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12 April 2008 @ 11:30 pm
Master Fic List - Lost part II (het, misc pairings & series)  

- Not Good Enough for My Baby (Boone, Boone/Shannon), PG13, 770 words
What's going on in Boone's head when he offers Shannon chocolate after the crash.

- Extremely Far and Incredibly Close (Desmond/Penny), PG, 1468 words
Everything is fractured, like pieces of a broken mirror; Desmond can see a thousand different reflections of himself in every scattered glass, but he can’t place the mirror back together and he knows that if he doesn’t do it now, he’s not going to do it again. [Set during The Constant]

- Come As You Are (Jack/Juliet), PG, 2900 words
You don’t understand why and how you ended here in the first place; the only thing you can be sure of is that hers is some of the worst cooking you ever tasted in your life, but strangely, you find it comforting. Because it’s the proof that she isn’t just as perfect as she seems and that her facade is just as fake as you thought.

- It's Been a Long Time Coming (Desmond/Penny), PG13, 4000 words
The three years just passed have been the lowest point of her life and at the worst, she was sure that Desmond was dead. Sincerely, knowing that he is alive is much better than she could have hoped. She’s still in time to kick some sense into his head, as their seemingly mutual friend James Ford said, if he’s alive. She isn’t surprised anymore, nothing could surprise her right now and whatever happens, Penny is sure to be able to take it. Nominated for best het fic at lost_fic_awards, March 2008.

- Sentimental Journey (Boone/Shannon), PG13, 450 words
The point is that since he met her, there really wasn’t a way out. He was stuck with her. Maybe she wasn’t with him, but he doubts it.

- Wedding Day (Sarah, Kate, Jack/Juliet), PG13, 3736 words
They look so happy and pleased with each other that Kate can’t refrain from thinking about her own wedding and a sudden feeling of sadness rushes all over her. Because she knows that if she had caught the ball when it was in her court, it may have been her on that aisle.

- Solitude Standing (Jack/Juliet), PG, 1908 words
Six months after a submarine took her away from home and to another place she came to hate with all of herself, she realized that it was either living by three rules and sticking to them or renounce definitely to the idea of going back.

- Waiting On a Sunny Day (Sayid/Nadia), R, 2175 words
Then their lips meet halfway, like they both knew it was going to happen and nothing had to be said and Nadia’s heart skips another beat when she thinks that it’s their first kiss.

- Days Aren't Long Enough (Desmond/Penny), R, 1600 words
The week on Penny's boat before the Oceanic Six leave. Won for best het fic at lost_fic_awards, May 2008.

- Repetition Does Not Transform a Lie Into a Truth (Boone/Shannon), PG13, 540 words
What’s most pathetic, is that Boone died believing all the crap she had always told him, or so she figures.

- Calypso (sort of Desmond/Claire), light R, 2190 words
Every Odysseus has a Penelope and a Calypso, even if the story isn't always the same one.

- As I Sat by Her Side (Sayid/Shannon), PG, 550 words
Sayid doesn’t know why he’s so sure that the bracelet, half buried in white sand, was Boone’s.

- Somewhere Along the Line I Slipped off Track (Jack/Shannon), 1000 words
The only thing he says is that he’s sorry; it’s the only thing she says, too.

- Hallelujah (Sawyer/Juliet), R, 1700 words
The fourth, the firth, the minor fall and the major lift. It’s translated for piano, but it’s pretty much the same. Not so secret chord, and Sawyer figures it wouldn’t please God that much.

- Meet Me At The Wrecking Ball (Kate/Sayid), R, 2600 words
Kate has to wonder for a second about how funny is this; his suit, hair and smile are just as fake as her elegant silk dress, nice combing and smile are and as their dinner in a five star restaurant will be.

- Things To Do in Craphole Island When You See Dead People (Miles/Shannon), PG13, 2800 words
What luck. The hottest chick ever seen in his life and she has to be dead.

- Room Without Love (Charlie/Claire), PG13, around 2000 words
It’s not fun, when you find out how much you really love someone just when they’re gone.

- There's A Distance I Can't Close (Boone/Nicole), PG13, 1345 words
From then on, Nicole had known that even if he tried his hardest to convince himself otherwise, Boone didn’t really need her; he wanted to need her, so badly that she couldn’t bring herself to call everything off.

- Torment And Delight of My Heart (Juliet, Jack/Juliet), PG13, around 4000 words
Looking at Goodwin for a second as he passes in front of her house, heading to his, while Juliet is trying to find the exact balance in mixing the ingredients for the muffins she’s about to bake, is all it takes to make her realize how much this place has changed her. Won third place at lostfichallenge #84, a different point of view.

- Here I Go And I Don't Know Why (Boone/Claire), R, 749 words
It starts the day when he apologizes to her for the water. He’s really sorry and absolutely ashamed and the way Arzt looks at him when he says he’s sorry surely doesn’t make things easier.

