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15 September 2010 @ 07:30 pm
fic, Lost: the way you were (Sayid, Kate), PG  
Title: the way you were
Characters: Kate, Sayid
Rating: PG
Words: 970
Spoilers: up until 6x05, I think, but if you know the temple story you're safe.
Warnings: none really.
Summary: She sees him sitting in the garden, looking at his surroundings in obvious puzzlement, and instead of running, for once, she walks straight ahead.
A/N: originally written for aurilly at the five acts exchange; the prompt was amnesia. Using for my hc_bingo amnesia square. Title half stolen from a Bon Jovi song that passed on the radio while I searched for one.

She was about to go search for Claire, because that’s the reason she’s here.

Then Miles told her and she couldn’t go. Not when Jack and Hurley are off doing… something she’s sure she doesn’t want to know, and when following Sawyer (James, now?) would probably do more damage than anything else.

She sees him sitting in the garden, looking at his surroundings in obvious puzzlement, and instead of running, for once, she walks straight ahead.

“Hi,” she says as she stands next to where Sayid is sitting. He turns on his left and looks at her, obviously not recognizing her. That’s a polite look the one she’s receiving, and his shirt is still torn on the side. There’s a scarred and closed bullet wound branded in his skin. She swallows.

“Hello,” he answers politely, offering her his hand in a way that is almost tentatively.

“I am sorry, but I seem to have forgotten… quite a lot. Do we know each other?”

Except for your name, she thinks because she knows, and so she puts on the nicest smile she can come up with and shakes his hand.

“We do, but it’s okay. I’m Kate,” she says, and he gives her hand a second shake before sitting again. She sits next to him.

“I guess you know mine, then,” he says, sounding resigned and nothing else.

“Sayid, but I was told you did remember that?”

“I do. The rest… I am afraid it’s not there. I… I was told I was dead,” he says, a shiver running through his spine, and she remembers Jack telling her about that Other who’s in charge wanting to hand Sayid poisoned pills.

“Close to it,” she lies, but it’s one of the few times she did it because saying the truth would be worse. “But you didn’t. It’s… good, right?”

Kate is sure it sounds horrible. But she never was one that was made to make people feel better. She usually tries her best and then runs from them without sticking to know the consequences, and this isn’t what she’s good at.

“I… I guess so. It’s just… the way these people look at me. Like I have done a terrible thing, but I don’t… I don’t even know what it could be. And I feel like I deserve it, but I don’t get why,” he blurts, frustrated and taking his head between his hands.

Who could blame him.

Kate wishes Jack was here. He’d have a plan. Maybe a bad one, because Jack’s plans never were that great, but it’d still be better than the nothing she has now. What is she supposed to tell him? You used to torture people during the Gulf War, I don’t know what you did with this man named Benjamin Linus who is never up to a single good thing and likes to watch people have sex in cages, but I’m sure it wasn’t anything good, and then you tried to kill him when he was ten and you were time-traveling to the Seventies?

Not to mention the whole, we’re on a deserted island in the Pacific ocean and we met because our plane crashed here, and then it happened again.

“Do you know?” he asks, and Kate almost jerks because she wasn’t expecting it.


“Do you know if… if I did anything? What I am usually up to? And who are they? And what is this place?”

She realizes that she’s probably the first person who showed up and sat down there for more than five minutes, because he wouldn’t be looking at her like he’s lost and he needs an answer now.

And Kate knows more than she should, probably, and if she’s to do what’s right… she probably should come up with a way to tell him the truth and at the same time downplay it a bit. Sweeten the pill, maybe.

Except that Kate spent her life swallowing pills as bitter as they were supposed to be, and she never like the truth much.

Especially when it can really hurt you.

She reaches out and takes his hand, not gripping it too strongly but firmly enough.

“You live in Los Angeles and go on diplomatic missions in the Far East for a no-profit organization, last time I checked,” she says, the words flowling smoothly from her lips, not an hitch in her voice. “And I can assure you, you didn’t do anything. They look that way at everyone who doesn’t belong here, it’s not just you.”
“Oh,” he breathes, sounding relieved, and he doesn’t let go of her hand.

“About what this place is and who are they… well. It’s a long story. Maybe we could eat something and I could tell you after?”

He thinks about it for one second, then nods and tries to move his hand away, looking apologetic, but Kate’s fingers tighten around it. She doesn’t hold hands on a general principle, but right now he needs it even if he won’t say it, and they used to be close before they were rescued for the first time; and she might be here for Claire, but she isn’t leaving him in this stupid place when he doesn’t remember anything except name, surname and birthdate.

And as they walk to the place where she thinks she saw some food before, she tries to come up with a lie convincing enough and plausible enough to explain this godforsaken place. And if Jack isn’t back in a day and things keep on looking dangerous, she’ll have to come up with another good enough lie to convince Sayid to come with her, but for now she tries not to worry about it.

She’ll cross that bridge when she gets to it.

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