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30 November 2011 @ 01:28 am
usual bag of random including memes, links to things, tv rambling, betaing etc etc etc  
1. Hi! *waves* Gosh, I haven't posted in a while. Blame Misha and his scavenger hunting thing. If it doesn't get into the Guinness World Record I'll feel cheated. (I don't even care about winning - I just want it to make it into the record. XD) Also: thanks Misha for making me find out that there's a lot of pictures of Hillary Clinton looking kind of drunk all over the internet. I really needed to know that.

2. There are still three unguessed ships for the ship meme, so have some hints.

3 is from a uber-famous book that was a uber-famous movie, but the scene I was quoting is only in the book. it wasn't even in the extended edition of the movie...
12 is direct quoting. It's a book first (there's a movie, too). It's absolutely canon.
15 is a UK show in which 99% of the viewers ships one half of the pairing with another person.

3. ASOIAF/GOT peole, there's a comment fic meme going on here. If any of you is inclined to participate/leave some prompts go check it out. :D (beware: it's for books & show so there are spoilery prompts but the book is indicated in the subject header so it should be pretty safe. Still, thread with care.)

4. Music related, one: ME AND lasamy HAVE TICKETS FOR SPRINGSTEEN IN JUNE. But I'll probably also go visit pnr in July and see him again if it goes through. BRUCE TWICE IN A YEAR :DDDD 2012 you already shape up to be good.

5. Music related, two: so, Joe Pug, aka the guy who opened the last Steve Earle concert that I attended and who I really really like has a live record for sale on his site for five bucks which also is comprehensive of most of his stuff that I like so I figured I'd pimp it out. He has a very nice voice and he makes some lovely music, so if you're into (good) soft country rock I'll leave it here.

6. Betaing related, take two: I might have this covered at least for only the grammar aspect, but is there anyone around who's both into SPN and the vampire diaries who'd look over my crossover exchange fic aka a Cas/Rebekah fic of the NC17 variety? Has spoilers until SPN 7x02 and the latest vampire porn ep.

7. Quick spoiler free TV round-up: H50 is getting definitely a lot better, ridiculousness aside (and welcome back, John Locke School of Getting Shit Done!). Ringer: ...well, I didn't even understand that it was on hiatus, but I still think it's the bad kind of ridiculous up to this point. Hell on Wheels: getting a whole lot better. I'm really digging it. The only thing I don't dig is Colm Meaney's character. Whenever he's on, I miss Ian McShane. Boardwalk Empire: OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG WTF HAPPENED LAST EPISODE OMG. If anyone wants to discuss in comments, feel free to do so after a spoiler alert. Vampire porn: I MISS IT. SPN: I have to review the latest ep still but it was awesome except for the last two minutes. Ben Edlund never leave me and keep on making me forget the crap that was 7x08. Chuck: awww show I'll miss you when you're gone. Also JEFFSTER WHY YOU MAKE ME SUFFER SO.

And this stated, my uncle finally managed to give me my birthday present which was supposed to be the first two Sopranos season. Then I saw that he got me also third and fourth. Which means, at some point massive Sopranos catching up will happen.

8. My Yuletide assignment is GLORIOUS. I'm gleeing just at the thought.

9. I'm sure I had something else to say but it's past one AM and yesterday I went to bed at four thanks to Misha Collins and gishwhes and the likes, so I think this is it for now. Expect a christmas card post tomorrow or Thursday though. :)
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the female ghost of tom joad: bruce no surrender #2janie_tangerine on November 30th, 2011 11:28 am (UTC)
I'm so excited! :D I have two fandoms I totally want to do, we'll see if I have enough time...

I KNOW? :DDD I'M SO HAPPY :DDDD and yeah in case just give Seville a try. In case, here you're usually able to find someone selling tickets outside the stadium the day of the concert in case it all goes sold out when tickets are released, Spain shouldn't be too different.. ;)