- Revenge Is A Kind Of Wild Justice (Boone/Shannon), R, 580 words
She wants him to hate her because it’s not fair that she needs to hate him and and he just doesn’t get it. She needs someone to have her revenge on and since she won’t ever get any on Sabrina, it’s got to be him. Even if he doesn’t really have much of a fault.

- Missing Connection (faint Charlotte/Richard, implied Charlotte/Daniel), PG, 301 words
She can’t remember the last time she saw him, or why she knows him at all; she just feels like she does recognize him. From where, that’s not for her to say just now.

- Blame It On A Simple Twist Of Fate (Boone/Juliet), hard R, 9320 words
She had needed someone to make her feel special and not second-best, without any other purpose behind it; he had been that someone realizing it before she did herself. He needs someone to put him there once and he probably doesn’t think he’s worth the effort; well, fine. She can do it. Won for best fic with an unusual pairing at lost_fic_awards, March 2009.

- You'll Be A Lover In My Bed And A Gun To My Head (Jack/Juliet), PG13, 3176 words
uliet becomes metaphorically a lover in his bed and literally a gun to his head. She’s a gun to his head because he cares and she knows and they all know and so much for trying to stay detached and clear of weak points. And she’s a lover in his bed but isn’t at the same time because sure as hell they never even kissed and if he thinks about Kate it still hurts all over.

- Hunger Strike (Jack/Juliet), PG, 329 words
Jack’s lips are thin and forceful upon hers, the opposite of that first time which was also the last until a minute ago; he kisses her like he’s starving for it and she can’t not meet it, not when she has hoped for this for… three or thirty years. Doesn’t matter.

- The Week Before Moving Day (Jack/Juliet), PG, 339 words
She gives a good tip to both the workers who brought the bed up to the sixth floor; when it’s set, even if bare of everything except the mattress, she looks at it fondly, as it stands alone in what will be their bedroom in a short while.

- Eighteen-Hour Drive (Jack/Juliet), PG, 505 words
I wanted to ask you to take the rest of the day off and go with me to Seattle.

- Play Misty for me (pre Daniel/Charlotte), PG, 945 words
He hadn’t expected to find a piano on that freighter.

- Cages (Jack/Juliet), hard R, 321 words
This is not what you should be doing.

- Keep your eyes on the road and your hand upon the wheel (Kate/Sayid), PG13, 500 words
It’s almost like a weird vacation. (Until they get caught, but who says that they will be? They’re both professionals, after all.)

- Get it while you can (Kate/Boone), R, 1280 words
“I was waiting for you,” the real devil says as you finally stand in front of him again.

- Upon the dull earth (Daniel/Charlotte), PG13, 2270 words
They keep on driving and they don’t meet anyone. Sometimes, Daniel looks at her like there’s something he knows that he won’t bring himself to say, and then it turns out he has some short memory loss problems, but it doesn’t matter. At least he isn’t completely nuts, right? And he has a nice smile. Also, he isn’t dead as most people they bump in these days.

- Ourselves to know (Daniel/Charlotte), PG13, 1079 words
He wasn’t expecting to meet her again so soon after the concert.

Misc/Multiple pairings

- Point Blank (sorta Jack/Kate/Sawyer), R, 2781 words
Kate understood that she shot them both point blank in the back and she didn’t deserve either of them. But hell, Kate had already killed once for real and she could bear it.

- Four Times in Which Truth wasn't the Best Policy (And One in Which It Was) (Locke, Boone | Sun/Jin | Jack/Sawyer | Sayid, Juliet | Desmond, Charlie), PG13, 1000 words
Four canon moments which could have gone differently if someone had been more honest and one which is totally made up but could have happened.

- Are Birds Free from the Chains of the Skyway? [Sawyer/Juliet/Desmond], R, 2300 words ca
Sawyer knows that for Desmond and Juliet this island is nothing short than a prison. He understands them; he knows what it feels like.

- Networking (Charlie/Desmond, Jack/Sawyer, Jack/Sawyer/Sayid of sorts), PG13, 2750 words
Claire invites Charlie to a chatroom with the rest of the survivors. Absolute and utter crack. Nominated for best Humorous fic at lost_fic_awards, July 2008.

- Tunnel of Love (Desmond/Penny, Sun/Jin, Charlie/Claire, Sayid/Nadia, sort of Jack/Sawyer), PG13, 1300 words
Desmond suddenly finds that he can’t wait. His hand goes to her shoulder, awakening her. There’s only one thing he can say, as soon as he speaks, not letting her speak first. Nominated for best AU fic at lost_fic_awards, July 2008.

- Come Fly With Me (Desmond/Sayid, pre-Jack/Boone and Charlie/Claire, sort of Sawyer/Kate), NC17, 5900 words
Desmond and Sayid are pilots for Constant Airlines, owned by Hurley, and fly a plane where cookies baked by Claire are served; Juliet, Boone and Shannon are flight attendants, Richard owns the rival company Maybelline Airlines and Sawyer owns a bookshop in Dharma Airport, where life is never really boring. Especially when Frank owns the bar and two incapable terrorists leave around bombs that don't explode. Utter and absolute CRACK.

