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14 September 2011 @ 05:36 pm
womenlovefest day 4, fanmix: not a pretty girl (brienne of tarth)  
Meeeh this was supposed to be here yesterday. X__X anyway I figured out what was wrong with my computer/my photoshop so I should be able to catch up fairly soon. For now, have a fanmix! :D

Spoilers up to AFFC (and pretty heavy so if you aren't there yet pass on this for now).

1. not a pretty girl - Ani Di Franco

Pity filled Catelyn's heart. Is there any creature on earth as unfortunate as an ugly woman? And yet, when Renly cut away her torn cloak and fastened a rainbow in its place, Brienne of Tarth did not look unfortunate.

Catelyn II, ACOK

I am not a pretty girl
that is not what I do
I ain't no damsel in distess
and I don't need to be rescued

2. you've got to hide your love away - Eddie Vedder

Brienne dropped to her knees. "If I must part from Your Grace, grant me the honor of arming you for battle." Catelyn heard someone snigger behind her. She loves him, poor thing, she thought sadly. She'd play squire just to touch him, and never care how great a fool they think of her.

Catelyn III, ACOK

Everywhere people stare
Each and every day
I can see them laugh at me
And I hear them say
Hey you've got to hide your love away
Hey you've got to hide your love away

3. I wish I were blind - Bruce Springsteen

Renly raised a hand. "Enough, my lords. If I had a dozen vans, all of you should have one, but the greatest glory by rights belongs to the greatest knight. Ser Loras shall strike the first blow."

"With a glad heart, your Grace." The Knight of Flowers knelt before the king. "Grant me your blessing, and a knight to ride beside me with your banner. Let the stag and rose go to battle side by side."

Renly glanced about him. "Brienne."

"Your Grace? (..) My place is at your side. I am your sworn shield..."

"One of seven," the king reminded her. "Never fear, four of your fellows will be with me in the fight."

Catelyn III, ACOK

We struggle here but all our love's in vain
Oh these eyes that once filled me with your beauty
Now fill me with pain
And the light that once entered here
Is banished from me
And this darkness is all baby that my heart sees

And though this world is filled
With the grace and beauty of God's hand
Oh I wish I were blind
When I see you with your man

4. the heartache - Warren Zevon

"I never held him but as he died," Brienne said quietly as they walked through the spreading chaos. Her voice sounded as if it might break any instant.

Catelyn IV; ACOK

And the heartache
The risk you run
The chance you take
When you love someone
And the sorrow
For the lonely one
When the heartache comes

And the darkness falls
And the rain comes down
In the midst of spring
There's a sadness in the heart of things

5. messiah ward - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Brienne stared at the ground and shuffled her feet. "I do not know your son, my lady." She looked up. "I could serve you. If you would have me."

Catelyn was startled. "Why me?"

Catelyn V, ACOK;

Beside her, Brienne's misery was almost palpable. Catelyn had ordered garments sewn to her measure, handsome gowns to suit her birth and sex, yet she still preferred to dress in oddments of mail and boiled leather, a swordbelt cinched around her waist. She would have been happier riding to war with Edmure, no doubt (...) When the last of Edmure's foot had shuggled under the potcullis, Brienne asked, "What shall we do now, my lady?"

"Our duty." Catelyn's face was drawn as she started across the yard.

Catelyn VI, ACOK

I hope you're sitting comfortably
I saved you the best seat in the house
Right up in the front row
The stars have been torn down
The moon is locked away
And the land is banked in frozen snow

You are a forte of nature, dear
Your breath curls from your lips
As the trees bend down their branches
And touch you with their fingertips
They're bringing out the dead now
It's easy just to look away
They are bringing out the dead now
It's been a strange, strange day

6. everything has changed - Lucinda Williams

They had been at Brindlewood when they had that news (..); Brienne gaped like a cow about to choke on her cud, so it fell to Jaime to draw out the tale of th Red Wedding. (..) Since that day Brienne had been like one half-dead. Even calling her wench failed to provoke any response. The strength is gone from her. The woman had dropped a rock on Robin Ryger, battled a bear with a tourney sword, bitten off Vargo Hoat's ear, and fought Jaime to exhaustion... but she was broken now, done.


I can’t find my joy anywhere
I can’t find my joy anywhere
all the magic vanished into the misty air
and I can’t find my joy anywhere

Now I don’t know where my faith has gone
Now I don’t know where my faith has gone
from the wonder I had a sense of
to the brightest star that shone
and now I don’t know where my faith has gone

7. you don't know me - Emmylou Harris

She did as he bid her. "The white cloak..."

"... is new, but I'm sure I'll soil it soon enough."

"That wasn't... I was about to say that it becomes you." (...)


"Kingslayer," he reminded her. "Best use that sword to clean the wax out of your ears, wench. We're done." (..)

"I have made kings and unmade them. Sansa Stark is my last chance for honor." Jaime smiled thinly. "Besides, kingslayers should band together. Are you ever going to go?"

Her big hand wrapped tight around Oathkeeper. "I will. And I will find the girl and keep her safe. For her lady mother's sake. And for yours." She bowed stiffly, and she went.

Jaime IX, ASOS

For I never knew the art of making love
Though my heart aches with love for you


You give your hand to me and then you say goodbye
I watch you walk away and in my heart I cry
To never never know the one who loves you so cause you don't know me

8. gravity - Alison Krauss and the Union Station

"I will find the girl and keep her safe," Brienne had promised Ser Jaime back at King's Landing. "For her lady mother's sake and for yours." Noble words, but words were easy. Deeds were hard.

