off her because now he knows and he remembers and of course he felt like he had loved her for a long time. He was still in love with her after she died and when he died; of course.

“What… what was that…?” she asks, sounding confused and out of her element, and Daniel realizes that it’s now or never. Her eyes look wider than he ever remembers them being, and her hands shake as much as his own are; but he needs to do this. He takes a step closer and reaches up and cups her cheeks with both his hands, and they’re trembling; her eyes widen again and he knows it’s happening to her, too.

“… Daniel?” she asks, her voice tight, and it’s not because she recognized him, it’s because she knows, and he might not be in his best attire and there might have spilled flour on her shirt (the packet she had been holding when she crashed into him broke), but it doesn’t matter anymore. He can do what he never could before, and so he nods and takes a last step and he kisses her.

The second his lips connect with hers he feels his fingers stop twitching, and when she opens her lips beneath his without a second of hesitation, he feels her mouth with his tongue. And it’s wet and hot inside (like fire, he thinks for a second, and he pictures it, as red as her hair in which he’s currently tangling his fingers) and her tongue meets his and Daniel thinks that if he wasn’t already dead, well, he could die happy now. When they part her hands are on his neck and his own are still in her hair.

“Bloody…” she starts, then shakes her head and she’s laughing, and Daniel would really like to stop time right now. “I’d ask if it’s really you, but that would be a stupid question.”

“Well, it is,” he says, and then he’d kiss her again but it happens that they get thrown out of the supermarket by some attendant because apart from the mess on the ground, making out in an aisle? Maybe not the best idea.

“I… I live around the block,” he says as soon as they’re out. She looks at him and nods, her cheeks flushed and her lips still smiling.

“Then lead the way. We have some… quite some catching up to do, don’t we?” she asks, sounding breathless, and Daniel does.

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