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15 April 2011 @ 04:00 pm
jus in bello 2 con report - day three  
And that's part three. It'll probably be the longest but I'll try to keep it in one post, shall I.

So it started kind of weird because clearly I had the meet & greet with Misha at 9.30 AM and I had this idiotic dream that I missed it and arrived one hour later, which made my stomach do flips. Clearly I never remember the right ones, but the wrong ones? Sure. Anyway we did make it and I got there on time, and actually I knew half of the people inside so that was fun to meet up outside. Except for two French girls who were all like 'stand back I arrived first'. Uhm, yeah, whatever, sure. So anyway I chatted around with galain, timey_wimey_kid, crystalchain and nimloth87 who had actually brought a robot head she made because we were going to have a group picture with me, her, _izu_ and jenks1983 wearing robot head shirts. Then we went in and Misha got in as well and it was sorta obvious that he was running on almost no sleep, aw. That said considering that and the fact that it was 9.30 AM he was remarkably on the ball.

Anyway, will do a short report of what we said and there aren't spoilers re the last of the season but he said things that might lead to speculation so if you want to skip you can. But you'd miss juicy gossip about Stonehenge Apocalypse. xD

I can't really remember everything he got asked but basically first one was how much sleep he didn't get. Then galain asked him whether he had any Peaches with him and he said nope, they forgot it. And then turns out that she had some on the computer she had brought so she offered to bring him a usb key with some songs on it and he was like 'OHMYGOD PLEASE I'D LOVE IT', and then she confirmed that she had indeed given him the usb key. Aw, Misha. Anyway he was asked about future projects or whether he's planning anything else rn and he answered that no, he doesn't have anything lined up also because being a regular on SPN basically reduces your chances to work somewhere else a whole lot and it's a major commitment. So I think gailain or jenks1983 asked him if there wasn't going to be a Stonehenge Apocalypse II and he said that in case it should be a prequel since he died in the original, and anyway when he accepted he had no idea what he was getting into. Like, he got the offer, he was in Vancouver, it wasn't conflicting with his schedule and he had no idea what syfy originals were so he said yes before reading the script. And then he said 'when I read it I thought seriously, that's so bad', but he did it anyway lol. At that point nimloth87 showed him the robot head and he was seriously impressed with it. Lol. Then the French girls asked him something but I kind of don't remember also because I wanted to ask the two I had. One had to be about Castiel ever getting out of the trenchcoat though (answer was no). Er. So anyway when he's done I'm like, 'can I have two?' and he's like sure, and so I went first for the one sigrundora asked me to ask him, which consisted in, when is he going to Iceland to build that Wal-Mart on the volcano as he had tweeted? He said something like 'damn, I remember it but I had forgotten, tell her that I'll let everyone know when I'm doing it'. Then I went with the one I had been wanting to ask since last con and never did, aka: is some poor soul going to hug Castiel this year or zilch? At which he was like 'eee, that poor Castiel. No one hugs him, he can't get out of the coat... hey, at least he kissed Meg', at which I was like 'yeah but that wasn't the same thing' and he was like 'you have a point but nope, not happening', which made me indeed very sad but at least I won't spend the next five episodes hoping for a Cas hug and getting disappointed, right?

Anyway he chatted a bit with the other side of the table and I don't know if whoever he talked with would want me to share and he didn't answer anything else show-work related, so that'll be it for this part. He was so very lovely, aw. And then nimloth87 who was in team three showed him the puzzle piece and he actually brought her and another teammate for tea during lunch. Aw, Misha, aw. Oh and in the midst of this he told jenks1983 that once he rode a mechanical bull but I might have been staring at him before and lost the context.

And then it was time for the Misha & Sebastian panel, aka the most homoerotic thing that ever was staged at a convention. Especially because like the third thing that Sebastian did was literally glomping Misha, but let's go by order.

- So they get out and they sit and Sebastian is all hyper and Misha is looking at him like he can't compute it. Then Sebastian is like, 'I just slept two hours tonight' and Misha is like 'I DIDN'T SLEEP AT ALL TONIGHT!'. Sebastian was like 'and I had vodka too', and Misha was like 'you know, Mark Pellegrino once had sage advice, don't drink water over vodka or it'll all come back up', and Sebastian was like 'ooops, I did!', but he really didn't sound hungover or anything. All the contrary. Then Sebastian was like using his shirt to fan himself and Misha was like 'see, we're sitting apart exactly because of THAT', then he started moving his seat, then Sebastian said something like 'it isn't a hassle for you darling' or along those lines and then he got off the chair and glomped Misha. Literally. I wish I had footage but it was full-on glomping including Sebastian's leg circling Misha's legs lolol. Then Seb was like damn this is gonna be on Twitter, and Misha was like 'but nooo, they won't share'. Room cracks up.
- First question (e0wyn it was you y/y?) was about how much they improvise on set, if they do. Answer: Sebastian said that he was too scared of Misha to do it, because of the Cas voice. Then he said that Misha actually wakes him up in the morning using said voice. Then they were like of course we do, but they usually cut it as it's mostly sex scenes. Which get all cut, which Sebastian found bad because sex is good and natural and whatever. So anyway Misha talked about when he did stop improvising, because he used to do it in S5 but at some point the person in charge of the script went to him and told him to quit it. In the midst of him talking, Sebastian put a hand inside Misha's leg and started to movie it up, and then said he was improvising.