Brienne I, AFFC

I left home when I was seventeen
I just grew tired of falling down
And I'm sure I was told
The allure of the road
Would be all I found
And all the answers that I started with
Turned out questions in the end
So years roll on by
And just like the sky
The road never ends

9. why do they leave? -- Ryan Adams

She was twelve, ungainly and uncomfortable, waiting to meet the young knight her father had arranged for her to marry, a boy six years her senior, sure to be a champion one day. (..) "He will bring a rose for you," her father had promised her, but a rose was no good, a rose could not keep her safe.

Brienne VII, AFFC

In the melee at Bitterbridge she had sought out her suitors and battered them one by one. (...) And when the last of them had fallen, the Mother had delivered Ronnet Connington to her. This time Ser Ronnet held a sword and not a rose. Every blow she dealt him was sweeter than a kiss. Loras Tyrell was the last to face her wroth that day. He'd never courted her, had hardly looked at her at all, but he bore three golden roses on his shield that day, and Brienne hated roses. (..) She went to sleep dreaming of the fight they'd had, and of Ser Jaime fastening a rainbow cloak about her shoulders.

Brienne IV, AFFC

Oh why do they leave
Oh why do they leave
On the day that you needed them the most
Simple cards and things
Rosecolored sunsets no flowers for me
Simple cards and things
Rosecolored sunsets no flowers for me
Lover why do you leave
Lover why do you leave

10. you're still standin' there - Steve Earle (and Lucinda Williams)

She had failed Renly, she had failed Lady Catelyn, she must not fail Jaime. He trusted me with his sword. He trusted me with his honor.

Brienne I, AFFC

"I have to find her," she finished (..) "I promised Jaime. Oathkeeper, he named the sword. I have to try to save her.. or die in the attempt."

Brienne VI, AFFC

Another part of her wondered if Jaime would comfort her should she weep upon his shoulder.

Brienne VII, AFFC

I've spent my life following things I cannot see
And just when I catch up to them, they slip away from me
I've been down a thousand trails I've never walked before
I found out that without fail, they lead me to your door (..)

Since you're gone my empty arms got nothing left to hold
And your memory cannot keep me warm but it never leaves me cold

11. goals - John Frusciante

Brienne remembered her dream, waiting in her father's hall for the boy she was to marry. In the dream she had bitten off her tongue. My mouth was full of blood. She took a ragged breath and said, "I will not make that choice."

Brienne VIII, AFFC

goals discrupt the past
one thing about a life
it's an endless straight line
the dreams I once had
they've taken me for a ride (..)

There's nothing I realize
there's no one I despise
Nothing to hide behind
this time

12. girl in the war - Josh Ritter

Unbidden, his thoughts went to Brienne of Tarth. Stupid stubborn ugly wench. He wondered where she was. Father, give her strength.

Jaime I, AFFC

"I gave her a rose and told her it was all she would ever have from me." Connington glanced into the pit. "The bear was less hairy than the freak, I'll -"

Jaime's golden hand cracked him across the mouth so hard the other knight went stumbling down the steps. His lantern fell and smashed, and the oil spread out, burning.

"You're speaking of a highborn lady, ser. Call her by her name. Call her Brienne."


Because the keys to the kingdom got locked inside the kingdom
And the angels fly around in there, but we can't see them
And I gotta girl in the war, Paul I know that they can hear me yell
If they can't find a way to help, they can go to Hell

(..) "Pretend the dove from above is a dragon and your feet are on fire"
But I got a girl in the war, her eyes are like champagne
They sparkle, bubble over, in the morning all you got is rain

bonus track

13. maggie's farm - Bob Dylan

"I came to fight," she insisted. "To be a knight."

"The gods made men to fight and women to bear children," said Randyll Tarly. "A woman's war is in the birthing bed."

Brienne III, AFFC

Well, I try my best
To be just like I am
But everybody wants you
To be just like them

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ozmissage: GoT. L. a lannister always paysozmissage on September 14th, 2011 07:19 pm (UTC)
OMG, this is glorious. Perfect song choices and the artwork is so beautiful. I'm dying to see that actress in action as Brienne.
the female ghost of tom joad: asoiaf >> jaime 1.0janie_tangerine on September 14th, 2011 07:40 pm (UTC)
Thank you! :D god I'm DYING to see her in action. I have the OMG GONNA BE GLORIOUS FEELING.
The Cleaveragekel_reiley on September 14th, 2011 08:37 pm (UTC)
Awesome mix! Totes snagging. And I've only JUST started A Dance With Dragons - very excited!
the female ghost of tom joad: asoif >> jaime/briennejanie_tangerine on September 15th, 2011 12:06 pm (UTC)
Thanks! And ee can't wait to hear your adwd thoughts :DD
The Hyacinth Girl: Shieldmaidens (2)fallingtowers on September 15th, 2011 08:00 am (UTC)
Oooh, a Brienne fanmix - shiny! I'm downloading it right now and I'm really looking forward to listening. ♥
the female ghost of tom joad: asoiaf >> brienne 1.0janie_tangerine on September 15th, 2011 12:08 pm (UTC)
I hope you like it :D thanks so much! ♥