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26 July 2011 @ 12:34 pm
that meme + random things  

Or, probably the least interesting part because my food preferences are very lame, but.

1. Have you ever eaten hazelnut ice cream drowned in coffee? If not, do it. If yes, you know why I'm putting this one.

2. Sacher cake. It has everything I could ever want from a cake. I've been to Vienna once and to be entirely honest it won't make the top fifteen cities-that-aren't-Rome that I visited, but eating Sacher cake at the Sacher original place was totally one of the best food-related moment of my life.

3. Pasta with pesto sauce</i>, Genoa style. The way they do it there is out of this world. Sadly when you go outside Genoa it never is as good, but I love it. It's also the only kind of pasta I can cook half decently, so.

4. Tangerines. *is so very original* I love tangerines. They're so very tasty, and they're the most convenient fruit to bring around because you don't even need to cut it and if you pay attention you don't risk juice dripping out everywhere.

5. Strawberries. Mostly if it's under the form of ice cream, but I won't be complaining. Or, I like stuff made with fruit apparently, and I happen to love strawberry-made stuff. I'm also partial to strawberry milkshakes.

2. I finished A Dance With Dragons. I'll make a detailed reaction post this evening. I'm still feeling positively mind fucked in the good way. Also my favorite POV was someone that never in a million years I'd have thought could be my favorite POV. That still boggles me more than anything else.

3. I'm caught up with Leverage! The episode with the Van Gogh painting was positively awesome/adorable. The last one aired was imo the crackiest crack that show ever cracked. But it was good fun, nothing to say against that. XD

4. I have another round at the dentist's tomorrow. I just hope he decides that everything is going fine and that he doesn't go digging around there again.

5. Meanwhile I'll go finishing editing fic I'd have finished editing a week ago if not for the dental mess, and to go get myself a concert ticket. The ADWD reaction post is hopefully arriving later. And maybe then I'll catch up with all the comments I didn't catch up with during the LJ downtime yesterday. :|
feeling: boredbored