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14 April 2011 @ 12:22 pm
jus in bello 2 con report - day two  
Aaaand that's part two of the whole thing. It's going to be way longer than one. Hopefully I won't have to split it in two. I have reports for all panels except the Mark/Richard one because I had to get autographs.

Also: I'll be re-posting here a couple of videos that I took (same goes for tomorrow). Which as far as I see are all over tumblr/LJ for caps and stuff. I really don't mind as long as there's at least a link to the youtube account (which in most tumblr gifs you can't find), but if you're on LJ could you please credit to my LJ name? If it wasn't clear, janiedean on twitter/youtube = janie_tangerine aka me. K?

That said, on to the fun!

Aand, after too little sleep, it was time for day two. Which started with an hilarious opening ceremony.

All the cast was there and they started cracking us up without losing too much time. First they all decided that Sebastian was going to be their official interpreter and Jared like hugged him and stuff (idek Jared was stalking Sebastian throughout the three days he was there or something), Jensen was the one talking most out of everyone (he was in such good mood!), Misha was wearing a glitter-y scarf that left glitter all over his face WHUT and everyone else was taking videos of the crowd. Lol. Also Misha wasn't as on the ball as last year and he looked pretty much sleep deprived, but then it was found out that it was because he had brought his kid with him (AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW) and they couldn't manage to put him to sleep (DOUBLE AWWWWWW). And even if he was obviously dead tired he still was funny as hell and absolutely amazing to everyone and aw that man <3. Okay anyway, instead of throwing on us chocolate like last year, they threw on us some WWF plushies that were brought on stage along with a bowl with names of people who had bought at least three ops with Jared/Jensen/Misha and were thus eligible for winning one with the three of them. Each of them picked two names and then I guess we got thrown some more plushies? It was sorta insane.

Anyway, pictures and zip:

opening ceremony zip!

So then it was time for Misha's panel and I repeat, he might not have been as alert as last year but he still was funny as hell. (And gorgeous. *cough*) and he was all sparkling because of the scarf's glitter. Yeah, idek.


- At the beginning he started fucking around and looking at us and not giving the questions a go, then someone was like 'questions!' and he was like sure, I don't want to cockblock you, we're all friends with benefits. *snort* Then he was like sorry for not being at the cocktail party but I was trying to put a baby to sleep. But whenever I look at him I just can't put him to sleep, I have to play with him, and he doesn't sleep anyway. There was a general AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW of huge dimensions.
- First question was someone challenging him to answer all questions of the panel in his Cas voice. Answer was clearly no, but can you blame him.
- Then the next girl asked a very unfortunate question. I don't think that it was meant to be rude but the way it was phrased I can't fault him if he didn't take it well. Anyway, the question was, if SPN was a Hollywood movie, which actors would play Dean/Sam/Cas? At which Misha was like 'well, we're Canadian so we're not from Hollywood so obviously we couldn't do it', but it was uuuhm sorta very sarcastic. She said she hadn't meant to insult but I think that by then he had read it as her telling them that they weren't good enough? Idk. Anyway he eventually answered Reneé Zellweger for Sam, Kate Moss for Cas (she had the looks!) and Dakota Fanning for Dean.
- If he could meet Cas, he'd bring him shopping and tell him to change his clothes.
- A girl complimented him on choosing Anaximander for a name and on the baby generally, then she said she had been studying Anaximander at the time. At which Misha is like, is there anyone else? Aaand there was. Meaning me and another person. (Alright, I hadn't been studying Anaximander at the time but a) I'm doing it currently, b) I did it four years ago, c) I'll have to deal with him pretty much until I'm in university so I figured it was legit). So he's like, are you all nerds?, at which someone in crew is like GEEKS! and he's yeah, sorry, geeks.
- Since Jensen directed an episode and Misha directs short movies, what'd he do if he could direct a SPN episode? He answered he'd do a musical episode where Dean and Sam are in drag. If he couldn't do the musical he'd still put them in drag anyway. Then he was like 'imagine Jared in drag'.

Yeah, general cracking up.
- He was asked what music he likes lately and he said Peaches (then started singing one song which I don't remember since Peaches aren't in my playlist) because apparently it's the only music that gets his kid to sleep. Apparently lullabies don't do anything for him but songs with full-on sexual references? Sure, why not. He said they had taken a road trip LA/Vancouver at Christmas and they had a lullaby playlist but it didn't work and they got stuck with Peaches. There was some more general AAAWW-ing.
- He was asked how Cas changed between S5/6, but the question was in Italian and he fucked around with how/why (how he changed or why he changed? So you wanted to know how? But you asked why! etc.) He said that he has his own mission now and Sam and Dean kinda don't care much (;_____;).
- I have written something about him asking to someone if he came with a woman cosplaying Sam, which makes me think that the question was asked by a guy who was cosplaying as Dean with a friend doing Sam, but I might have got it wrong.
- Anyway he got asked what he has in common with Cas. The answer was the body and the personal space issues, and to state that he got up from his chair, went to the girl who was asking the question and asked her while standing two cms from here lol. One thing he doesn't have in common with Cas is the clothes. (Thankfully for Misha, I think he specified.)
- The Winchesters have the Impala, so which car would Cas drive? Answer was, a Toyota Corolla station wagon, and he'd name it Chariot (idek?).
- He talked a bit about the crying scene in the French Mistake but I can't remember much except that he was cracking himself up while doing it.
- He does his own stunts with plastic swords, and when asked if something bad happened while during a stunt, he said that when he was supposed to pull Jake Abel out of the ground in the 100th episode he fell down into the hole from which Jake was supposed to appear lol.
- Question: do you like Jared or Jensen better? Answer: I can't say since I'm working with them. He doesn't prefer either and he'd totally go with Castiel instead.
- A girl had a shirt saying 'Misha Collins could teach Chuck Norris badassery' or something. So she asked, how would he teach Chuck Norris to be a badass? Answer: he'd treat him like a kid, holing themselves up in a room without giving him bathroom breaks and explaining him American history and algebra.
- He was asked about him liking sports and he shrugged and said that he doesn't really predict them and since he only owns that Spain jersey that they gave him last year at a con when Spain won he felt like his team had won even if it wasn't exactly true, lol.
- He was asked to say a question in his best British accent (I think it was 'hey governor, do you fancy a cup of tea?' - yawedzoro asked it so correct me if I'm wrong). He said okay and did it, then asked if we had a British accent fetish or something. Then the next girl was from Manchester so he told her to say that same thing and he started half-moaning and pretending to have a fetish, too. Er.
- He had to fight to wear the blue sweater in French Mistake because he wanted to have a horrible one and the producers weren't going to let him wear it. Also he felt physical pain at tweeting all the crap he tweeted during that ep, lol.
- Since Sam and Dean got in prison a lot of times, has he ever been arrested? He shared two lovely moments. One: he was in college, and wanting to read Watership Down, so he wanted to find a place outside since it was a lovely evening and stuff. So he sees this fire escape ladder going to the roof of a bank and he's like awesome, that's a perfect place to read a book. (Alright, Misha, alriiight.) So he climbs and sits down to read about bunnies and then he sees helicopters all over him and police comes to get him because clearly while he was there reading there was a robbery going on downstairs and he couldn't manage to explain them that he didn't have anything to do with it because 'I was here to read a book' sounds like a pretty insane excuse. Two: he was seven and he was with his mom and his brother driving, and his mom was driving without headlights. So the police makes them pull over and his mom hands his five-year-old brother a bag of weed to hide in his underwear. They ended up arrested and stood in the jail cell for one night, and clearly the poor kid sort of knew that what he had in his underwear couldn't come out. So he couldn't go to the bathroom and it ended up like everyone has guessed by now. Misha said he found that absolutely hysterical. I think his brother didn't, er.

