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23 January 2012 @ 10:54 pm
hi world, I missed you. (and memes, and tv, and stuff.)  
1. ... very late happy new year world! ♥ Okay, this is way late but between LJ not letting me comment, a final I had to cram for and fic deadlines I totally managed to procrastinate even on posting here. *facepalm*

2. So, out of the way: thanks for the Christmas cards! :D I totally failed to do it before also because most of them arrived in January or end of the December when I wasn't at home (Italian postal service, how so failing), so.. thanks for the cards to:

tellshannon815 (let's hope for more Ian indeed!), blue_fjords, vella_amor_dm, itsjustc, gottalovev (omg that card is gorgeous! <3), cassiopeia7, hopelessfangirl, zelda_zee, jaydblu and invisiblelove!

If you sent me one and I didn't mention you... eeeh, the postal service this year has been crappy on the receiving end so it'll probably get to me soon. Hopefully. I have sent one to everyone who asked, hopefully all of them got there fine but since I sent them from the only postal office in this country where they make you attach four stamps on your own and some weren't even adhesive I just hope that they -do- get wherever you are at some point. Thanks again everyone! ♥ ♥ ♥

3. RL-wise, I'm drowning in notes and I have four finals to go out of five. Good news is that the first went good, bad news is that it wasn't the worst one out of the way and that I'll have exactly one free day before the new term starts. Someone remind me why I always end up cramming everything at the last moment.

4. TV-wise, I'm behind with a couple of things but I managed to catch up with most things currently airing, so have some mixed general reactions.

a) 7x10: I have conflicting feelings. I loved the execution - it was actually a very good ep technically/writing-wise, and seeing Rufus again was awesomecakes, and I might have lost a tear or two in the last ten minutes (damn you Bobby, you and those two idiots! ;___________;), but... DID THEY REALLY HAVE TO KILL BOBBY OFF? I don't know, I'm not really fond of this 'let's kill everyone those two give a shit about!' thing they're doing - I mean, if I was either Dean or Sam, considering everything that they've gone through just to gain that everyone they care about is dead, I'd just shoot myself or something. :( also I think it's kind of obvious that Bobby is still around, but I don't get what they want to do with that either. If he becomes a spirit he'd go against everything he's done and if they have to hunt him it'd be just ridiculous, but if they left a door open so that he can be conveniently resurrected... mmmh, not sure. Anyway, the ep itself was good, nothing to say about that. 7x11 was good too - I liked the girl and I generally liked it better than most of the first half of the season, though I really don't have that many reactions about it.

7x12, instead... okay. If they wanted me to start thinking about forgetting everything I'm not liking this season, THEY'RE DOING IT RIGHT. Meaning: after westerns, the 40s are... pretty much my favorite period ever. GUESS WHERE THEY SENT DEAN. I just - I died. AND NICHOLAS LEA WAS ELIOT NESS. Apart from my inner X-Files fan crying out in joy.. ELIOT NESS. Lol my reaction and Dean's were the same. Like, OMG THE UNTOUCHABLES AND EVERYTHING AND OH MY GOD ELIOT NESS WAS A HUNTER HOW COOL IS THAT. Jodie being back was awesome (stay alive!), I just can't get enough of Dean getting to be a fangirl and just, best episode this season hands down. Now if they keep on going like this I might start to change my idea about 50% of what they're doing...

b) Being short, since the everything can be covered with OMG OMG OMG OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS OMG: Damon/Elena actually happening was a long time coming and I like how they're dealing with it, Tyler in the same space as Caroline's dad will end very badly, Damon/Alaric/Meredith HAS TO HAPPEN, Damon/Alaric still stays the best thing ever, Bonnie is my favorite forever, I'm not so sure about what they're doing with Jeremy, needs more Matt (who is refreshingly normal - sometimes I think Elena should just get back with him...), Stefan being darkside is still delicious and the Stefan/Elena is still too awesome to be het. Also: ELIJAH. YES. DAMON I LOVE YOUR BRAIN. Klaus is still overstaying his welcome imo but I get that he's in for the long haul, so. And he's a good villain, nothing to say, but HANDS OFF CAROLINE YOU. That part's gonna end bad too. Oh, and Elena telling Ric that he's family melted me. <3333

