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15 September 2010 @ 07:20 pm
fic, Lost: it's a matter of trust (Boone/Charlie), NC17  
Title: it's a matter of trust
Pairing: Boone/Charlie
Rating: NC17
Words: 1850
Spoilers: ff, AU so nothing.
Warnings: vampire AU of the whacky kind.
Summary: It’s just, the whole biting thing means getting into a completely different territory, and it also means acknowledging the whole thing with Boone’s fangs that they have sort of skillfully managed not to deal with that much until now.
A/N: originally written for toestastegood at the five acts exchange; the prompts were AU and marks. Set in the same 'verse as let the right one in, so reading that before would be advisable. Using for lostpicksix #35, fetish.

It’s not like Charlie is exactly dying to do what he’s about to ask Boone, but point is, after you date a, er, pro-life vampire for six months, you can’t help wondering how it would feel if you… took advantage of that. Or well, meaning, it’s not like he wants to become a vampire, too, hell no, but he has been wondering about what Boone had said the first time. Meaning, that if Charlie let him bite, it’d actually feel amazing.

Charlie had downright refused back then, especially because he was bloody trying not to faint at the mere thought that he was about to have sex with a vampire. But well, fuck, now they’ve been goddamn dating or seeing each other for half a year and he thinks he can safely trust Boone not to lose it in bed. Guy never goes too much without blood so that he’s sure he won’t have strange reactions, and he’s actually very careful keeping himself in check. Also, Charlie can safely say that he never had so much great sex in his life as he’s having now. And considering that Boone likes marches and peace demonstrations and strawberry ice cream and Joan Baez, Charlie doesn’t have much of a problem with worrying about not being killed. He got over that a lot of time ago.

It’s just, the whole biting thing means getting into a completely different territory, and it also means acknowledging the whole thing with Boone’s fangs that they have sort of skillfully managed not to deal with that much until now. But the more Charlie thinks about it, the more he convinces himself that it’d be hot. Pretty hot. Especially if Boone kept his control and didn’t eat him up alive, but as stated Charlie ruled that option out ages ago.

So, well, fuck, he thinks he might really ask. Actually, he might ask right now, because there’s Boone above him, his lips soft on Charlie’s pulse point, but he’s not using his teeth to do anything and Charlie can just appreciate it. Also Boone’s hands are running along Charlie’s sides slowly and Charlie is pretty much about to lose it, so he might as well ask it now. After all, he could think of worse ways to die than because of Boone’s mouth, right?

“Er. Boone? Can I… uh, can I ask you something?”

“Sure thing,” Boone purrs, and his tongue traces a line along Charlie’s shoulder.

“I mean, can you… not do that? I need… I need to be coherent for this. I can’t if you’re, uh…”

Boone stops just as soon as Charlie asks and raises his head.

Charlie decides that asking him to stop was a bad idea, because now Boone is staring at him and when you have such blue, huge eyes gazing straight into yours, it’s not like coherency comes easy.

“I… you know what you said the first time? About the biting supposedly feeling great?”

“I’ve been told so.”

“Why, is that different for you…?”

“Well…” Boone trails, biting his lip for a second and shaking his head like he’s searching for the words to explain it, “it’s not a question of biting. For you I figured it is, but for me… it’s not like biting someone is pleasurable. I actually hate that. It’s that they let you.”

Charlie raises one eyebrow, not exactly sure that he gets it. Boone shakes his head again.

“Okay, that wasn’t exactly clear. I mean, if someone lets me do it, then it means they trust me to do it when I could kill them, or turn them, or harm them anyway. And considering the circumstances…” Boone brings a hand behind his neck, like he’s embarrassed, and Charlie gets the umpteenth confirmation that Boone is the suckiest vampire to ever exist, because vampires don’t get embarrassed. “It’s not like people trust me that much, if they know what I am. That’s what makes it for me, not the actual thing. Not that the three girls it happened with didn’t do it just because they said it’d have been hot, but still.”

There are a lot of things that Charlie could say right now. Like, that was interesting, I’ll think about it. Or, maybe another time. Those would be very, very sensed answers. But Boone is half-blushing and looking very frustrated about this whole being-a-vampire-thing, and he looks like the least threatening person to ever walk this planet. And to be entirely honest, Charlie doesn’t think that he deserves being something he hates. Especially when he does try to make up for it. Also, Charlie thinks that he does deserve some goddamn trust.

Bloody hell, Charlie is really insane.

“Er, then, uh, why don’t you… bite me?” he asks, and he cringes at it on his own because it sounds just so bad that if Boone decided to flee because of how lame the wording was, Charlie wouldn’t blame him.

Then Boone’s head snaps towards him and his eyes look even more huge than usual, and they’re so hopeful, like he can’t believe it.

“Do you really mean that?” Boone breathes, and well, fuck, when someone looks at you like their well-being depends on your answer, what can you say?

“I do, but if I were you I’d be quick before my brain brings me back to reas– ”

Charlie doesn’t manage to finish the sentence before he’s being pinned against the bed (and Boone is far stronger than he is, so he can’t even struggle free; it’s not like he wants to, anyway) and kissed so thoroughly that when they part he’s panting for breath. He looks up and Boone is smiling at him, so sweet that he really couldn’t go back on his decision now.

