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02 October 2010 @ 02:02 pm
the vampire porn 2x04 'memory lane' // SPN 6x02 'two and a half men'  
Okay, I decided I'm doing joint reaction posts anyway. I'm too lazy to do two different ones. Also I like this icon too much.

1. Katherine, I hate you. End of story. XD

2. No, but really, what a bitch. :/// She makes me want to hug Damon or something.

3. Mainly, this episode went like:

Stefan does something. I'm like O__________O first and then \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ after. When did Stefan become so awesome? I literally cheered when he chained Katherine and then when he and Elena were pretending to have broken up.

4. Caroline, BLAH. What do you do. Don't do what Katherine says. ;___;

5. 'Damon got invited to the barbecue just because Alaric is an extremely open-minded person' or however it was going: I DIED. MY SHIP. AND THEY WERE LOOKING AT EACH OTHER BECAUSE THEY HAD A SUPER SECRET PLAN AND THEY WERE COMMUNICATING BY STARING. BRB ILU SHIP.

6. Damon drawing wolves at Mason = lol. God, can I ship Mason/Alaric/Damon/Jenna? That'd be a foursome of awesome.

7. And clearly then Damon had to try to kill Mason. Blah. Ah well, considering how it went with Alaric, in four episodes they'll be on speed dial.

8. Good for Tyler that he's getting clued in. At least. So if they want to break the curse they need to kill someone? Did I get that right?

9. Still too little Matt. Do not approve.

10. Damon I love your psychopath self and I'm just sorry that idiotic woman doesn't get it. :((

11. So uh, Katherine really loves Stefan? Oh God lol please that'll end up so bad.

12. I still think that Elena and Stefan are too cute for me to like them, and then I do. Wtf. *tries not to get invested*

13. In short, def. the best episode since the premiere and OMG. THE VAMPIRE PORN: SHIT HAPPENS. IT REALLY DOES! Also I appreciate that they're not dragging storylines on for like an entire season before giving answers. Hell, we know what the moonstone is and we just had to wait three eps for it. I can't believe they're being straight with us.

14. Last: no, but dammit, Mason/Alaric/Damon/Jenna has to happen. End of story. Also, Mason, you're hot and you were trying to be reasonable. I like you.


1. So, I was sure I wouldn't like this. 'Cause me and babies = not a match.

I loved it instead. Oh God what's up with me.

2. No, really, babies = not my thing but jfc Dean with the shapeshifter bb = MY OVARIES EXPLODED. <333 ALSO THEY NAMED THE KID BOBBY JOHN. WITH SUCH A NAME HE'D BE THE MOST BADASS PERSON TO EVER LIVED. XD

3. Imo Sam is definitely not in on whatever shady business the Andy Warhol Soup people have going on. And he was a lot better this ep even if he's still a bit iffy, but I still like him. ;) But please Jared cut that hair and please Sam ditch that car. Now that Dean ditch that hideous pickup now you can ditch the batmobile or whatever it is.

4. Regarding the Andy Warhol Soup people aka the Campbells: I vouch for Cas to appear in his true form wherever they are and blind everyone. Or at least that douche who brought up Dean's stunt in Hell. WTF HOW DARE YOU, NO ONE SAYS THAT TO DEAN. LIKE HE DOESN'T HAVE ENOUGH OF A COMPLEX. *stares badly*

5. Lisa ilu. I was so worried that they'd completely fuck that up but I loved that she knew him enough to take the decision out of his hands and that she was okay with Dean hunting because that's who he is. <33 I mean, he was never going to stay but I loved how they dealt with this.

I just hope it means she survives for good.

6. Poor Dean not wanting to turn into John or to replicate his parenting ways. :((( *hugs*

7. It was very interesting that when they named the kid Dean was the one saying Bobby and Sam was the one saying John. Mm.

8. I like this whole alpha shifter thing. Are they going after all the motw alphas? Because that sounds intriguing. :DDD ALSO THAT SHIFTER REPLICATING BOTH SAM AND DEAN? NN THANK YOU ALPHA SHIFTER.

9. Tbh, I was happier that he took away the kid instead of having him raised by the Andy Warhol Soup Clan. :/ I was all GO DEAN when he was totally not on board.

10. Sam and Dean buying baby stuff = adorable. Also, LOL. Also Dean feeding the bb!shifter alcohol = LOL FOREVER.

11. Last scene: PLEASE YES. FINALLY. Smoke On The Water AND the Impala being back in business? GODDAMN YES THAT PICKUP WAS HAUNTING MY NIGHTMARES.

12. In short, this >>>> 6x01 a lot. If the whole season is like this I'll be very, very happy.

13. About the promo for next week. I'm making it white so not to spoil anyone who doesn't watch it, highlight if you want to read. CAS. CAS. CAS. CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS. <333333333333333333 HE'S BACK. AND HE LOOKS SO BAMF. FUCK YES. I APPROVE OF IT SFM. <3333333333333333333333333 AND THERE ARE BIBLICAL PLAGUES. AND THERE'S THE IMPALA. AND CAS HAS APPARENTLY ANOTHER BAMF ENTRANCE. I APPROVE SO MUCH INDEED.

14. Overall, I liked it a lot. :DDDDDD Yaaay it's good because after the premiere they could have done well or totally fucked it and for now it's the first imo. :DDD

Okay, I'll be catching up with entries/comments now.
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the female ghost of tom joad: tangerinesjanie_tangerine on October 3rd, 2010 09:27 am (UTC)
LOL well since you're supportive I might give that a try. ;) ;) ;)