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12 November 2011 @ 01:41 am
rl things + game of thrones (the show, finally!)  
1. Hii. Entry that wasn't a show reaction, I missed you. Anyway, I've done that exam from hell that got postponed for about four times and I'm not cramming anymore, and I'm done wanting to strangle whoever is in charge of study plans at my university, so I should be fairly more around. Hopefully.

2. In good news: I'm going to Paris from december 3rd to december 7th. In slightly less good news I'm going alone because I couldn't find anyone to go with, but considering that this year I spent half of my not-so-long-stretch of vacation time with either chicken pox or dealing with rotting-tooth-related headaches I had a moment of 'damn I need a vacation before this year is over'. And at least I was early enough and the plane tickets were totally cheap. Now I just have to find myself a room and I'm set. I so can't wait to take that break really.

3. In other news: I finally managed to watch Game of Thrones! :D It only took me.... five months. To start, because then I finished it in four days, but still. I figured I should do it before classes end and I have the next exams batch. I'll try not to spoil for the books but in case it'll be marked.

General opinion: I loved it! :D I do have a couple of quibbles/things that I didn't like but overall I thought it was incredibly well-done.

What I liked:

THE CASTING. Gosh, how is everyone so good? Everyone in the Stark corner was so spot-on I could weep. (Richard Madden, thanks for perfectly matching my idea of Robb if he was aged up. Thank you. Really. I COULD HAVE WEPT. I might have.) Arya/Bran/Sansa were PERFECT. They all so nailed it. The kid playing Rickon obviously got the book treatment (or: everyone remembers he exists... rarely enough), but he looked awesome too. Michelle Fairley is FLAWLESS. And well when I read the book I had imagined Ned with Sean Bean's face anyway since he was there on the cover and I so really enjoyed his performance too.

Also: THE GUY PLAYING THEON, PEOPLE, I DON'T EVEN. Okay this is... a very in retrospective thing because this round he really wasn't -major-, but gosh he's going to blow it out of the park next season. He has the mannerism/tone down pat and I really REALLY like how they stressed that he's in love with Robb his friendship with Robb that much. Uuugh I don't want to spoil so I'll shut up but this guy will make me weep all of next season. (Yes, I just wrote an entire paragraph about Theon whom I used to hate. Er. SHUTTING UP NOW I HAVE REASONS.)

Wall speaking: MY LOVE IS IMMENSE. I've probably stated around that the Wall is pretty much my favorite place around there for a lot of reasons, first of which they don't bother with mindfucking politics bullshit, but OH MY GOD MY LOVE. The actor playing Jon is GOOD and his curls are delicious, the guy playing Sam is everything I could have wanted (and SERIOUSLY they're totally not toning down how Jon and Sam are soulmates. GOOD), and gosh everyone else totally fits my mind-casting. :DDDD

Lannisters: NICOLAJ COSTER-WALDEAU MAKES ME HAPPY EVERY TIME HE'S ON SCREEN. He's just - TOTALLY SO PERFECT. My love for Jaime, let me show it from second number one. I just - every time he opened his mouth/was around I was like 'YOU MAKE ME HAPPY AND YOU WILL MAKE ME EVEN HAPPIER'.Peter Dinklage deserved that Emmy. Lena Headley is GOOD. Actually I think I like show!Cersei a lot more than book!Cersei but more on that later. The kid playing Joffrey is too good for this world. Well, in the sense that I want to strangle him as hard as his book counterpart so I guess it counts.

Everyone else: Bronn/Littlefinger/Varys were all SO WELL CAST I wanted to weep in joy. I really liked the actress playing Daenerys even if that storyline is the only one I more or less have quibbles with. Also: Jorah Mormont was never supposed to be that hot but PLEASE BRING IT ON. Iain Glen I'd do... a number of things to you. *cough* Sandor was spot-on too even if I think he should look a lot more scarred than he is. Also whoever played Lysa... well, she's good since my strangling feelings are the same as Joffrey's. Whoever read the books more or less knows what I'm waiting for now. Oh, and special mention for the guy playing Viserys because while I still do not like the character, he actually made me feel sorry for him when he bit it. Which in the book didn't happen. So, kudos. Extra special mention for Barristan because YES, that was awesome casting too.

What I liked about what they changed: most of it. I loved most of the scenes they added (with a couple exceptions....). I can get behind Joffrey kissing Sansa (actually in retrospective it WORKS), I liked that scene with Tywin and Jaime even if they could have done without the skinned stag, I liked that Ned and Cat actually, like, hugged/kissed/whatever before Cat left King's Landing and... I WON'T BE THE ONE COMPLAINING ABOUT RENLY AND LORAS BEING CANON. Everything re Robb and Theon that wasn't in the books WAS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME WITH ME. ACTUALLY IT WAS MORE THAN AWESOME. (Also I don't remember right now if it was in the books, but that scene when Ned wants to send back Sansa and Arya and the former is like 'I need to marry Joffrey and bear him X number of children!' and Arya looks at her and is like 'SEVEN HELLS' I might have burst out laughing like crazy. Then I was like 'WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS IT'S TRAGIC', but whatever.) I also liked how they managed to give us the entire backstory (Rhaegar/Lyanna/Aerys etcetcetc) without it feeling like overexposition most times.