Er, lol.
- Anyway so next question was from this guy named Max who they recognized because he had asked a question to pretty much everyone. Then poor guy had the regrettable idea of introducing himself as Max E, where E stood for evil (as in Max's evil side). At which Misha was like 'but you know, in the US MAXI (or Max-E? Whatever, you got the joke) is a menstrual pad. A big one, for heavy floating.' Poor guy got called Maxi-pad for the rest of that panel. I'll have to admit that we all cracked up at that even though I'll agree that it was sort of mean. Er. What he had to ask tho was how it was to work in Charmed for the both of them and they answered that the girls were total drama queens and they don't miss that - also Misha informed us that when he kissed Alyssa Milano she slipped him the tongue but then didn't recognize him when they shot a pilot that didn't get picked up some three years ago.
- Then they joked about it being Sunday morning and the whole situation being a perfect substitute for church.
- Then they were asked about their acting inspirations. Sebastian said Benny Hill and Misha said I think Elmer Fudd, but then something else came up which I was too busy laughing about to hear and when I recovered Sebastian was blathering about having done gay porn movies some twelve years ago and then thinking hey, if I can act with my cock then I can try to do it seriously.

I don't even know, yeah.
- Then they were asked what they'd be jealous of in the other's character (like, what would make Misha jealous about Balthazar). Sebastian answered that he was jealous of Misha's enormous ego (but he paused a while before saying ego), and Misha said he envied Sebastian his boundless energy. It went like:

Misha: I don't even know, at which time you went to bed tonight?
Sebastian: 5 AM. I also went clubbing. We danced tango!
Misha: and the night before.
Sebastian: uuuhm. The night before... hey, people at the bar, when did I go to bed?
someone in crowd: three AM!
Sebastian: that.


Then Misha was like 'we're supposed to be serious', Sebastian goes like 'you're just jealous of my menage a douze', which in French would mean menage a twelve, except that it's a word play with the French word for orgy. Which I guess is why a bunch of French people started laughing hysterically before Sebastian explained it. And then Sebastian was like 'you know, he makes my breakfast in the morning'. Lol. At that point insanity happened again because Misha was getting water for himself and then he went and handed Sebastian a glass as well, and all the room went AWWWWWWWWWWW and Sebastian was like 'thanks darling', and then Misha was like rolling his eyes and then Sebastian stood up and kissed him on the cheek twice AWWWWWWWW all over again. And at some point later Sebastian got him water and Misha was like 'thanks sweetie' LOL.
- After this insanity they actually tried to answer one question, which was about that pic of Misha wearing a priest outfit while laughing and killing someone. Misha said it was his other job - Sebastian said that his other job was stripping, Misha added that he was just enjoying doing God's work (also while dissecting people).
- So at the next one someone said 'hi Jensen, hi Jared' and Misha started pretending to be Jared and Sebastian started pretending to be Jensen, then they asked the question in Italian. And then another riot started because the question was 'how do you feel playing an angel on set and does it have repercussions in real life', but it was phrased in a way that made it sound like 'and how it feels to be an angel in real life'. So Sebastian was trying to understand it in Italian but then he was like 'sorry, I can't hear you well, I'm hungover and I have Maxi-Pads in my ears', then they tried again and Misha said 'oh, yes, I got it' and started talking about the Republicans and being very worried for Obama, then a person in first row actually shouted them a correct translation and the answer was that they had no idea. Yeah, idek. Then Misha asked Sebastian which was his record with ladies and he said 'just one, but accompanied by others'.
- I think this happened at this point, but someone asked Sebastian how would Balthazar make Cas relax, if he'd bring him to a whorehouse like Dean had done. Sebastian was like I'd make him smoke some weed, at which people said that they already tried it in 5x04. At which Sebastian goes like 'I'd give him a hug. A big WING hug, just like this -' and I was all ready to at least see someone hugging Cas but then Misha moved away and was like 'not falling for that anymore'.


- Then there was the bit where the faux-proposal happened. I read around on Twitter that Sebastian was proposing to Misha in Italian, but it wasn't going exactly like that. Anyway, it went like this. These two girls from Rome asked them to repeat a phrase in Roman dialect that translated would mean 'you gotta stay cool'. It's just one catchphrase that we have around here which already doesn't make sense as soon as you get outside the city limits, but anyway Misha was like okay, you know Italian, you go first. It takes Sebastian three tries because he hadn't understood that he was supposed to say it in NOT proper Italian - then he got it. So Misha was like 'hey, you said it, we're done!' and then someone handed him a piece of paper with the whole thing written on it and Misha was like 'er lol no', at which Sebastian drops on one knee as if he was proposing and, in perfect Roman dialect, tells him that he has to stay cool. At which Misha cracks up and says it and he actually did it right, lol.
- Then someone asked if they could have Misha's glass, or Sebastian's glass (the plastic ones). At which Misha was like 'you want my address? No, you want my DRESS?' until he actually gave them the glass.
- So then I think timey_wimey_kid had a question. She had asked Misha in the m&g which were Castiel's four heads (since Zachariah had four) and Misha had said a lion, a monkey, a zebra and a cat (I had totally missed this part - I must have been staring at Misha too hard). So she asked Sebastian about Balthazar's. He said they were a lion, a horse, a canary and a muffin. Actually according to Sebastian Balthazar has canary-like wings and he's jealous of Cas's. At which Misha was like 'so you're a hummingbird angel!'.
- Someone else asked in Italian how Balthazar and Cas met the first time. First Misha started talking about Obama without hearing the translation, then they actually answered. Apart from stating that angels hang out at Wal-Mart and they look for Maxi-Pads and try to talk to Obama, they said that they had met in angel school where they took flying lessons together. Castiel was apparently a cheater but he kissed the teachers' ass so even if he copied from Balthazar no one noticed it. Then while in college in Heaven they went in landscaping summer camp - where Castiel was a wing-fluffer and Balthazar was a harp-tuner.
- Then Misha got asked about how it was to work with the actress who played Chastity who's apparently on a UK tv show now and he said that they had an improvisation scene that clearly got cut (lol).
- At that point Jensen crashed the panel and started to talk with a faux Russian accent that totally gave Misha's a run for its money. I totally can't remember the question but Misha was pretending not to understand it and kept on asking Jensen whether he wanted to know in which position he slept at night I think. Anyway then Jensen went on stage and the madness ended. But it was good while it lasted, lol.

