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06 August 2011 @ 01:09 am
that meme (ALMOST THERE) and some other things  

Two songs is a travesty for me. Oh well, let's try.

1. Bon Jovi - These Days: this is my favorite song, period. I think I wore out my poor CD back before I had a computer that played mp3s. Apart from having some of the best lyrics ever appeared in a BJ song, it's just gorgeous itself. The music is perfect (the solos are some of my favorite stuff ever and I have a thing for how it starts slow and ends so-not-slow) and eee I like it when BJ go pessimistic apparently. Also I might have very fond memories of translating the entire record it was on with, like, paper and vocabulary (aka, how I learned half of the English I know) and having a moment of OMG GORGEOUS when I actually got what the lyrics meant, but let's not go that far back.

2. The Ghost of Tom Joad - Bruce Springsteen: or, I went and picked one of the three Bruce songs that usually switch in the Favorite Bruce Song spot. Not so randomly though - there's a reason it's up there in my header. XD I have an insane love for the entire concept behind this aka using a literary character that was involved in Yesterday's Serious Business to talk about Today's Serious Business. (I just love when people point out that either history repeats itself or that we aren't as beyond yesterday's serious business as we thought.) Also, the music is so perfectly understated but effective, and while it's obviously an acoustic ballad, I love that it lends itself to seriously disruptive electrical versions where Tom Morello does insane solos. And I love how it goes from searching for the ghost of TJ to waiting for him to being WITH him and that he tackles those Very Serious Issues with some seriously spot-on language (I'm insanely in love with all the highway and the promised land image which is totally not as romantic as it used to be in 70s Bruce songs, or with how it works with describing small scenes). Also it has managed to put to music that piece of perfection that his Tom Joad's speech to his mother in Grapes of Wrath and it totally doesn't sound out of place at all. *loves*

Incidentally, both songs rely heavily on harmonica playing. XD considering that if I had a third song it'd have been a Bob Dylan one this doesn't surprise me.

2. Very much more random. I took that tarot cards quiz going around the internet. First thing: I found it totally AWESOME that in the question 'what's your favorite heavenly body' after all the solar system's planets there was Uma Thurman for an answer. Guess what I answered? Yeah, right.

Anyway, I got this:

You are The Tower

Ambition, fighting, war, courage. Destruction, danger, fall, ruin.

The Tower represents war, destruction, but also spiritual renewal. Plans are disrupted. Your views and ideas will change as a result.

The Tower is a card about war, a war between the structures of lies and the lightning flash of truth. The Tower stands for "false concepts and institutions that we take for real." You have been shaken up; blinded by a shocking revelation. It sometimes takes that to see a truth that one refuses to see. Or to bring down beliefs that are so well constructed. What's most important to remember is that the tearing down of this structure, however painful, makes room for something new to be built.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

I'm not 100% sure that it's an accurate answer, even though it, mmmh, says dangerously true things about stuff going on in my current state of mind, but I'm just laughing at the fact that I got THE TOWER. Like, that quiz knows what I'm obsessed with. doesn't Roland Deschain come with it?

3. Sirens is over. If they don't renew it I shall be very sad. Why do UK shows last for six episodes when it's good and three when it's bad? Meh. It was the best new thing I had seen this year. :( On the other side I decided I'm saving Game of Thrones for when I go to my grandmother's place after the 15th because I'll be without internet except for once a day and I'll have a whole damn lot of time to kill. Hopefully my grandmother won't think that I'm insane if she sees me watching it.

4. I have nothing more and that second point probably took enough space already so I'll leave this post here. Can't believe I'm actually almost done with that meme...
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ladyyueh: Mushuladyyueh on August 5th, 2011 11:16 pm (UTC)
I think the most awesome thing is that a character from the show Stargate: SG-1, Jack O'Neill, put down Uma Thurman as the answer in a crossword for the clue "celestial body". XD

the female ghost of tom joad: kill bill >> bridejanie_tangerine on August 5th, 2011 11:23 pm (UTC)
... I've never seen that show but me and that person would get along splendidly. If only because while I definitely mostly like men, my girlcrush on Uma Thurman is of scary proportions. And is the reason that I mostly like men and not just DEFINITELY like men. ;)
A.vella_amor_dm on August 6th, 2011 12:09 pm (UTC)
2. lol nice. i'm totally giving that meme a whirl! ;)

3. if your grandmother is at all conservative, make sure she DOESN'T see you watching. it's a a normal risque HBO show i.e.e nudity, violence, gore, swearing.
the female ghost of tom joad: asoif >> ending!janie_tangerine on August 6th, 2011 03:09 pm (UTC)
2. it's nice indeed!

3. I'm not worried about my gran actually SEEING it - I'd watch it on my netbook and I doubt she'd go look over my shoulder, but if I do end like weeping over Ned dying at three AM she might start fretting. ;) Also I can work around watching it when no one is around. Hopefully.