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18 November 2011 @ 11:31 am
yuletide letter  
Dear yuletide author,

Hi! So, you ended up stuck with my totally weird/random fandoms. But if you share some of them you gain awesomecakes points already. ;) I'm so so excited to get any fic written for any of these, so whatever you'll feel like doing it'll be loved and cherished. Also feel free to do any of the following however you like best. It'll be enough to get fic for one of those fandoms at all. Thank you in advance for whatever you come up with. I so can't wait to see it! But since I guess that I didn't help you much until now, here's a run-down of what I'd like.

what I like

I'm pretty easy to please really. Whichever rating you feel comfortable with is good - I won't say no to NC17, but if you want to keep it gen/pg/else it's all good. Angst or humor, either is good (crack is absolutely acceptable). My favorite tropes would probably be amnesia, AUs (either changing the setting completely or just changing stuff from canon), apocalypse fic/dystopias; I tend to like it better with the best ending you can get given the circumstances, but since for this round I went and picked ridiculously angsty fandoms with doomed characters I'll go and trust your judgment. If you feel like upping the ratings, my bulletproof kink is consensual power play (and in het I like it a lot when the girl tops), but you really don't have to go into it if you want to keep it straight. Also I listed the characters with shipping preferences in some fandoms but gen/ust is totally cool. I tend to die in squee if there are music/movie/pop culture references of whichever nature. Oh, I also have a western fetish.

What I don't like

There's not much that I don't like, but here's the deal: non-con actually happening in the fic (if it's past trauma or something like that it's cool, but I just can't take it happening in real time). Mpreg and everything of the kind. Character A/B/C/whatever turning into werewolves/werewolves AUs. Character bashing if it's about characters that aren't in my list. I'm not adverse to the good kind of fluff - actually some happy fic is the best thing ever and I love it, especially if the fandom is grim as a general rule - but please not of the rotting teeth/kittens everywhere/rainbows sprout from the characters's ears. (I think that one of my fandoms automatically precludes the fluff option anyway.)


Dark Tower (Roland/Eddie)

First: if you picked the DT, you're awesomecakes in my book since I never find anyone who likes it. That stated, it boils down to: Roland/Eddie is my otp of otps, platonic or slashy or just bromance or anything you might want. If you want to include any other character from the series it's absolutely cool - don't feel like it has to be just the two of them. But as long as it's centered on those two? I'm over the moon. I read everything and I read all my King like a good constant reader, so if you want to include references from any DT related book I'm totally game. Knowing that saying 'anything' will probably make you want to kill me, I could totally work with stuff set in the book II shuffle before SUsannah is drawn/during Song of Susannah-early DT VII. (If you want to change canon facts totally feel free to do it. I'm not exactly a fan of the ending so if you get some idea that implies changing it I'll totally be okay with it.) Or hey, maybe the both of them having -moments- where they secretly understand each other throughout whatever piece of canon/between canon moments that you'd like. Or Eddie explaining Roland how pop culture works. The only thing that I wouldn't like is.. anything having to do with the first epilogue. Everything else is fair game. Hey, if you want to go and write a zombie apocalypse AU where the both of them are stuck in a farm in the midst of Kansas/someplace in Maine I'll go and eat it up with a spoon.

Game of Thrones (Sam/Jon, Robb, Jaime)

That probably looks like a weird pick of characters. Of that bunch, the two I really truly absolutely ship are Jon and Sam (and I'd die for fic about them since there's virtually none around). For which I'd love to see.. well, I'd die with any Wall sheningans where they're adorable/interact with other Wall people/develop profound bonds during the watch turns. At the same time, Robb would be my favorite overall (and I ship him with Jon too, even if my choice would rather be Robb/Theon) so anything about him also gen would make my life. (Also: he wasn't in the nominated characters and I totally missed my boat with nominating him so just ignore this if you hate his guts, but I'm very, very fond of Robb/Theon, too. And I'd die for a coda to the King in the North scene in S1. Or for pre-series Robb/Theon focusing on the fact that Robb is apparently the only person who really likes Theon in his entire family. But if it's not your thing feel free to discard this.) Or hey, maybe Robb goes to the Wall after all/after S1 (maybe with Bran?) and meets the other two. Whatever floats your boat. If you'd like Robb/Jon better, I'd love pre-series stuff - their relationship just fascinates me a lot. Or if Robb goes to the Wall and you want to go Robb/Jon, that's good too. Feel free to include book canon as far as you want if you want to do book fic rather than show fic - I'm up to ADWD so spoilers aren't an issue. Only thing: if you go for Robb/Jon, please no Theon bashing. Also: all of these can totally be just friendships and you don't have to pair everyone up if you want to keep it gen.

About Jaime: he's one of my favorites throughout the whole thing, but I'm not that much into Jaime/Cersei specifically. I'm into Jaime/Brienne, if you're familiar with book canon - if not disregard this. I'm endlessly fascinated by his relationship with Tyrion/his father/his honor though, so any gen about any of those would make my day. Or if you wanted to make him interact with any of the other three up there? Awesomecakes. Obviously I won't go all EWWW if you do Jaime centric fic and Jaime/Cersei is discussed/taken into account (especially if we're talking about GOT!show setting/first book setting), ignoring it would be kind of hard - just please don't have the fic centered on it.

Oryx and Crake (Snowman)

So: Jimmy/Snowman is.. pretty much one of my favorite literary people and whatever you can come up with centered around him would make me weep happy tears. I have no ship preferences or any preference whatsoever about whom he should interact with (Crake, Oryx, Crakers, the people in the end, Year of the Flood coda, college years, it's all good). Really, Jimmy-centric is enough to make me delighted. For general guidelines, I'm very interested in said college years/how he went to relatively-sane-Snowman leaning the Crakers out to possibly-not-so-sane-Snowman-living-on-a-tree. And the Year of the Flood coda would also be very awesome.

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay (Sam Clay)

I happen to love Sam a great big deal. I have a weakness for Sam/Tracy Bacon, who I thought were the most awesome thing to ever happen to my reading life in the last five years, so if you decided to go that way would be seriously too good to be real. Maybe some things we didn't see about their relationship? I'd be all over that. (But it can also be pre-them hooking up. Or it can be Tracy's side of things. I'm easy.) But I'd also love to read about Sam after the end of the book, or about his life pre-Joe, or about him and Rosa. I was also very fond of the early Sam & Joe relationship and their early days doing comic books, so that'd be lovely as well.

That stated, really, feel free to do any of the ships listed as gen/friendship if that's what you'd like best. And if you read some of the tropes I like and thought 'hey, it's be awesome if character X from fandom Y ended up with amnesia!'/something like that don't feel like you have to go with the guidelines I gave in the specific fandoms. I'll totally be happy with whatever you'll come up with.

Thank you and happy yuletide!
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