Okay, pics and zip. The zip is huge.

sebastian roché & misha collins zip

Okay, on to Jensen. Who was seriously in the best mood ever. He looked so much more relaxed than last year, but I guess he knew that he wasn't getting into a meeting with a bunch of utterly crazy people? Dunno. Not complaining though.

- He was asked about S7 and he said they don't know anything about it either yet.
- Then he was asked, since Dean died endless times in the show, how would -he- want Dean to die for real? He thought about it and then said surrounded by a pile of women and possibly pie, but if he ever dies for good then he'll probably get some kind of heroic death.
- He was asked whether he really believes in the supernatural - he said that now he's less skeptic than he was when starting to film and said that he has a friend who's a professional magician who can make you re-think your position about magic in general, but he's still skeptic-ish. Even though at least if he ever finds out that the supernatural exists now he knows how to deal with it.
- He was asked whether there's a chance that Dean might settle down with someone other than Lisa (since that one is probably not salvageable) and he said that in his very humble opinion Dean can't sustain relationships outside the hunting-related ones/the one with Sam and the less strings attached he has with civilians the better it's for him in the long run.
- He was asked whether the angel storyline is going to finally collide with the Winchesters' and he said that yes, that's going to happen in the end of the season -- and by the way of course, he's still working with Misha. (He didn't say 'I know that your real question was about me and Misha having scenes together' but that was pretty blatant that he meant that.)
- He also said that he's ashamed of Sam's Justin Bieber-like hair - how can a serious hunter have hair like that falling all over his face?
- He was asked whether he knows the social networks Cliff is really on since some are impersonators - he said he has no idea but he isn't on any social network. But since he's getting annoyed at people pretending to be him he's thinking about getting an official Facebook/Twitter/whatever and then never use it, just in order to have one that says that it's official so no one can pretend to be him online.
- He was asked what he did last year when visiting Rome and if he recalled any particular experience - he said that Danneel couldn't come but that she put them in contact with this nun working in the Vatican who used to be her neighbor when she lived in New Orleans as a kid or something like that. From what I got Danneel's neighbors were a pretty huge family and she was one of her friends back then. So anyway Danneel asks her friend to show them around and she actually organized a private mass for them at St. Peter's at 7 AM and it was apparently under a painting of Michael slaying the devil. And he said that it was for sure the most memorable experience.
- He was asked, since he does his own stunts, if there was one that he wished he hadn't done/a particularly difficult one. He said that he wants to do them but he remembers this one when they were jumping out of the church in Heaven and Hell and they had pads under the windows, but then they found out that the glass was of the kind that doesn't make you see what's outside, so it was sort of freaky because you couldn't actually see where you were landing. That said they did the shot but his jacket was flapping in his face and so in theory they couldn't use it, but it was like the end of shooting and so in theory they couldn't do it again as it was going to take another hour to put the set back up again. So he went all rage-y on the PA or whoever and he said that he was going to re-do that shot or the people at editing/TPTB would have been way more pissed than he currently was. I guess he scared them just fine because they did the shot again and it worked, lol.
- He was asked on which project other than SPN would he want to work with Jared and he said that he didn't want to work with Jared ever again, lol (obviously he was joking). Then while answering he said either a comedy show or a western a la Butch and Sundance or a cop show. Or something where he'd have an excuse to put Jared in drag, lol.
- He was asked with which SPN guest star he'd like to work again and he said Gary Cole with whom they worked in Hollywood Babylon.
- Then he was asked which role he'd give Jared if he directed a movie with him? He said, 'you know that movie with De Niro where everyone is in a coma?' [it was Sleepwalkers]. Poor Jared.
- He was asked whether he has a say in picking the music but he answered that they do everything in post production and he's just a link in the chain really, he doesn't take any kind of executive decisions.
- Then he was asked how it was to make love to an angel (Anna) and he said that sex scenes are generally very awkward because there's everyone telling you where you should put your hands/arms, and there's a sweaty guy with a camera next to you while you're kissing the girl and stuff, so he really can't say anything about that.
- A girl read him a letter from a friend of hers which was actually very touching and said a lot of lovely things about him and his acting and what it meant to her. At the end he had to run a hand over his eyes, aw.
- Since Dean sold his soul for Sam, for whom would he sell his soul? He said that if there was a person's life for which he'd trade his soul, that'd be his wife. Aw.
- Then he got asked which actor he'd like to work with on SPN and he answered David Caruso first (room cracks up), then settled on Anthony Hopkins, or maybe Johnny Depp. Or maybe the Buffy cast.

And then it was over. :( Have some pics!


jensen ackles panel II zip

Aand then it was time for Chad & Rob again. They should have had separate panels but basically Chad was on his own for like 15 minutes, then Rob crashed it, then they did another 20 minutes together and Rob had the last 15 alone. Or something along those lines.

