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09 October 2010 @ 03:56 pm
the vampire porn 2x05 'kill or be killed' // SPN 6x03 'the third man'  
Wait for a total crack thing about the SPN ep which will come to this location probably this evening. But it includes caps and photoshop and picspams, so I can't do it now.

But, let's go in order.


Even if they don't keep you in the dark for too long, which is good.

2. ANYWAY MASON IS IN LEAGUE WITH KATHERINE AND SHE PRACTICALLY MADE HIM TURN EVEN IF HE DOESN'T KNOW? WTF???!! I'm sad that Mason is with the bad guys now but he's still hot, so.

3. So. Uhm. This episode was like the feast of Damon/Stefan. I miiiight be on board. Also because uuuh, all that touching was like, UNF.

4. It's definitely proved that the only person who has managed to stay friends with Damon until now is Alaric. I'm overjoyed.

5. CAROLINE = HBIC <333333333333333333 I love her so hard.

6. Her mom = not so much. ://// what a bitch. I hope she comes around? ;___;

7. Also Damon not killing her = I appreciated.

8. Jeremy, if you stop being emo forever we'll get along a lot more nicely.

9. If Tyler and Jeremy don't have wild sex in the next two episodes it'll be a crime. On a UST scale, if Dean/Castiel is a ten, they're a goddamn eight. Also I'm glad that Tyler didn't turn for such a stupid thing, even tho the girl not getting hurt after a fall like that was totally unrealistic, lol.

10. Alright, I think it's because I've never seen any Twilight or True Blood or any popular vampire flick of the last fifteen years, but I kinda went like 'aw' at Elena and Stefan all the time. Idk., THEY'RE CUTE AND I SHOULDN'T THINK THAT.

Whatever. I'm also not invested in the triangle anyway so I can like without angsting. XD

12. In conclusion: SHOW YOU ARE AWESOME AND YOUR PACING IS GLORIOUS, but it needs more Alaric.


SPN, which I think will mostly be incoherent. Also, the cut is obviously NOT from the ep, but since I like old movies and I can't fathom how can you name an ep after The Third Man and not reference Switzerland and cuckoo clocks, I just pasted the quote. I can't remember a not-spoilery one anyway.


2. Okay, let's be coherent. First thing. Ben Edlund, why so gross? The blood I could take, the plague I could take, THE LOCUSTS I HAD TO CLOSE MY EYES. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. *throws up*

3. Shirtless Sam: nnn. Did something happen? Jared's hips are a thing of beauty. They should be preserved or something. Nnnnnn.

4. Not too big on Sam going with the hooker tho. Wtf. Still JARED'S HIPS DID ANYTHING ELSE HAPPEN?

5. I was overjoyed when Cas crashed Sam's car. \o/

6. Dean being all like 'I'M SO GLAD CAS CRASHED THAT MONSTROSITY YOU DROVE' was even better.

7. This = ship heaven. Seriously. Dean calls and Cas comes? He can say whatever he wants, we know he came because of that. XD Also. 'We share a deeper bond'. HE TOTALLY TOOK DEAN'S HAND FOR THE BLOOD WITHOUT PERMISSION. He was like 'the hairless ape >>> you' at Balthazar in thend. Also they're totally bffs who, instead of going for a beer, trap angels in rings of fire. ALSO CAS STARING AT DEAN SOULFULLY AND BEING LIKE 'I CAN'T AFFORD TO BE NICE' WHILE HE LOOKS ALMOST SORRY = I died.


9. Okay, that said, I totes felt bad for Sam when Cas was like 'me and Dean have BONDS OF LOVE', but I liked that Dean stood up for him too. <333 (tho er. Well. Point is, it's totally plausible that Dean and Cas WOULD HAVE BONDS OF LOVE, but still Saaam ;______; but I liked that for once he seemed genuinely ;_______; about it instead of shutting it all away. SEE, SAM FEELS BECAUSE OF CAS'S SUPPOSED LACK OF FEELINGS. Team Free Will still lives.