c) WELL WELL WELL. Considering that I watch this 65% for Lestrade and 35% for all the rest, I SO REALLY LOVED THIS SEASON. The character development was awesome, considering that they only have three episodes. Also I gained an entire new appreciation for Molly - I LOVED her so much this round. Not that my main interest in this (aka Lestrade) was bad - I mean, he was in all three eps instead of two like last year, I had enough awesome scenes (IE when he showed up in Hounds, that conversation with Sherlock about the guy who fell out of the window ten times, every face he made in Reichenback - THE HAT! -, the Christmas party and EVERYTHING OKAY. and considering my shipping preferences I can totally be happy with everything). My only reserves are about the first episode - I loved all the character stuff and the Christmas party and Sherlock having FEELINGS, and I liked their Irene Adler, but the last fifteen minutes were kind of... underwhelming? I don't really get why they had to turn the Sherlock/Irene thing into something sexual/where one of them is attracted to the other to the point of making a mistake especially since she's a lesbian and (from what I gather) he's asexual. And I didn't like much that Sherlock won that one - the point of the original Irene was that she had beaten him and that they had a mutual intellectual thing going on, but there wasn't any kind of romance-romance going on. Meh, I guess that since this show is better at following the books than 90% of the regular SH adaptations around I had high expectations. My favorite ep was probably Baskerville, but Reichenbach was OMG SO GOOD. I loved that they had Donovan back (Anderson not so much but I like Donovan okay), Sherlock having understated feelings was perfection (and Benedict Cumberbatch, you're not my type but you're GOOD, DAMNED GOOD), the last ten minutes were just heartbreaking and now I just need to know how Sherlock faked his death. The only thing I got is that Molly was involved, lol. (Did I say that Molly was AWESOME?) Also my heart when they listed Sherlock's three friends.. ;) [oh, and Mrs. Hudson was so great too!] Also I still do John/Sherlock as platonic soulmates, but gosh they have such a beautiful relationship ;__; In conclusion, let's just hope it doesn't take them another two years for the next series...

d) The writers for this show are evil. I mean, what, SARAH LOSES HER MEMORIES THE EPISODE BEFORE THE FINALE? They'd better fix it, since I had been enjoying the established relationship thing ;____; that said this season has been lovely - still fun but.. knowing it's over makes it kind of bittersweet. Anyway, Jeffster finding out the truth was the most epic thing ever, Casey and his girlfriend are creepily perfect, Awesome is too awesome to be real and I'm not sure I can't let this show go next week ;___; my favorite eps were the last one (Jeffster finding out was just too good), the one where they found out about Sarah's mom having the kid Sarah kidnapped which was just too adorable for its own good and the one where Casey found out about his feelings for his lovely girlfriend, but it's generally been on a great level. Sigh. Little nerdy spy show that could, I'll miss you.

e)So it's been a month and I'm still digesting this season. Which by the way has been awesome - seriously, any given ten minutes of any BE ep this season were better than most of my regular shows put together. I'm still in shock over Jimmy dying - after thinking about it for a month I came to terms with the fact that it makes sense plot-wise, and Jimmy being the first person Nucky kills on his own was great storytelling (since Jimmy was the one telling him he couldn't be half a gangster in the pilot), but gosh I cried. I mean, me and Jimmy had our issues and most of the time I liked him because Richard likes him (and I was seriously sure that next season we'd have had canon Richard/Jimmy - come on, until ten minutes before Jimmy bit it it was the typical situation where HBO puts a bunch of UST between two people and they get it on the next season - see Jane & Joanie in Deadwood for an example), but... gosh, the way he went to his death gutted me. He gutted me for the episode prior too (gosh, when he learned about Angelaaa ;___;) and him just wanting to make amends at the end - I DIED. That scene was the most powerful piece of TV I've seen in a long while. And Jimmy issue aside... gosh, his kid's going to grow up with GILLIAN? (Btw, canonized incest = CREEPY. Of the creepy levels of incest, mother/son is probably at the top. Which is another reason why I thought Jimmy/Richard could happen - after the incest what's two men?) I hope Richard kidnaps him and they run away. *is scared for the kid*

Jimmy-side of it done... Chalky was AWESOME and could have been more in this - same thing for Rothstein. Also I liked Van Alden a lot more towards the end - mostly because he had seemed to regain his wits and to understand that being a religious nut isn't a good thing. Clearly they had to find him out just THEN, but I can't help hoping that he manages to get away along with kid and lovely nanny. Can I? Margaret... meeeh I don't know, this season she's been hit and miss for me - I love her still, but every time she handed money to the obviously lying priest I rolled my eyes. Nucky - weeeelll. I'm not over Jimmy but character-wise I get it and I can't wait to see where it goes next season. Then again this show has been the kind where I don't really like/sympathize with anyone 100% (okay, Richard, Angela and Chalky are an exception, and Margaret used to be), I actually like that I care about what happens even if I don't necessarily like the characters/support them, so now I just can't wait to see how it goes next season. And that said, since Nucky shot Jimmy because he trusted Eli over him when Eli had been lying his ass off, can I hope the truth is discovered next round? I know that blood is thicker than anything else, but considering that Eli had been the one proposing to kill his brother....