At some point during all of this, he took off his jacket and remained in t-short and short sleeved shirt. Everyone was like whoooo, and then he said 'hey, this is just one layer on three and that's how it's going to stay. YOU THINK I'M SEBASTIAN?'. Lol.

- Then someone showed him that pic of him acting in a school play wearing trenchcoat at seven (you look like a mini Castiel!) and he said that it was done in school and it was The Foreigner by Larry Shue. He was sort of at least a bit shocked that someone tracked that down.
- Some people got in from having done the Jared op and he asked whether it was a life-changing/cathartic experience.
- Question: how the heck is there a pic of you in a Santa Suit? He said that when he was a kid he wanted to be president and so he spent half of his life trying not to be photographed in embarrassing moments, then after he got the job at the White House he decided it wasn't for him and he thought fuck it, let's just roll with it. So at some point he's reading a play at a friend's house, and this friend owns an old thing for smoking opium AND he also has the opium. So they had smoked it and apparently they ended up on top of a billboard throwing stuff down at cars, and he figured that he did the Santa suit thing in a similar fashion. Or I think it went like this, if I got the facts wrong and you were there correct me.
- Then he was asked what he wanted to do for a job as a kid - did he want to work on SPN already? At which Misha was like 'well, SPN didn't exist back then but of course I had a sense I'd be on there - after all I already had the trench coat experience.

And then Jensen crashed the panel by walking behind him and no one said a thing, this until Misha realized someone was looming behind and he was like 'how did you get them to shut up?' and Jensen was like 'they knew' and Misha was like 'woah, they're OBEDIENT!', and then he asked Jensen since when he had been lurking. Jensen said a while, at least since the who do you like best between Jared and Jensen question. Misha said he needed water because he was crazy hot and Jensen told him to go get one, of course he was sweating because of THAT question. At which Misha gets out of stage and Jensen he's like 'aw, he's so cute. Like a teddy bear you'd bring home with you'.


Okay, pics and zip.


misha panel zip!

So Misha left and Jensen was about to start his panel. So he sits down and takes off his jacket and everyone is very appreciative, then he's like 'yay, question!', but then Misha creeps out behind him again because he had forgotten to sign a mug that was going to be autioned for charity. Lol. So Misha does the creeper thing, signs and goes away again and Jensen starts answering questions.

- First was which is his favorite episode overall - he said the pilot because he still loves it and then The French Mistake out of the more recent ones, and then he said something about the show still being special because they've been having the same crew since the beginning (differently from Smallville when they switch every two/three years).
- Second was whether he had played some April's fools nice prank with Jared this year but he said that they couldn't manage and he was very disappointed - next year he'll make people cry.
- He said that being bad at acting in the meta episode was a blast and that at some point during that scene Misha had to go away from set for two takes because he was laughing so hard that he couldn't stand up straight - by the way there's an entire gag reel from that scene and he's sure it's going to pop up on youtube sometime soon.
- He then appreciated a guy's shirt that advertised Busty Asian Beauties.
- He was asked which of the girl guest stars he'd marry if he wasn't already married and he said he wasn't touching that question with a ten foot pole because Danneel was going to kill him as soon as he got back home otherwise, and then he figured that the proper answer would have been that the guest star he'd marry hasn't been on the show yet;
- When asked which was the hardest S6 ep to shoot he said that it was hard to answer because they shoot them in a row so he can't exactly pinpoint, but

POSSIBLE FINALE SPOILERS (imo it's not that much of a big deal but skip if you don't want to read)

He said that the first part of the finale is Dean-centric (the second is Sam-centric) and that was hard-ish to do.


- He got asked how he can do the single tear when he cries and he says that he has no idea - the crew calls it OPT (one perfect tear) but since he doesn't put anything in his eyes in order to make himself cry (usually) he just acts like he usually does.
- He was asked about SPN the musical, at which he answered that it'd be a problem because Dean can't sing. But he wouldn't put anything past the writers after the meta episode. Anyway then he said that if it happened it wouldn't be anything like Glee (someone from the public suggested him the name tho - he couldn't recall), and then he stated that he's sure that Glee is a great show but that he wouldn't like it (he has never seen an episode though).

