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30 January 2011 @ 06:00 pm
five acts ficlets round up #1 - vampire diaries (two damon/alaric, one tyler/caroline)  
Okay, this be round one. You'll probably get another post in a short while with a number of mixed fandoms. Sorry in advance for spamming.


a question of types
damon/alaric; pg; 900+ words; general S1 spoilers, set after 1x12; no warnings; not mine.
Wherein Damon crashes Alaric's first date in ages and not just for the kick of it.
Originally written for gottalovev at the five acts exchange for the prompt jealousy.

scar tissue
damon/alaric; pg13; 1000+ words; general S1 spoilers; warnings: scar kink; not mine.
Damon has a thing for scars. Alaric fails to find it as disturbing as it could be.
Originally written for ozmissage at the five acts exchange for the prompts scars and kissing; using for my kissbingo square experimental: hickey.


I'm looking through you
tyler/caroline; r-ish; 531 words; spoilers for 2x11; warnings for light scar description; not mine.

Originally written for crickets at the five acts exchange for the prompt scars.
feeling: okayokay
on rotation: the curse of millheaven - nick cave