- First question for Chad was about his favorite city. He said Austin in Texas and Seattle which is where he comes from but he also fell in love with Rome while visiting it so he'd add that to the list as well.
- A girl asked him if he agrees with Woody Allen whose opinion about movies is that they're for fun and not for deep messages. He said that he thinks they should be for either - you can have movies just for fun but if you want to make a movie with a message then you should.
- He was asked about his favorite musicians and he said Counting Crows and Dave Matthews Band. Then he mentioned Robert Pattinson and the Beatles (?) but I was probably too busy staring to remember the context.
- He was asked about his part on NCIS coming up and he said he had enjoyed it.
- He was asked whether there's a chance he'd be back on CSI NY. He said that the role he had there had been written for him/with him in mind, but then they took a different direction and he's pretty sure it's a closed chapter.
- He also said that he had a lot of fun doing Criminal Minds, and then Rob crashed the panel.
- And Rob was asked in which movie he'd have liked to act - he said Powder or Starman (he likes 80s things apparently).
- Chad was asked whether he felt ashamed of something Ash did and he he said that he totally never was. Rob, on the other side, was very ashamed that at the end of the world Chuck was calling hookers, but Chad seemed to appreciate the train of thought.
- Also apparently in that bit of the panel I had missed on the first day someone had asked Rob to recite some of his lines from Swan Song but he couldn't remember them, so they brought him the lines and he read that first bit he said in the beginning and everyone went awwww.
- Rob was asked about Louden Swain, where did the name come from and if they're going to tour anywhere. He said the name was from a character in Vision Quest, and that they're organizing a European tour for next year.
- He was also asked about working with JJ Abrahams both in Felicity and Alias and he said that he's a very cool guy and those were some of his best acting experiences - also at times he can't believe how huge JJ became, lol. He also said that he had a great experience on Felicity and that it was a great set - it reminds him of the SPN one.
- They were asked what they do in their free time - they agreed that they try to stay sane in LA. Then they said they should go on a man-date together and then they agreed on Chad coming to a Louden Swain concert and then Rob would bring him to dinner for sushi. Aw. They also said that they became friends in some convention maybe in the UK in October? This fall anyway, and that conventions are cool also because you get to meet people who worked in the show but never worked with you.
- Then a couple of girls made them say another Roman catchphrase which in this case meant 'hey handsome!'.
- They were also asked about what they like of conventions. Rob said that they're experiences that he can always go back to and remember fondly (AWWWWWWWWW) and Chad said he loves interacting with fans and fandom.
- Chad was asked about working on Fast & Furious and he said that back then he was a stupid person because he passed twice on the audition before his agent forced him to. And clearly it turned out to be a win. He also said that Vin Diesel is lovely to work with and that now he isn't such an idiot anymore, lol.
- And then he had to go and Rob remained alone, aw. He was asked if he had anything coming out and he said he had shot this movie named A Little Help who should be out soon-ish and he's pretty excited about it (also the other two actors are pretty famous but I didn't note them. Dammit).
- He was asked about Chuck and Becky hooking up and he said he was so happy that Chuck got a very nice and cute girl for once, lol.
- A girl told him that she had a dream about him where he told her to buy a Misha photo op (lol), but then the real question was what kind of movie would he love to be in? He said a kick-ass movie, maybe Transformers III (lol), or a slasher one though in that case he couldn't be the killer because he'd totally suck at it. (He'd like go inside the house with the knife being like 'oh, sorry, I have to kill you now, OOOPS'. AWWW ROB.)
- Anyway he has also filmed this very cute short movie that'll most probably end up on youtube - it's about a guy doing stand-up comedy on a bus, then trying to do it for real but panicking and then getting back to doing it on the bus.
- At that point Chad had tweeted something like 'if someone reads this and he's in thee Rob panel still, tell him I think he's hot'. He was given the phone and he was like 'OMG LOL FLATTERED' and everyone was like AWWWWWWWWW.
- Also he was asked his opinion about Chuck at which he stated that Chuck really loves his characters and their world and that while maybe meeting him would weird him out he'd probably give him a hug, aw.
- Then I wanted to ask him a question but didn't manage and I can't remember what the two girls before me asked, but one wanted to hear him sing and he sang the Medicated refrain (it's on the Louden Swain album they were selling) a cappella and it was AMAZING and everyone was being like OMG YOU'RE TOO ADORABLE TO BE REAL.

And then it was over so picture time.


chad lindberg and rob benedict part II panels

Then I'd have liked to stay for the Jason panel but we had to go take the robot head group picture with Misha, which I'm not posting mostly because idk if two out of four people want their faces here so I'll have to ask them first and then edit later. Suffices that you know that Misha kissed the top of the robot head though, lol.

At that point there was more or less a dead moment for lunch so nothing exactly exciting happened and there was a lot of hanging out with people, but my memories are sketchy at best and anyway I know that you all just want to hear about the most insane panel ever, so let's get down to business with what Richard baptized 'the Richard Speight jr and Mark Sheppard dog and pony show', which was a pretty accurate description of the whole thing. Premise: before even saying hi they left their seats and started walking through the crowd, so in order to see them you had to stand up, so I might have notes in the wrong order since I couldn't sit down. But dear it was so worth it.