At some point between this stuff (I don't have notes because I was busy filming) someone asked him if he could say son of a bitch.

Which brings us to this, or the reason why I wasn't taking notes because I was filming:

I have an idea that most fandom has seen it already but heck, you can't see it too many times.

- This stated, he was asked whether he'd like to do a record and he answered that he wouldn't. He's an actor, not a musician, and while he's decent at being an actor playing whenever he feels like it, he has too much respect for people playing and writing music for a living to go and make a record.
- His favorite Dean moments are the comedy ones.
- Someone else went and said dammit, someone already asked the question I wanted to ask you. So he's like 'make it up! Or ask me something you'd ask someone else! I don't know, Misha, Jared, the President, David Beckham, Elton John, your pick! Hell, even Shakespeare!'. Poor girl was shocked.
- He was asked whether he'd like to own an impala. So he goes and says sure, I could get one from the Impalas on set, except that they're in pretty bad shape even if it doesn't look like it. So I'd get one, and fix it, and put it in my garage. And then it'd stay there and the tires would fall down and it'd get rusty, and then he'd go to drive it at some point and it wouldn't start. He knows because it's what happened the only other time he owned a classic car. But he'd still try to get an impala from the set.
- He was asked what was his favorite convention moment (generally) and he answered right now - or that's how I remember it.

Then Jared crashed the panel and brought two plushies with him that were presumably given by the staff - they were going to be up for a charity auction later. So Jared told Jensen that he was to have a zebra while Jared would have kept a giraffe one. Then Jared decided they needed names - the zebra was Bartholomew, the giraffe became Francesco. Then during Jared's panel he ended up cuddling the thing and kissing it and stuff and then he decided it should have been FrancescA, but whatever. They ended up playing puppet theater because Jensen was talking to the zebra and then Jared turned on his back and started dubbing the zebra. Madness!

Then Jensen left so have pictures and the usual zip:

jensen panel #1 zip!

So then there was Jared's panel but uuuuhm, I had to take my picture with Jensen and my autograph with Misha so I had to go out and skipped the first half. I'd have rather not done it but I wanted to give Misha what I had to give him before taking the picture with him that afternoon and I figured that the last Jensen op the next day was going to be insanely crowded. Sorry, Jared, but I still saw half of your panel.

So I went for the Misha autograph first - I actually had two because I wanted him to sign the Stonehenge Apocalypse DVD. (Yes, I actually own that thing.) Sadly no kissing happened as last year but once was already enough and as stated poor guy was already sleep deprived, I figured he could do without.

Also, I had this to give him:

So I go and I'm like 'eee I have something for you' and he's like 'oh my it's so cool, I'm so going to wear it' and then 'orange is my favorite color' and me 'errr I sort of knew'. Him: 'really?'. Me: 'you said it at some point'. Tbh I have no idea about how I knew except for the fact that he wears it a lot but I was sure he said it in some interview. Or whatever. So I'm like 'okay, can you sign this for me?' and he looks at the dvd and then there was the riot.

Him: aha. I had forgotten it was out!
Me: yeah, but it is and yes, I actually bought it.
Him: I should buy it too, I'll have to remember it.
Me: don't worry, it's pretty cheap.
Him: I sorta suspected it.



Then I went out of the room very much happy and went for the Jensen photo op. Sadly he was sitting rather than standing.

On a more happy note, I was sure that while next to him I'd have loooked as ugly as any normal human being would look next to him. (Or as freaked as I looked in the double ops last year.) Aaand it actually came out very nice. I'm still shocked over that.

So then I ran back into the Jared panel where he was still cuddling the giraffe. It was adorable.

- When I got in he was answering about him and Misha and the coins, but he really didn't tell anything that wasn't more or less known (like, he actually gave the money to Random Acts and left the note in the car - so Misha couldn't complain, but maybe he had said something more juicy first). Then he was asked how is it to play dark-ish characters when his appearance wouldn't seem to make him much suited for those parts and he said that he really enjoyed playing Lucifer and Meg!Sam so he actually really likes being the bad guy when he can. Also he never watches single episodes while he's shooting but he does season marathons when they're done airing.
- Then someone told him something like 'I know you're Jared from Texas' so he introduced the plushie (Francesco) instead and pointing out that he also had a hat. Which looked kind of French to me.
- He was asked about Sam's mind powers and why he used them just once to move things instead of just using them to kill demons and he said that they didn't want to do something that looked too much like the Force in Star Wars - also they have this theme about huge powers corrupting you when you can actually use them 100% which is why Sam never really learned how to use his properly (otherwise he'd have gone darkside for sure). He said it was something like Rogue in X-Men - anyway they never wanted Sam to become crazy powerful and lose it along with that.
- He was asked which pranks they do on Misha and he said that since he drives himself to set they usually hide his car or his keys. While then they like to crack him up by doing inappropriate things in front of him on set (like Jared groping Jensen and Jensen not even batting an eyelid). Or for example once they were filming some scene where Dean and Cas stare at each other and he had started doing shit behind Jensen while they were having to film Misha and he was cracking up so much that he sent them out of the room or he was never going to get that shot done.
- He then imitated Sam playing Jared playing Sam in 6x15.

^ says everything that I couldn't remember having shot it, but whatever.
- Someone from Hungary asked if he had ever been there, he made a joke like 'of course I'm hungry!' but then he answered seriously and said no but he'd love to go there. Then he mentioned something about going on a biking tour with his brother but I was taking pictures and didn't get details.
- A guy cosplaying Sam asked if Jared liked his look - Jared said he did. Then he was asked if playing soulless!Sam was hard and he said molto hard (very hard, lol) even if he does enjoy playing evil-ish people, but then he stated that the most difficult part of it all was not treating Jensen like a brother (AWWWWWWW), especially because it takes a while to get into robo!Sam's mindset (or Lucifer's for that matter).