Gosh I'll miss Jimmy's face. [Then again Richard is still alive and kicking, which is a hard feat considering that if I like someone it's usually a death sentence, so... *crosses fingers*] And that said, the best episode this season still is that Richard centric one (2x05 I think), but I just - this show is too good. I need S3 now. ;_;

5. Theeen, I need to rec fics that I got for Yuletide/exchanges AND another awesome one I read yesterday, so, have a small rec angle! (That said, NY's resolution: do the rec posts regularly. Let's try..)

First, I'm gonna put the bulk of it under a cut but since this one needs to be spread around, it's outside a cut so that the world can see it (or better: the Jon/Sam shippers on my FL can see it and go shower it with love and comments):

- Samwell Tarly’s Merciless Observations and their Ramifications, by restlesspuppy; Game of Thrones, Jon/Sam, NC17, no spoilers after the first season; Samwell Tarly is fascinated by Jon Snow. Samwell Tarly wants to know Jon Snow from the inside as well as the outside.

You know that I spend half of my time weeping because there's no Jon/Sam around this fandom? WELL. This fic has, not necessarily in this order: spot-on characterizations (seriously, her Sam voice is superb and Jon is totally perfect), lovely prose, scorching hot sex (which imo is made even better by who's topping), awesome execution altogether and it's just so good I could cry. Anyone around here who ships it, go and give it a try because it's awesomecakes and deserves hits.

Yuletide & Christmas exchanges

Dark Tower (I GOT THREE DT FICS!!! *dies*)

- The Lotus Eater, by greekhoop, Roland/Eddie, PG13 [very vague spoilers for early stuff, but doesn't go beyond book three]: this is the most-awesome-thing-ever. I made dolphin noises for ten minutes while reading it. It's just so awesome I could cry - the interaction is perfect, the style is spot on, includes one of my favorite tropes ever (sort of amnesia), the characterization is too good to be real and IT'S MY OTP. Reccing forever.

- Lullaby by kittydesade, Roland & Eddie, book two spoilers, PG; Eddie can't sleep, can't get comfortable on the beach or in his own skin, and can't really believe Roland said something that actually helps.
This one is just so LOVELY. The characterization is spot-on, it's set in one of my favorite moments and it's just delightful - their interaction is perfect and it leaves you with such a good feeling.

- Worlds where the dead live by wandersfound, Roland & Eddie, PG13, AU; They've been holed up for going on 19 days, but there's civilization in the distance.

Short story: Lauren is awesome and wrote A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE AU. WHICH IS SO AWESOME I CAN'T EVEN. Go forth and read it because it's seriously too good to be real. ;) Seriously, it's Roland and Eddie and A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE and the characterization is awesome and the canon nods even more and I love it.


- Similarity by thedevilchicken, Jaime/Brienne, Jaime/Cersei, NC17, spoilers up to ASOS; Jaime has always thought that Cersei would be the love of his life. But in his dreams, there's someone else.

This is just - guh. It's one of the best Jaime character studies I ever read and the way the J/B actually happens is genius. Jaime's voice is AWESOME and Brienne - well, it's complicated since she's in Jaime's dream so it's not exactly her, but it's glorious exactly because it keeps her perfectly IC even if you -see- from some bits that it's also how Jaime sees her and - just go read it. It's awesome. And features some of the best het sexytimes I read recently.


- His red right hand (art) by artmetica, Dean/Castiel, PG13; warnings: dark theme, evil!Castiel, hurt!Dean, some blood

So uh, I've been spending ages leaving around a prompt for D/C based on Nick Cave's Red Right Hand. That drawing is just - I DIED. It's delightfully creepy and their faces are perfection, and it's just some breathtaking art and I need to rec it around. I need to gush about it in public.

This is all for now - I still need to go through the Lost HoHoHo stuff, so there'll be recs from that too as soon as I'm done with a) finishing stuff I'm supposed to have finished in a week, b) re-posting everything I haven't re-posted because of school or laziness since... November or so.

6. Aaaand, to get back into the swing of things and end this extra-long thing, meme stolen from... everyone.

❤ favorite female character:
❤ favorite male character:
✖ least favorite:
✔ who resembles me:
❤ most attractive:
❤ three more characters that i like:

... okay. Done. Hi again! *vows to get back into the loop*
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the female ghost of tom joad: asoiaf >> robb/theon 3.0janie_tangerine on January 28th, 2012 02:26 pm (UTC)
Yes but he creeps me out! *cuddles Lestrade* and hahahahaha well there's still Moran that needs to show up, for your lot... ;)