- None But The Brave (Jack/Boone, minor Sawyer/Cassidy and Desmond/Sayid, AU), NC17, around 19000 words
Jack is a lieutenant in the LAPD, Boone a recently recruited officer with a pretty serious crush on his boss.

- Deliver Me From Bypass Mode (Desmond/Charlie, cyber!Jack/Sawyer/Sayid), PG13 with some cybersex, 3322 words
Sequel to Networking. It's Desmond's turn to be sucked into the survivors' chatroom of doom. Ghosts show up and cybersex happens. Crack, of course.

- Bonnie Parker, Pleased To Meet You (Sawyer/Kate/Cassidy), hard R, 1816 words
“That’s some spirit. Well, well, depends. You decide. This here’s miss Cassidy Phillips. I’m Sawyer Ford. We rob banks.” ”What a coincidence. I’m… Bonnie Parker and this afternoon I robbed a bank, too.”

- We Three (Desmond/Penny/Sayid), hard R, 2246 words
Yes, Penny thinks, it’s insane.

- Surprises (Jack/Sawyer/Boone), NC17, 1060 words
The first surprise is finding out that the doc and Craphole Island’s prettiest resident are screwing.

- Dreams (Jack/Charlie/Sawyer), NC17, 1197 words
The only reason Charlie isn't freaking out is that this has to be a dream. Warning: tentacle sex. Won for best OT3 fic at lost_fic_awards, May 2008

- I Lost It (or four people who lost Boone Carlyle's heart and one who didn't) (Jack/Boone; Shannon/Boone, Boone/Charlie, Sawyer/Boone; Boone, Shannon, Charlie, Sawyer, Locke, Jack), R, 6474 words
It starts when Boone gets sick of lying and pretending he felt relieved when he never really did; two weeks after his hallucination, he goes to Jack and spills everything, from how they found the hatch to how he and Locke spend their days instead of hunting.

- Sacrifices suck (but it could be worse) (Boone/Charlie/the smoke monster), NC17, 1431 words
the only sensible answer they agreed upon was trying to stop the smoke monster from interfering; without such an ally out of the field (for not-John, of course), things would have been at least evened out; and then the problem became, how the fuck were they going to distract the smoke monster? Warnings: crack, tentacle sex and the smoke monster.

- Sentimental Hygiene (Frank/Sun, Frank/Richard), R, 2700 words
Frank would have also probably thought you were not just crazy but batshit crazy if you told him that on said island he’d have had a sort of one night stand with a married woman (which is something that wouldn’t really sit well with what’s left of his ethics) and that he’d gain more than a one night stand from someone else not that much later.

- The perks of being a space pirate (Charlie/Desmond, GENERAL ORGY featuring Jack, Sawyer, Sayid, Richard, Miles, Frank, Boone, Juliet & Claire, though she's mostly a voyeur), NC17, 6500 words
the Lost/Firefly fusion where Sawyer has a ship, Miles is his second-in-command, Desmond is the ship's priest, a bunch of other people are there, the key word on the ship is free love and Charlie is the musician Sawyer just hired. And where the hero of Canton is Sayid, but he hates that song.

- The dice roll so deceptively (Desmond/Kate/Sayid), NC17, 1830 words
alt!AU where Desmond finds a way to spice up his time in jail with both Sayid and Kate.


- The Ben Linus Trial (Ensemble), PG13, WIP
The inhabitants of Craphole Island sue Ben. Won Best Humorous Fic at lost_fic_awards, March 2008.
Part I, Part II

- There's a Story in Your Voice, Jack/Sawyer, overall R, claim for 10_quotes, WIP
Sawyer has to endure the consequences of a bad memory loss.
Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI, Part VII, Part VIII, Part IX, Part X

- I've Been Everywhere, sequel to I Ain't Got No Home, Jack/Sawyer eventually, also implied Jack/Sarah and Sawyer/Cassidy, then also Sawyer/Shannon, Sawyer/Kate, Charlie/Claire or sort of and Desmond/Penny, NC17 overall, 50000 words ca overall
Prologue, Buffalo Gals, So Long, It's Been Good To Know You, Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?, Dust Bowl Refugees, And They Laid Jesus Christ In His Grave, How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live?, Shenandoah, Have You Seen That Vigilante Man?, The Company Doctor>X, Reno, Nevada, Where Romance Blooms and Fades>XI, California is a garden of Eden, a paradise to live in or see, My Oklahoma Home, This Land Is Your Land. Won for best series at lost_fic_awards, February 2008. COMPLETED.

- Devil's Arcade [link goes to the masterpost] (Desmond/Sayid, Jack/Sawyer, Boone/Charlie, mostly everyone appears), NC17 overall, 32000 words ca
WWII AU; Desmond and Sayid (plus Charlie and Sawyer) are British soldiers at El Alamein. This follows them and others (Jack, plus Boone) in their unit from 1942 until 1945 (and sort of later, too).