- First thing Richard grabbed the candy and the Red Bull/Soda cans on their table and they started giving them to people and the bowl of candy was making rounds between rows. It was also excellent candy (dark chocolate with coffee inside - mmm),
- Someone asked Mark if Crowley was from Essex and he said of course not, no one with a sane mind would be from Essex (that became a running joke, lol).
- They were asked their role models for acting - Richard said Mark Sheppard (I think), Mark said James Cagney and Lee Marvin - according to him he has a picture of Cagney staring at him from the table whenever he has breakfast.
- They were asked about their favorite roles overall - Mark said Romo from BSG and Crowley, Richard agreed on the Trickster but he also loved his Band of Brothers role. Then they joked about reading their scripts when they're given to them.
- Richard got asked the same question about Gabriel's four faces since we know Cas's and Balthazar's. Richard's awesomeness personified answer was John, Paul, George and Ringo.
- They were asked to recite some Shakespeare lines and Richard said that Mark should do it, with his special Essex-something added to it. Mark did in fact recite Shakespeare, but then he added that Crowley has an education and whoever has a good education can't be from Essex.
- They were asked whether being so funny ever was a handicap in RL and Richard commented 'go forth and be funny', at which Mark agreed. Then Richard started blathering about shooting a movie named Open Water II and about jellyfish, but at that point I was cracking up too hard to follow.
- They were asked their favorite episodes to shoot in SPN - Mark went for Weekend at Bobby's, Richard probably for Changing Channels but I might remember wrong.
- They were asked which shows they were fans of and Mark replied that even if they're actors they're fans of the show as well - then I didn't note his answer but Richard said Judge Jusy (LOLOLOL), 30 Rock and Justified.
- Mark was asked how it was to kiss Jim Beaver - he said like kissing paper with a beard.
- Since Sebastian was asked about the Gabriel/Balthy show, the two of them were asked about the Balthy/Crowley/Gabriel show, at which Richard replied that it was going to be a cooking show with Crowley bringing in recipes from Essex. At which Mark replied from the other side of the room 'NO ONE REAL IS FROM ESSEX!'. Lol.
- Then Mark was asked how many boys he had kissed (and Richard as well). After a pun regarding the panel turning homoerotic and the both of them not being J2, Richard answered he never had the pleasure to kiss a guy on screen. Then they were asked with other SPN guy they'd kiss if they could and they answered each other, at which Richard was like 'hey, should we make out now?' and everyone stood up and then they met at the center of the room and Richard was like 'man we just got our first standing ovation'. I swear by then everyone was laughing so much, you can't imagine. Then they didn't kiss, but Mark got asked a question and he went to the back of the room humming the Star Wars music.

Of which I have a snippet:

^ the entire panel was like that, yeah.

Then Mark basically went over to the cameraman and started stalking him while Richard sat in the audience and got asked questions. Seriously Mark just stood in front of the poor guy and walked around the entire room without stopping to stare into the camera, it was INSANE lol at some point even the cameraman was cracking up. Anyway Richard was asking what'd happen if Gabriel met Balthazar and he said that since Gabriel is on Dean and Sam's side he'd totally kick Balthy's ass if he ended up not being on their side as well.
- Then Mark advised us to go see The Tick, which he describes as the best animated series ever existed.
- Richard was asked which is his favorite candy, since the Trickster likes candy. He was like, I like mousse. Elk mousse. Then he and Mark started cracking very stupid jokes about elk mousse being horny because the elk has horns, but I swear we were all doubling up with laughter by that point.
- If Richard was Gabriel he'd totally snap himself back to Woodstock, while Mark doesn't see a point in answering on where he'd go if he had a Tardis since his Doctor Who eps haven't been aired yet. And then he pretended to have a hellhound and said mine's bigger, lol.
- At which we went to the craziest part of it because a girl asked Richard and Mark whether they knew how to do the Eye of the Tiger dance that was at the end of Yellow Fever. Scene:

Richard: I don't know it, do you?
Mark: nope.
Richard: but they DO!

And so he took the girl and her friend and brought her on stage asking the sound guy if they had Eye of the Tiger, otherwise he'd have sung it. Then he gave us the sage advice to think about which questions to ask and then he and Mark went picking random people from first row and bringing them on stage, and since the sound guy did have Eye of the Tiger... yep. The poor six/seven girls went and did the entire dance twice (and they were actually pretty good/into it, congratulations) while the rest of the room clapped on time and sang along.

I swear by the end I think everyone's insides were hurting from the cracking up. Also, have pics.

I'm not putting a zip because these are the best ones I managed and because in most of the others you can see faces from pretty much all the audience, but there are some more in the comprehensive zip. If anyone's interested in more I can go through that again and just cut them and hide the audience.

Aaand so let's get on to the grand finale aka the Jensen & Misha panel. In my head I still call it IS THIS REAL LIFE.

- So someone put Paradise City when they came in and when they were on stage they were actually pretending to rock out to it. Aw.
- Misha was holding this rhino plushie. They sit. Jensen looks at it, then at the audience, then goes like 'is there a rhino on your leg or you're just happy to see me?'. Room cracks up.
- Misha then informs us that he was given the rhino with instructions to give him to whoever he liked best. Then, with a lot of nonchalance, he hands it over to Jensen who makes an awww face and cuddles it for a short while before saying that this is way too weird. Misha agrees and they decide that they're giving it to whoever has the best question, so Misha keeps the rhino between them.
- So Misha gets asked the first question, aka which was your first impression of Jared & Jensen? He answered that it was totally wrong because the first time he did see them he thought that they were really nice guys and that he'd have loved to work with them. Since then he has realized that he was wrong, especially because at the beginning they treated him better on set and now they don't. At which he started saying that same story Sebastian told about Jared groping Jensen during a scene. He said that Sebastian was going red in the face, Jensen kept on not blinking, Jared kept on groping and at some point he lost it and made them go out, especially since that scene was supposed to have him doing the intense stare and he couldn't manage to stay serious.
- Then someone asked some question and Misha was like 'your life was empirically meaningless before this panel'. Then he was asked what he likes about Cas and Misha said that he's good with the fact that he could see under women's clothes with his x-ray vision, at which Jensen reminded him that he'd have no desire for them if he was like Cas, at which Misha went like DAMMIT I knew there was a catch and it's a very cruel justice.
- The same guy cosplaying Dean who had asked a question in the Seb/Misha panel went with his ipod and played Jensen's scream from Yellow Fever and asked how he did that, and Jensen said that he got a sore throat while filming that scene and it was damn embarrassing. Then they agreed that being on SPN made everyone lose their dignity at some point.
- Another girl who had asked a bunch of questions came up in line and Misha was like 'how can you manage to always get a spot? You should do a cardboard cut-out of yourself so you don't miss other things while standing in line'. Anyway the question was which was their most memorable scene together, at which Jensen said he stopped paying attention after the one in Lazarus Rising where they meet - during which he had actually been shocked at the Cas voice. And then he said that if Misha keeps that up longer he'll have to get throat surgery.
- Misha was asked what would Cas do during his day off and he answered that he'd do housekeeping and maybe visit Fresno. And then he should go shopping because the shirt he wears is horrible and according to Misha is loose on Cliff, therefore whenever he has to wear it he swims in it and it's not very practical.
- Jensen was asked whether he'd star in a European movie. He said he'd star in any movie to be very honest, but why not a European one. At which Misha informs him that European movies are famous for gay porn and Jensen is like 'fff I'd still do one, it can't be worse than Devour'. At which all the room cracks up, and Jensen informs us that he still hasn't understood the ending of that movie.
- They were asked which role they'd like to play - Misha said the US president, but since he's white right now he can't. Jensen said some part in either Transformers or Megatron, then someone mentioned Buffy (which had been mentioned a bunch of times in the Jensen panel before) and Jensen was like 'does someone think that this is a Buffy convention?!'.
- And then there was what you're all waiting for (I think? I'm sure that they talked about what I have in the notes after, so..). This person tells them that she'd love if they could re-enact a scene in a script. Misha reads the script and he's like 'oh, When Harry Met Sally?', at which everyone understood what was going to happen and I got my camera ready to record, lol. Anyway Misha spontaneously decided to be Sally, and then they picked a girl from the audience to be the customer at the end. Then they decided that they were going to play it as New York traveling Jewishmen and MISHA FAKED AN ORGASM ON STAGE AND IDEK HOW I DIDN'T LET THE CAMERA FALL OFF.