And that was the last questions. Here are some pics and a zip, but it's really not many because after shooting about 500 pics total of Misha and Jensen I realized that I had just 1/4 of battery left and I still had to go through three panels one of which was J2, so I ended up not taking as many as I could have.

jared panel zip!

And then it was time for the Chad Lindberg & Rob Benedict panel aka ohmygodthatwasinsanefun.

- First question was what would they say to the other's character (like, what Rob would say to Ash and viceversa). Rob said he'd tell Ash to trim his hair, Chad said he'd tell Chuck to write Ash back into the story.
- Rob was asked which kind of book he'd write if he was a writer in RL. First he said that he'd probably do something related to music, a sex, drugs and rnr thing. Then he said that he'd also really like to do sci-fi though. Then Chad was like 'you can write a rock n' roll ufo book!', which is what they ended up settling on.
- They were asked their favorite SPN episode that they shot - for Chad is Dark Side of the Moon (he didn't remember the number and I was like 'it's sixteen!' and he was like 'well thanks' xD). He also shared info about not knowing how to shotgun beer and Jensen having to teach him. For Rob it was the convention episode because he was very much glad that Chuck got his hero moment and the girl.
- He was asked how the first day on set was and he said it was wild because he didn't know either Jared or Jensen and both of them were so tall, and then they were talking about cage fighting and when asked his opinion he was like 'I LIKE IT OF COURSE DON'T KILL ME' awww Rob. <3 he's apparently intimidated by tallness. xD
- Chad then started talking about 2x05 and said that when they shot that episode and Sam/Dean go to his room and find him naked he actually was naked - he had some kind of skin-colored tong on but for the rest he didn't have anything else on. And neither Jared or Jensen had known so he threw them for look.
- Rob was asked what he'd do if he was God for a day and he said that he'd make himself get the ability to fly, he'd make Ash come back to the show ('thanks, man' -> Chad), and then he'd make his group open for Pearl Jam and secure himself a backstage jamming with Eddie Vedder with whom he'd play Yellow Ledbetter. (Rob, I like the way you think.)
- If Rob could direct an episode: Chuck would get the Impala and get Ash to go with him killing monsters, but then the Impala would break down on the side of the road and they'd call Sam and Dean saying they would hitch, then they'd hitch back to the Roadhouse to go pick Ellen and Jo (after Chuck brings them down from Heaven or whatever) and go to a rave party where Ash is of course naked. At this point everyone was doubling up laughing.
- They were asked who they think they were in past lives - Chad said he was sure that he had a lot and he's also pretty sure that he was a woman in at least some of them. Rob decided he was probably some little Egyptian pharaoh - they mentioned the name but I really didn't get it.
- Rob got asked if he'd have changed his acting knowing that he was God from the very beginning and he said that in the end he'd have done it the same way. Anyway he always was sure that Chuck stood for Eric Kripke at least, while he isn't sure that they always knew he stood for God as well.
- They were asked whose Heaven they'd like to see and Chad said Michael Jackson, Rob said James Dean (he apparently has a fascination - once he went and interviewed his family for I can't remember what occasion). The alternatives (in Rob's case) were JFK, Marilyn Monroe and Jimi Hendrix.
- Chad got asked whether there's a reason he always plays weird characters and he said he likes them even if a lot of people are like 'why are you always playing the drug addict?'. Rob said he was a bit like the actor playing the kid in Breaking Bad, who apparently once was given money on a street in LA because they took him for a homeless person.
- Rob was asked what he thought when he found out Chuck was God and he said that when he read the script he had completely missed it and he noticed when he went on set and people were like 'so, how does it feel to play God?' and he was like 'WHAT, I'M - oh, okay, sure'.
- Chad was asked what'd Chad do if Ellen and Jo showed up at his Heaven place and he'd be like 'girls, what took you so long? Want a beer?' and then he'd hug them, at which one girl told him to pretend that she was Jo and he hugged her. Aw.
- Rob was asked what good stuff he's been reading lately and he said Johnathan Franzen's Freedom, which he had mentioned the day before even if I forgot to write it in the report. (He was asked about his RL favorite writers and he said Vonnegut and Franzen. Rob you have amazing taste.) Also he's been reading Keith Richards' Life and he thinks that it's an amazing book (and was like 'he gets arrested for drugs in chapter ONE!').
- Chad was asked how much of a computer nerd he really is since he plays a lot of computer nerds and he said that he knows the basics and goes on Twitter and stuff but he really isn't a hacker. Maybe he just gets cast for those parts because he looks like a genius.
- Rob was very amused to know that in fandom a lot of people say oh my Chuck instead of oh my God. Then they were asked to make up a jingle for the Rob & Chad comedy show. AND THEY DID AND IT WAS GLORIOUS but I have no videos of it so if someone has recorded the panel please tell me because I need to see it again.
- Then they were asked what'd happen in that show and they said that Chuck and Ash would fall from Heaven, get a sidecar, wear helmets and kill monsters all over the country - then they said that they should either send it to the CW or do a video and put it on Funny or Die.
- They got asked the nicest things they got from fans at conventions - for Rob it was drawings or stuff for his kids, for Chad a sign that a girl in Germany brought and basically was the same that Ash had on his door - he actually has it on his front door now.
- Last question was about which directors they'd like to work with. Rob said Martin Scorsese, Chad said Steven Spielberg, both of them agreed on the Coen brothers.

And then it was very sadly over.

Pics and zip, still not many but I had to save battery.

chad and rob panel zip!

So then it was lunch time aka the dead moment, during which I absolutely don't remember what I did except for the fact that I didn't have lunch after all, and then I went to get autographs with Richard, Mark and Rob. The first two went great - and Richard's autograph is awesome. He might have liked that he had a lot of space to show his artistic side. Also Mark had the best idea out of everyone who did the signing - the PA at his right handed him the pass directly and he read/copied the names without having to get through the whole 'how do you spell it?' thing.

^ Richard's.