“Don’t worry,” Boone purrs in Charlie’s ear, and that’s enough to make him feel undone, “I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it.” And then he pushes Charlie’s jeans down in a swift motion before placing his legs on each side of Charlie’s thigh. Now he really is trapped, but it doesn’t feel like that. Boone is strangely warm above him (it almost never happens), and his hands are gentle as one comes behind Charlie’s head moving it a bit, so that his neck is bare, and the other reaches down where Charlie’s cock is. Boone doesn’t touch it though; his hand roams pretty much everywhere else, tracing paths with his nails and his fingertips on Charlie’s stomach, and it feels so good that for a second Charlie just relaxes completely and forgets what he’s about to do.

He shivers for a second when Boone’s lips meet his neck and he feels teeth against his skin, but he loosens up again when Boone’s tongue starts licking a stripe from left to right and right to left, over and over again. It’s driving him crazy, along with the way Boone’s hand is clutching at his hip.

And then it happens.

At the beginning it’s kind of underwhelming. He had expected pain and suffering and something bad, but the bite itself barely stings. It lasts maybe a second and it hurts just slightly more than it would have if a mosquito had bitten him instead.

Then it changes.

He thinks he can feel blood coming out of his wound, but in such a small quantity that he can bear to lose it; but then Boone’s tongue reaches over it and licks again and Charlie… Charlie literally loses it.

All of a sudden he feels heat spreading through his muscles, and the pleasurable kind of heat; he feels blood rushing through his veins, going straight to his cock which is impossibly hard now, and when Charlie starts shaking it’s from pleasure. Because the more Boone’s tongue runs along the bite, the more Charlie feels like he’s being brought over the edge, and damn if it doesn’t feel like anything else has felt in his life. There’s something in the way Boone’s teeth scrape along his skin while he cleans the wound; it’s almost loving, like he just wants them to brush along Charlie’s collarbone instead of plunging them in soft, tender flesh.

Then Boone’s hand closes around Charlie’s cock and Christ, he doesn’t know if he can take much more of this. The pace Boone sets is perfect, not too fast and not too slow, and he’s jerking him off with quick and sure strokes, and through all of this he kept his control entirely, not letting it slip away for a second.

Charlie jerks beneath him and thrusts his hips upwards as much as he can, right into Boone’s hand, while those lips are still impossibly soft over the mark Boone just left there, and then Boone moves his head and kisses him.

Charlie would have never thought that tasting his own blood would send him over the bloody edge but it does and as soon as his lips meet Boone’s he’s coming, helplessly, and harder than he’d have ever imagined considering what they just did. There’s pleasure shaking him to the core and he thinks he might pass out when it’s over, but it’s okay because he’s sure he’ll open his eyes again and he’ll be alive, and so he doesn’t fight it when the pulsing white beneath his eyelids becomes black.


The mark is right where neck meets shoulder. Two small, red, clean holes. Nothing that bad, but if Charlie wants to hide it, he’ll need a scarf or a turtleneck and it’s fucking July. Damn his bloody vampire boyfriend who couldn’t have bitten him in a place easier to hide.

He comes out of the bathroom and he’s surprised to find the bed empty; this, for a second, because then Boone gets inside the room, wearing just jeans and… with a glass of orange juice in his hand.

“The bloody hell is that…?” Charlie asks, sounding completely out of his depth.

“You lost blood, didn’t you? And I just… I thought that…”

Boone’s face is a mixture of thankfulness and eagerness, with a small smile on his lips and a slight blush on his cheeks, and then Charlie gets it.

Jesus, he thinks as he comes closer, takes the glass and drinks the bloody juice, a vampire that brings you orange juice after he bites you. It sounds too surreal to be true.

But it also felt so good he can’t even say, and Charlie will admit that it turned him on like… like few other things have turned him on, and Boone brought him fucking orange juice after.


He comes closer, and then figures he should do something about Boone suddenly looking nervous.

“Did I taste good?” Charlie asks, trying not to notice how ridiculous it sounds.

“You did. Is there…”

“Good, because we’re sodding doing that again.”

“We are?”

“Fuck, yes,” Charlie answers, and if they have sex again (without biting, though) after, well, who is he to complain?

Having a vampire boyfriend definitely has bloody perks, and now that Charlie found out how many exactly, he’s set on taking advantage of them all.

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VeryCutePandaverycutepanda on September 21st, 2010 12:45 am (UTC)
Comment From A Panda
LOL, that’s probably the least coolest vampire but he’s one of the most likeable one, so cute, so emotional and he blushes. The fact that Charlie didn’t turn is reasonable because Boone pricked his skin, here I was hoping that blood gushes everywhere and it’s disgustingly hot, shame on you... I mean good job, need to find more of this pairing.
a geek in such the wrong way: lost-boone-let it burnhaldoor on September 21st, 2010 10:20 am (UTC)
Oh, that was gooooood! Seriously hot, especially the way Boone licks the wound after. That is so very very good, and I adore this sucky vampire and his totally cute lover! ;-)