It was one of the most glorious moments I've ever had the pleasure to witness. Trufax.

Then the person asking that question got the rhino because it was obvious no one was going to top that.
- Then they were asked to share funny stories about the wrap-up party and they went talking about this crew guy who always manages to get himself drunk as fuck. Once he went and offered Jensen tequila or something without realizing it was him, and once Misha was driving back and he saw that the guy took a taxi to basically go from one side of the road to the other because he was too smashed to realize that the place he needed to go was a short-distance. Also at some point someone from the crew threw a vending newspaper machine through a window in the bar they were in.
- Then at some point after or before Jensen started making an impression of Misha tweeting and then of someone Italian tweeting and it was hilarious.
- Then a girl who had been at the French con last year asked Misha whether he had learned how to dance and he and Jensen shook hands and made a pact that they weren't going to to whatever she asked or was asked of them from that point. She asked them if they could dance and they were like 'we'd love to but we just shook hands on that, so nope'. Lol.
- Then Jensen was asked about Dean's necklace - he said that he'd have liked for it to be the key getting Dean out of Hell, but basically is out of the picture because Krikpe decided to get rid of it (he doesn't necessarily agree). Anyway he doesn't rule out it coming back into said picture - after all Sam was in the room when Dean threw it away.
- Then they auditioned for charity the scripts from 6x05 and 6x06, the latter's was Misha's for sure. Jensen asked him whether he took notes on the scripts and Misha was like nope, never, and I'm not sharing my acting secrets. Then they auditioned them between each other and at some point they were like 'DON'T MAKE US BUY IT!', lol. Then they started reading from 6x06 at random (in order to make us see what we were bidding on I guess) and they opened at the scene where Dean is at the bar with the girl. And clearly Misha got to be the girl, AGAIN. XD and it was very much hilarious even if not topping the whole Harry & Sally thing (though now that'd be hard to top).

And then sadly it was over and they did the closure ceremony, where everyone went on stage and said lovely things. At some point Mark went and sat on the ground and wasn't going to move, lol whut. And have some pics and the zip - my closure ceremony pics were crap and I have just two good ones, so they're in the zip as well.

jensen ackles & misha collins panel

Then it still wasn't over (for me at least) because I still had to go take my picture with Chad which I had left for last thing. As in, save at least one of the top three things you want to do for the end. And it was absolutely lovely because he was like 'oh, hi, it's you! Let's hug?' me 'SURE THING!', and so we did it and it was amazing.

Also I'd like to state that I find it sort of funny that of us two HE's the one with the nail polish.


Then I went out and met up with galain and animotus, and then the sort of really awesome/funny/fanfic related moment happened because they were also chatting with a girl who turned out to be ratherastory whose stuff I really like, and so there was the moment of 'wait, you're janie_tangerine?' and I was like 'wait, you're that person? OH MY I LOVED THAT STUFF OF YOURS I READ' and we had some pretty lovely twenty minutes discussing the art of writing fanfiction and how awkward it is not to do it in English. Then I had dinner with galain and animotus and jenks1983, which basically was made of myself explaining how exactly Finding Home is a totally horribly cheesy movie where everyone makes jam or drives a boat, but mainly making jam. I'm half-sure that the Hilton guy looking at us was very much perplexed. So then we all went for the Steve Carlson concert, who was alone rather than with two other people like last year, but he did put on an excellent show. Also at some point he went and covered some Nina Simone song which he did pretty well. And clearly I didn't buy a cd, but also because he had finished all of them apparently. Ah well, next year, if they do it again and he comes back. Which is what I've been telling myself since last year, but whatever.


I didn't make a zip because I have like fifty pictures and 40 of them are pretty much the same so I just picked these at random.

And then it really was over. And it's been one week and I'm still thinking that RL sucks, so I guess that I'm still not over it ending. :(

Anyway, couple things before ending this post (which I really want to do since I've been on this for two days). It was such an amazing time, mostly because all the actors looked like they were having fun as well. And I'd love to say thanks here as well to the organization because they did a great job making things run smoothly and doing the schedule because really, I just missed one panel in the entire weekend and I still managed to do everything I wanted to do. If they do another one I'll probably forget telling myself that I was going to stop at two. *cough* Though at least I don't have to travel to get there.