^ Mark's.

So then I went in line for Rob's not knowing whether I should get the notebook signed (like I had planned) or the Louden Swain cd I had bought at merchandise before (which I was very happy to get - I had that and the others downloaded but since I really like their music I was hoping there'd be some cds to buy). In the end I went for the cd and there you have proof number #2793479 that Rob Benedict is adorable. First he was like 'ooh, you bought it? thanks!' and I was like 'well, I already had it SORT OF, but I really like it so I was very happy to buy it' and then he was like 'OMG THAT'S SO LOVELY' and then he asked my name. And he got it right at the first try, also pronounce-wise. Which never happens with most of the American people I end up talking to - not obv. their fault since it's most vowels and they don't pronounce it the same way so I actually complimented him and he was all happy, awww. And then he called me sweetie when I left. I was kind of sold. And I bought another autograph, lol.

Anyway after this whole thing I rushed into Sebastian's panel which had started like five minutes before. From the recap I heard from the translator later I got in at the second question - during the first he had talked about living on a boat for four/five years from when he was like nine because at some point his dad quit his job, bought a boat and all of them lived on it circling South America. Then when I got in he was answering a question about where he likes to go rock climbing - apparently it had turned up in the previous question that he likes to do it. Actually he does it twice a week. A lot of things like his shape and how healthily tanned he is got suddenly explained.

- Anyway, after that question during which I think he was blathering about all the awesome place you can go rock climbing in Europe, he was asked how it was to join SPN and what he thinks of the fandom. He said that he likes to play in the show even if he had to audition four times to get a part, then he started imitating Misha doing the Cas voice, then he stopped joking (for a very short while) and said he loved fandom and he felt very welcome. Aw.
- When asked what he likes about Balthazar, he said he likes that he's a good guy ('do you think he is?', he asked to crowd. 'YEEESSSSS' came for an answer, lol) but that he has that decadent feeling around him which he really enjoys playing.
- Then he answered another question about rock climbing saying that he used to do it on much higher mountains before, and that's all I got about it because then he started going technical and I know zilch about how you climb mountains.
- He asked whether he ever got pranked on set and he said that once everyone had sort of drunk a bit and they were mostly buzzed, and Jared had started to hump Jensen's leg while Jensen was doing the scene with him and Jensen stood unfazed. Until Sebastian couldn't hold it in anymore and cracked up. Then he said that once he tried to unfaze Jensen dropping his trousers and standing in his underwear in front of him and Jensen was still like 'son of a bitch!' but without getting out of character. (Then he started doing the son of a bitch impression which he kept on doing for the entire panel/the next day lolol.) Anyway he never got properly pranked yet, maybe because they think it wouldn't work on him. I can believe why.
- He was asked whether he had scheduling conflicts between Fringe/SPN/Criminal Minds and he said that with Fringe and SPN not so much as they're both shot in Vancouver, which is probably a reason he hasn't done more CM.
- He was asked his favorite character from SPN and he said that in the end it totally was Balthazar, actually he loves Balthazar (and he started cracking jokes about looking at himself in the mirror and loving himself - jesus he bullshits so much but he's so funny).
- Then we learned that he's been rock climbing for two and a half years. I suppose there were a lot of people in the room interested in trying it. XD
- He was asked what he thinks about Jared and Jensen and he said a lot of nice things, then he said that they were also very pretty and that he wasn't gay but if he was, he'd totally fuck them. (Room cracks up.) Then he's like what? I'm for gay rights! Even if I'm not. Room agrees, he agrees, everyone agrees.
- He was asked how they ended up shooting those pics of him cuddled up to Jared and he was like 'we had two bottles of wine' and joked about the two of them having been married. Which considering that Jared had spent the previous too days glomping him...
- He was asked how many languages he speaks - English and French fluently, Italian and Spanish not as good, then he knows swear words in a number of other random languages. Then he stated that of course he was half French, from the waist down.
- He got asked what would happen in an episode where Gabriel meets Balthazar - they'd turn Dean and Sam into women, actually they'd turn everyone into women ('Misha would be Mishaet!' -> room cracks up).
- He was asked whether he did research for his role (like looking up the real Balthazar) and he said that he hadn't but he should.
- Then he got asked which kind of woman he likes and he said 'I like them all, all colors of the rainbow!', someone said 'that sounds pretty gay' and he answered 'hey, I love the word gay! It means happy!', and then it ended there and it was a very worthy ending.

Aaand have pics as well. Again, not so many but I avenged myself the next day during his and Misha's panel..

And the zip.

sebastian roché panel zip!

After that they put on a game of guitar hero - the winner was going to win a free autograph, but I didn't even try. I have no idea on how to use a WII. Anyway I think I just chilled out at that point because there wasn't anything to do until the J2 panel started like one hour later, and it totally delivered.

- So the both of them came by with their plushies, and then one of the organizers handed Jared this huge bowl of coins saying that it was all the coins that they had and that they were going to charity, but he was going to have to count them. So Jared was like okay, it's for charity, I can. So he starts to take out cents from the bowl and trying to do it in Italian. Like:

Jared (picking up coin): and it's a UNO! And it's a DUE!

Then at three he sadly lapsed into Spanish. And it went on a bit and he was hilarious because people corrected him but he still lapsed into Spanish and he never went past due correctly, lol. Anyway then he was like 'I'M GOING TO THROW THEM ON YOU!' and then he didn't. Aw.
- They said that the plushies were going to be auctioned while cuddling them. Aw.
- Then they were asked about the musical episode again and Jared was like no way, I can't sing and Dean can't sing. Then he said that he's not tone deaf which is horrible because he catches like one note every fifty and he can hear how wrong he is.
- Then Jensen was like 'you remind me of that Direct TV commercial, cuddling that giraffe'. At which all Americans cracked up, all Europeans were like WHAT THE HECK? and Jensen said that there's this Direct TV commercial in the US where they want to make fun of excessive opulence, and so there's this rich Russian guy full of money who ends up owning a giraffe.
- Then Jensen was like shouting the fight the fairies thing, but I can't remember if it was a question or just random bullshitting around.
- He complimented the guy with the next question because he was wearing a Casa Erotica t-shirt. Then they were asked about which other show they'd like to act in and he was like 'CSI Miami because you don't even need to know how to act to star in that', then he was like 'SORRY DAVID CARUSO ILU', then he said 'no, actually not' and everyone cracked up.
- They were asked what would Jared say to Dean and what would Jensen say to Sam. It went more or less like this:

Jared: dude, get rid of that jacket.
Jensen: I did, they stole it.
Jared: alright, then thanks for always saving Sam's life as I keep my job.
Jensen: so, you're Sam Winchester? What a coincidence, you look just like my friend Jared!

