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19 September 2010 @ 08:55 pm
six Lost fics/ficlets originally for the five acts exchange  

these two lanes will take us anywhere
Jack/Boone; R; 2000 words; goes AU from the end of S1 but there's some S3/S4 canon sneaking in. Anyway if you saw the S3 finale then you're okay. warning for mentions of drug and alcohol use and descriptions of scars.
After all, he can’t be that surprised. Or well, not after Jack rang his doorbell one year after they got rescued by that freighter full of crazy people. They hadn’t seen each other in all that time and when Boone opened the door, Jack was clean-shaven, had red-rimmed eyes and a shaking hand, and he asked whether he was up to go somewhere.
originally written for ozmissage at the five acts exchange; the prompts were road trip, wet and confessions, plus some bonus spooning. Title stolen from Bruce Springsteen.

slide up next to me
Jack/Boone; PG13; 1100; goes AU from late S1, so spoilers until then.
Jack is currently wearing leather, both trousers and jacket, and sitting on this black motorbike that seems just out of Easy Rider. He’s quite tanned, looking a lot better than last time Boone saw him, with a helmet in the crook of his arm, and Boone swallows and blinks a couple of times before answering.
originally written for haldoor at the five acts exchange; the prompts were motorcycles and wet. Title from Pearl Jam.


the way you were
Kate, Sayid; PG; 970 words; spoilers up until 6x05, I think, but if you know the temple story you're safe.
She sees him sitting in the garden, looking at his surroundings in obvious puzzlement, and instead of running, for once, she walks straight ahead.
originally written for aurilly at the five acts exchange; the prompt was amnesia. Using for my hc_bingo amnesia square. Title half stolen from a Bon Jovi song that passed on the radio while I searched for one.

it's a matter of trust
Boone/Charlie; NC17; 1850 words; no spoilers; warnings for vampire AU of the whacky kind.
It’s just, the whole biting thing means getting into a completely different territory, and it also means acknowledging the whole thing with Boone’s fangs that they have sort of skillfully managed not to deal with that much until now.
originally written for toestastegood at the five acts exchange; the prompts were AU and marks. Set in the same 'verse as let the right one in, so reading that before would be advisable. Using for lostpicksix #35, fetish.

take it in and hold your breath
Miles/Richard; PG13; 846 words; spoilers up until the S6 finale.
The first time Richard smoked a cigarette, he coughed for a good five minutes after bringing it to his lips twice.
originally written for bittersweet25 at the five acts exchange; the prompts were cigarette sharing and first times. Title stolen from Bon Jovi.

ourselves to know
Daniel/Charlotte; PG; 1079 words; spoilers for the S6 finale.
He wasn’t expecting to meet her again so soon after the concert.
originally written for valhalla37 at the five acts exchange; the prompts were reunion and unexpected meetings. Using for chem15try #14, enantiomers. Title stolen from Warren Zevon.
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