Aaaand obligatory section: thanks so much for the lovely time to everyone else I met! Hoping I don't forget anyone, _izu_ and yawedzoro, nimloth87 (I hope you're cuddling the robot head right now), aredhel_87, galain and animotus (thanks for the insider look at the Hilton rooms, btw XD), jenks1983, e0wyn (meeting you was such a pleasure! ♥), pat_san, ginevra17, timey_wimey_kid, crystalchain, ratherastory, NoneffectiveDes on Twitter who was the most lovely person to be seated next to (are you on LJ?), ladymacbeth77 who is always a pleasure to meet (and to have behind in the line for Jared photo ops, huh? XD), musa_calliope and oh dear I think I listed everyone? Actually I'd also like to say virtyally hi to that lovely girl from Sweden with whom I talked to on the first day but I have no idea of her internet name if she has one so if you're reading this say hi, I'm pretty sure you recognized who I am by now. ;) Everyone I mentioned made the whole thing even better so thank you all for the great time and let's hope we all meet again next year y/y? ♥

.... and phew, I'm done.

Okay, I'll leave here the zip with the good pictures chosen by yours truly from all the panels then:

>>zip with selected pictures from all panels/guests<<

Last thing about pictures and stuff: you're totally free to take them/the zips for graphics/your fansite/your fanpage on Facebook, but I'd like a credit/link back to my journal. I'd really rather -not- see my photo ops floating on the internet so just don't re-post them anywhere and in case please ask me first, y/y? If anyone wants also to use info from the panel reports that's cool too, just link me back. Aaand. That's really it. I hope it was a good read!
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jenks1983jenks1983 on April 15th, 2011 02:12 pm (UTC)
LLLLOOOLLL XD grande! cmq ero io che ho chiesto di SA II mentre era galain che ha chiesto e ricevuto una risp sul toro meccanico XD
hell on wheelsgalain_7 on April 15th, 2011 02:29 pm (UTC)
most inappropriate question ever. LOL.
the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural f!cas 3.0janie_tangerine on April 16th, 2011 04:21 pm (UTC)
Sorry, vi ho confuse XDDD appena riesco modifico l'entry, lol. ;)
hell on wheelsgalain_7 on April 15th, 2011 02:30 pm (UTC)
you can hang out in our room anytime, bb!

It was even more awesome than last year and I can't wait to do it again! ♥
the female ghost of tom joadjanie_tangerine on April 16th, 2011 04:21 pm (UTC)
Eee yay! ;) ♥ and oh my god yes it was and we have to do it again INDEED.
nimloth87 on April 15th, 2011 03:25 pm (UTC)
8DDDDDDDDDD ma come fai a ricordare tutto?!?!?!? OAO Dopo leggo tutto tutto, prometto!! :D
Però Misha la testa di robot l'ha baciata sulla bocca, eh, è per questo che ora Giuditto è perdutamente innamorato di lui! U^U Correggi *poke* Giuditto ci tiene. U^U *coccola Giuditto*

(nel caso questo messaggio ti sia arrivato 2 volte, non ce stavo a capi' niente co' LJ TuT)
the female ghost of tom joad: IT WAS A ROBOT HEADjanie_tangerine on April 16th, 2011 04:24 pm (UTC)
Lol HO PRESO APPUNTI altrimenti seeeh, ciao ;)

OOOPS PERDONO, appena riesco a modificare provvedo a correggere l'informazione u___u perdono Giuditto, ero momentaneamente scioccata e soprattutto stavo di tre quarti rispetto a Misha quando l'ha fatto, avrò calcolato male l'angolo XDDD
Patricia and Susana: Jared - JIB 2pat_susana on April 15th, 2011 03:28 pm (UTC)
:D awesome report and fantastic photos! Thanks for sharing ♥

Let's hope for a JIB 3.0. Me and my sister went to JIB one and we cannot wait to return to such a special convention :)
the female ghost of tom joad: j2janie_tangerine on April 16th, 2011 04:25 pm (UTC)
Ee thank you! You're welcome ♥

And yeah, I'm so crossing my fingers. I did both one and two and I had such fun, I so want to do the third. XD
Patricia and Susanapat_susana on April 16th, 2011 06:35 pm (UTC)
I so want to do the third. XD

I think that tons of people agree with us in wanting to go back for a third convention :DD
twisting_vine_x: Bobby > Universetwisting_vine_x on April 15th, 2011 03:31 pm (UTC)
which made me indeed very sad but at least I won't spend the next five episodes hoping for a Cas hug and getting disappointed, right?

Yeah, as painful as that is to know, at least we won't be sitting here biting our nails and waiting for Dean to just hug the angel already. -desperately hopes for a season 7, complete with Cas hugs-

Thanks so much for the recap, and for the photos! Wonderful stories, as these panels all sound absolutely epic... and I'm so glad the actors all seemed to be enjoying themselves. Sounds like a completely amazing weekend. ♥
the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural bobbyjanie_tangerine on April 16th, 2011 04:27 pm (UTC)
I know? Heck, at least now I'm not disappointed if it doesn't happen. And if Misha was fucking with me and it does happen, then I'll be much pleasantly surprised. ;) And yeah WE NEED A S7 WHERE PEOPLE HUG HIM ALL THE TIME.

