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16 December 2010 @ 02:09 pm
fic, SPN/Watchmen: no compromises (Dean, Sam, Cas; Manhattan, Daniel), Pg13, reposting  
Okay, time to repost fic I didn't have time to put here during the graduation mess.

Title: No compromises
Characters: Dean, Sam, Castiel; Daniel, Dr. Manhattan (Rorschach gets mentioned a lot; mostly everyone who was relevant in the movie/graphic novel is mentioned)
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 8472
Spoilers: SPN: through 5x14; Watchmen: all of it.
Summary: “Mr. Dreiberg,” Castiel says, and Dean braces himself. “We would like to have your help in stopping the end of the world.” Or, where Manhattan is back on Earth exactly during the Apocalypse. Dean, Sam and Castiel investigate.
: uhm, nothing triggering happens. Actually, considering my fandoms, this has a pretty tame rating.
Disclaimer: SPN belongs to Eric Kripke and Watchmen belongs to Alan Moore. I don’t own zilch.
A/N: originally written for orockthro at xover_exchange ; my prompt was the events of Watchmen happened and are part of the history/legend of the world/United States. In the 2000s the boys start to investigate a supernatural blue being known as Dr. Manhattan. Thanks so very much to zelda_zee for the beta! <3 Also, for practical reason this assumes the movie’s ending, but there are a bunch of things which are from the graphic novel. Link goes to the comm for practical reasons and because I can't be bothered to repost everything here. *is lazy*
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