Room cracks up.
- They were asked their favorite catchphrase - Jared doesn't really have one though when someone suggested 'I lost my shoe' he said it was a good one. For Jensen is the driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole one because he thought that it really set the mood for how the show was supposed to be.
- Jensen was asked why does he always play jackasses when he doesn't look like one, at which he said that according to him his characters aren't jackasses.
- They were asked if Dean and Sam were ever going to say jerk/bitch to each other again and I think Jared answered that he doesn't think so because both of them grew up a lot and know that words can hurt even if it doesn't look like that.
- At which Misha crashed the panel. He was behind the screen first so no one could see him and he started talking in this weird as fuck accent and he asked them how it was to work with this amazing person named Misha Collins, and since he was sure that Misha is an inspirational/intelligent/awesome person, how working with him actually made them grow up. At which they had sort of understood who was it, and they were like 'dude I can't place your accent, where do you come from?' and Misha said 'Indorussia', at which they were like 'it's not very famous', and Misha was like 'sure, it's famous for its goatsheep', at which I think Jensen said 'oh right I was told their cheese is awesome', but by then they were all cracking up like nothing else.
- Then after Misha left they found out that the screen behind them was a second late. So basically if they turned they could see themselves turn on said screen. So basically they spent two minutes fucking around with it.
- They got asked about their favorite eps this season and both agreed on French Mistake though they say that the western episode is amazing as well.
- Someone from South Africa asked if they'd attend a con there or if they'd like to go there at all - Jared said he had already been once and he loved Cape Town, Jensen said he never was there but he'd really like to go. Then they started bullshitting and being like 'you know, Africa is Misha's natural habitat. And Rob's as well, his species have guitars with them'.
- They were asked which are their favorite seasons - for Jared it's S4 not only because he met his wife but because he liked Sam's arc and what they did with the mythology, for Jensen it's still S1 because he likes to remember the feeling when everything was fresh and exciting and stuff.
- They were asked their first impression of each other - they said they met while testing for roles and it was good, then they shared a story about being on the set of Wendigo and Kripke calling them apart and telling them that the show was going to work based on how much their relationship was going to work, and then they said something absurdly sweet about not letting each other fall too hard for six years whenever acting together and deciding things. <333
- They were asked which advice they'd give to their own character. Jared's to Sam: stay in your room, don't make deals with anyone. Jensen's to Dean: dude, take a vacation to Barbados - there's monsters there too, you know.
- Someone asked them advice for stuff to see/do while in Texas - they agreed on eating barbecue and visiting Austin, Jared told them NOT to go to Odessa and Jensen told them that it actually was beautiful and Jared was like 'are you kidding me?'.
- They talked about the endless takes they did for the bad acting scene in French Mistake - Jensen was asked how he approached acting badly and he was like 'oh, I just thought, how would Misha do this?'. XDDD
- They were asked in which not-SPN role would they cast the other. Jared would cast Jensen in Twilight, Jensen would cast Jared in the Justin Bieber bio-pic. xDD
- They were asked what they really think about conventions and fans and Jensen was like it's all awesome as long as there's respect between the actors and the public, which I guess translated in I like doing cons but I won't like it if you stalk my house. Jared added that they love interacting with fans also because fans of the show are pretty much like their crew by now. And Jensen added that yeah, it was just that, but he could do without creeper questions like in which position do you sleep/do you do it with your window open?
- They were asked whether French Mistake was hard to do but they said it was a context far enough from reality that there was no hardship doing it.
- Last question was for Jensen - why didn't Dean have Cas's handprint when he dreamed about himself and Lisa at the beginning of S6? Jensen had three possible answers:

a) it was a dream and Dean wouldn't dream of himself with any kind of scars.
b) when Cas healed Dean in the S5 finale he took away all the scars including the handprint.
c) his favorite - they just forgot about it in make-up.

Aaand that was it. Here are some pics (not as many as I wanted but still enough). In the zip there are some of Misha crashing the panel but he was in the dark so they probably suck, but they're still decent enough to look at.

Aaand, zip!

j2 panel zip!

After that I went for my photo op with Misha and autographs with Jensen/Jared/Sebastian. This meant I missed the first Richard/Mark panel which Misha apparently crashed, and I was very sorry about it, but that was the last chance I had for Jared autographs and I figured I could just do everything at once.

So anyway, I go for my picture with Misha which is a thousand times better than the one I got last year. Also he was very impressed with my coat.

Then I went for autographs. Jensen was very nice and all but as last year I just stared and was like 'eeee THAAANK YOU'. He just looks too gorgeous to be from this planet, er.

So then I went for Sebastian and then for Jared and there was a moment which was seriously lol-some. So I'm in line for the Sebastian one and someone in Jared's line has brought candy. It was like, that gummy candy, but it was dick-shaped. Yeah, idek. Anyway Jared sees the candy and he's like 'OH MY GOD THIS IS INSANELY COOL!'. So he opens the bag and eats one on the spot. Then the following conversation started. (Jared's desk was near Sebastian's.)

Jared: Sebastian! Catch this!
Sebastian (catches candy): uhm, that's candy? (eats half of it) Hey, it tastes like ass!
Jared: actually it's the other side!
Sebastian (eats the rest of the candy): ooh. Then it's tastier!