You're welcome! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. And haha yeah there was a serious level of epicness around, which I guess had also to do with actors being all cool with things. It was such a blast!
keel9333 on April 15th, 2011 03:36 pm (UTC)
i have to say your day two report, with seb and jared going on about the candy was my fave!! glad u had so much fun..did the guys do anymore signing sun. night after panels? i had seen it on the schedule but wasn't confirmed
the female ghost of tom joad: jus in bello misha underwearjanie_tangerine on April 16th, 2011 04:29 pm (UTC)
Eee thanks! Well, day two was epic. But for me this year everything was epic, lol. And thanks! Uhm, I don't know re the more signing because I really didn't check autographs on the last day - I was done on the second. I'm sure that Jensen canceled it and Misha probably did as well, but he was dead tired so I wasn't too surprised. I have no idea if Richard did his session or not. If it was him having an extra one.
borgmama1of5borgmama1of5 on April 16th, 2011 04:24 am (UTC)
Great details! Thanks for sharing!
the female ghost of tom joad: tangerinesjanie_tangerine on April 16th, 2011 04:29 pm (UTC)
You're welcome! :D
Giuliae0wyn on April 16th, 2011 08:26 am (UTC)
Mi prendo lo zip con la tua selezione di foto ^___^ Grazie mille per averlo messo assieme, davvero sei fantastica e ci vizi troppo lol

Misha e il toro meccanico? XD Chissà perchè la cosa non mi sorprende LOL Uff, io ci speravo in un abbraccio prima della fine della stagione ;_____; Vabbè, speriamo sia per la prossima allora (ecco, se la CW si degnasse di confermare farebbe tutti più felici)!

Ebbene sì... la prima a fare la domanda al panel di Misha&Seb ero io... come son stata anche la prima a fare la domanda al panel di Misha&Jensen XD Ore passate in piedi a prendere il posto, ma ne valeva la pena!!! Neanche si capisce quali erano i panel che aspettavo con più ansia XD E mi sono beccata delle risposte gloriose oserei dire, prima quella delle scene di sesso tagliate fuori e poi quella di tutte le facce che Jensen fa a Misha per fargli perdere la compostezza XD XD

Grazie ancora davvero di tutto... di questi recap fantastici e del tempo passato assieme alla con :D Il destino dello swapping table ha voluto che ci incontrassimo personalmente così ed è stata una delle cose più belle di questa con <3
the female ghost of tom joad: !!! <3janie_tangerine on April 18th, 2011 07:40 pm (UTC)
Prego! ;) E' lì per pubblico consumo. Anche se ho fisicamente bisogno di qualcuno che abbia preso foto migliori del panel di Misha e Sebastian, mi mancano le parti più obiettivamente interessanti >___>

Lol guarda non sorprende anche me xD vabbe che quando l'ha detto ero in un momento stile 'OMMIODDIO E' A UN METRO DA ME *FISSA*', niente mi avrebbe sconvolto più di tanto xD e sì, ci speravo anche io ma almeno ora non stiamo a morderci le mani sperandoci per poi restare deluse ;_______; e mi sa che per lavoro noi due dovremmo andare in giro per con, tu fai domande e io prendo appunti xDDD

Ma prego, figurati ♥ è stato fantastico e guarda perfettamente d'accordo con te <3333 speriamo di rifarlo l'anno prossimo ;__;
Mish: Misha -- Jensen Playing w/ Collarhsapiens on April 16th, 2011 11:30 pm (UTC)
\o/ Thank you for the in depth reports and zipped files. I'm downloading almost all of them. ♥ ♥
the female ghost of tom joad: jen/misha kissjanie_tangerine on April 17th, 2011 10:45 am (UTC)
You're welcome, it's good to know they're useful! ;) ♥
rock_chick_333rock_chick_333 on April 17th, 2011 10:17 pm (UTC)
I went to see Steve Carlson play in London last night - full band plus Rosalee - and it was awesome. I spent a ton of money on CDs. And then we missed the last train home and ended up with the most expensive taxi ride of my life. Oops!
the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural + nick cave = otpjanie_tangerine on April 18th, 2011 07:06 pm (UTC)
Ooops sorry regarding the taxi ride! But I can believe it was awesome! He's so good, seriously.
Lady Macbeth: [Supernatural] Becky OMG Squee!ladymacbeth77 on April 22nd, 2011 08:37 pm (UTC)
Ohhh, non avevo commentatooooo! Che testa!
Anche per me è sempre un piacere vederti! (e rovinarti le foto e i video con la mia capoccia XD). Ahhhh, ma che belloooo! E non vedo l'ora che ci sia la terza <3
the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural beckyjanie_tangerine on April 29th, 2011 11:04 am (UTC)
.. e a me c'è voluta una settimana per rispondere, vedi tu XDD

MA STESSO PER ME GUARDA <3333 anno prossimo stesso posto e stessa ora direi ;) ;) ;)
A.vella_amor_dm on April 23rd, 2011 02:01 am (UTC)
SO I FINALLY WENT BACK AND READ YOUR 3-PART REPORT. thank you so much for all the pics and vids and details darling!!! :D
sounds like such an amazing Con and it really makes me wish i had the money to attend! maybe some day ;)
the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural dean 3.0janie_tangerine on April 29th, 2011 11:06 am (UTC)
And I finally went back and caught up on comments ;) I'm so glad you liked the report! It was amazing indeed. And ha money. The only reason I could afford the entire thing is that I don't pay for traveling expense, but yeah, totally getting that. ;)
lover all alone: Jensen: Jim & Misha kiss <3invisiblelove on April 29th, 2011 04:09 am (UTC)
ZOMG I suck and I've had this post open in a tab for ages and never got around to thanking you to all the amazing hard work you put into these reports!! Seriously, these are EPIC :D Thanks so much for sharing all of this - it sounds like it was an absolutely brilliant time <3333
the female ghost of tom joad: jen/misha kissjanie_tangerine on April 29th, 2011 11:07 am (UTC)
Ff you're talking with one who's had fic to comment on for months ;) thanks, glad you had a good time reading it! :DDD it was a brilliant time indeed. AND THINK THAT YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE A BLAST IN NASHVILLE. ;) <3333