What I didn't like about what they changed: mainly: was that really necessary to have Drogo basically raping Daenerys when in the book the thing that actually made it work was that IT WAS AS CONSENSUAL AS IT COULD GET? Actually it was a problem for me because while in the books I could totally buy that Daenerys would genuinely be in love with him in the show I was... less convinced. I mean I could get behind it but not as much as I once had. Also re the Daenerys part I kind of felt like they could have taken it slower most times because for some reason I felt like something in there was lacking. But I can't exactly pinpoint what. Maybe it's just post-ADWD feelings re where it ends up and it's just me though. I don't know, I think they rushed too much in the beginning. In the book it had taken GRRM two chapters to get Dany married and you knew everything that was going inside her head, here it was done in fifteen minutes? Tho hey they have ten episodes, they couldn't have done it much better. XD Second thing I didn't like: Littlefinger gossiping to Sansa about Sandor's backstory. I still hope that there's a scene when he tells her himself because in the book it was... I don't want to say his defining moment, but definitely the moment where I started being interested. And shipping them. Er. Third thing I didn't like: I won't go and say that Ros was entirely pointless mostly because of that lovely full frontal of Theon's, but what was the point of Littlefinger blathering about his love for Cat while she and the other whore had sex? Other than bore me to pieces since I like sex when I actually give a shit about at least one of the people having it? Same goes for Maester Pycelle blathering all his dilemmas at Ros too, though at least it was just the aftermath. I mean, I get why everyone says that it was gratuitous boobs exposing. :/// Also: I really, really don't feel the actress playing Shae. In my head she had an entirely different face and... hhhhmmm. Okay, this is just for who has read the books, but: the way she acts, I can't help thinking that she isn't selling what she's supposed to sell. If I explained myself. For the rest, no complains. The one scene that I'd have wanted to see that they cut was Robb telling Bran that they'd go to see the Wall together at some point while not managing not to cry, which was when I pretty much fell for book!Robb, but I guess they didn't strictly need it. They also could have used the direwolves more since you.. like, didn't TRULY get how important they are with the few screentime they got, but I guess filming with that kind of dogs is a problem.

Also: WHY NO BLACKFISH? I knew he wasn't gonna be in S1, but... :((( I love the Blackfish, dammit.

Actually, special kudos for the showrunners: show!Cersei >>>> book!Cersei. I mean I won't ever be a Cersei fangirl, she's definitely not my thing, but while in the books my Cersei feelings are generally along the lines of 'boring, boring, BORING, yawn, WAIT YOU COULD GET INTERESTING, ouch craaazyyyyyy, boring, boring, yawn, craaazyyyy, damn I don't get her' at least in here I can actually see what's the appeal since she actually has some depth. And I appreciated that she had that extra scene with Robert. And I really like Lena Headey's approach to the character. (She makes some stunning bitchfaces.)

For the record: I cried when Ned died. (Yes, I'm hopeless. I actually KNEW before I read the book.) I also cried when Robb woke Bran and left Winterfell. And when Lady was killed. And when Robb was about to skin that tree. Hhhmmmm I apparently cry when Starks suffer. Good for me. (Not really.) I also was like... half-weeping and half laughing hysterically when they named Robb king in the north. And everything else I have to say about me having weeping fits would mean book spoilers so not going there.

Also, I still haven't decided about my favorite episode but it's definitely one out of the last three. When I first saw The Pointy End I was like OMG THAT'S IT, but then I saw the other two and I'm seriously undecided. Fire and Blood should at least have honorable mentions because of a) King in the North scene, b) Sansa/Joffrey/Sandor scene, c) Jaime and Cat's talk (THERE'S NO MEN LIKE ME!), d) Tywin recognizing that Tyrion has a brain, e) Jon's friends bringing him back to the Wall. But Baelor had some awesome stuff going on as well. And The Pointy End's only fault was that you didn't see Jaime. Mmh I'll pick one at some point. Least favorite was definitely the one with the Littlefinger sexposition.

But seriously apart from the aforementioned things I LOVED IT ALL. (and after seeing this I'm even more baffled that Jon/Sam doesn't get written more. Same for Robb/Theon. And I'm talking in purely show-wise terms. WHY! Seeing Jon/Sam being soulmates on screen was the best thing ever! Oh well.) And now I sadly don't have anymore Westeros until April. (But then I'll have live action Brienne. CAN'T WAIT.) But I also can write fic using it as a reference which is good. Well, at least for stuff that doesn't go farther than book one. XD Aaand I'm probably done, but let me just state for the last time that Richard Madden has all of my love.

4. Woah that was a novel. I'll try to keep the rest short. So, good/bad news: Misha Collins will be back on my tv (yay!) but it'll be on Ringer (which means I can't quit it as I was kind of thinking because seriously the more I watch that show the more I don't get if they're really assuming that anyone would buy what happens or if they're just trying to be a soap opera not airing daily). Ah well, if it means he's in a scene with Maybelline Craphole Island I'll weep in joy and start writing Richard/Cas fic. Or something.

5. I'm on a good trac with mini_nanowrimo, except that I'm not writing the things I should write. IE exchange fics. I also fear that 90% of what I'm using those 400 words each day with won't see the light of the day, but at least I'm writing daily. Which is good. I should do it also when it's not a challenge.

6. Aaand that was it about strictly updating. And since I need to get back in the swing of things, meme I've seen around. And I haven't done it in years, so.. why not. Here it goes.

Name a fandom I participate in/have participated in and I'll list my three most unpopular opinions about it.

7. And now I shall go do my mininano count before crashing. Good times. I need to stop this writing at two AM thing, my grammar isn't better off for it.
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upupa_epops: [misc] you're made of awesomeupupa_epops on November 15th, 2011 10:52 pm (UTC)

I just take half a mug of warm milk, then I add half a mug of coffee and some sugar XD. In Poland it counts as having STANDARDS, because I never touch instant coffee ;). But it's surprising what you say; my instinct would be to have some strong coffee first thing in the morning, and then cappuccino after dinner. But ok, after all I'm a barbarian, I like things like gingerbread coffee (I suppose it should count as candy rather than coffee, but still - GOOD).