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30 July 2011 @ 01:58 am
fic, SPN: the two faces of vengeance (Dean/Castiel), NC17, for spn_j2_bigbang  
Fic title: the two faces of vengeance
Author name: janie_tangerine
Artist name: hrymfaxe
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC17
Word count: 27000 ca
Warnings: violence, violence and then some violence, character death for a premise and happening throughout the fic, mention of a rape happened before the story starts but not graphic, torture (the act itself is not described in a graphic way, but the scene stops just before it), permanent disfugurement (consequences of previous warning), language (that might possibly be historically inaccurate, but otherwise it wouldn't make the point). Also, every possible spaghetti western trope that you can come up with.
Summary: western AU. Dean Winchester is a bounty hunter, set to catch a group of killers in order to get the money and retire from the business. Castiel is another bounty hunter aiming for the rich businessman who pays that same group of killers to do his dirty work, but for personal reasons. They decide to work together. It doesn't go as smoothly as it could.

Momentarily extra A/N: LJ hasn't been able to post part IV properly and whenever I tried to edit it I got server errors, so it's currently hosted on my Dreamwidth until LJ makes me edit any post longer than 1000 words. Links from both the masterlist and part III bring there and then it links back here though, so there should be no problem in getting there.

prologue | I | II | III | IV | epilogue

art | pdf | A/N & thanks | bonus soundtrack
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wolfrider89: Dean halowolfrider89 on August 8th, 2011 10:23 am (UTC)
Just finished the PDF in one go,and DAMN, that was good!

I loved the way you wrote the sexual tension between Dean and Castiel, how it was never something pronounced, but still so very there. I also loved how you didn't shy away from Alistair really messing Dean up, even if it broke my heart.

Definitively meming this!
the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural FLAIL FOREVERjanie_tangerine on August 8th, 2011 09:55 pm (UTC)
Ee, thank you! :D

I'm so glad to hear it worked for you, and that the characterizations/building up did. I thought that having the UST very evident wouldn't have been much realistic considering the setting, so it's great to know you thought it was fitting. Also I did debate about how far to go with Dean but I figured that the way I went was the more realistic too. Though I still feel somewhat bad.. ;) thanks so much again!