Yeah, I don't even. I turned around and looked at the person behind me and they were like 'DID THIS EVEN HAPPEN?'. So anyway, I get to Sebastian and I have him sign a picture that was going to be a late birthday gift for a friend not attending, then I handed him my notebook saying that it was for me.

And then most seriously insane conversation I ever had with someone famous/at a con/whatever happened.

Him: so, what's your name?
Me: Lavinia.
Him: oooh, like in Shakespeare?
Me, momentarily not expecting it: well, Shakespeare too. But it was actually for Virgil.
Him: RIGHT! Because she's in the Aeneid!
Me: yes, actually I was named after the one in the Aeneid.
Him: but there's one in Shakespeare too. It was Titus Andronicus!
Me: oh yes I know, but if I have to be honest with you, I'm pretty happy to have been named after the other one. You know.
Him, cracking up: right, because the Shakespeare one got her tongue cut.
Me: exactly.

I don't even. I can assure you that when I introduce myself no one catches one, let alone two. Sebastian, I iz very impressed.

Then I went for Jared, who has a very readable signature. And who was still totally nibbling on the dick-shaped candy.

At that point I noticed that Rob was in the room as well still signing stuff even if in theory he should have left a while before. Maybe he had an extra session, I don't know. So I figured hey, I bought the extra autograph, I might as well do it now, right? So I go standing in line. And he's like 'oh, you again!' and me 'yeah, I know, I have a second.' And then he wrote me this:

and I melted. Then I had to inform him that the picture I took with him was the best out of all my ops (true fact). And he seriously was all like 'I'm so happy!' and I was like 'YOU'RE TOO SWEET FOR THIS WORLD'. Or something.

Anyway then the last thing I had missing was the photo op with Richard so I went for that one as well in order to have just two the next day (and no autographs - I was set on doing all the panels).

So after that me and the friends who were staying at my place went to get dinner at the airport - not as pricey as the Hilton but still too pricey for what they offered you. The best thing I had all evening was Pepsi which I guess isn't a compliment.

Anyway last thing for the day was the Jason Manns concert and it was pretty great! I didn't know his music much so I just recognized two songs, but I really liked what I heard. Also at some point he was like there's too much space, come sit! and so a bunch of people sat down on the ground (me included). Then he started throwing cds and picks and downloadable itunes cards at us but I didn't catch anything. And then he took a picture of all of us saying he was going to tweet it. Aw. Anyway of what he sang I just recognized Crazy Love (it was the last one) and Hallelujah (WELL I MEAN), which he covers in the Jeff Buckley version and woah, it was good! I was very impressed. And I'll need to find some of his stuff (maybe if he comes next year/if there's a con next year I'll buy the cd. This year I had exhausted my money on Louden Swain and extra autographs).

I have like three pictures because then my camera died for good and it shut down on its own whenever I tried to make more than one after the other, so no zips for this one.

aaand that's all for day two. Day three should come later today and then I'll crosspost this whole thing and spam your f-lists. In the next installment: Misha and Sebastian having the most homoerotic panel in the history of ever, Misha meet & greet, Jensen panel number two, Chad and Rob all over again, Richard and Mark doing the craziest panel in the history of ever that included people dancing to Eye of the Tiger, Jensen and Misha absolutely not disappointing and doing the infamous When Harry Met Sally re-enactment, Steve concert and general impressions, plus the comprehensive zip with all the good selected pictures.
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the female ghost of tom joad: !!! <3janie_tangerine on April 15th, 2011 02:51 pm (UTC)
Ehe, thank you! :DDD I had such a blast omg. I totally don't regret a cent of my ticket's price lol. <33 it so totally was the best weekend ever ohmy.
Lady Macbeth: [Supernatural] Dean :)ladymacbeth77 on April 14th, 2011 02:57 pm (UTC)
Si vedono gli occhioni a cuore? ♥_♥ Che bello che bello che bello! Ho così tanta nostalgia di quei dieci coglioni adorabili!
the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural dean/cas bffs <3janie_tangerine on April 15th, 2011 02:52 pm (UTC)
ANCHE A ME MANCANO, MA PROPRIO TANTO ;____; si rifà vero? ♥
Lady Macbeth: [Supernatural] Lucifer/Sam Heartladymacbeth77 on April 18th, 2011 07:03 pm (UTC)
Io voglioooooooooo ç_ç
joy: balthazar » don't hate me causejoyyjpg on April 14th, 2011 03:07 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you had such an awesome time!! I am so jealous right now. 8D


I think ship Sebastian/Jared a little, after reading this. What is my life.

My copy of Stonehenge Apocalypse feels very ordinary now. Lucky, lucky girl. I totally own that thing too. It was $10 at Wal-Mart like, literally a week after it was released. Quality entertainment right there.

Also, Chad and Rob doing a panel together? WIN. Almost as much win as Mark and Richard, so I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT. That, and Misha and Sebastian having the most homoerotic panel in the history of ever. UNF. ♥
the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural + nick cave = otpjanie_tangerine on April 15th, 2011 02:55 pm (UTC)

Also YES INDEED SEBASTIAN TOTALLY WAS A PLEASURABLE SURPRISE. His reading habits just made me completely buy what he's selling but I was already very much on the OMG SEBASTIAN ILU train before lololol. We can marry him together!

... er, I kinda ship it a bit too, but THEY SAID THAT IN FRONT OF MEEEEE HOW COULD I NOT.