10. Raphael, you suck so much. Also lol at you appearing always in third episodes in each season.

11. On the other side, Balthazar = I LIKE. Okay, he was kinda trying to be Ralph Fiennes, maybe, or so it seemed to me, BUT I LIKE. LOOK AT MY JUNK. AND HE'S GONE ROGUE BUT HE STILL HAS MORALS.

Actually, Castiel/Balthazar? I might dig it. Why hasn't anyone written some? *frowns* Because it's kinda awesome.

12. I like that Dean finally called Sam out on his behavior. Sam, please, have a nervous breakdown, cry and talk about your feelings with someone. Thanks, me.

13. Okay, so, everyone has said everything about the Dean/Sam dynamic in this, so please allow me to stop trying to be coherent.

In the sense of.



b) Also he's TOTALLY not like S4. I mean, he's totally the bamf of the situation again, but I liked that he still seemed not to like half of what he did. I mean, come on, 'I don't have the luxury' while looking sincerley sorry when he was about to torture the kid? And when he looked like he was about to cry when he had to kill that other angel? I guess he has had enough of killing angels. :(( Also when he was with Balthazar he was all like 'BUT YOU'RE BETRAYING ME'.

c) Also I loved that conversation they had when Balthazar kinda made him realize that not all of them use free will that way. And he's the one who started it all, aw.

d) 'MY PEOPLE SKILLS ARE RUSTY, SINCE I HAVE SPENT THE LAST YEAR AS ELECTRICITY TRAVELING IN HEAVEN.' -> I DIED. CAS NEVER CHANGE AND NEVER STOP NOT GETTING REFERENCES AND PLEASE JUST BE BACK ASAP. <3333 ILU. I'm probably quoting wrong but there isn't a transcript anywhere and if I open the file I'll lose the next hour staring at how pretty Misha is.


14. I think I'm the only person who kind of loves this whole angel rebellion thing. *hides* I mean, I don't want the whole apocalyptic shebang either, but if we're talking about rogue angels going crazy because they're tasting free will for the first time while Castiel has to deal with the fact that they're doing it because HE did it first? (but he did it for a good cause while they just are trying how it is?) And they go as far as selling souls and going renegade and messing shit up? I LIKE. I also like that it'd be totally awesome for Cas character-development wise, but that's a whole other point. (Hell, he's my favorite, I CARE ABOUT THAT.) Idk but when he said it I was like PLEASE YES. It's... it just sounds so decadent/romantic in the not-ROMANCE sense that it just makes me excited. Lol this probably doesn't make much sense. Point is, I like. A lot. Now we'll just see how it goes. <3

15. IN CONCLUSION I APPARENTLY LIKE EPISODES NUMBER THREE A LOT. (Seriously. Dead In The Water was the first I really liked, Bad Day At Black Rock is probably my favorite from S3 or close to it, In The Beginning was EPIC and Free To Be You And Me is like my third-favorite episode ever so lol. S2's was the only one which I didn't particularly like. Er. This is a pattern.) AND IN CONCLUSION CAS ILU.

16. And no, really, poor Sam and Dean, I totally neglected you for this review but I feel like everyone else said everything that was needed to say anyway AND NNN CAS I MISSED YOU.

17. Also: God's weapons being in Heaven is totally ridiculous, but I didn't mention that for a reason. Stay tuned for the mentioned picspammy/crack review which will totally explain why I spent 90% of this episode snorting when I wasn't all like OMG CAS.

Phew. Done. Okay, I'll do some studying because I has an exam to give in two weeks sadly, and then this evening I'll put that spam together.
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the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural + nick cave = otpjanie_tangerine on October 9th, 2010 02:22 pm (UTC)
Lol about Cas taking off like that? I wasn't even surprised. I mean, he always does it, I didn't dwell too much about it. I just hope he's back sooon. :((((