Hahahahahaha I paid mine like 9 euros on play.com so I guess we paid it pretty much the same ridiculous price? I had to have it though. I mean. Also yeah now my copy is very much the most stylish ever. ♥

THEY DID AND IT WAS HILARIOUS. And haha I posted day three now with both Mark and Richard and the homoerotic Misha/Seb one lol. ♥

Damn I need a Balthy icon now.
your brown eyes are my blue skiesemonet25 on April 14th, 2011 06:51 pm (UTC)
wow your pictures are amazing!!! so good <3 thanks for sharing :D
the female ghost of tom joadjanie_tangerine on April 15th, 2011 02:56 pm (UTC)
Thank you so very much and no problem! ;)
mayhsgirl93mayhsgirl93 on April 14th, 2011 10:17 pm (UTC)
thanks for this report! I really wanted to go but couldn't get the funds together, but your report really made me feel like I was there!!
the female ghost of tom joad: jensen acklesjanie_tangerine on April 15th, 2011 02:57 pm (UTC)
Awww, too bad. (Though if I wasn't living in Rome already I doubt I'd have had the funds as well.) I'm so glad you liked reading this though, thank you! ♥
ozmissage: SPN. Dean/Cas. future tense.ozmissage on April 14th, 2011 11:13 pm (UTC)
This was such a blast to read, I'm definitely gaining a new found crush respect for Sebastian. :)
the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural dean/cas IS CANONjanie_tangerine on April 15th, 2011 02:58 pm (UTC)
Aw, thank you! :D and eeeh, don't you tell me. I liked him before but after that exchange he gained a lot of points with me. He's so lovely. And damn I need a Balthazar icon now.
Giulia: Spn_Balthazare0wyn on April 15th, 2011 03:52 pm (UTC)
La maglietta aancio con il rhyno *___________* E' stupenda, la voglio XD Tra l'altro, l'arancione è anche il mio di colore preferito lol

Stupendi i photoop. Mi piace tantissimo anche quello con Richard. Per non parlare dello schizzo che ti ha fatto sulquaderno, troppo forte!
E, oddio, la conversazione tra Jared e Sebastian XD XD XD Direi che Sebastian si è integrato davvero alla grande nell'atmosfera di questo cast lol

Grazie per il recap, qualcosa qua e là in qualche inizio panel me lo ero persa, soprattutto quello di Chad e Rob perchè sono entrata un po' dopo :)

Ah, la domanda sull'adolescenza in barca a Sebastian l'avevo fatta io ^__^
Giuliae0wyn on April 15th, 2011 04:03 pm (UTC)
Ah, c'eri quando una pazza seduta in platea ha chiesto nel panel di Jared se poteva fare la "lock scene"? Al che lui hja capito "love scene" e ha iniziato ad amoreggiare XD Ce l'ho in video, devo solo uploadarlo ma ci sto mettendo un sacco a buttare su la roba. Cmq la pazza in questione ovviamente era la sottoscritta XD

Spero domani di riuscire a leggere il recap del 3° giorno... avrei bisogno della giratempo di Hermione ultimamente XD ;_;
the female ghost of tom joad: j2janie_tangerine on April 16th, 2011 11:49 am (UTC)
ODDIO ERI TU? XDDD ho vagamente sentito ma stavo mettendo via la macchina fotografica e tentando di non far cascare niente quindi non l'avevo capito xDDD ma fai le domande migliori che esistono eh ;)
Giuliae0wyn on April 16th, 2011 01:31 pm (UTC)
XD Più che altro ho completamente lasciato a casa il senso del pudore lo scorso fine settimana XD Credo stia ancora volando per Roma assieme alla dignità di Jensen e all'oroglio di Misha XD Almeno è in buona compagnia LMAO

Sono finalmente riuscita a caricarlo *____* Attorno al secondo 36 LOL


Oddio, hai ancora il pdf della maglia? *__________* Se non ti spiace, mi piacerebbe un sacco averlo :)
the female ghost of tom joad: misha = awesomejanie_tangerine on April 16th, 2011 04:17 pm (UTC)
AAAH MA CIAO JARED <33333333333

comunque certo, nessun problema XD appena riesco la metto su mediafire e ti passo il link, poi in teoria la porti in copisteria e non dovrebbero farti troppi problemi. Comunque se la fai la voglio vedere eh ;)
Giulia: Spn_Misha_MadHattere0wyn on April 17th, 2011 09:50 am (UTC)
Ma certo!!! Devo solo trovare un posto dove lo fanno qui... mi piacerebbe metterlo su una maglietta un po' meno stile t-shirt, un attimo più aderente (ma non troppo, per carità XD). E sempre arancio perchè è stupenda *________* Magari c'è anche qualche negozio online che fa queste stampe *uhm*
the female ghost of tom joad: misha collins AT JIBjanie_tangerine on April 18th, 2011 07:01 pm (UTC)
Oook scusa il ritardo ma mi sono resa conto che quella giusta ce l'aveva la mia amica che l'ha fatta stampare e me la sono fatta rimandare ;) ok qui c'è la psd, se poi ti serve la png o che altro dimmelo e provvedo. ;) e penso starebbe bene anche su una aderente, lì siamo andate sulla t-shirt anche per essere sicura della taglia ma il disegno dovrebbe venire di dimensioni fattibili ;)
Giulia: Spn_Misha_MadHattere0wyn on April 19th, 2011 09:08 am (UTC)
Ma figurati, di cosa ti scusi?! Grazie mille ancora *inchino stile giapponese* E' stupenda *________*
the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural gabrieljanie_tangerine on April 16th, 2011 11:48 am (UTC)
Guarda che se vuoi stampartela posso mandarti la psd eh ;) ancora ce l'ho lì e non penso la cancellerò in tempi brevi XD e Misha approverebbe! ;)

Grazie! :DDD e sì lo schizzo di Richard era bellissimo XD mi piace che fa degli autografi originali lui xD

Direi che Sebastian si è integrato davvero alla grande nell'atmosfera di questo cast lol

direi che ha proprio capiro tutto XD

Aaaah ok aggiungerò appena faccio le edit. Io sono entrata dopo quindi l'ho capito solo quando il (non) fantastico traduttore ha cominciato a fare il recap. (Poi diciamo che sono scappata dalla sala. XD)

Cavolo mi serve un'icona con Balthazar adesso xD